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My name is Jay Shetty, and my purpose is to make wisdom go viral. I’m fortunate to have fascinating conversations with the most insightful people in the world, and on my podcast, I’m sharing those conversations with you. New episodes Mondays and Fridays. Please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. Live life today ON PURPOSE.

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  • Kusala13
    Entire podcast was an advertisement to buy guest’s book
    Jay seems very likable. Admittedly, this is the only episode I have listened to, but I was really turned off by it. I listened to the episode with Dave Asprey, and found it to be one long advertisement for his books and his “system.“ It’s all very woo-woo, and reeks of “L.A. money” - very out of touch with most people. And I say this as a California girl who considers myself pretty woo-woo in a lot of my thinking! The episode was all gatekeeping, and nothing of substance unless you want to spend money on Dave’s products. I may try again with a different episode, since it is so highly ranked, clearly Jay is doing something right. But this episode wasn’t it.
  • Marie#54
    I thoroughly enjoy these Podcasts. Informative and uplifting.
  • kamorgana
    Life changing!!
    Thank you Jay for sharing your gifts with us in podcast form 🙏🙏
  • Laurynnnnn
    Always Amazing
    I have been listening to this podcast for a long time and love it even more every time that I listen!
  • Nish the Dish
    Great to listen to
    Jay is instantly likable. These podcasts are interesting and fun, well rounded
  • Mathhew866
    Former Fan, Disappointed
    Jay Shetty has stood by and not said a word to condemn genocide. What’s there to learn from such a person?
  • Melany 🙃
    Opened my mind
    Thank you for sharing and helping me with these beautiful tips on relationships. I didn’t even notice how harmful I was till jay pointed out the unhealthy behaviors we all have. I’m so grateful to have found you and this episode. These podcasts always allow me to expand my wisdom in a multitude of ways. ❤️
  • chicken noodke
    Conversation with Alli Webb
    This episode was a beautiful gift. Thank you for this amazing conversation, and the candid ‘messy truth inside it.’ Alli inspires me, and you inspire me as always. Just really transformative ❤️
  • Ma Ma Bug
    Listening to the amazing interview/session of healing with Jada Pinkett Smith. A refreshing interview. Not one looking for sound bites, but one embracing sounds of love. We are all worthy.
  • Jessica Ryan Short
    I love Jay’s podcast! I seriously can’t listen to any other podcasts because they do not even come close to how great On Purpose is! Thank you Jay and team for creating this community. You are truly inspiring! *Updated: I used to love listening to these podcasts! but now every episode features someone famous and idk about you, but I can’t relate to them. I don’t care what the kardashians have to say or Paris Hilton… they are always in the spotlight. Go back to interviewing people who are lesser known, give them the spotlight for a bit. And I miss listening to what Jay has to say, the amazing insight he has provided in the past, not these famous people.
  • k Cruises
    Ima die of the ads
    What has happened to iheart radio? Like every second it goes to this weird ad, but interesting topics though!
  • downtown sally
    7 Strategies
    Loved this episode on how to develop more flexible thinking and get unstuck !!
  • Dekoda Sky
    Loved hearing this and brought forth my past relationships where I found myself doing/acting/behaving in some of these relationships sabotage
  • i dknt even write reviews
    So many ads Jesus
    I can understand a few but it’s so often it pulls you out
  • LooksbyDaniV
    An investment in yourself
    I don’t know exactly when I discovered this podcast. But listening to these episodes have not only inspired but reminded me that I have absolute control on how I want to live my life. Whether it’s driving to the gym at 5AM, heading to work, or simply being home. I have made this a priority to make time to learn more and challenge my mindset. You will not be disappointed with this podcast!
  • joknowslunch
    A fave!
  • Podgrllllll
    Love it!
    Been really loving this podcast recently. Such inspiring guests and awesome Friday episodes too <3 Thank you Jay!
  • Farmerbri44
    Always inspired
    Time and time again I listen to one of these episodes and I leave with a full heart and inspired soul. This show has continuously been a part of the light in my life to keep pursuing my dreams regardless of the obstacles. All the individuals jay brings on the show truly are reflections of resilience and each share a beautiful piece of humanity. Thanks Jay for making such valuable dialogues accesible!!
