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Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had.

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  • Bruce Wayne III
    What an absolute crock
    Seriously ignorant and annoying. Couldn’t f her brains out cause she doesn’t have any...
  • Axe Gold
    F**cking brilliant
    I LOVE THIS WOMAN. It amazes me how deeply I resonate with all aspects of her work ~ how she really shares my values. She has truly changed my life, and woke me from my slumber on so many levels. No one else in the sex world can even begin to compare to Kim. Her integrity, her humor, her wisdom & insight in this arena (and seemingly in life in general!) are second to none. I am SO GRATEFUL to her. She has been a tremendous guide on my path to true sexual reclamation. Thank you Kim!!!
  • I wish I never signed up
    Racist and unqualified
    Kim has been racist and overall problematic for a long time now. She has made statements denying racism just because she believes in reincarnation and when people called her out on her racism she claimed a “lynch mob” was after her. Her “teachings” are also incredibly harmful in the realm of health. She tells women who have respectively disagreed with her that they are angry because they aren’t getting laid and that she’d help them out but she only does attractive people. (I wrote it nicely— she was very vulgar in her phrasing). She perpetuates harmful stereotypes with women s*xuality and claims to know more than gynecologists and therapists. The woman is not qualified, teaches harmful misinformation, and is unapologetically racist. PLEASE SEE A PELVIC FLOOR THERAPIST instead of taking this woman’s word for it.
  • Bfhammer
    For all the woke whiners attempting to call her racist, get out of your parents basement and get a life. The video was great. She's humorous, smart, and uncensored. A breath of fresh air!
  • BellaGFlore
    Had been listening to this podcast for a while. Didn’t realize the owner is a racist. Now she is deflecting accountability . Anami isn’t even her real name. Disgusted.
  • the almighty smallest
    Are negative stars an option?
    No advice or life coaching needs to come from an unapologetic racist. My life was better before I was aware of Kim.
  • tsaysdogsgovoof
    Amazing insight
    I’m new & very mind blown with the accuracy of the information. This is so bizarre, but my digestion has improved immensely as a side effect of following Kim’s suggestions- and it’s only been a week. Very convinced that this area has much to do with overall health.
  • kimanami
    Ignorant and racist
    Seems to not be in touch with reality. I hope she gets some help and takes some time to educate herself on the difference between Chinese and Japanese culture.
  • Joyyeee
    Racist content
    She’s trying to silence the asian community after posting a racist video. This is not okay.
  • puzer9
    Tone deaf and cultural appropriation
    This woman banks on culturally appropriating Asian women while shamefully and disturbingly exploits every awful bad Asian stereotype to monetize her brand. When confronted about this, she dismisses minority voices by deleting comments and their concerns.
  • Transcendence42
    These people are racist.
    Keep your orientalist imitations, yellow face, and fake “Taoist” traditions back in the 1950/ where they belong.
  • yayeeewwet
    Racism isn’t cute
    You can delete all the comments you want off Instagram, but you need to recognize how incredibly racist you are being in that video.
  • cccstan
    It appears Kim Amani is racist.
  • HamyColo
    Like Like I Like like Me Like like like you know like Like
  • RitaB58
    That’s all there is to say.
  • frozenfavorite
    Life changing!! This podcast and all of Kim’s work has transformed my life. Thank you for putting this out there for us!!
  • Phantasmalmirth
    Interesting but sometimes problematic
    TL;DR: Kim seems like a privileged, sort of misinformed anti-vaxer, but I appreciate her empowerment of our bodies and improving our sexual experience. She’s had episodes about a couple of topics where she gave what I considered misinformed advice, which I find very dangerous. She has a large platform, and she’s suggesting that women forgo pelvic exams because they’re being raped by docs, when in actuality over 4,000 U.S. women will die of cervical cancer a year. I have HPV and abnormal Pap smears that I wouldn’t have known about, but according to Kim I should just risk it and “listen” to my own body. She’s also suggested that women should do completely natural births without assistance from doctors. And while there are a lot of issues within the health care system, it’s very cavalier to suggest this. The reason why OBGYNs and nurse midwives were created is because we had such high maternal death rates when we were doing things naturally, as Kim would suggest. I wish that she would just talk about sex, spirituality and personal development and leave her conspiracy theories out of this.
