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Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had.

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  • Glen Greene
    Reynolds Wrap Cast
    An inspired blend of pre-historic and flash pan internet Conspiracies to confirm what you already wanted to believe The host peppers in all the right feminine buzzwords like surrender, receptivity … but with all the judgements (beta male ?? … ) and a I’m right, they’re wrong attitude, there an intrinsic masculine energy that makes this podcast seem like it’s actually more designed for men
  • jja9012
    Flawed and narrow minded information
    Awful podcast. I find spiritual people to be annoying. This woman’s information is flawed and comes from a very narrow minded view point. Primitive in its nature, this type of thinking is doing no one any favors. Zero stars
  • Hbrown25
    Progressively got worse
    Highly disappointed in recent episodes especially considering I have been following Kim for years now. The podcast episodes seem to have become more of a bashing session. If you are going to listen I would recommend the first few episodes.
  • t.h.,MD
    Kim is amazing 😊 she is top notch!! Fantastic you will learn a lot! Thanks Kim! ❤️
    This episode mentions my college mentor who changed my life! Kim is amazing 😊 she is top notch!! Fantastic you will learn a lot! Thanks Kim! ❤️ Fantastic!! She’s advant guard!
  • TimothyDalton89
    Great for men too
    I’ve gotten more out of one episode of this show then dozens of shows designed specifically for men. Thank you for what you do!
  • Johnny Transs
    Total game-changer
    Kim’s work is life-changing for real. I've travelled the globe in search of enlightenment... Stayed in Ashrams, Buddhist Temples, Lived with Monks, done Yoga Teaching Training, solo adventures on quiet mountain tops... This is the first time I've ever really looked at my vagina as creator. My womb and cervix as the gateway between human and divine!.
  • Amiyah Spence
    My intimacy catalyst!
    I always recommend Kim! She is the catalyst that allowed me to become intimate with and love myself.
  • Wilson Barrow
    Sex is essential for health
    I would recommend this work to everyone that wants to finally admit that they can always learn more about who they are and that healthy sex life is part of your overall well-being. Whether you are single or coupled, there is wisdom here for all.
  • Harley Jordans
    I recommend this podcast whenever I can!
    Your work encompasses the whole human as not only a sensual being but a spiritual being. The integration of wholeness in a couple's (or single person's relationship with self/outer world) daily life creates the connection needed to open up to endless intimacy. Your wisdom feels like a portal into another world yet to discover!
  • Nabiha Barber
    True liberation!
    Kim Anami cuts straight to the heart of what is holding you back and with confidence and compassion, her teachings carve out a path through the jungle of our fears and self-doubt to the light of truth that resides within. She liberates your true self from self-judgement and self-loathing.
  • Margaux Leblanc
    A new lease on life.
    I did not know how little I was living until I found you!
  • Richie Irwin
    Life-changing if you let it be!
    Amazing, I love you! Everything you talk about is life changing for anyone willing to do the work.
  • Tahir Holloway
    100% radical responsibility for the win
    I am always sharing this podcast. Love the 100% responsibility to finding the answers for and inside of yourself. It corresponds 100% to my own philosophy and the work I do with women in healing emotional trauma.
  • Lucia Burnett
    True holistic sex education.
    I love Kim's work. I love hearing about sex from someone who is very holistic and about sex from an energetic ideology. I love that she is not bothered by our stuffy culture and talks about sex openly and honestly.
  • Sadia Rennie
    The cure for whatever ails you!
    Kim Anami is 'THE' SEX GURU. Whatever it is in life that "ails" you, this SEXUAL MASTER, while help guide you to revealing and uncovering all your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental blocks around sex.
  • Amira Goulding
    Anyone who will or even won’t listen.
    I already tell EVERYONE Kim is my Holistic Sex Therapist and share this content with so many women and men! Anyone who will or even won’t listen.
  • Nyah Hodson
    Got me out of the orgasmic dead zone.
    Without Kim I would still be living in an orgasm dead zone. Kim taught me to appreciate my body and not ignore my needs, to be bold enough to reach for what I want and need!
  • Marc Trejos
    Helped me to fall in love with myself!
    Yes!!! Kim helps me dig into who I am and who I'd like to become. I'm falling more in love with MYSELF, which is making me fall in love with the WORLD, which I KNOW is making me find my man/SURRENDERING to him finding me!
