Voyage to the Stars

Improv #21

Space: It’s big. Like, really big. These are the misadventures of a group of misfits that accidentally found themselves on the wrong side of a wormhole, trying not to blow up the galaxy in their attempts to make the long journey home. Join us on a voyage to the stars with the wholly unqualified Captain Tucker Lentz (Colton Dunn), scatterbrained scientist Elsa Rankfort (Felicia Day), apathetic technician Stew Merkel (Steve Berg) and the misanthropic A.I. Sorry (Janet Varney). The universe will never be the same.

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  • TechSupport84
    Daily Addiction
    Love Colton Dunn & love this show.
  • I may or may not be a witch
    The short version of a long rant
    I’m really over the transphobia, biphobia and general queer baiting. I gave the early stuff a pass because I figured they would learn from their earlier BS(ex:the only Trans rep being an AÍ). But in the most recent y’all go off on a bit even subtly transphobic “Yes And” bit about Tootsie(the 1980’s trash with Dustin Hoffman). TLDR; 🖕this show
  • tbobr83
    Awesome, hilarious!
    Binged all the episodes in a week. Can’t wait to hear new episodes
    Improv, comedy, Sci-Fi, Felicia Day. Amazing!
  • WriteOrDieGirl
    I love this
    What an amazingly talented group of people
  • PJ660
    Hilarious, It’s weird when I listen to this podcast I keep laughing on my own.
  • Lauren5000
    More please
    My new quarantine obsession!
  • Geumpyhistory
    Surprisingly great
    I love sci fi and I dig improv, but let’s face it: so much improv is trash. The first episode had some dialogue that sound likely rushed or stilted, but the jokes are great and the show only improves as you get deeper into the episodes. It’s cohesive and hilarious and I am so happy it’s here, and in space, and beyond.
  • Bl00d_orange
    I can’t believe it took me so long to find this!
    I’ve been enjoying this podcast so much. Fantastic quarantine listening!
  • Caris Clearwater
    A wonderful space comedy
    Voyage to the Stars is just like Star Trek, if Captain Kirk had been a rampant xenophobe, Spock was neurotic, and Scotty had a romantic subplot with the Enterprise. Also, Tribbles eat people now. Do yourself a favor and listen to these talented actors poke fun at sci-fi tropes and heroic dramas. I’m glad I have!
  • Quinderella
    Please don’t ever stop making this show. I have never laughed so much. It’s the best show ever!!!!
  • Ehiker133
    My Cow-orkers Think I’m Crazy
    Oh God. I can’t stop laughing out loud while listening to this podcast. My cow-orkers keep giving me weird looks. What a fantastic podcast.
  • troliptracker
    Where’s the vid feed for a podcast?
    I never pressed the pod deal icon like ever and have no clue about the format. While I’m so virgin having never tweeted this radio program ever it is FUNNY to the bombmax. Anyway there’s a charmer chemistry with this. How much do these talents get paid? What??? We’ll pay em’ more and put them on with a four foot trowel. Other than that Mrs. Lincoln how was the play? Beer, nachos and Queso are here. Help yourself and I’ll be back. Your critique of my critique awaits.
  • NikeVictoria
    Felicia Day, THANK YOU!💕
    Came here to listen based on Felicia’s recommendation. 2020 needs laughter and this series delivers! Keep up the great work everyone!💕👍🏼
  • Jennifer Mulraney
    Love It.
    Colton Dunn is hilarious. Towards the later episodes they yell over the top of each other a bit, other than that, this podcast is perfect. It’s funny. It’s has unexpected twists. It’s pretty realistic in that I fully expect humans to screw up space travel this badly.
  • NotasgoodasAK
    Took a bit
    But after a few episodes I started laughing out loud. Hilarious and so quirky! Love it,
  • cucumber317
    a decent podcast
    this podcast is... fine. it’s entertaining and relaxing, but it’s not very funny. it has cool sound effects and a somewhat compelling storyline. i do recommend this show, but just don’t expect to be laughing out loud. (i will say, the random “meows” of nico get me from time to time)
  • Nello316
    A fantastic new audio adventure!!
    You know I was skeptical at first. The voice actors weren't the issue at all. It just had an ok start. Once I listened to the first episode and wasn’t sure if I’d like the podcast but once episode 2 started I knew it was a hit. I love Janet Varney and Felicia day and their voices are absolutely beautiful and sexy. The whole cast does an awesome job and you can tell that they are having fun with this. Season 2 now is even better! The characters and voice casts history and chemistry amazingly done. I love listening to this at work and I anxiously await the next chapter every week. I hope they do as many seasons as they’d like to with this show. Long live Voyage to the Stars!
  • Chianne61
    This podcast is incredibly funny! It reminds me of screwball comedies! Wow! I am loving it!
  • Funglebuddy
    Best Podcast ever
    I heard about this podcast from Felicias Podcast. No regerts! If you want to laugh and listen to a good podcast on the way home or to wherever here you go!
  • Love To what
    When you’re Stressed
    Great to get your ear buds and tune in. This is so in line with my brain. Highly recommended.
  • werd6
    The only problem I have with this podcast is the parts where they don’t really explain what’s happening.
  • Jacob The Lime
    Best ever
    Great podcast
  • Musicstruck17
    Great podcast
