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My name is Jay Shetty, and my purpose is to make wisdom go viral. I’m fortunate to have fascinating conversations with the most insightful people in the world, and on my podcast, I’m sharing those conversation with you. New episodes Mondays and Fridays. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. Live life today ON PURPOSE.

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  • ali-asghar
    Just wanna say,I love you man. Keep it up the good work.
  • Natov4
    Wonderful podcast!
    I’ve been a listener since the podcast came out and enjoyed every episode and a handful of episodes more than once or twice. I continue telling friends and family about the podcast and recommending episodes I’ve enjoyed. Each episode is packed with useful information whether a guest is involved or Jay is speaking about a single topic. Personal favorite is having Mel Robbibs on which I’ve listened to many times. The last episode where he talks about letting go of bad habits that no longer serve you is amazing. As someone who struggles with a few addictions I loved hearing about letting go of a habit, recognizing the triggers and replacing it with a new habit. Thank you for all the hard work you do and I look forward to future episodes! -Nick A
  • GeauxAng
    Ear Candy
    Listening to Jay is like sitting with a really good old friend while drinking your favorite coffee💓 Angela Clare in Baton Rouge
  • Ecuadorian Koalita
    Helpful and soulful
    Thank you for all the work you do! It’s so helpful and healing!
  • lzlzlzlzlzkzk@
    Grateful to be inspired by you and Radhi
    Hi Jay, I want to thank you and Radhi for your sincere efforts in educating us about how to live a more conscious and healthier life and for bringing joy to our hearts. You and Radhi always inspire me. I love reading your book, listening to your podcast, taking your online classes and watching your and Radhi’s instagram posts. You guys are my role models. Thank you!🙏🏻 🤍🤍 Elmira Ziaei
  • lillyVgutierrez
    Jay is amazing
    Really life changing listening in bed while working Al day listening to podcast really helps the mind
  • Em Milly
    Happy I Found This
    Have only listened to a few episodes so far, but already feel inspired. Such a way with words and so much wisdom to share. Grateful that I finally started listening after hearing so many people talk about it
  • Soahak
    Your truly an incredible person
    I have been following you since the time you first started posting on Instagram. Telling you inspire me would be a very small thing you influenced me and help me channelize my thoughts every morning to help me make my life better and people around me feel better about themselves through me. Listening do you makes me connect with you in many different levels and thank you so much for doing what you’re doing to me you have probably impacted and helped add better things to our lives not only for me but even for my girls and especially for my middle Schooler so thank you and please continue doing what you’re doing you’re doing an awesome job out there I wish to see you or meet you sometime I’ll probably even get coaching done if I can afford it but for now you’re podcasts are awesome thank you and very helpful
  • cmperd
    Episode with Rhonda Byrne
    Jay is amazing . Rhonda sound like a complete lunatic , makes no sense . Disappointing.
  • Prof__X
    Beauty, Positivity, and Abundance
    Dear Jay, Thank you for your amazing podcasts! I’m a new listener, and I look so forward to your uploads. You bring beauty, positivity, and abundance to the world, and all of your listeners are grateful for your messages and your genuine spirit. Tanya S.
  • NorCal555
    Absolutely love this podcast!
    This podcast has been one of the most inspiring and enriching things to happen to me! After going through some extremely difficult times last year I recently came across this podcast and it has not only inspired me to push forward and to be a better person but it’s also helped me to really see life in a whole new perspective. A life with purpose, compassion, mindfulness and especially hope which has been hard for me to find within myself lately. A million thank you’s to Jay and everyone involved with making this truly helpful and amazing podcast 🙏
  • annacarrillo
    Awesome podcast
    I feel like many episode are speaking directly to me! I love each episode, wether it pertains to me or not. Keep up the good work!
  • Mimi1293
    Logic podcast
    The podcast with logic was amazing and so touching. It really gave me fuel for my journaling and my growth. Especially the parts on forgiveness. Just hearing him speak with such clarity, confidence, and kindness after everything gives me hope for myself. I hope to be like him as I continue to grow. Thank you.
  • princessof2k5
    Thank you
    I’m late to the podcasts; but I’m glad that I found you. I can’t even begin to explain how listening to this podcast makes me feel.