  • Quentin Jamess
    This podcast has helped me so much.
    Your truth speaks volumes. You challenge one to reclaim oneself, to do the work, and harness one's energy. There is a deep level of trust, honesty, and respect that I have never had in any relationship. I feel seen by my husband and I see him. Game-changer!
  • gidgizzle
    The sex education I never got
    Thank you so much for providing such incredible content time and time again! I’m learning about myself, my energy, my sexuality for the first time in my 38 years. Kim is a gem and a wealth of knowledge.
  • Louis Villanueva_47
    Gourmet sex for all
    Kim’s promise is that everyone can get to the places she talks about and this podcast shows you how. I have binged on every single episode. My partner and I have radically changed our sex life just from listening to the podcast and we haven’t even taken any of her courses yet!
  • Jodi Owen
    Da bomb
    Ur my new idol.
  • Paige Kelley.22
    I tell EVERYone about you and this podcast!
    I recommend and frankly go gaga over Anami to pretty much everyone I know! From close friends to clients at work whom I’ve met for the first time. Lol! You are raw, and we need more over this!
  • Tobias Whelan
    Potent wisdom
    Highly recommend. Kim is a potent gifted reminder and example of what channeling and fostering sexual energy looks and feels like! This podcast goes deep into all the places that no one else dares to go.
  • truthtella111
    Learn from the master!
    Kim is a yoni master, yoni sensei, a healer! How can one say thank you enough to someone that helped achieve self-love in their life’s journey!
  • Naturegurl123
    This podcast changed my life
    Life changing, affirming and validating! This is THE best body of knowledge that I have acquired on my spiritual path. Since my early 20's and first significant relationship, I've felt that sex IS a spiritual experi-ence, but this wasn’t being mirrored back to me by our culture. Kim combines the spiritual and sexual better than anyone and remove cultural shame and stigma so that you can enjoy sex the way you were meant to!
  • blisslove515
    Full of wisdom!
    Kim is a Vagina Guru! Full of wisdom and profound perspectives. Very eye-opening and it truly evolved my intimate relationship with my-self.
  • Shannon O'Hara Dougls
    I LOVE this podcast and Kim
    Kim is so much fun abs speaks to what is often never discussed. Each podcast lightens my whole day and brings me closer to my own body and the joy of sexualness. Thank you so much Kim for putting this out there.
  • lovesfood7272
    I so love your podcasts
  • greyfawn
    I tried to like this!
    I have a healthy, shameless sexuality, and at first I thought this podcast would be right up my alley. But after listening to quite a few episodes I noticed that it is extremely heteronormative and if you aren’t a “woman” that wants to be f**ked by a “man” then this isn’t for you. Kim’s words sometimes give a feeling of judgement or negativity towards women that aren’t “well f**ked” (only by a man). With a continual disregard for women with trauma, physical problems, or other issues that keep them from awakening their entire sexuality. And I’m sorry, but her obsession with using a jade egg is almost creepy. I was also skeptical about the classes offered and when I just googled Kim I learned about not only the outrageous cost of her “services”, I also saw her incredibly racist ad. The only reason why I’m giving this podcast 2 stars instead of 1 is because there are some things that Kim and her guests spoke about that I agreed with or got something out of. But as a whole I’m not a fan.
  • Kailah-with-an-"ai"
    Kim steals bits and pieces from other cultures and forces them all together into one ugly picture while claiming it’s women empowerment. How about you let the ACTUAL women related to these things give you advice and speak on them, that’s far more empowering
  • Christopher Betancur
    Truth telling
    Amazing podcast on truth telling. Thank you for this great information. I to must be more honest and tell the truth. Powerful stuff
  • The True Alexa 💜🌈🦄
    Eternal Gratitude! 💜🌈🦄
    I’m beyond inspired- thank you Kim, for having the courage to speak truth... thus allowing us all to do the same. This work is healing my life-& the effects are healing my marriage, and my creative work. I’m deeply, & eternally grateful! Looking forward to meeting you, & attending the coupes retreat in November! 💜-The True Alexa! 🦄 Haha (not Amazon's version!)
