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Welcome to As a Woman. The podcast hosted by fertility physician Natalie Crawford, MD to educate and empower women. Each week learn about your health, your fertility, and how they relate to your true self. Become a part of the community fostering collaboration over competition while learning how to authentically find your voice and amplify others as a woman.

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  • texacaligirl
    Information and Inspiration
    I previously wrote a review about a year and a half ago that was mostly positive, but a little snarky. I confess that I felt a little jealous of Dr. Crawford’s success and eye-roll-y about all the (what I perceived to be) fan-girly reviews. But that was about me and I no longer want that review stay up. Dr. Crawford is doing great things. I wish that this resource was available when I was going through my own (in)fertility journey. I still find the infertility community and conversations fascinating and enjoy listening to this podcast and following her other social media channels. And I’ve definitely gotten some inspiration about my own career path (I’m not a doctor or in the medical field) and ideas about how I might use social media. I owe you an apology. Dr. Crawford, you’re doing great. I’m sorry I was a hater. You keep up the educational and inspirational content, and I will go check myself into the jelly school in Aurora :)
  • Stef Eps
    Helps me be my own advocate during my IVF journey
    Dr. Crawford is super knowledgeable but delivers the information for the everyday layman (lay-woman?). It has helped me understand my IVF journey, and I can also ask more probing, intelligent questions to my doctor and nurse. I was introduced to the podcast by my in-laws who found it when they wanted to learn about what I was going through. Highly recommend it to loved ones of women and couples going through fertility treatments.
  • StinaBina25
    I absolutely love listening to Natalie. She is able to talk so tactfully regarding sensitive topics and solely provides information so you can make the best & most informed decisions for your health and your lifestyle. I’m hoping she can include an interview/episode with a single mom by choice in the future.
  • Madgradstudent
    A valuable resource
    Dr. Natalie provides so much education around necessary topics that we don’t talk about enough. I wish these were conversations providers would have with their patients more. Thank you so much
  • HZAM
    False information ep #11
    I was enjoying this podcast until episode 11. When she starts talking about food consumption she definitely says some things that are scientifically not true and now I question her knowledge on all things because she didn’t do her homework on some things. Examples: she mentions hormones in milk/dairy products, there are no hormones in milk. This is regulated by the FDA. She says you should eat organic fruits and vegetables that don’t have a natural “wrapper” or peel due to the pesticides that get sprayed on the fruits and vegetables. 1. In most cases once a plant has blossomed pesticides are no longer being applied meaning the fruit of the plant is not coming in direct contact with pesticides. 2. Just because something is labeled organic does not mean it was grown with the absence of pesticides. It means the pesticides that were used were derived from a natural source, but these pesticides have the same dangers/warnings as all other pesticides. Often times, organically grown plants have a higher rate of pesticide use than conventionally grown plants. I’m sure she is very knowledgeable about fertility and the women anatomy, but she had some big misinformation in ep 11 around food consumption.
  • Awwwwwh
    So grateful for this podcast
    This podcast is so sensible, empathetic and truly a Godsend for anyone who is trying to conceive. I learned so many valuable things from the show. Thank you.
  • Love_ly_Laura
    An Empowering Resource
    Thanks to Dr. Crawford for empowering all of us by sharing her medical expertise about women’s health and fertility, as well as her wise tips for identifying and honoring personal and professional goals. This podcast speaks to everyone who identifies “as a woman” and is very inclusive of all ages and life stages.
  • adiko415
    Spouting misinformation!!
    The age and fertility episode is full of misinformation. It twists numbers around to tell women who are 40 there is very little chance of getting pregnant naturally. Of course, the odds are lower, but many women do get pregnant after 40, which she would know if she actually read the study she is citing. It’s borderline criminal, in my opinion, to mislead women so egregiously, especially about so sensitive of a topic. Perhaps she should find something better to do with her time.
  • megeverywhere
    So grateful for this podcast.
