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Welcome to The Earn Your Leisure Podcast. Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings will be your host. Earn Your Leisure will be giving you behind the scenes financial views into the entertainment and sports industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs. We will also be breaking down business models and examining the latest trends in finance. Earn Your Leisure is a college business class mixed with pop culture. We blend the two together for a unique and exciting look into the world of business. Let’s go!! #earnyourleisurepodcast

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Recent Reviews
  • DwannHall
    The best podcast out there
    Evolving my mindset
  • Francespsl1
    Economics Classes
    What better education, than culturally relevant education. Thank you for making money relevant to our communities.
  • ceocam520
    Great podcast for the culture
    Great information
  • Monopods
    Keep Inspiring
    Keep pushing the culture forward! Thanks for the weekly gems and motivation. #Fortheculture
  • Ogckent
    First time listening to a podcast
    Never been so interested in a podcast
  • Cangriman23
    Love the podcast. Very interesting and educational. Highly recommended y’all!!
  • Yeti1113
    Dope Podcast!!!!
    Thank you for all the info and knowledge! Y'all are killing it
  • Rena1522
    Best Podcast Ever
    I was real late to the party. I saw these guys on the Breakfast Club and I decided to check them out, I’ve been hooked every since. I have a college degree that I earned several years ago and still couldn’t figure out how to work the stock market until Wall Street Trapper. I’m investing money for my daughter now. Thank you guys, and keep up the good work!
  • Jazzyrayyee
    Worth every min of my life
    Yoo big shout out to EYL!! Keep holding it down with the bag drops, I literally have pen and paper whenever I tap in.
  • Mekhismommy
    For the Culture
    Troy & Rashad bring so muck knowledge to everyone weekly. Without being so stuffy.
  • Conrad White
    Best podcast on investing
    If you’re interested in investing, this is the Best podcast on investing out.
  • KingTheDream
    I love listening to EYL podcast.
  • Rickyrowsa354
    So happy to be a listener & soak up this game
  • Seritah415
    the best podcast
    Great podcast
  • @rayvonnejohnson
    Watching these guys win is almost
    I have to say that every show is legendary. You will get a gem from every show . They are preaching build wealth over time through many different avenues.
  • Jabz DaGreat
    Lyft Entrepreneur 5 Star Rating
    I’m a Lyft Driver and I LOVE this show(give me another year I’ll be an Alumni (I get more tips for it so I’ll bring y’all a check too lol) My Favs are Wallstreet Trapper, Spergo and Him500 I have more but those are top 3. I love it cause it helps me network and meet other Entrepreneurs and Artsists as well, I landed My First Podcast appearance from y’all show because a passenger had his own show and asked me to be a guest! So thank you guys! See u soon! Jabz DaGreat!
  • GoldnMYnd
    Thank you foe this and every show you’ve done dropping gems for others to be made aware and then actionable. Amazing show my g’s! ✌🏾🖤✊🏾 @iamgldnmnd
  • PodAwfulCultist
    This podcast is the best!!! I’ve been hooked since episode one, and can’t stop listening. I mean, who knew a show Called ‘Pod Awful’ could be this good, right??
  • Lessismoore2020
    Best platform
    Best media platform. I’ve listened to them since episode 1 and watched them grow into a media platform with 4 shows and growing. I’ve learned how to invest in stocks by listening to Market Monday’s. The best part is the culture they provide✊🏾. Bright future ahead of them!
  • Dsteel3485
    Too notch
    Great content on a daily basis.. I listen to them now more than ESPN 😝💎💎💎
  • GeeTee81
    FIX YOUR SOUND!! Otherwise great
    There is absolutely no reason your advertisements have better sound quality than your own content. Please fix the audio quality and you guys will get to where you think you're gonna go. Otherwise very helpful information although I have to rewind constantly.
  • GreenWay Tim
    We appreciate the knowledge shared, it’s taking me personally along way!!!!