    I love watching Colton Dunn on Superetore and I was pleasantly surprised to hear his voice when I listened to this when it came out. I’ve seen the concept art for this show but to be honest I just picture Colton as himself because I can’t picture anything else for this character he plays. I feel like he fits his character so well! Overall I love all the voices on this podcast and I haven’t followed Felicia’s work after Supernatural and I’m happy to hear her voice again :)
  • ZeddecusZul
    Best podcast ever :) All great voice actors and very funny. Can’t get enough episodes D:
  • Daniel Casey Hopkins
    I really wanted to hate it
    But I listen to every episode the day it drops...;-)
  • ashunchained
    This podcast cracks me up and makes me smile every single episode. It reminds me of the old school radio shows that I use to listen to back in the day. Good times. Keep them coming guys. <3 *meow* science log/out. ^_^
  • JackieVest
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    I am so happy to have stumbled across this, it has been one of the best that I've listened to so far!
  • Tf6155
    I just discovered this podcast bc I follow PFT and he was on a recent episode. I love Little Janet Varney so I was excited to listen. I quickly fell in love with all the others as well. This is fantastic. So funny. Clever. Thank you for the hours of entertainment. -Theresa.
  • betta123
    Lots of fun
    Wacky sci-fi series, which I love. Takes me back a bit to Red Dwarf
  • icsweett911
    Great podcast.
    My job gets boring so I’m listening to podcast all day long. This one is awesome. I’ve been bingeing it since I found it. Very funny and helps the day go by faster.
  • abulgarian
    A great stumble...
    I stumbled onto this podcast one day while driving to work. I am almost done with it because it’s so good!! It literally has been less than a week. Keep on making more of these it is fantastic!!
  • ZeNeece <3
    Love It!
    This is a lot of fun. I love how feckless everyone is. They are so great at genocide. How lovable, lol.
  • Teddy 314
    So fun!
    I love this story - love the serial format and Colton Dunn is so funny as the Captain. Love love love.
  • Soupedupman
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. These four are a great comedic ensemble that have me cracking up, constantly! If you like comedy, space and a touch of genocide, you’ll love this podcast!
  • JD3964
    This podcast puts me in a good mood
    I love this podcast. It took a couple listens but now I’m hooked. I like to listen to decompress after or before work. And it makes me laugh out loud. Super talented cast and awesome guests. Always looking forward to what they do next.
  • Casualcris
    So much fun!
    I love this so much. Felicitations brought me over and I’m so glad it did.
  • Thru-Way Nick
    Some 'splaining to do
    Haven't been able to listen the last 2 episodes. Miss the crew. Never fear. Podcasts are here.
  • Will843
    Funny Crew!! Do it
  • Smart Alick 16
    In the middle of a binge
    Just found this show and I have been listening to it every time I get a chance. I love it. I just pulls you into the story so quickly. 💜
  • Bighorntom
    I flipped this on one day last week to check it out, next thing I knew it was the end of the season. Amazingly funny, and a great sci fi story line.
  • MissyMaeDragon
    Came for Felicia Day and discovered Sorry! Honestly, I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud at a Tv show or podcast in years, which is a little weird to realize now. Guess I’m more of a book person? We’ll go with that. But this podcast has me giggling constantly! I actually scared my dog laughing at Elsa’s “My best friend growing up was a dolphin! Her name was Iki-iki-iki and she was beautiful!” So excited for Season 2 and so bummed I missed the live shows. Can Season 2 have like 47 episodes please? Preferably daily? I have a life, I promise.
  • RobbyRotten
    100% Fantastic
    It has made many business flights bearable. I routinely find myself laughing out loud. My absolute favorite podcast!
  • regan8or
    Shocking myself with my rating
    I tried. I really did. I love Felicia Day. I love space operas. I love improv comedy. I just never could find my way to like, much less love, this podcast. That makes me sad.
  • JakeMossMan
    Listen to this!
    Hilarious, awesome, clever, and totally rad. Its SciFy comedy. Like if Star Trek and Who's Line is it Anyway had a raunchy one night stand baby.
  • Blue1189
    Captains Log Chimmy, Chimmy, Bada Beep, Bada Boop 12893
    An absolute must listen.......... Captains log out😂
  • waylakitschonke
    Every space exploration show but further
    I love this podcast. It is chock full of little sci-fi gems that have be giggling through the whole thing.
  • creepypastaFANDOMgirl
    To Space But Further!
    I love this podcast. Can’t wait to hear season two if there is one! Listened to all of the episodes! Love the story plot and the strange adventure! Log out! (lol)
  • Ravidrath
    To space... but further!
    Can’t stop listening. The best!
  • Cupcake223765
    great podcast!
    I’ve listened to dozens of great podcasts (Welcome to Night Vale, Wolf 359, The Black Tapes, etc) and I REALLY love this podcast. It’s hilarious, the characters are all very funny stereotypes in their own ways, and it’s a great show to listen to during my commute or while doing chores around the house. It’s a very lighthearted show that helps me take my mind off things. highly recommend!
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