    This has made the overwhelming/confusing/daunting ivf process so much easier and clearer for me! Thank you Dr.
  • jesstate
    In depth
    I’ve listened to many podcasts on infertility, but I love the in-depth discussion on Dr. Crawford’s topics. She reasons through ideas in a way that is easy to follow and understand, but also well-researched, educated and supported by data. I feel like a patient being counseled on these topics (with more details and analysis than my own doctors) and enjoy her explanations and tone. She is confident and personable (shares her own journey) and I walk away with a solid understanding of each topic after listening to her podcast! Very educational and worthwhile!
  • "Smart" merge
    Must read if you are a medical professional, aspiring or practicing. This podcast voices inequalities with empowerment rather that further contributing to the oppression of women.
  • Tpclark056
    Heartfelt and helpful
    I started listening to this podcast because of the Embryo Transfer episode. My clinic, MCRM/Dr. Ahlering does a lot to prepare you for pre egg retrieval but I have been less clear about the transfer aspect. I really just know I am waiting for my period and then I’ll get my “next steps.” I’m giving this podcast five stars because it is so detailed and thorough. Since the transfer episode I’ve listened to several more. My only complaint would be that sometimes it gets very technical and I almost feel like I need to take notes and read and re read the details of what is being explained. This might be because I often listen to podcasts while I’m cleaning the house or driving. I’m still giving this five stars because of the content and presentation. If I could give it six - I would! Also, I would love for you to do an episode on the period that I could share with my daughters as well as my female elementary age (8-11) clients at a low income school I work at. Have you seen Ann with an E? It’s on Netflix and she literally screams in horror, assuming she’s dying, when she gets her period. There’s just so much drama out there our young women face about periods. Thx in advance for reading my review! TB from Jenks, OK
  • VA GIRL 804
    So heartfelt and informative
    I have been loving this podcast. I just listened to the endometriosis episode and it almost brought me to tears. Ever since I started having periods I have suffered severe debilitating cramps and I have been largely been ignored and dismissed. As a young teen, I would regularly throw up as a result of the pain I experienced monthly. I was extremely embarrassed the people I did tell about this thought that I worked myself up to the point where I threw up and that I had a low tolerance to pain. I started to think this myself. When I started seeing commercials about endometriosis drugs when I was in my early twenties I was astonished that there might actually be a reason my periods were so painful. When I mentioned painful periods yet again to my doctor and also asked about endometriosis, I felt dismissed and was then prescribed birth control. I felt that the doctor didn’t believe me and didn’t want to treat or assess me. I felt helpless because I figured I would never know if I had endometriosis unless I started struggling to conceive and by then it would be too late. From hearing the information presented in this podcast episode today, I now know that my doctor did actually help me manage the disease (but was just a poor communicator). This episode has given me such hope and empowerment for the first time. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to listen to more episodes!
  • tennisshorty09
    Love love love!! So genuine and so informative!
    I’ve only listened to two episodes and I couldn’t be more thankful that I found Dr. Natalie’s podcast! Her voice is so gentle and she can explain things for us average folk. I am especially thankful for her ectopic pregnancy episode because I just went through an ovarian EP. Thank you, Natalie, for being brave enough to be vulnerable and open in sharing your story!
  • agsc23
    Amazing podcast
    Thank you, Natalie! I’m a long time fan. I was wondering if you would consider doing an episode that shares tips for returning to work as a physician after having your first child. Or how to navigate pregnancy as a doc in general .... such as how to tell your boss and negotiate time off, how to accommodate breastfeeding, the physical impact of working hard while pregnant etc ..... Thanks again!
  • Future Rainbow Mom
    Absolutely Love!
    I recently had my 3rd miscarriage and I was in desperate need to find answers! I found this wonderful podcast!! Very detailed and it is from a medical doctor! Thank you so much for helping women & families that want to start a family!!