  • Skeedobuhdobuhdoo
    Thank you for inspiring me…all of us
    Thank you for being a bright shining light for me in my life. Listening to you ignites inspiration and excitement for self growth and exploration. You have made, and continue to make, a profound impact on me, therefore my family, and so on. I truly thank you for your guidance and insight.
  • lovethescoop
    Love this podcast amazing interview with Jada
    Wow I really feel like I saw a new side to Jada in this episode. This episode truly is going to path the way for a new view on how a relationship can look. Thank you Jay and Jada for this interview
  • Econgirl
    After the Jada interview, I have to question Jay's ability to have genuine insight. To say the whole thing was cringe-worthy would be a total understatement. But for someone to hold up total dysfunction as if it was deep insight shows that the only point of this podcast is making money.
  • Alli Cat 72
    Advertisements make it difficult to enjoy.
    In the past, I really benefited from Jay Shetty’s work… thank you! But, unfortunately the advertisements in the middle of the podcast really detract and take away from the messages… Overall, the podcast is really feeling corporatized and less down- to-earth and genuine. I miss the older versions— the way Jay’s messages used to be conveyed. Please bring the old version back…❤️🙏🏼❤️
  • Stevielynnie
    A weekly must have
    A weekly must have!
  • OofiOofster
    Jay sold out
    This used to be an amazing & inspiring spiritual delight. Now it's a vehicle for A Listers & the 1% to make even more money. Imagine having lived as a monk & given up on all material things & then leaving monk hood in order to sell your soul & invite the Hollywood Elite & billionaire capitalists to spew pseudo spiritualism with you in the name of the $. The phrase you will hear the most on this podcast is "YOU CAN READ ABOUT THAT IN THE BOOK...". I do believe the last guest on this podcast not selling a book was ironically Kim K. The most uncomfortable listen & my final reason for unfollowing is the not-Oscar-winning performance from Jada Pinkett with her history changing stories about her relationship with Will. Most of us do realize A Listers play a long game. Yet we listen to this giggly ("you know what I'm sayin") story of how Jay began mentoring Jada spiritually 1.5 years ago so she could feel loved by God & how Jay said she should write a book & now what do you know, here we are listening to this podcast which is giving Oprah late 90's interview vibes. It's predictably the elite helping out each other so they can both come out financially on top. Again. If we weren't originally listening to this podcast for the narcissistic celebs selling us books it's at our expense. If we are here because we want to gain insight of sources greater than ourselves from true spiritual ambassadors & learn better tools for self help, self care, self worth, empathy & deep understanding should we maybe choose instead to listen to more pure & genuine podcasters who don't have BMW ads multiple times during their content. Not even just any ads. $100k + car ads. Think about that too! Capitalist spiritualism should not be a thing!
  • Gchild91
    Not a fan of JADA Pickett! She is selfish
    I love this podcast and binge listened. I also enjoy your interviews! I’m a huge fan of you Jay Sherry but Jada Pickett is one of the worst individual you had on your podcast. She is selfish and heartless. She only cares about herself. She never cared for Will! She pretended to love him. I will not listen to her or support her book.
  • jordymagordie
    Suspect motives at times
    Some of the guests he has on make me question and lose interest sometimes it’s like he’s trying to get popular or push an agenda. I really enjoyed his book. Think like a monk, but I think he’s still struggling with the same issues. His purpose is not to become famous or gain famous friends, but to help. A lot of great guest too. I enjoy listening whether I agree or not it makes me think.