  • Pragsz
    Just what you need to hear
    You know sometimes when you don’t know where to go or what to do, these words just hit different.. thanks Jay & Radhi 💕
  • AitchQue
    I’m Grateful
    Dear Jay, One of the lessons from this episode with Scott O’Neil is taking the time each day to let someone know that you’re grateful for their contribution to your life and growth. I’m grateful for not just this episode but all the episodes of On Purpose. I started to listen to On Purpose in the summer of 2020. My brother who was also best friend and second father, had just suffered a catastrophic bicycling accident rendering him completely paralyzed. He eventually passed away 3 months later. I was devastated and lost. Every episode of On Purpose has empowered and rejuvenated me. I have shared many of your episodes with friends and family hoping they find the same experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, HQ from Westport CT.
  • A.F.x4
    Make the time to listen/read to improve your life
    I am truly amazed by the content of the podcasts. I wait with anticipation for the next podcast as I enjoy the interviews and questions at the end as well as the solo talks by Jay himself. Being a very busy person personally and professionally I thought I would never have the time to listen and or read Jays book but I found time and made time as it truly makes a difference in my day! Thank you thank you thank you - your down to earth style along with interesting content change the outlook of my day. #grateful! Alyson
  • jaqjaqespi
    I can’t thank you enough for this podcast
    You are absolutely unbelievable! I just started listening and I am hooked! I am blown away by these episode! Thank you for your time and guidance!
  • jacy Q
    Insightful podcast
    I have been focus on my growth journey for the last 4 years and this podcast has helped me tremendously! I don’t have a favorite episode since all of them bring in so much to put into practice. Thanks for the love you put into what you do! Jacy Q
  • CScogs
    7 Intentions to Manifest Love in 2022 - Disappointed
    I am disappointed and wish you would have talked about single people. It started off like you were going to include us and I was hopeful, but once again just people with partners and children.
  • burwell02
    Life changing 🙏🏻
    Im 57, and am at a place in my life where I'm realizing that I have wasted so much time focusing on things that pull me down, keep me stuck, drain my energy. After listening to Jay, I'm finding a new passion to really live a meaningful life. I am blown away by how thought-provoking his teachings are that I have to go back and listen to absorb it all!! I am, for the first time ever, excited about living MY life 🙌🏻. Thank you, Jay, for sharing your gift 🙏🏻
  • Squeak Ethel
    Advice for Living
    I was recently searching podcasts and found On Purpose. I have really enjoyed listening. You share much wisdom to live by. I especially enjoy the episodes relating to relationships and introspection.
  • lvivianka
    Don’t forget about single people please
    If an episode is called ways to manifest love and every “tip” and example shared relates to Jay’s marriage and it’s actually about how to improve the relationship you’re already in, I’m sorry but that feels like false advertising. “Go to bed at the same time?” That is obviously only applicable to a romantic relationship you’re already in. I’ve listened to some great episodes of this podcast but the listicle format is getting old and repetitive. And overall I feel like this podcast assumes most people are in serious romantic relationships. It would be nice to either have more content for people looking for a relationship or at least more effort to make the content universally relevant.
  • Simone Carter
    Amazing Podcast!!!
    I have heard great things about this podcast so when I recently did a cross country trip I downloaded all of the episodes and played it non-stop! The topics, guest, and information Jay provides through this platform is amazing. Every episode gave me applicable advice to improve, opportunities to reflect, and ways to get in tune with myself and values. I was in the middle of a big life transition and this podcast helped me feel prepared to take on the challenges that came with it. Because of how genuine and vulnerable Jay is, with every podcast I feel like I’m talking with a good friend. I cannot recommend this podcast enough! Thanks Jay!
  • A Marie B.
    The best
    After listening to the podcast for a little over a year now, I would absolutely recommend! Jay is just so incredible at explaining and breaking down useful information. After each episode you instantly can feel better, adjust your perspective and have helpful information to use in your daily life. He also does an amazing job at inviting guest who truly have so much to offer and make an hour long podcast so easy to listen to! Thank you!
  • Molly M89
    My Favorite Podcast
    I have been listening to On Purpose for close to a year now and it is by far my favorite podcast. I love the way Jay discusses relevant topics and such an open minded, yet eye opening way. The podcast keeps my attention the entire time, and I am always anxious for the next episode to come out!