  • Wonderwomanlifts
    her voice is like a warm hug
    besides all the knowledge information on your health, your fertility, your mental stability (let’s face it all physicians instruction have that ability) but the way that Dr. Natalie Crawford talks you through things and helps you understand your specific situation is unmatched. This is why she’s one of the top REI specialists in the country. The fact that she’s a well educated, double board certified physician you can trust to tell you point blank where you stand is super helpful. Dr. Natalie Crawford has the ability to answer your questions in a manner which you can clearly understand... and if by chance you don’t she’s just an email, or a dm away. She’s opened herself to making this community more knowledgeable while also and importantly putting herself and her family first and I respect that 1000%. Do yourself a favor whether your male or female. Subscribe to this podcast, listen to it with a full heart, take notes, ask questions and share with your friends. Be well & be blessed, Nicole Marshall
  • lsullivan68
    Should be required listening
    This podcast should be required listening for all females! Seriously I’ve learned so much about how my body works from listening to this & am shocked at how little I was taught in school. I’m not in medicine or wanting to get pregnant right now but I’m so thankful to have this knowledge for when I am ready. Outside of the educational aspect of this podcast Dr. Crawford gives great life advice (Work life balance, confidence, goals, etc). Her advice feels like talking with your big sister (except she is an actual expert).
  • wheleanor
    As a Medical Student
    As a woman and as a medical student, this podcast is amazing. Dr. Crawford is incredibly talented at weaving accurate and organized physiology and pathology with motivational life advice and encouragement. I have learned so much - medical review, patient education, and how to pursue your passions. Thank you Dr. Crawford! You are an inspiration. Much love to you ♥️
  • jessluckk
    So insightful
    I started listening to this podcast when I started my fertility journey and I am so thankful my sister brought my attention to this podcast. Natalie is so relatable and she shares information in a way that makes sense and is very straight forward. This podcast is so relaxing and helps me trust the fertility process and has given me a wealth of knowledge. Thank you!!!
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!!
    Natalile, host of the As a Woman podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • tcerickson
    Never felt so educated and empowered
    I look forward to this podcast every Monday on my drive to work. I’ve been struggling with infertility for years and this podcast has prepped me For IVF like no other. I can’t say thank you enough. For an episode idea, I’d love to hear one on balanced translocation. My husband has it which is why we are doing IVF, and would love your perspective on this.
  • CA-3333
    Love love love
    I’m an anesthesiologist, and although I do not struggle with infertility personally, I care for patients like Dr Crawford’s when I provide anesthesia for hysteroscopy/ egg retrieval/ myomectomy— I am learning so much about what these patients are undergoing, and I really believe it has helped me take better care of them. Dr Crawford does an amazing job of explaining things thoroughly but clearly. She speaks on a level that both laymen and physicians who have had little training on these topics can understand. Additionally, her episodes on women in medicine are fantastic and inspirational. Thank you so much for this podcast! Can’t recommend it enough.
  • Cmmdo
    Love all this
    Vegan recipe guide = YES! Please🙏🏼
  • rachha1217
    Still listening to my first podcast ever with Dr. Crawford but wow! Thank you for this. Listening to “A doctor gets breast cancer”, what a story. Thank you for being open and sharing this. Sending strength your way Dr. Good.
  • The DOS
    Wish I had discovered this podcast a few years ago! Dr C and her knowledge both inside and outside medicine are inspiring. Women’s empowerment matters, and I am so happy to learn the nitty gritty answers to lots of Qs I’ve had as a woman in medicine. I also appreciate the concise delivery, not overly wordy for our busy lives.
  • kbp1013
    Game changer
    I’ve obsessively listened to this podcast since I discovered it a few weeks ago. Natalie, your drive to make your knowledge as a RE available to women is empowering. Thank you so much. Because of you, I don’t feel quite so intimated by my infertility issues today. And your personal and professional advice is pushing me to make the life I’m dreaming of happen. This podcast feels like I’ve found a new best friend, one who truly understands me and my life right now. Seriously, thank you.