  • TheWhoD
    WARNING, evil forces at work
    Y’all are correct. (1) I’m writing this because of a concern for the “Gods” on/around the planet. If you’re familiar with some old works, such as those by Erich Von Daniken, he mentions a ‘loser’ alien race that settles on Earth. They’re mostly kept at bay/remain in shadow from the real ‘Gods/Annunaki’, which are a sentient alien race with the most advanced minds in the Galaxy. My concern is that, over the course of some weeks, these ‘loser’ aliens/other/Ronin, have somehow manipulated the Anunnaki and gained a great deal of control/power in the Galaxy. I’m leaving this as a warning that people may want to consider owning a firearm (though I’m almost completely against that sort of thing), in order to prevent the current tyrannical government from influencing the future of the world too greatly. I say these things after some thought and care into the livelihoods of the populace as I’m living in very humble conditions within a house that has mold, broken windows (the police at one point forced a baton into my front window after me telling them to leave because the paperwork they had wasn’t signed by a judge though they attempted to use it anyway.) I could continue about my mishaps with Law Enforcement (not all have been of this nature), however, it’s too much to convey on this post. I write this with utmost sincerity and a solemn, even tragic, sentiment. 🙏namasté (for what it’s worth) 7/24 (2) (From 7/24) Three or four days ago i had a dream with a garage and someone from my past- who though I may not have called a best friend, got along with and earned their respect nonetheless. In the garage were many things which it sort of imploded and that was the end of the dream. Allah/Annunaki have mercy on us all. Forget anything that doesn’t honor ALL forms of life and people of ALL colors/backgrounds. I am sorry for what this mean.
  • Duckman84
    Fallen off
    This once great podcast has seriously fallen off. The content is redundant and the guests have become far less interesting. It seems like Jay has sold out to some degree in favor of being part of the Hollywood in crowd. There are way more ads present, redundancy, and there are so many situations where Jay contradicts himself from one moment to the next seemingly in an effort to always agree with everyone and everything. Grateful for what the podcast used to be and what I was able to take from it.
  • Lnachopper
    Not sure if you guy’s actually gonna read it and do it but can you please not to put ad in the middle of the conversation? Thats very annoying, while enjoying the conversation, ad comes and just ruined the moment. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the beginning or in the end of the podcast but please not in the middle of the conversation, it literally ruins the vibes i get from the conversation. Its same as when you guys were having some deep conversation, someone comes in the middle to ruin it 🙃
  • KrisanneXO
    Used to love it.
    Now I understand that people need to grow (and I want them to grow/flourish) and also need to make money but I miss the old Jay content. The content where he had credible, respectable people even more relatable people on his platform. Yes celebrities are humans also, but there is no way they can ever be relatable no matter how hard they try. They are so out of touch with the reality of majority of people especially terrible influences and people like Biden and the KarJenner Clan. You can put beliefs/political stuff aside but how can I listen to people that literally have caused so much harm to people/this country/society? They are what’s wrong with the world all while making millions in seconds yet they are telling us working class about mental health and life? Get real. I feel like Jay just became another elite/celebrity and his content now reflects that. It’s disappointing.
  • InspectorTwelve
    Some useful tips…
    …but too much sitting through Mutual Admiration Society in the interviews, and being talked AT in the solo episodes.
  • sogolja
    Over hyped!!
    His voice really starts to irritate my ears after a few minutes. He is also very self absorbed and he is bragging about how clever he is very subtly over and over again. You might learn a thing or two but I don’t think it is “the number 1 podcast in the world”!
  • GrantKendrick
    Used to be 5 until prerolled (non jay spoke) ads
    Look i used to love this podcast but stopped listening to it. Couldn’t remember why then played an episode. There it is. These prerolled ads without you speaking. I unknowingly skip them cause they are at a completely different tone than you have so i think its a different podcast so i skip it. If it way JAY saying the ad id listen every single time just to support jay but the ads are not by him or even close to his tone they are loud, in your face and super easy to get annoyed and skip away as fast as you can. I love this podcast and jay and im sure im not the only one with this concern. Your listeners will go up if you can find a way to change this cause until then idk if i want that stress. It is worth it but for most people i dont know if it would be worth the stress induced. Thank you for the great content in between though
  • Nadine$22
    Kerry & Jay Episode is amazing!!!
    Such insight & perspective from Kerry!! Going to get her book today & relieved it’s not a celebrity memoir but grounded with truth!! Jay Shetty provides amazing advice. Thank You!! Keep up this loving work!
  • ahkwjx
    The people he has on here 😢
  • mlkruns
    Becky G nails it!
    I wish I had the wisdom at her age that she has now. So many nuggets to chew on. I need to relisten with my journal in hand, not in the gym!
  • assddggh
    Why do you all talk the Same way with your fake woke happiness and positivity. I’d be happy and it’d be cool had not every “coach” sound like they’ve been handed a script. You’ve also done some interviews with trash people. Stay away from CDL, garbage reputation and terrible person. 3 stars, maybe you’ve helped some people but you just don’t seem genuine. Let’s see the raw emotion.
