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Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had.

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  • EddieOakland
    Sexual Mastery for Men - Wow!!!!
    Kim's excellent podcasts provided the incentive to enroll in her salon Sexual Mastery for Men. The quality of her instruction, study materials and group discussions were amazing. Ironic that you spend years stumbling through sexuality and sensuality and then you listen to her podcast--it resonates and then you take the step and enroll in her salon. WOW! You have assignments and exercises and learn more about human anatomy than you thought existed. I will be eternally greatful to Kim for her knowledge and her ability to stimulate learning. Ladies, there's a salon for you, too. I continue to review the assignments, exercises, etc. I'm a better, more understanding man and her salon is making a huge difference in the relationship with my wife. This is not a "magic pill", this is education and application. So, if you want to make a difference, sign-up and strap-in. Thank you, Kim
  • DvGuts
    GREAT episode on postpartum *rest*
    I have enjoyed this podcast for a long time for the wealth of sexual information Kim Anami shares. But the episode about postpartum recuperation took this podcast from good to great, in my opinion. (Please post the names of the experts you interview in the episode description so that we can look them up and forward their information to fellow travelers.) Thank you Kim and keep up the wonderful work!!
  • Antsdmb
    Awesome information
    This podcast is awesome Great information that will bring love and excitement to your relationship for years to come
  • Mela39
    Dangerous and totally nuts.
    The information provided in this show is unfounded and dangerous. The number of extreme “facts” discussed is insane.
  • KingstonTown
    Take Some Leave Some
    First let me say, this has definitely impacted my life by allowing me to think a bit deeper into what I am capable of becoming sexual speaking. I def would like to admit I learned a lot and put a lot into practice and IT WORKED!!! It really and truly did. Now there are some episodes that just goes a little into the bonkers universe for me. Actually, If I were part of Kim’s marketing team or PR person, I would tell her to take those episodes down. The whole Roe vs Wade, the dude with the gym in NJ, the Covid stuff. What does that have to do with the greater message and brand positioning? Overall job well done, but Kim take that other stuff down and keep to the sex. Also, I have an issue with women trying to tell or define what a man is or is not. That just creates more confusion for impressionable minds.
  • C_Talbot
    So good and true
    deep truth’s are being communicated here that can heal and enhance relationships. Also enhance sexual passion/pleasure to of course. Much appreciated Kim!
  • Cute kids mom
    Just amazing!
    Kim thank you for being real, I really appreciate how you ask the right questions and you wait and listen to those you interview. We have only done two of the free videos for your couples course and it is definitely life changing! I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into but I love the one on one connection that my husband and I have been enjoying since we have started. Can’t wait to see video 3.
  • rising_hosanna
    True Sexual Healing
    My husband and I have been listening to Kim for years and her teachings have given me the confidence to completely surrender in the bed with my husband and we are both is sexual heaven. Thanks Kim!
  • Foe21r098ur09
    Initial Thought
    I just stumbled onto your show, so I don’t have an overall opinion of it yet, but I like the phrase you open with, “I believe that our sexual energy is life force creative energy...” I’ve recently developed a similar thought, but I would make one tweak (not that you have to change anything, just my opinion :) “Our body has an energy field, which is neutral, and can be used pro-creatively through sex, or in many other creative ways to conquer ourselves, our worlds, and create a life we have always dreamed about. Adversely, that same energy, if left to run wild, can wreak all kinds of havoc and destruction.”
  • megeverywhere
    Irresponsible and dangerous
    Totally nuts.
  • 13Freya
    Life changing
    I am so glad I found Kim’s Poscast! Or did she find me? Lol! I have JUST listened to her podcasts and have experienced cervical orgasms. I am forever grateful for her teachings and look forward to more. Thank you Kim!
  • Chileansuperstar
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  • yogemma
    Snake oil at its most ~orgasmic~
    I was into her stuff when I was in my early 20s, but her lack of nuance and compassion (not to mention outright dangerous assertions regarding COVID and Roe v Wade) really turned me off. Pun intended. This woman sounds unhinged.
  • Increasing my knowledge
    Awesome messages in all the podcasts!
    Kim has a way to send a message about knowing your body. It is a right of all to know your own body and listen to it. Be the goddess your supposed to be. Take Kim’s courses and learn more. She is awesome.
  • Katchy88
    There are people in the world you are meant to find. When the student is ready the teacher appears. And that is exactly what happened with me finding Kim’s work. She has a wealth of knowledge that a lot of us haven’t been taught nor been able to talk about openly with our partners, friends, families, etc. I am so thankful for the her work and bringing a lot of these topics to light to better ourselves, our relationships, our intimacy, and our orgasms. This podcast is wildly entertaining and informative. There is something for everyone. As Kim says, take what you want and leave the rest.