  • amberly oboyle
    Excellent Podcast - Informative and Inspirational
    This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in fertility, women’s health, developing your career #asawoman, and living a purposeful and thoughtful life. I just listened to Dr. Crawford’s episode about cervical cancer for the second time and felt compelled to finally write a review. It’s long overdue. The episodes focused on fertility and women’s health topics are incredibly informative and interesting. And important! I’ve listened to all of those episodes at least twice, because there is so much there to take in. Dr. Crawford is a wonderful teacher and whip smart. Although I was originally drawn to the podcast for the medical topics, I absolutely love the episodes where Dr. Crawford gets personal and talks about her experiences as a woman in medicine, as a working mom, and as a normal person who is figuring out how to balance work with personal life, make big life changes and plan for the future. She’s uniquely skilled at reflecting on her experiences and sharing the things she has learned with her listeners. It is so inspirational and motivational! Thank you Dr. Crawford for all the time and energy you put into creating this fantastic podcast!
  • EdithShama
    Love it!
    I’m a 3rd year OBGYN resident and I love your podcast. You’re amazing! The podcast is interesting and empowering. I’m thankful for your content!
  • MrLancers202
    Honestly, saying this podcast is inspiring doesn’t even do it justice. I am a Nursing student, CNA, and EMT, seeing the medical field through multiple lenses and feel so much more empowered and ready to work after listening to this. I have always felt the call on my heart to go towards Women’s Health and this is a gold mine of knowledge- for medical professionals AND people just wanting to learn more about their health! Thank you for what you do, Doctor Natalie, I can’t tell you how vital it is to young people like myself to have strong, educated, women like you to look up to!
  • Brooke Craven
    Awesome Podcast!!
    Natalie, host of the As a Woman podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • bescarzaga
    Love this podcast!
    As an OB/GYN, I love hearing Dr. Crawford’s take on infertility and life as a woman in medicine. Her episodes are informative and inspirational. She is changing the way females in medicine treat each other and I can’t wait to see what happens next for her and for all of us as women.
  • jda161719
    Not sure who this podcast is really meant for
    I enjoy this podcast as someone who is personally affected by infertility and miscarriage, but in some episodes I feel as though the intended audience is pretty exclusively women in medicine, and I stop listening. Overall, I feel this podcast straddles two different topics: infertility and working in medicine as a woman. I understand how this might be a nice balance for some listeners who are interested in both, but for me, it is a bit frustrating and time consuming to figure out if the episode is relevant for me or not. There are several episodes that I find little to relate to, even “as a woman.” I would love if she clarified her purpose a little more.
  • marybmusic
    I’m so grateful to have Natalie as a mentor!
    I am in my early 20’s and recently decided I wanted to go to medical school. I realized that my fears that I would not be able to have a family or be a good mom in the future were holding me back from chasing my dream of becoming a physician. I found Natalie on instagram and then began listening to the podcast, and I feel so empowered knowing that one day I can be both a great doctor and an amazing mom. I love Natalie’s message that we can’t do it all, but we can certainty “have it all” if we know our priorities, set our goals straight, and do not compromise on our beliefs and our values. I highly recommend this podcast not only for women in medicine, but for any woman pursuing a career in a demanding field!
  • armcrey
    Education is power
    Today I had my first infertility consult. Listening to and learning from Dr. Crawford equipped me to have an intelligent conversation with my doctor and actually know what she was talking about. She also helped me to realize what I was not getting from my original doctor and was the catalyst to see someone else which was such a great decision. I’m so grateful that I found this podcast and for Dr. Crawford. I wish I had known this information a little earlier in life and it’s so awesome she is putting it out there for normal people like me to feel empowered through their journey!
