Orgasmic Enlightenment with Kim Anami


Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had.

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  • alexph2012
    Let’s have sex 1 on 1
    I’m 22 and I need oral sex with you
  • Increasing my knowledge
    Such a great message!
    I live Kim openness, honesty, and tough talk. She puts it all out there and it should be listened to by all women. Get rid of old beliefs, open up and find the goddess within us. We all need this message to trust ourselves and what our body is telling us, or learn to to hear what it’s saying!
  • Maygirl34568
  • Baddest Witch
    Kim’s work is multidimensionally activating. Just from tuning into her podcast I have been guiding myself deeper into self healing. I am so grateful for her and so excited to dive into VKF to truly experience her codes.
  • Kelly L89
    Love ❤️🍆
    I went through a breakup and set the intention that I didn’t want to outsource my pleasure ever again. Days later, I was introduced to this work. It’s life changing.
  • Nazokat S
    Science is not a word in her vocabulary
    If you’re looking for tips/advice or even entertainment look elsewhere. After listening to 2 episodes all I heard was ads, conspiracy theories and her fantasy stories about sex. She’s not inclusive nor considerate and says illogical things.
  • emaheg
    I’m just going to quote Jean from season one of Sex Education: “Sex doesn’t make us whole, so how could you ever be broken?” This is a grift.
  • Hezwyman
    Kim is singlehandedly saving the world
    What a breath of fresh air for married couples looking to improve their lives. There aren’t many outlets for us anymore. Kim is the best at what she does and has fundamentally changed our marriage for the better.
  • Stephanie206
    Warning Anti-LGBTQ
    It’s so unfortunate that she can’t just leave the LGBTQ community alone. She has such great information for the Cis Hetero community but I can’t get past her anti queer stance.
  • pcos_fight
    Just a promotion of her paid services
    Nothing valuable
  • JPUpperleftUSA
    As a sex therapist, I can appreciate Kim’s assertion that sexuality is accessible to everyone. But what she really means is that pleasure is accessible to everyone who isn’t: -Queer -Fat -Differently abled -Poor I once private messaged Kim on IG to ask if she planned to include more representation of body types in her feed. She blocked me. From an actual expert- ALL bodies are deserving of sexual pleasure, and should be able to access advice and support for free. Don’t waste your time on this surfer girl with a well-toned pelvic floor.
  • Explorer 512
    It’s about time!
    So glad someone is talking directly and positively about the creative force of sexual energy. To hear this from a woman’s voice makes perfect sense and, for me, is quite helpful. Thanks!
  • swethkan
    Bold, inspiring and fun
    I have been following Kim’s work since 2018.
  • Dawson Stoll
    This podcast has deeply impacted my marriage. Learning how to open each other and change our polarity saved us from a divorce down the road.
  • Tararararat
    Kim’s message is the missing link
    Thank goodness for Kim and her passion for helping revolutionize sex. I am somewhat new to listening to her podcast and I have already learned so much and am starting to see the results. She has helped my spouse and I reconnect on a much deeper level. This is something I have been longing for but didn’t know how to achieve it. Forever grateful, can’t wait to learn more💗
  • MissMonique9
    Self-Confident Euphoria
    I have been listening to Kim Anami for awhile now and let me tell you, I’ve never been so sexually confident with myself. I have learned to love and accept my body. I use to feel “ashamed” of my body and tried reading books to help myself. Once I found Kim’s podcast I have found a new love for my body. I love my scars, my shape and how it moves. I have been doing the breast massages for a while and I have felt an increase in fullness, and it brings me a self-love and pleasure I’ve never felt before. My breasts are on the smaller side, and I love them so much! P.S I am using the word “breasts” instead of “boobs” now :) ! I am ready and open to meet a man to explore my new found sexual self-confident euphoria! Thank you so much Kim!!!
  • grateful-mama
    I came across Kim Anami's work at the lowest point in my relationship with my partner. We were dealing with multiple cases of infidelity as well as failure to come together on much going on in our life. We went to a recommended therapist that we both found helpful but nothing was succesful enough to lift us out of our separation. We finally tried a couples coming together salon which sparked our interest in each other and our relationship. I am so grateful for Kim's wisdom and her zest for sharing it. I look forward to any of her gems and value her teachings with enthusiasm! Many blessings to all that trust the Anami way!