  • Bluindaco
    Start anywhere! Just start listening.
    This podcast has been life changing for me. Kim has so much applicable, helpful information that she *actually* shares here. I find it incredibly uplifting. There is more content if you take one of her courses, for sure. She’s rich in information. But the podcast will give you so much. Just start listening!
  • Limitless Love 88
    Expansive tools and information to change your life!
    I was introducing to Kim’s offerings and honestly wasn’t prepared for how much her tools and offerings would impact my life. She goes deep and is is incredibly effective with the knowledge and tools she empowers you with. Love her stuff!!!
  • Lady M90
    A blessing and an Inspiration
    Kim’s podcast shares and teaches wisdom we so desperately need today. Her work is about so much more than sex… it’s about connecting with and unleashing who you really are at your core. This content is a blessing and an inspiration.
  • angiedonuts
    A can’t-miss podcast for sexual wellness
    Kim brings together her unparalleled expertise with real-life stories of the women (and men!) who have benefited from her guidance. She is a wellspring of information and an inspiration to all!
  • S Teng
    Strong Advocate for YOU
    I have been listening to Kim Anami’s podcast for the past year. I have found her podcasts informative, thought provoking and entertaining. I value her challenging the conventional allopathic medical field. So often I just followed along my doctor’s instructions even when they felt counter intuitive to my body’s response. It is so refreshing to have an advocate such as Kim speak on how juicy life should be post menopause - and that we have have the ability to be sexual through the end of our days. She has strong opinions and makes no apology for them - bravo Kim! Thank you for going against convention in a time we really need it.
  • DolceVegas
    This is what we need to heal. We all know that we live inside miracles but in this world, we haven’t been taught how to unlock. This is hands down the best medicine available on earth and Kim teaches you how to be your own doctor.
  • Chandelier118
    A Must Listen Top 10 Podcast!
    Ever since I first heard Kim Anami interview with Dave Asprey on The Human Upgrade podcast (possibly when it was still Bulletproof Radio) in 2020, I have continually gravitated to Kim’s work. Since that time, her teachings have helped me immensely as I walk through a divorce and healing from a rough marriage at age 27. I am happy to report I feel more alive, more sensual, and more in tune with my body! After listing to this podcast, I took Kim’s VKF course and my whole life changed even more. My favorite result is my boobs growing a full cup size in 9 weeks! Long story short, Kim has the wisdom I wish my mom had handed me about sex and womanhood! Much love Kim! Xo
  • shob.c
    Eye-opening & Inspiring
    Listening to Kim's podcasts, it is clear that she has "done the work" and she wants you to too - if you dare to go there! She opens your eyes to possibilities that the average person does not know exists. Her style is honest, compassionate and frankly, inspiring! Inspiring enough that after listening to her podcasts, I enlisted to do the work (through her Salons) - and cannot be more thankful for what I have learnt. She is so worth it.
  • Juyeates
    Listen, listen, listen!
    Orgasmic Enlightenment podcasts are so eye-opening and thought provoking, its a real joy hearing Kim's thoughts and listening to her interviews as well. They are always refreshing and inspiring. Kim is a real Guru!
  • Roxroxsox
    Kim is the embodiment of self-awareness and applied body integration. Her VKF salon is INCREDIBLE, and I listen to her podcasts almost every day. The knowledge and confidence I gained from her incredible reminders/information gave me the strength I needed to leave a “situationship” and demand more for myself, my p***y, and my pleasure! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
  • MotherTheStorm
    Change your life with sex!
    I cannot recommend this podcast enough. I'm using my newly discovered sexual energy to help heal my marriage, mind, body, and spirit from a stage 4 cancer diagnosis.
  • Myshelby3
    My orgasms came back and more!
    I did the VKF salon which helped me get my long lost cervical orgasms back and I have started squirting!! (Which was a goal of mine 😉) I no longer pee when I jump or dance either. I am still a work in progress but am obsessed with Kim’s work! My bf an I are now taking CT and I am looking forward to more growth and killer orgasms. Thank you Kim, for all do!! Xox
  • CindiLeeYoga
    Got Me Motivated!
    Every time I listen to Kim’s podcast it energizes me. At 45 intimacy with myself and my partner just keeps getting better and better. Also the ideas she shares and the guests she interviews make me feel like I’m not alone. I can soar in all aspects of my life coming from this amazing feminine energy I’m cultivating. I keep growing and learning with every episode. Thanks Kim!
  • Kelly Walling
    Catylist to healing
    Kims podcasts and salons have been instrumental in my continued healing and evolution.