  • CruzwithAshley
    This podcast has become such a part of my mental, spiritual, creative growth journey that it has ignited a drive to become such a success in my creative field so that I can share with my story with the world. And in specific, share it with the On Purpose community! Thank you Jay!
  • sanmomlop
    Loving this podcast. It’s just what I needed to hear.
  • Mw❤️❤️
    A work of art
    Jay not only saved my life, but also my relationship with my partner. I value his episodes with guests but I listen a little extra on his solo episodes. He is a part of my mindful moments and he changed my life. I’ve been listening since the beginning and I was only a sophomore in high school this is still the only podcast I’ve been able to consistently listen to. I feel like he’s my good friend who always knows just what to say to make me feel better and see things the way I need in that moment. He breaks things down so I can make small changes in my life that make a major difference. His book is also phenomenal and I’ve read it twice and got something different out of it each time! Thank you for changing my life.
  • Northwast, DC Passanger
    Getting to the heart of the matter!
    That is what this podcast does. As painful or unpleasant as it was to answer the 9 questions with thoughtfulness and honesty, it was also liberating. He’s guiding you away from new year’s resolutions and towards ongoing improvement of how you think and make decisions, with the likelihood of much better outcomes and quality of life! Thank you Jay—God bless you for delivering such powerful and life-changing perspectives. Antoinette Powell
  • تلتز
    Best podcast
    Been listening to Jay for almost a year, he has truly changed the way I view life, highly recommended
  • ASL-D2021
    Process/journey focused
    Jay, Just started listening to your content. I want to say thank you for verbally giving shape to the things I was too tentative or scared to acknowledge. Love, launch and learn resonated with me as a new entrepreneur and father of 3. Sometimes I feel like I’m swimming in open water without direction. Your latest podcast gave me confidence in what I am doing and why I am doing it. Thank you and have a great 2022 and beyond! Matt B Aurora, CO
  • boat_drinks
    Thank you
    Thank you
  • lateafa347
    A podcast you I can’t live without!
    My favorite podcast to listen to in times I never knew I needed them and exactly when I need them! Thank you for being you and sharing it with the world. Your amazing ❤️❤️❤️
  • MaestraFrancesca
    Thank you Jay Shetty 🙌🏼
    Today I was writing up a new study schedule for second semester of law school. My inner critic told me I was wasting precious study time by creating this ideal schedule but I trusted my instinct that it was a good use of time. A few hours later, I’m on my walk and listening to Jay’s newest episode. It clicks! I already had a theoretical and meaningful understanding that my time needed to be better managed. By writing up the new schedule I was moving on to the practical and applicable steps. This isn’t the first time this podcast has concretely connected to my concerns. I will keep listening. 👍🏼
  • ElisabethSlimani
    What a way to start 2022!
    Thank you Jay and Gwyneth! This is the first podcast I hear in 2022 and it will pepper my year! No jumping - big changes take time, embrace the shallow dives too, monkey mind and laughter, specific gratitude, visualisation (I enjoyed how the minutes are broken down in the end, it makes it easier to go back again for a second take) Merci!!!!!!
  • Mita Vala
    Life changing!
    I started listening to this podcast after going through my own personal growth and awareness journey this past year. The unique thing for me is the use of spirituality in a practical way relative to current times, that uses action to guide transformation. Thanks for putting this amazing content out into the world Jay! You are changing so many lives including mine!
  • Walk. Runner
    Top 2!!
    I’ve been listening to podcasts now almost daily for a couple few years as I walk/run my dogs! On purpose is in my top 2 podcasts that I LOVE and I gain such knowledge and insight from these shows. One of my most favorites was just this one for 2022 - the 3 Ls for the year. Going to implement them ! Learn, Launch, love Thank you for your genuine nature. Thank you for giving rewarding content and thank you for giving of yourself. Truly making a difference. Keep doing it! Always, Nicole Sanchez
  • julia.813
    Your podcasts are eye opening and make me feel at ease. Thank you
  • Yo sung
    On Purpose helps motivate me!
