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Welcome to The Earn Your Leisure Podcast. Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings will be your host. Earn Your Leisure will be giving you behind the scenes financial views into the entertainment and sports industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs. We will also be breaking down business models and examining the latest trends in finance. Earn Your Leisure is a college business class mixed with pop culture. We blend the two together for a unique and exciting look into the world of business. Let’s go!! #earnyourleisurepodcast

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  • DwsnMr
    Best media ever. EYL delivers news and information that is important, informative, relevant and of GREAT VALUE.
  • @LordDoobie
    The GOATs
    Best podcast ever!!
  • Venessa from NM
    Educational and Inspirational
    I love this podcast and the hosts. They inspire me to know what’s possible! As a minority they educate me in areas that can help me change my family tree from low income to freedom. God bless them and their work!
  • C S Mark
    Thasunda Brown Duckett
    Amazing, inspiring and insightful interview with Thasunda Brown Duckett. Keep up the great work. Thanks!
  • Rmacia01
    Came highly recommended, but audio quality lacks
    It looks like this pod has some great topics and discussions but I can’t hear anything.
  • GeeQueNY
    Man these guys saved my life! Two tech, two index, no stress!
    Uplifting the Culture
    These guys are entertaining and provide thoughtful and thought provoking dialogue consistently! I have learned a great deal just from listening to these guys and revisiting older episodes over time. Thank you EYL
  • Ely718
    The only foreign country they mention talk about critically is Israel
    Rashad claims Floyd Mayweather knows nothing about the subject but Rashad and cohost spread lies about Israel. Every day police are not trained in Israel but only a few are and in counter terrorism No apartheid in Israel, over 20% are Arab and have the same rights
  • LR Thomas
    Dropping gems
    I have followed this show for quite some time. At one point I did take a break but it feels like after the episode with Robert Smith the show has been dope! True gems for the people. We can’t take everybody with us but keep doing what you’re doing for the ones that are mature enough to get it. This particular episode was very enlightening and showed Van Jones is a different light for me.
  • Bryce G - The Real Estate Guy
    Pure Game
    Listening to this podcast keeps me focused and locked in on thinking BIG about life.
  • bjsnjak
    I found the “What you watch online is destroying your life” episode to be very condescending and hypocritical. Equating people on social media to “infants” as they take the position of the adults trying to save and feed these lost “immature” children when they themselves have a STRONG presence on social media. There is a way to relay a message without degrading people and I challenge these speakers to “mature” in that aspect.
  • Cobigbird
    This platform has changed my whole thought process about finances. Everyone following Deion they had him when he was still at JSU. I call them Georgetown Hoyas Rashad is John Thompson Ian is Allen Iverson Troy is Charles Smith. I can talk to my kids about money in a way they can understand THANK YOU EYL. KEEP BUILDING
    Cultural Wealth
    So much game for FREE! I have been listening to this show since the pandemic, 2020. This is the exact information that is needed for the culture. I have always been financially savvy, but now I feel I am more aware of the resources and means to work towards being financially free. I LOVE EYL!!!
  • Lotus Kam
    A true podcast for the culture
    I love this podcast and the information it provides to the community. I have learned so much and even told my fiancé. Earn Your Leisure covers every aspect of finance and business and I highly recommend listening to this incredible podcast.
  • Mischa-Z
    Super fun and insightful!
    Why does Elon get a pass for his insanity and Kanye doesn’t…such a great question.
  • jettyello
    just got hip
    just got hip to the pod and im obsessed im very angry i wont be at invest fest but i will 100% be there next year. keep providing assistance towards our ultimate liberation we as a community are lucky to have you guys. thank you
  • deecon326
    Be very careful with these scammers. They promote many frauds on their podcast. They never take accountability for promoting the bad actors they interview. Aside from the blatant bad advice the ADS on their pod are a great sign of the greed these two have. RUN AWAY FROM THESE BOZOS!
  • tophcov
    Amazing pod
    You guys are moving mountains, bless up.
  • Portil10
    Great podcast
    Great podcast!! Highly recommend
  • Utter Elby
    Sellouts. Constantly promoting bad actors for fees. The constant ads. Care more about making money for themselves than valuing their craft.
  • LS45129
    Although I have recently started listening to EYL Podcast, I’m not new to the EYL family but since I’ve been listening, I’m actually LISTENING and have learned so much that is sure to help me succeed and helping others that I can to succeed as well. I truly thank you for this podcast and for everyone that is involved with the growth of it.
  • montgomery & co
    Best media company for the culture!
    Great interviews, amazing business, financial and economic information. The most authentic , honest, collaborative, delivery of what you need to know to empower yourself. 🙏🏾🙌🏾🤎
  • Don Uziano
    Love This Podcast! ✊🏾
    These brothers are super informative, giving tons of value for free! Grateful for this podcast.
  • azkraf
    I discovered you all from other creators and I am so excited about your work and the energy you bring
  • FizzKhalifa651
    Great content! But one downfall
    Y’all have great content and information that helps a lot of folks out but PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE AUDIO!!! I can’t keep turning down the volume every time an ad appears. I understand y’all gotta make your money from ads but have the volume be all the same.