  • leahstan33
    Life changing!
    The way Kim teaches about sexuality and life is next level. It’s been a game changer in my life for sure. Grateful to you Kim!
  • Gee Okonkwo
    Powerful & Informative
    This woman is in Her Godis InnerG. Grateful for the knowledge she shares with women, guys and everyone in Between!
  • mycahlaine
    This podcast is what I’ve been looking for
    This podcast is exactly what I needed. It’s not just some “woo woo” sexual podcast... It is truly filled with extremely valuable and tangible information that has helped my romantic relationship and my own health. I don’t know what I was doing before listening to this podcast, but it sure wasn’t working! I highly recommend it whether you’re single or in a relationship :)
  • dbenc
    Love your boobs
  • Glen Greene
    Reynolds Wrap Cast
    An inspired blend of pre-historic and flash pan internet Conspiracies to confirm what you already wanted to believe The host peppers in all the right feminine buzzwords like surrender, receptivity … but with all the judgements (beta male ?? … ) and a I’m right, they’re wrong attitude, there an intrinsic masculine energy that makes this podcast seem like it’s actually more designed for men
  • jja9012
    Flawed and narrow minded information
    Awful podcast. I find spiritual people to be annoying. This woman’s information is flawed and comes from a very narrow minded view point. Primitive in its nature, this type of thinking is doing no one any favors. Zero stars
  • Hbrown25
    Progressively got worse
    Highly disappointed in recent episodes especially considering I have been following Kim for years now. The podcast episodes seem to have become more of a bashing session. If you are going to listen I would recommend the first few episodes.
  • t.h.,MD
    Kim is amazing 😊 she is top notch!! Fantastic you will learn a lot! Thanks Kim! ❤️
    This episode mentions my college mentor who changed my life! Kim is amazing 😊 she is top notch!! Fantastic you will learn a lot! Thanks Kim! ❤️ Fantastic!! She’s advant guard!
  • TimothyDalton89
    Great for men too
    I’ve gotten more out of one episode of this show then dozens of shows designed specifically for men. Thank you for what you do!
  • Wilson Barrow
    Sex is essential for health
    I would recommend this work to everyone that wants to finally admit that they can always learn more about who they are and that healthy sex life is part of your overall well-being. Whether you are single or coupled, there is wisdom here for all.
  • Margaux Leblanc
    A new lease on life.
    I did not know how little I was living until I found you!
  • Lucia Burnett
    True holistic sex education.
    I love Kim's work. I love hearing about sex from someone who is very holistic and about sex from an energetic ideology. I love that she is not bothered by our stuffy culture and talks about sex openly and honestly.
  • Quentin Jamess
    This podcast has helped me so much.
    Your truth speaks volumes. You challenge one to reclaim oneself, to do the work, and harness one's energy. There is a deep level of trust, honesty, and respect that I have never had in any relationship. I feel seen by my husband and I see him. Game-changer!
  • gidgizzle
    The sex education I never got
    Thank you so much for providing such incredible content time and time again! I’m learning about myself, my energy, my sexuality for the first time in my 38 years. Kim is a gem and a wealth of knowledge.
  • Louis Villanueva_47
    Gourmet sex for all
    Kim’s promise is that everyone can get to the places she talks about and this podcast shows you how. I have binged on every single episode. My partner and I have radically changed our sex life just from listening to the podcast and we haven’t even taken any of her courses yet!
  • Jodi Owen
    Da bomb
    Ur my new idol.
  • Paige Kelley.22
    I tell EVERYone about you and this podcast!
    I recommend and frankly go gaga over Anami to pretty much everyone I know! From close friends to clients at work whom I’ve met for the first time. Lol! You are raw, and we need more over this!
  • Tobias Whelan
    Potent wisdom
    Highly recommend. Kim is a potent gifted reminder and example of what channeling and fostering sexual energy looks and feels like! This podcast goes deep into all the places that no one else dares to go.
  • truthtella111
    Learn from the master!
    Kim is a yoni master, yoni sensei, a healer! How can one say thank you enough to someone that helped achieve self-love in their life’s journey!
  • Naturegurl123
    This podcast changed my life
    Life changing, affirming and validating! This is THE best body of knowledge that I have acquired on my spiritual path. Since my early 20's and first significant relationship, I've felt that sex IS a spiritual experi-ence, but this wasn’t being mirrored back to me by our culture. Kim combines the spiritual and sexual better than anyone and remove cultural shame and stigma so that you can enjoy sex the way you were meant to!
  • blisslove515
    Full of wisdom!
    Kim is a Vagina Guru! Full of wisdom and profound perspectives. Very eye-opening and it truly evolved my intimate relationship with my-self.
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