  • TijAlma
    Becky G
    Great episode and messages from such a young and talented artist. Love your podcast Jay
  • Eva41881
    Becky g interview
    The alchemist gives me a good perspective that there’s no destination in my process of growth as well. Thank you.
  • Carli_Boo
    Love Jay Shetty… not the ads though
    I love Jay and the On Purpose podcast but the ads are just too much. I’ve stopped listening because of them unfortunately.
  • Alexa Bigwarfe
    So inspirational!
    I love this show! It lifts me up and is exactly what I need in my own healing journey.
  • TAsfaw
    Brian Chesky
    Jay thank you so much for bringing incredible people on your podcast. The interview with Brian is so profound with so much intellect, openness and vulnerability. The intensity of the conversation was so deep and real and Jay going deeper with his questions and Brian ‘s response with so much intellect any still open to be vulnerable and in the process learning about himself. I love Brian’s perspective what family is and and tie it to his business. So grateful and thankful to you Jay for providing such content to avenge person like me and giving us the opportunity hear from great minds like Brian who makes the world a great place to be. My two teen and I listen to you on the way to school and work and hope my kids will be inspired by your work and inspire other. Thank you Jay and Brian. I am filled with so much gratitude🥰🥰
  • Ali Schu
    Hey Jay
    I just really wanted to thank you for introducing us to Brian Chesky (co-founder of air B. & B.). I really enjoyed his perspective. Alison Schuback
  • podcast once-lover
    Getting worse
    Once was my favorite - some episodes. Still some good insights and questions. Getting very boring. Too many ads and promotions (for both host and individual guests). Maybe it’s the saturation of podcast - promoting a few guests. And similar ideas repeated by many. I also don’t have an hour or 3hr for the same CEOs/celebs/influencers on every podcast. Tell me what they REALLY do for their people, consumer protection, pollution (not the ESG agenda). Not only how they build their own success and pocket more money while discrimination and bad quality service and products are still present in their companies and services.
  • boxysam
    Wonderful Podcast!
    Jay Shetty is an excellent interviewer and covers interesting and pertinent topics. I highly recommend this podcast!!
  • Palomaaaaaaaa
    A podcast I listen to DAILY — if not twice a day
    Jay Shetty and his podcast have become so popular and I can certainly see why. With his back round, he felt it was truly his mission to enlighten the world and he is certainly succeeding. His voice and presence is very peaceful, and you immediately feel calm when you turn the podcast on. He has great guests that have topics anyone can relate to and he really gets all the questions we have answered in a kind and caring way. He practices principles that I also practice and has a lifestyle that I admire. I highly recommend listening to any one of his episodes as I’m sure you will resonate with them as well!
  • Iluvminecraft!!_!!
    Why did you use this title?
    The title “How to Break the Patterns of Negative self talk” is a terrible title since it was never addressed in this episode- I was so disappointed. Please don’t use a title which invites people to listen for answers that they never will get. Felt extremely let down and frustrated after listening.
  • Mrs. Camacho 2024
    Best Podcast Ever!
    I truly love Jay Shetty and his approach to helping us as humans help our selves. I learn so much every podcast! Please continue to be your amazing self. Thank you so much Jay!
    It’s fallen off in the past six months.
    Can’t place my finger on it. Don’t begrudge Jay the material success he seems to have amassed, just finding him a bit high off it in a manner unappealing to what this podcast was once about. Also did a google search and its packed with people claiming he steals content and the monk cave story is likely false. Hmmm ?
  • priti2021
    Loved this!
    I really loved that you talked about connection and loneliness in this podcast. Being a certified coach from your school Jay, helping people connect on a deeper level is part of the reason I chose to be a dating and relationship coach. I myself struggled with this growing up and often felt excluded in school and by peers. Some of it was because I was trying to fit in with people that weren’t my kind of people which then further led me to believe no one would want to connect with me over time. I have learned to turn my attention towards those that are interested in getting to know me and I always make sure that whoever I speak with , I take a genuine curiosity in them. Thank you for taking the time to cover this topic.❤️- Preeti
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