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The past is never past. Every headline has a history. Join us every week as we go back in time to understand the present. These are stories you can feel and sounds you can see from the moments that shaped our world.

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  • criticalthought101
    Great but needs balance
    I would like to say that as an educator I truly enjoy your podcast, it is well done and for the most part accurate. However, there are some episodes which need more balance. For example your episode on evangelicals lacks some important information and it would’ve been good if you had consulted someone like Albert Mohler or another evangelical main stream historian who could provide more perspective. You also failed to recognize that evangelical support for pro-life causes has increased as science has clearly shown that unborn babies are viable much earlier than what could’ve been proven back in the 70s.
  • Onechainsita
    On Rpt
    What an incredible and shaking show. The episodes I have heard so far will fundamentally change my life and awareness is the first stage of growth.
  • MörderHase
    NPR podcasts get me through chores or my commute. I love the flow of Throughline, it’s fun and educational.
  • #1podcast addict
    Absolutely enlightening by an incredible source
    Thank you so much for this podcast. I wish we could go back in time and repair the damage that was done. It’s amazing to me to hear the strength of these unsung hero’s. We need to rewrite the history books. Everyone needs to know how we got to where we are and why. Exceptional telling of our history. Thank you!
  • Wanger Hilton
    This podcast is great, but I am confused 🤷‍♂️. Why did you start start with the third episode of timber wars?
  • krsdolbow
    A Blockbuster podcast......
    Searching to discover why America seems to be repeating history? Thoughtline delves into the historical ‘managing of white minds’ which began in Europe and immigrated to the New World. Supremely grateful to discover NPR as a resource for Building Back Better our nation starting with me.
  • samchicagoan
    Good idea, but biased
    I appreciate the lessons from history, although I would appreciate less left-leaning bias. It’s getting old, NPR. Just present the facts, please, not your opinions on Donald Trump.
  • AgnesM1009
    Essential human listening.
    I can’t explain how profound this podcast is. It feeds my soul.
  • Brouczech77
    Great story telling, execution needs a bit more smoothing
    This podcast does a great job in making history interesting. Great story telling. BUT: The reason why I give it only 3 stars is because the podcast could do with less: 1) melodramatic cliches like ‘fate of nation hung in balance’. Makes me cringe every time I hear it... 2)shorter pauses with dead silence between segments, speakers etc. A lot of times I check my phone to see if may be my phone or the podcast turned off only to hear the podcast in next second 3)melodramatic sound effects and/or make them shorter Don’t get me wrong, I really like this podcast but to turn the overall experience from good to great, it needs a bit of smoothing round the edges. I tried to turn my husband onto this podcast but lost him at the ‘too many dramatic pauses’.
    Used to be a true masterpiece of work
    Stop it with the propaganda ! This podcast was amazing before all the hard left crept in . Such great work ... what a shame!
  • Santa fe Jack
    1828 election better than 1876 so do story
    Aloha, I’m tired of hearing about 1876. When Andrew Jackson lost the 1824 election, he thought he had been robbed because Jackson had won the “Popular Vote”, not John Quincy Adams. So, he spent the next four years planning his revenge (just like President Pinocchio, I mean Trump is going to do) and ran in 1828...and won. And then he seemed revenge (mostly on anyone who said anything about his wife, Rachel, who he’d married before she had divorced her first husband). Get on the bandwagon guys and give me that story. I’d do it but I still have three weeks of classes, so I’m counting on you to feed me. Mahalo, Richard Todd Stewart Feed me
  • Jon AM
    Too dramatic
    Worthy topics, good stories. Unfortunately, the narration and production are dark and dramatic, not a tone I enjoy. These sound and feel more like a true crime podcast than cultural history. No need to be so ominous! Cheer up!
  • KatieDidds
    Thank you so much...
    for helping me to grow and to remember that learning can feel expanding and invigorating. You make me smile through the growing pains. :) Thank you. Thank you for your hard work and your care. I sincerely appreciate it.
  • Magus2012
    One of the most important podcasts
    Throughline is informative, challenging and illuminating. It’s become one of the best in (re)learning our human history. Highly recommended
  • rhinokneecap42
    Fun & educational
    Hands down the most enjoyable way to learn new things about history and the present day world!! Thank you to this team for your hard work to tell these stories.
  • Rudyt28
    Super Left
    I love History and I used to like their mini stories. 90% of the pod cast have an anti American sentiment, nothing patriotic or the great things that Americans have accomplished throughout history.
  • Former Zynga Fan
    The Single Best Podcast I Know
    Throughline is essential listening for anybody who wants to understand the world. It has displaced This American Life as the one podcast I recommend over any other.
  • fercargian
    Podcast episode on James Baldwin
    I suggest that in the episode notes you include the name and profession of the people you interview. Eddie Glaude Jr is not referenced in your very succinct notes of your episode on James Baldwin. I would also add links referencing the subject in question in all your episodes. Thanks.
  • Piti 123
    Becoming America
    Interesting espisode. But HOW can you discuss the Spanish-American war without once mentioning CUBA??? I'll have to go read up a bit but seems that the main cause of this war is always taught as Pressure for USA to intervene in Cuba. Cuba was not annexed but it was an important US protectorate or sphere of influence for decades. Also re: electoral college --clearly the slave-holding South was a factor in its enactment , but your episode largely ignores the small state vs. big state power dynamic which was NOT simply south vs. north or slave vs. free state . Small northern states (NH, VT etc) benefited from the electoral college. To portray the electoral college as entirely Motivated by white supremacy, as you attempt to, is not accurate and is ignoring other factors that were and are in play.