  • Kiyyun
    Kim shares some great information and ideas around sexuality that really needs to be more understood by all. I've been learning so much and am grateful for all the people that have shared their stories in how a healthy and natural sexual relationship can grow. Thank you so much!
  • Natalie@@@@@
    Kim’s podcast is my favorite 🔥
    I looove this podcast so much. From inspiring me to have my second homebirth to encouraging me to be more open and curious in sex with my husband… I love love love this podcast! I’m always waiting for new episodes and love Kim’s perspective on life giving sex, polarity and chemistry!
  • alzsalz
    Love this!
    Love this podcast! Kim Anami inspires me to take charge of my life and teaches me about what I'm truly looking for in life and relationships (things not many people are talking about!!) AND makes me laugh while doing it. Her podcast, her truth, her teachings ~ are orgasmic!
  • Danilokipu
    Amazing content to profoundly understand intimacy on a spiritual level!
    I first heard of Kim’s podcast, YouTube channel, and salons a few years ago in 2021. I was completely blown away by her profound understanding of the human body, intimacy, tantra, and sacred sexuality! It has completely changed the way I approach intimacy with my wife. We have been married since 2006 but the passion has certainly died down a bit. Her content provides many amazing resources to rekindle the desire! She is saving marriages and improving the world one sexually satisfied couple at a time! I applaud her work. I hope many couples get to experience the depth of her knowledge and passion! The world sorely needs this information no more than ever! Cheers! :-)
  • Mars Pin
    Invigorating content
    This podcast is full of insightful and helpful information! I wish I would have found this so much sooner, but as I have learned from this podcast, it is never too late to start healing and start having gourmet sex! I listen to every podcast as soon as it comes out and I love listening to the all-stars share their experience and success stories! I highly recommend this podcast. You will be doing yourself a favor to tune in and listen!
  • Homebirth must listen
    Homebirth must listen
    From the first time I listened to this podcast I knew it was going to be life changing and it was! I went from a c section to a hospital vbac to an unassisted homebirth shortly learning of this podcast! It is eye opening to so many topics within the birth and pregnancy world. If you want something different you need to seek something different. This exceeded my expectations in the information I received to help achieve the outcome of my beautiful homebirth.
  • TNChriss
    Daring to be different
    This podcast has made me rethink many of the beliefs I’ve had for almost 40 years. Enlightenment is possible if you open yourself up to the unexpected and unknown. This information has transformed my life and I’m so grateful to have found Kim!!
  • Ashley Klesken :)
    Thank you, Kim! Forever grateful
    Kim’s podcast has corrected soooo many limiting ideas, and filled in so many questions, I had about sex. I am forever grateful for her work, and for providing it here for free. Thank you, Kim, for all the hope and teachings you have poured into my life! This material has been life-changing and helped me to feel so much stronger in my body and in my beliefs. Thank you, Kim, for all the ways you have shared truth in your podcast and encouraged me in life, both business and pleasure.
  • myladylazarus
    Queen Anami!
    Kim’s podcast is music to my ears. Her courageous execution of Truth telling inspires me to step deeper into myself (& my vagina). She has helped me see through the layers of programming & lies, reclaim my power, & own my innate wisdom. I’m finally experiencing a level of embodiment I have been yearning for for decades!
  • VivMa77
    If you want to change your life, look no further
    I stumbled upon Kim at one of my lowest points in life. Something about her Instagram and podcasts spoke to my soul, it was on a deep carnal level. Over the years I’ve listened to her podcasts, read her blogs & IG posts, and slowly but surely my life was changing for the better and I was able to purchase her VKF salonette, which helped me manifest a job & the money to get her WFW and VKF Salons. After completing those, I’ve manifested a job that doubled my income, is fully remote & I am in the process of fulfilling my dream of moving to the beach. Since implementing Kim’s teachings my life keeps on getting better and better, I’m honestly stunned & speechless. I can’t wait to see what other amazing surprises life has in store for me as I continue to do the work Kim recommends, including manifesting the love of my life ❤️
  • Anastasia A Beaverhousen
    Gave me back my confidence!!