  • derion coker
    Love the show
    Love this Podcast . Dr Bruce Lipton interviewed himself 😂😂 love him tho
  • Cfhvh
    Grateful listener
    What a great way to learn better ways to enjoy my and my wife’s sex life and life in general. Always thought we had a really great sex life but after 30 years together our sex life is better than ever we have brought our entire sex life to a whole new level as far as quality quantity also connecting on a higher level also
  • KateDarr
    Don’t waste your time
    I wanted to like this but a few things: Who is this woman? & what’s her deal? Does she breathe between words or nah? There’s little substance or info to learn. She’s just pretending other people’s words & work are hers.
  • pdcst addict
    ‘Raped’ by your ob-gyn is disgusting.
    I have been a listener for a little while and really appreciated the content up to this episode. I find it disgusting. There are ways to label and talk about this in a professional way to bring up the topic. The title of the episode conveys fear and calls into question a practice of medicine that is essential. Not in good taste at all.
  • just-a-listener
    I just want to say thanks for being there. As a hetero male listener I really appreciate all your help and info so I can better understand and satisfy the women in my life. Thanks to Kim and any team members behind the scenes. Please pass this message on if you can. Thank you sincerely.
  • crist1010
    I was really interested in learning about bringing together spirituality & sexuality but after listening to the truth virus episode I have lost all interest. The insensitivity towards a virus that has killed a million people and the insensitivity towards the situation with George Floyd/BLM is incredibly disturbing. I understand spirituality and the power of the mind but science also plays an important role. You can’t just think away the virus and systemic racism. Also no one is being told to stay away from nature.
  • reeniebikini
    Can’t stand
    Close minded, somewhat shameful if you’re not having mind blowing life changing sex every time you have sex!
  • rizzlemynizzle$
    Just the words I was looking for
    I have been studying chakras and healing and finding Kim’s podcast has helped me quantum leap into reconnecting with my body. She speaks facts and I am forever grateful for her work! I plan to take her next salon, registration available in January!!! <3 love you kim
  • gratitudeAttitudehere
    Thanks !
    So happy this information exists! Thank you for your work!
  • Jonezey a
    Closed minded.
    I went to her Instagram page posted my opinion on subject matter and she blocked me from the account I wasn’t rude or inconsiderate she’s just close minded
  • Slowgunn11
    Love your stuff !
  • 1147968
    I really wanted to love it
    I think there are valuable topics that we should all be having conversations on and thinking about as humans.. but im just not comfortable with Kim acting as a leader in the conversations.
  • whyareyouonlyonitunes
    The best
    You’re awesome Kim
  • mimxd
    Please give us more!!
    In love with this podcast and would love to hear more! Thank you for your inspiration! All women should take notes and I’m surprised you haven’t wrote a book or two!
  • Crystallll N
    Annoying. She sounds transphobic and acts like she created all this tantric work herself. Ego level 1000000.
  • equitonic
    A definitely appreciate her openness about sex. But there is little “how to” included in the podcasts. And I definitely have zero interest in hearing her talk about politics and medical/health related topics. That really killed it for me.
  • Anthony Guastella
    This podcast helps empower you with the information you need to have a great life. I love this podcst because it has exposed me to truths that I did not know. I recommed it to anyone who is looking to grow.
  • jafeyrer
    It was good while it lasted...
    I enjoyed listening to this podcast (it also made me laugh in ways I don’t think she was intending)...until she started mixing her views on sexuality with politics and the pandemic. I also suspect that much of her topics don’t apply to the LGBTQ community, as she is very focused on traditional male-female roles and energies. If you’re a heterosexual male or female with right-leaning political viewpoints and enjoy new age topics then you will enjoy this podcast. It’s not something I could get past.
  • matthew grasso
    Big dick energy
    My name is Matt g f I am a bodybuilder as well , hi kim how are you can you you give me all the dick energy because I will be having sex with Karen lee potor soon
  • May Rice
    True Empowerment!
    I love Kim’s podcast and I love her WORK! Since I’ve been following Kim I’ve learned how to truly occupy my body and my sexuality. I had a very conservative up bringing and her work has me helped come 😉 in to myself in a big way. I also appreciate that she’s not afraid to shed some light on what’s happening with this COVID situation. Her work is truly holistic and empowering in every way!!