  • korene carter
    An addiction without prescription
    If loving EYL is wrong. Then I don’t wanna be right.
  • JPage31
    Best of the best! PERIODT!
    These brothers and their guests always provide value and push the conversation and the culture forward. They are a must listen to and watch for here on out. Major Gems will be dropped.
  • I <3 Eli Jas
    Worth more than 5 stars!!
    This group is amazing. I’ve learn soo much in 4 episodes than I’ve learned on a YouTube search for years. These stories are eye opening and motivating. Thank you!
  • Brutha John
    Personal Finance & Business School every week
    Love these brothas. They got me in the stock market and open my minds to financial literacy. I am better off since listening to them.
  • Almondsha
    Wealth of Knowledge!
    Really appreciate the guidance that these brothers bring to the table. Being a beginner investor and new to the podcast, the lessons are really clear, concise, and well thought out. Keep educating us!
  • Taurean_C
    Outstanding podcast!
    Incredible business podcast! I learn something new within every episode.
  • hdbsbshsjs
    Clown show
    Clown podcast
  • Dflakes24
    This is just what we needed!! This is one of my new favorite podcast. Keep on educating us!!
  • Gogetta202
    For the culture!
    Thanks guys for all you do, it’s amazing how I learn something from you guys every time I listen. Can wait to sign up for eyl university
  • Deja BAM
    Really helpful and easy to comprehend, great delivery of information!
  • @moneyforumlaryan
    For the culture
    Thanks for doing this for the culture!
  • Lyfe Jon.
    Very informative
  • Mackdime
    Best podcast I’ve heard to date!!
    I’ve been an avid podcast listener since maybe 08’. Without a doubt, this is the best podcast that I’ve heard this far! Great job executing fellas, Charlemagne definitely made a great choice partnering with y’all.
  • Timmyyy___
    This podcast and these guys are changing lives and pushing forward economic empowerment for disenfranchised communities. The amazing part about this podcast is it’s 1000% for the culture.
  • H&H Services
    Thank you for the value that you bring. This podcast is the best!!!!
  • Cocky Wifey
    Motivates me to do better!!
    I absolutely love EYL podcast!! It motivates me to do better with my money and community. Their genuinely invested in providing us financial knowledge so we can grow!!! So glad I found them!
  • Ayobenn
    These brothas know what they are talking about. After listening to them I have made so much money on my investments!
  • Mr.Bob Dobalina
    2 Clowns 🤡
    Another classic case of liberal black privilege. Black supremacy at its finest. But it’s ok
  • Terrell Tha Great
    Love EYL- For the Culture
    Love what these brothas are doing! BEST financial podcast in the game! BIG FACTS!!!!
  • Nurse Eb
    These KINGS are beyond amazing and generous with sharing their wealth of knowledge and wisdom. They really break it down so that you understand. Grateful I was introduced to them by a friend.
  • mick23
    Real Deal Business info.
    They provide so much real business information and not the fluff . Highly recommend them to learn ever my aspect of building a empire.
  • DaRon_83
    Life changing
    So much information and game is given with each podcast. I’ve learned so much from listening. Thanks!
  • jb0rgea14
    Thank you
    These fellas are the definition of humanity.
  • InKredibl3
    If you want to level up your business/finances, you NEED this podcast. It’s a great listen!!!
  • rocalinao
    What I love the most about these guys is their preparation game. I can tell their behind the scenes work is serious. 5Ps!
  • dr.neville22
    Seminal to the financial literacy for me and my family
    This is truly one of the greatest podcasts that I have ever listened to. I tell my friends, family and strangers that I rock with these dudes and what they have done for the community. Thank you EYL
  • cidaliacosta
    Advice you can trust
    I put slot of trust in EYL because their intentions are good and the advice they give is priceless.
  • Arii_joe
    Always learning something new
    I always learn something new. These guys and their guests consistently teach on building wealth. My own perspective has changed, thank you EYL🙌🏾
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