    Listened to Kim has helped me regain my strength and confidence in life and in the bedroom!! After having a tumor and losing part of my Reproductive system, I have never felt more disconnected from myself as a woman. Kim and her wonderful wisdom helped me regain my sexuality and trust in myself. I feel better now than I EVER have. She is a miracle worker!! Her method of MMC (iykyk) which I recently discovered has greatly helped me as a performer and feeling “high” all day. It’s absolutely astounding how great I am feeling and how i am learning to trust the power inside of me. Thank you Kim Amani!
  • Christy Kaylin Barker
    Life and Love UpLeveling!
    Listening to Kim Anami’s Orgasmic Enlightenment podcast has upleveled my life in a myriad of ways including, but not limited to: sexual healing, my work and income streams. Her intelligence, grace, and fantastic sense of humor make her podcast a joy to listen to. Her voice exudes confidence in all things sexual and healing because she knows what she’s talking about. Kim Anami is truly a gem!
  • Everydaywonders
    True Enlightment
    The most important thing I got out of her salons is that I had no idea clitoral orgasms are not the only orgasms women are capable of having. I have not reached cerivical orgamsms yet, but definitely feel the potential.
  • April8rose
    Just what we needed to hear!
    Back in November I listened to the podcast “Should I stay or should I go?”. It was exactly what I needed to hear to be able to put into thought and words what I was feeling within my relationship. I was ready, saw and felt the potential my partner and I had to grow and evolve together… and have the most amazing sex life. I ended up sending my partner the recording as well and we had wonderful conversation around it and ultimately were able to make our choices moving forward. Thank you Kim!
  • MC Author
    Everything you wanted to know but were embarrassed to ask
    Orgasmic Enlightenment has quickly become my favorite podcast. Kim holds nothing back as she lovingly educates men and women about human sexuality; often discussing topics labeled by society as taboo or even make-believe. Not only does Kim have the research and years of experience to back up her teachings, she also lets us hear from real people who have taken her courses, listened to her podcasts, and literally changed their lives - one mind-blowing orgasm at a time. Give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.
  • A3I
    This podcast changed my life!
    Kim has answered so many questions for me in the realm of feminist and sexuality. I’ve leaned more into my feminine and realized my sexuality is my power - something I was taught to be ashamed about growing up. I recommend this podcast to my friends and they are all hooked on her too. Thank you Kim!
  • Cathy Oz
    More, More - MORE!!!
    I have only just recently stumbled onto Kim’s work. It’s already MIND BLOWING! Can this luscious information actually be true? Being engaged with an adventurous man later in life - my fiancé and I certainly hope we’re not too late! We’re looking to learn all we can. Thank you for the hope of wonderful possibilities Kim!
  • Andy the grateful
    A game changer
    My wife and I have been together for over a quarter century. For most of that time we had more blocks and misunderstandings around sex than I can count. Going through some of Kim's courses and listening to the podcasts did what nothing else could have. We have more transparency, more willingness to explore and be vulnerable, more sex, and better sex than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Kim!
  • Healthy Girl
    Modern Day Sex Ed by Kim Anami
    Ohhhhh how I WISH I had these podcasts as my initial sexual education. Even at 30, I am SO grateful to have found Kim and her wisdom! She’s wonderfully energetic, authentic, and informative. After each podcast I come away with a handful of nuggets as well as the inspiration to transform my sex life - as well as my life in general. I reccomend browsing through what’s currently posted, and pick 3 which peak your interest. Set aside time to listen openly by yourself, with a friend, or a partner. Last thing I say, I’ve found that the vast majority of the material has an underlying tone of acceptance and awareness - truly and deeply loving yourself (and your partner) and spending time to develop an awareness of your body’s needs and wants.
  • MorganlKelley
    Kim’s content is Sizzling 🔥❤️‍🔥🔥
    This podcast is so helpful in relationship and in life! I have followed off and on for years and participated in the yoni egg workshop. It has been helpful and always hot hot hot!!
  • Runmacleay
    Life (and relationship) changing
    I’ve been following Kim Anami and listening to her podcast for a few years now. She speaks so much truth to the beauty and power of sex, as well as self-ownership and going within (literally and figuratively) to source our own power and magnetism to flow through out outer worlds. This is a lifelong practice and the relationships and professional opportunities that have emerged in my life I 100% attribute to what I’ve learned from Kim and Orgasmic Enlightenment!
