Compete Like a Champion

Tennis #16

The best athletes are always looking to gain an edge on the competition. In Compete Like a Champion, Dr. Larry Lauer and Coach Johnny Parkes from USTA Player Development will explore all aspects of high performance tennis and what it takes to become a successful athlete. Our hosts will provide useful tips for tennis players, coaches, and parents.

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  • Colossal Tennis
    This is a wonderful podcast!
    I love this podcast! As the Co-Founder of Colossal Tennis and USTA High Performance Certified Coach, I use many of these exercises in my daily practices with al of my students. Dr. Larry and Coach Johnny do an outstanding job presenting their ideas and information in an educational and entertaining way. Thanks for what you guys do on the podcast and keep up the great work!
  • Vinnie D #23
    Visualization Ep
    Hey all, Loved the Visualization ep. You mentioned resources in the show notes. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks and great work! V
  • reviewNickname3124
    This helps me understand more of what is required to become a great player
    I have been listening for a while now and I love this podcast
  • tnnsgrl
    Thank you
    I am junior player living in Chicago and it’s very helpful. It helps me to accept the fact that I cannot do what most top juniors in nation are doing due to my family finances. Coaches and hosts are saying all the right things about practicing, tournaments etc however the more I listen the more I don’t understand usta and how player development works. I have one problem , I basically train like it’s told on this podcast , I don’t hunt the points mainly because can’t afford to travel and spend huge money on National tournaments which lead to the conclusion. All the players I train here with that travel mostly every two weeks to a National tournaments at some point are invited by USTA to a camps and they told me that I should be invited but in order to have it happen you have to play couple National tournaments. Basically it’s disappointing to listen to this podcast saying don’t worry about not playing too many tournaments and focus on development more and then players development people make you to play tournaments to be noticed! But review is about podcast and I love it !!!
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