  • Axe Gold
    F**cking brilliant
    I LOVE THIS WOMAN. It amazes me how deeply I resonate with all aspects of her work ~ how she really shares my values. She has truly changed my life, and woke me from my slumber on so many levels. No one else in the sex world can even begin to compare to Kim. Her integrity, her humor, her wisdom & insight in this arena (and seemingly in life in general!) are second to none. I am SO GRATEFUL to her. She has been a tremendous guide on my path to true sexual reclamation. Thank you Kim!!!
  • Bfhammer
    For all the woke whiners attempting to call her racist, get out of your parents basement and get a life. The video was great. She's humorous, smart, and uncensored. A breath of fresh air!
  • tsaysdogsgovoof
    Amazing insight
    I’m new & very mind blown with the accuracy of the information. This is so bizarre, but my digestion has improved immensely as a side effect of following Kim’s suggestions- and it’s only been a week. Very convinced that this area has much to do with overall health.
  • frozenfavorite
    Life changing!! This podcast and all of Kim’s work has transformed my life. Thank you for putting this out there for us!!
  • Phantasmalmirth
    Interesting but sometimes problematic
    TL;DR: Kim seems like a privileged, sort of misinformed anti-vaxer, but I appreciate her empowerment of our bodies and improving our sexual experience. She’s had episodes about a couple of topics where she gave what I considered misinformed advice, which I find very dangerous. She has a large platform, and she’s suggesting that women forgo pelvic exams because they’re being raped by docs, when in actuality over 4,000 U.S. women will die of cervical cancer a year. I have HPV and abnormal Pap smears that I wouldn’t have known about, but according to Kim I should just risk it and “listen” to my own body. She’s also suggested that women should do completely natural births without assistance from doctors. And while there are a lot of issues within the health care system, it’s very cavalier to suggest this. The reason why OBGYNs and nurse midwives were created is because we had such high maternal death rates when we were doing things naturally, as Kim would suggest. I wish that she would just talk about sex, spirituality and personal development and leave her conspiracy theories out of this.
  • derion coker
    Love the show
    Love this Podcast . Dr Bruce Lipton interviewed himself 😂😂 love him tho
  • Cfhvh
    Grateful listener
    What a great way to learn better ways to enjoy my and my wife’s sex life and life in general. Always thought we had a really great sex life but after 30 years together our sex life is better than ever we have brought our entire sex life to a whole new level as far as quality quantity also connecting on a higher level also
  • pdcst addict
    ‘Raped’ by your ob-gyn is disgusting.
    I have been a listener for a little while and really appreciated the content up to this episode. I find it disgusting. There are ways to label and talk about this in a professional way to bring up the topic. The title of the episode conveys fear and calls into question a practice of medicine that is essential. Not in good taste at all.
  • just-a-listener
    I just want to say thanks for being there. As a hetero male listener I really appreciate all your help and info so I can better understand and satisfy the women in my life. Thanks to Kim and any team members behind the scenes. Please pass this message on if you can. Thank you sincerely.
  • crist1010
    I was really interested in learning about bringing together spirituality & sexuality but after listening to the truth virus episode I have lost all interest. The insensitivity towards a virus that has killed a million people and the insensitivity towards the situation with George Floyd/BLM is incredibly disturbing. I understand spirituality and the power of the mind but science also plays an important role. You can’t just think away the virus and systemic racism. Also no one is being told to stay away from nature.
  • reeniebikini
    Can’t stand
    Close minded, somewhat shameful if you’re not having mind blowing life changing sex every time you have sex!
  • rizzlemynizzle$
    Just the words I was looking for
    I have been studying chakras and healing and finding Kim’s podcast has helped me quantum leap into reconnecting with my body. She speaks facts and I am forever grateful for her work! I plan to take her next salon, registration available in January!!! <3 love you kim
  • gratitudeAttitudehere
    Thanks !
    So happy this information exists! Thank you for your work!
  • Slowgunn11
    Love your stuff !
  • 1147968
    I really wanted to love it
    I think there are valuable topics that we should all be having conversations on and thinking about as humans.. but im just not comfortable with Kim acting as a leader in the conversations.
  • whyareyouonlyonitunes
    The best
    You’re awesome Kim
  • mimxd
    Please give us more!!
    In love with this podcast and would love to hear more! Thank you for your inspiration! All women should take notes and I’m surprised you haven’t wrote a book or two!
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