  • CalJo3
    8 years and still learning new things
    I love Kim’s work… I have been following her words for over 8 years now and she continues to teach and inspire me. My first work with her was through the WFW salon and as a gal in my late 20s it TOTALLY opened my eyes and changed my whole world… and life! She taught me to know myself better and intern gave me the confidence to end relationships that were no longer serving me and seek out the real good stuff in life.. the deeper stuff. Kim’s work is unique and definitely worth getting into.
  • Grayshadow77
    Great topics
    Life changing stuff! My partner and my sex life has been greatly improved because of Kim. The last time we were together, the energy was so powerful, we were both crying and laughing at the same time as we were orgasming.
  • Dakshina21
    Eye opening
    Kim’s podcast opens one’s eyes to new possibilities in an authentic and rich way. She uses sexuality as a powerful tool without compromising integrity.
  • Amon E. K.
    Juice-ify me
    Kim’s podcast has LITERALLY changed my life for the better, recalibrated my womanhood, and always rejuvenates me when i’m in need of a little re-juicing. And yes, i’m just talking about the podcast - I haven’t even taken one of her salons yet (which i plan to) - and when i enter my next romantic relationship, i know it will be gourmet, knowing now what kind of ecstatic human life is possible, and as a result, having higher standards, fresh eyes, and sky rocketing self worth. (If he’s not a supercock already, then yes, an Orgasmic Enlightenment listening sesh will be one of our first bonding activities.) Thanks!
  • ThetaSoul
    Playful Listener
    Listening to Kim gets me into a fun playful frequency. The stories and information from her and her guests is always inspiring and has transformed my life. I usually bring out my favorite toys and I always leave a juicy puddle on my bed. Get listening and playing... Waterproof blankets are a must!
  • patriot for freedom
    Better relationship and sex is fantastic!
    My wife and I had come a long way in our relationship but adding the couples salon has been amazing! We are growing closer in our relationship and the home play provides a great way to work together, play together, and have great connections!
  • Toeneem
    Kim spreads a unique message that makes you fully understand how backwards our view of monogamous sex is. Invigorating my husband and mine sex life and is truly helping us connect on a deeper level. Thank you!
  • @solpothecary
    Absolutely Life Changing
    Kim Anami’s work has changed my life. Deeply and utterly. I have been searching for this kind of teacher, these kinds of reflections, and this kind of wisdom regarding all things sexual - for a very long time. I was raised in an environment where sex and sexuality was more of something to laugh nervously and feel embarrassed about, rather than what it truly is - creative, life-force energy to celebrate, embrace, and consciously cultivate. With Kim’s guidance, through these podcasts and salons, I am radically transforming into the person I’ve always wanted to be. My husband saw how much shifted for me through the podcasts and Jade egg practice, and suggested we do the Coming Together salon - and just three weeks in, our intimate connection has deepened in ways we never even knew were possible - plus the life-changing neighbor-complaining sex Kim talks about. Gourmet to *the max*
  • niishal
    GEM dropper!
    I LOVE this podcast. Pure divine wisdom. I found it one afternoon, hit play from a place of curiosity and could not stop listening! I love the authenticity, the playfulness, the openness of her work and how she delivers it with ease. Pretty sure I’ve learned something new from every episode. If you’re wanting a podcast to listen to that will make you feel all the things, think, laugh, and blow your mind every episode, this is it!
  • Pilut93
    Finally the Truth
    Thank you Kim. It is a breathe of resh air listning to your podcast. Its amazing what has been hid from us on what our bodies are capable! there is nothing more important than clearing the glass, You are helping so many couples!!!
  • lifewithlogans
    Game Changer
    I was introduced to Kim Anami through Ellen Fisher’s podcast and there is no going back- in the best way possible! My husband and I have been listening to Orgasmic Enlightenment and watching Kim’s YouTube videos nonstop. We’re on day 7 of the 30 day sex challenge she talks about and we’re already reaping the benefits - better communication, constant sexual simmer and deeper connection. Can’t say enough about Kim’s work and I’m so excited to be apart of one of her salons in the future.
  • NicoleeYD
    Hello liberation!
    I adore listening to Kim’s podcast! Her whit, knowledge and empowerment is life changing. I feel so in control after listening to an episode and so normal!!! As a 25y/f I assumed I was an outlier because of my lack of sexuality and was broken from past trauma. Kim is the only coach who’s words have resonated and really made a difference. I am so grateful!
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