  • idhaknwnd
    I personally love this podcast! I read some of the negative reviews and found their claims to be pretty hateful and discouraging. Dr. Crawford is an advocate for women supporting each other and not putting each other down, so those reviewers obviously missed that point in the podcast! Also, the one review that discussed her privilege and her success, while she may be privileged, she doesn’t need to downplay her success. Her success is all hers, and inspiring. I am an aspiring OB/GYN currently in the pre-med stage. I find this useful for me because when to have children, what being a female physician, and being a physician/mother are all topics that truly relate to me and my journey. I appreciate all of her advice, I especially like that she mentions things she would’ve done or handled differently when she was younger. The only thing I would say to Dr. Crawford is that the podcasts do sound very rehearsed and like she is reading from a script. It’s great for organization, but a little more improvisation would make it to seem less professional and more like you are getting advice from a well-educated friend! Keep it going, it’s life-changing for me!
  • AnnaShara
    One of the best medical podcasts out there!
    As a second year medical student, I feel like Natalie is the mentor I’d love to have! She is caring, knowledgeable, honest, and so relatable! I recommend this podcast to anyone who brings up reproductive health or has questions that I can’t answer yet. I’m looking forward to learning more in medical school and through Natalie’s weekly uploads!
  • KimBertram
    Such a fantastic podcast!
    As a woman and as a midwife, I’m growing by leaps listening to this podcast! Thanks Natalie, you’re doing a fabulous job!
  • Chanieper
    I loved the #asawoman campaign and learned so much from it. I’m living the podcasts so far and Natalie’s voice is so relaxing to listen to!
  • Doctor Enough
    Dr. Crawford is inspiring in so many ways. She has empowered me and so many others. Hooked from the first episode! And it just keeps getting better.
  • Heartbroken in New York
    I’ve listened to every episode of this, as I love the idea of it. Unfortunately, in execution, it’s just a narcissistic story of one very privileged woman’s journey through medicine. There are glimmers of hopeful messages and inspirational quotes but it is mostly a place for Dr. Crawford to tell you how amazing she’s doing but like, she TOTALLY gets your struggle. I don’t believe this is her intent, but it is the reality of what you get with the podcast. Also, the constant repeating for emphasis, as if what she’s saying is utterly ground-breaking. “Did you hear that, friends?” (repeats what she literally just said) The whole thing is just a bit cringe-worthy and if she wasn’t beloved on social media (which several patients of hers have mentioned as a negative in their reviews, FYI), this self-indulgent mess of a podcast would not exist.
  • Victoria Pavlov
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
  • stephhhner
    My favorite podcast
    I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning but just got a moment to write a review. Such an amazing speaker & so crazy Inspirational. I get so happy whenever a new podcast gets posted ❤️☺️
  • DrKYC
    Great message. Great content. Wonderful mentor for women physicians!
  • Dr. Jessica Louie
    Thank you for wonderful content and advice Dr. Natalie Crawford. Your podcast discussions are much needed in healthcare. I especially resonate with your goal setting - I also breakdown goals into 90-day increments and reverse engineer life goals back into daily actions. Keep up with empowering conversations!
  • 651ally
    Thank you!
    Your podcast is so powerful. Thank you so much for your insights.
  • starteen
    For women by a woman
    👌🏻 I loveee this podcast
  • Ashlnicomead
    I feel like we should’ve been listening to this in health class back in the day. There is so much straightforward, useful, and in your face information that I wish I would’ve heard a decade sooner! As someone struggling with fertility, the 2 obgyns and the 2 fertility specialists I’ve seen haven’t explained half this material to me! I wish I had this information 3 yrs ago when we first starting trying to conceive. Keep up the great podcast!
  • ebryan287
    Wonderful resource!
    Having had recurrent miscarriages and searching for resources to educate myself these podcasts have been such a gift! I especially enjoyed the one on PCOS, miscarriage and environmental toxins with Dr. Lora Shahine. Thank you, Dr. Crawford! For your hard work and dedication to educating and empowering those of us going through this. ❤️🌈
  • C. Perfetto
    Great for physician, students, patients and friends
    Natalie Crawford’s podcasts are incredibly educational in an easy to absorb way. I refer my own patients to her podcast and look forward to them every week. Candice Perfetto, MD
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