  • scratchy411
    This was a cool podcast, until she started spreading disinformation about masks and Covid. It is extremely irresponsible and dangerous.
  • Anamayzingone
    Don’t buy into the BS
    I just started listening to Kim and I bought the egg kit. Don’t be fooled like I was. I paid $300.00 for something that should’ve only been $50.00. Yes sex is great everyone should be exploring that side of life but Kim is exploiting women who are unhappy with outrageous opinions that are not based in fact what so ever. She speaks of virtue signaling? What a blatant projection on her part. She’s lost in the fog of her own ego, be cautious don’t let her take your money.
  • sasha5htp
    I think it’s wonderful to encourage women to explore their sexuality and body, but Kim promotes her own trademarked beliefs that have no scientific basis. Listening to her episode called “The Truth Virus” sealed the deal. Clearly she has no understanding of public health or the history of pandemics. I agree that it’s natural and healthy for humans to interact with diverse bacteria, but COVID-19 is not that (and it’s a virus, not bacteria). 36 million people have died of HIV/AIDS. 200 million people died of the bubonic plague. Where is her concern for the vulnerable and ill members of our community!? We all have a social responsibility to do the bare minimum.
  • E Germ
    I started listening about a year ago. It was a little woowoo but fun. The first red flag was when she claimed she could control her period with her mind. Now she’s claiming that it’s better to use metaphors to deal with a pandemic than science and started going down a Q type rabbit hole. I’m out. ✌🏻
  • Veronica Mullay
    It’s not tyrrany
    I was so terribly upset to hear you liken important pandemic response tactics to tyranny. That is such a misguided reaction to the needs of the moment. Perpetuating this type of resistance to our shared responsibility in this moment is exactly why the US is still living with the horrible situation we are in with regards to spiking pandemic infections and societal breakdown when other countries are back to normal. You must make amends for this misstatement.
  • K8!K8!
    Love Kim’s humor and extensive knowledge. All about the empowerment!
  • appuser0386527
    Basically an infomercial podcast, gives you very basic information not usually helpful
  • Kelsey796
    Kim has changed my life.
    I am so grateful I have discovered Kim Anami. I feel like we are truly soul sisters. I am 24, and I feel like she is a true role model and inspiration to me, and I feel so truly blessed (!!!) I have found her. Life changing, and I look forward to it getting EVEN BETTER!!!
  • Mary Moon HL
    Fake “woke”
    I used to really admire Kim Anami and her progressive views and beliefs in sexuality, sadly she took a very nasty uneducated stance in the Black Lives Matter movement. I hope she does some personal reflection and research into the horrors of racism in America and the world and evolve past her privileged biases.
  • MMoon321
    So necessary and revealing
    Kim’s topics are real, raw and authentic. She is exactly the voice we need right now.
  • nik¡ta
    Condescending and out of touch
    Kim really had my interest at first. And while yes, I do believe our mindset has a huge impact on our immune system, her conversation with Bruce Lipton essentially says that when people get sick, it’s their own fault. She also claims that when women get cramps along with/ or their period every month, they’re to blame for not manifesting a bi-annual, joyous menstruation cycle. I haven’t gone through childbirth, but I highly doubt having your perineum ripped apart is the “biggest orgasm of your life.” Perhaps her most adorable assertion is that she doesn’t waste time giving consideration any to negative reviews, because she pettily spends a disproportionate amount of time talking about it, poorly masking deep bitterness in her sing-songy voice. What does “science” know anyway, Kim? 😄
  • EZ371
    I’m 12
    I’m 12
  • YoTangoMorado
    Love the subject but not enough real application or guidance
    I’ve listened to 3 episodes so far and have had a great time listening and learning and the host is a delight. I was most excited for the orgasm without ejaculation episode to learn about the techniques. However the whole episode only talked about the theory of it and had this 60 year old guy bragging about his 14 hour sex sessions. If you listen to this episode there’s 0 actual guidance on how to do this. If anything I was discouraged from hearing the dude boast how “20 year old guys can’t keep up with me”. Please give us more how-to’s or at least point us in the right direction on where to find the actual resources of information
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