    I absolutely LOVE On Purpose! Listening to this podcast while practicing my morning rituals has been a game changer. Jay and his guests always offer so much wisdom and lessons. This podcast is refreshing for your soul. Thank you for all you do! 🙏🏿
  • Nmonee
    Makes you think
    I have been listening and following Jay for over a year now, through the pandemic I struggled so hard with understanding my purpose and recognizing that my mind was sick and I needed to just reset. I had just finished college, lost my job for the first time in my life and then the world shut down. Jay’s podcast has opened my eyes and truly helped me get through the hardest time of my life. The way Jay presents his experiences and ask questions that encourage you to get deeper with yourself and those around you is so life changing and inspiring. I have introduced the podcast to my roommate and those closest to me! I HIGHLY recommend you give it a listen. Jay, thank you for being so inspiring and so graceful. You are truly an inspiration to me and I hope to get to meet you some day!
  • DeniseD's Phone
    I was searching for a podcast for my walk. This one popped up and I thought, what the heck, I’ll try it. Pls know I am a 63 year old woman, who still looks for inspiration. You gave this to me. I am happily married, have two healthy, successful sons in amazing relationships, I started a business last year, so it is not that I slouch around but we all need to take a deeper dive into our own headspace and you have provided me with instructions on how to gently do this with your 9 questions. Thank you.
  • ChrissyShap
    Jay Shetty Saved My Life
    I’m so unfathomably grateful for all that Jay Shetty has put out there. I felt completely lost in the world before I discovered On Purpose, it has given me tools and practices to live a more meaningful, peaceful life. Thank you Jay Shetty for aiding in a better world for us all!
  • Chilly frys
    Most motivating and helpful podcast ever
    Jay is amazing! His podcasts always make me want to work harder at being a better person. His guests are totally aligned with his purpose. I love that. He is inspiring and genuine.
  • Heidykab
    Such a live changing podcast
    Jay i just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I believe this podcast has helped me more than anything in my life on my journey to self-discovery and overall better living. I believe i had mu first/ or one of the most significant spiritual awakenings during the pandemic, i’m not 18 years old and for the past couple of years i have been trying to figure out what person i want to be and what role i want to play in this society , this podcast and your amazing way of putting things that you could only experience in order to understand in such easy and understandable forms is just amazing, truly. I wish nothing but the best for you and your loved ones. Thank you! Heidy❤️
  • Tim Els
    Thank you!!
    I found this podcast only 2 weeks ago. I have been on a growth journey for awhile now and when I found this it felt like I found gold. Jay your sincerity and gratitude for your audience is very heartfelt and inspiring. I look forward to learning more from you and growing with you. Thank you for the meaningful work you do and may you be blessed in all areas of your life.
  • 12358953236784
    An invaluable journey
    Jay Shetty’s podcast is an invaluable journey on which to take yourself, and a fantastic resource for mental and physical well-being. Bringing Jay’s positive energy and his authenticity into your life is valuable, yet the content on top of that is mind-blowing and so rewarding. Thank you, Jay Shetty, for such a fantastic ongoing journey.
  • Mascot 95
    Mind/Life changing
    Listened to one podcast you did with Gwyneth Paltrow and I was in the deep end by then! Your words, your stories, your optimistic/encouraging/calm voice, the truth to what you say, it’s all mind blowing and really well said! Thank you for creating a podcast to help others, because you truly are helping others, myself included!
  • Erica Guajardo
    Mid life crisis at 21
    I’m sure you’ve heard the fare share story of “ my life hasn’t always been easy” well I’m another statistic in that category, but I’ve fought very hard the last year to overcome that. I was delt a terrible hand into life when I was born. Everyday sense I carried others pain & regrets. I thought happiness & peace was so out of reach for me. Like life was out to get me, & after years of pain I left with nothing to gain except how to be brave in the middle of a hurricane of hate. I had to move out straight after graduating high school so I’ve lived on my own for 3 years now & sadly haven’t been able to go to college. At 21 I felt like I was 60 preparing for retirement. I was settling. All I’ve known is how to survive, but thanks to you jay you taught me how to live. Be bold & brave. Accept peace because I am in control of that & not my past. I have so much more to say , but the most important thing is thank you. For saving my life & helping me start my rebirth. Helping me feel like my age & alive for once. I can’t wait to learn what else you’ll teach me. Sincerely, Erica Guajardo
  • Laine1111
    So many thing… spot on amazing….sharing my gratitude through small thing——example! It’s spreading the news share…. Simple ways to express gratitude and enter the vortex
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