  • higginskevin
    Too focused on race & politics
    These dudes are great businessmen & investors but if you’re not a person of color, you’ll feel left out. & maybe that’s by design? I don’t think they care ab white people & honestly since I started listening in late 2020 the podcast & content has gotten increasingly race & woke politics oriented. Some of it even feels racist towards white people. For me, I just want to be influenced by people who have love for everyone & these guys really only care for the black community. But like I said, maybe that’s by design. Like I can’t imagine my podcast being solely focused on helping white people haha. With all that said, these guys are entertaining & present financial info in a easily digestible way. I’ve unfollowed most of them but still hanging on to this podcast bc every once & a while they talk ab something outside of race. But it probably wont be long before I unfollow this cult-like following, I don’t feel welcome anyway.
  • Go-To App
    Love these guys
    Love tuning in, listen often!!
  • @safarihippy
    Rappers & Entrepreneurs
    This was a GREAT conversation. Long overdue. Well done.
  • Ashmahlay
    Great podcast, too many ads!
    How are there 3-4ads on a 9min episode?!
  • TV1216
    Volume is too low
    I don’t understand how people run their shows and have their volume way too low so any alert they comes in are hella loud. Like come on it’s freaking basis.
  • ray 7979
    R@y 7979
    Love u guys but ads are getting ridiculous
  • Senator1906
    Enjoy the show but can’t listen to the Pod
    Really enjoy the content of the show but for some reason the way this streams as a Podcast is too disruptive to listen to. Ads interrupt in the middle of conversations. I hope it gets fixed.
  • Aquanun73
    Great info, but
    The ads are incredibly annoying, so much so it make you not want to listen. It’s like listening attentively as someone keeps budding in.
  • bkilla78
    Best Podcast
    I really listen to each podcast from these guys including market mondays but I couldn’t give this a 5 star rating because the ads are just starting to make the podcast unbearable. They talk for a minute and then 3 minutes of ads. Now I know ads help pay bills but good grief, just too many in a row! But one of the best podcast out and definitely the best for financial literacy. Thank you guys!
  • zayde1
    Love the pod, Ads are getting crazy
    Been listening to EYL for a min. One of it not the best podcasts out there. But the ads are getting crazy!
  • Monkey Shines
    The ads are unbearable
    Great content but not worth the hassle to listen.
  • bfhdwis
    Varsity listener
    Info is there as always. The ads are annoying now that they’re 2-3 min long , 4-5x a episode. Gotta press that 30 sec FF button bout 8x but I understand that’s a way to bring y’all money. Just figured I’d give an honest insight. Love. ✊🏽
  • Hdkshcjsbs
    Great Podcast Way Too Many Ads
    Absolutely love the value provided and understand the ads are necessary but the amount is a bit crazyyyy 6-8 ads back to back in the middle of a convo.
  • Seaweed seaweed
    Love the podcast
    Love the podcast and the content is top tier. The commercial breaks are a headache when I’m in the mode of listening but other that if you aren’t following this podcast you’re missing out
  • jonesnica
    Motivation, Execution, Relentless
    When it comes to entrepreneurship if you are not following the blue print this podcast delivers… Keep working for someone ! Because this community is not for you !!!!!!!!!“ drop 🎤 “
  • Jayb_81
    Way to many ads every 7min there’s an ad. I know they need revenue but why so often.
  • brando G
    Way too many ads
    The ads play every three mins! It is a shame because the content and topics are informative. Please get the ads under control, they ruin the flow of the podcast.
  • Sweet!Ivy
    Woke Generation
    Hey guys! My son sent me the link to your podcast and I found your discourse on the topic of social media to be relevant and thoughtful. ❤️ Keep up the good work! I have a lot of your podcasts to go back and listen to 🤩
  • LoyalLivinLLc.
    Hate I’m just finding this podcast. (Shouts to breakfast club for having the guys on) glad I started listening I love this podcast!! Thank you for what you do for the culture!
  • Mar786447
    Ad after ad after ad after ad after ad.
  • FreshLuxInd
    Could be better…
    Great content, but poor audio and misplaced ads take away from the experience.
  • Holistic Homa Care LLC
    Free Tools to Boss life
    I always leave these full. Great content…
  • dave heang
    Ads all day
    Use to be good. Now it starts with a ad, 2 mins in and it’s another ad for 5 mins. Ain’t learning nothing no more.
  • ken trades
    Almost perfect
    The ads are way too prevalent. It takes away from the message when every 3 minutes I have to hear an irrelevant ad. That’s why I use adblocker extension. If these ads were only at the beginning and end I would rate this content a 5 out of 5
  • qwerty ghnfhjj fhgrt
    Love the content but less Ads, please
    I understand why Ads are important to your business BUT of all the podcasts I listen to, none have anywhere near as many Ads and they’re very distracting and disrupt the message, especially since they’re very random. When picking which podcast to listen to I take Ads into consideration and find myself listening to other financial literacy podcasts to avoid all the Ads
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