  • Wood2y
    Feedback you requested November 2020
    I listen to every episode. It’s like going to history class each time. I then take what I’ve learned and become a much more interesting person. Many times I get stimulated to seek out more about your topic. I’m just smarter now, more curious. You’ve done this for me. Thank you. You recently asked your listeners to tell you what stories we were interested in. I like to hear about how people we’ve never heard of make, or made, huge differences in our world. Changing the world as we speak. Better ideas that can be used to help the world heal, become whole again. But it’s hard to top your current format and topics. Thanks again, Wanda PS: I still cannot pronounce your names when referring your podcast to others. Thought you’d get a laugh about that. I’m 70 if that’s relevant.
  • Ptabyday
    My favorite podcast.
  • PoK!!!
    Love the Show
    I love the show! It’s so much fun.
  • LieutenantLazybones
    (Mostly) love
    When you tease out a thread that runs throughout American history, the podcast is fantastic. Only giving you 4 instead of 5 because I was not a big fan of the Baldwin episode. I don’t listen to this show to get a grad seminar on literature. Please stick to what you do so well and steer clear of doing entire episodes focused on one person’s opinion on one author.
  • G. Iceman
    Keep up the good work!
    This is a five star program. It is entertaining, it is educational and provides much needed factual perspective. Please keep new episodes coming.
  • rikkimc
    Male host makes an excellent show unbearable
    I value this show's guests, topics, and information but the male host talks and reacts and interrupts and talks over the guests constantly and most unnecessarily, sometimes with insipid interjections like "Wow" and dumb laughs. I couldn't finish the episode on Bush v. Gore. Please make him shut up.
  • Hhhaylay
    Original, Smart, and Fascinating
    I’ve learned so much from this podcast! Thanks for all that y’all do!
  • abcd1234hola
    Engaging and thoughtful
    I enjoy getting history and bigger picture of modern day concepts. I am enjoying so much more than I thought. They delve into interesting topics and give new insights. Thank you.
  • CMann35
    Bad sound quality
    The information contained in the podcast is interesting enough but it's ruined by having very loud background music that drowns out the narration. I wrote to the podcast asking for workarounds but never heard back so I'm unsubscribing.
  • Lovely Listner
    Y’all should change your introduction it’s kinda creepy
  • armchairargonaut
    She is gross
    For a “historical” podcast, one would think it would entail actual “history” but no, severely lacking context.
  • judithB51
    Amazing cogent examination of historical path of the African American vote.
  • theepicdon
    This podcasts is not just a rich source of information; It succeeds in questioning the preconceptions many Americans have formed about history. On top of all that, it holds your attention moment-to-moment. As a listener, I’m always eager to see what new perspectives the team introduces as a report unfolds. The music by Drop Electric ranges from serene to ominous, setting highly intentional moods. All elements form a riveting listening experience.
  • yiotounikou
    I cannot overemphasize how great this podcast is. It is insightful and informative without being pandering. I am awed by this show
  • TreeC
    What a fabulous show! I think The Commentator is one of the best so far. The questions are fantastic and the guests have been so enlightening. Please keep it up and thank you!
  • JS20212021
  • taytayeats
    This addresses questions I often have: How did we get here? I really enjoyed the episode on Health Insurance.
  • MsKittykat1326
    Eye Opening On Many Levels
    Knowledge is is delivery. Throughline does a wonderful job of presenting not just politics, but history and information as a whole. They touch on various topics that aren’t just limited to current events, but topics you’d never thought about but relevant to your day to day life, in an eye opening, unbiased way.
  • NPR contributor
    Too many interruptions- ads
    Content is great but there are too many ads. I listen and contribute to NPR to get away from the ads and interruptions.
  • Tori1205
    Enjoying new series
    MisRepresentative Democracy series is important history/ civics lessons
  • saraannesmithers
    The ultimate history show
    Everything you could want as a history buff.
  • pd|je|ab
    Cancelling NPR
    I always new NPR was biased, but refusing to report news that may put their candidate in a bad light is inexcusable after years of chasing a “waste of time” story for another.
  • BabyAdue2017
    Love love love
    Love this show so much! Thought-provoking and objective. You should do an episode on Apartheid in South Africa.
  • Tulanezag
    Love substance but stop the creepy music
    Seriously, it doesn’t need to be so ominous when discussing some of this stuff. Take a page from Planet Money or The Indicator and make it more cheerful or settle for not making me want to look over my shoulder thinking the end is near!
  • Kfreeze807
    One of my favorite podcasts
    History curriculum in public schools should be based on this podcast. Great anti-racist resource, makes history interesting and relevant.
  • lrh2905
    It has gotten worse since the start
    I was excited to find this show over a year ago. They told really interesting historical narratives spanning the globe and going through hundreds of years of history regarding religion, geopolitics, or the environment. Recently this feed is filled with recycled episodes or episodes borrowed from other NPR podcasts. And, sadly, what new material has been produced recently is left-of-center and America-obsessed. More like the plethora of other podcasts out there hosted by activists. For those reasons I am no longer a weekly listener.
  • formet hoosier
    Electoral college
    I have been listening to NPR for decades. Usually, these are even keeled, well researched and fact driven. Then the listener can make up their minds given the presentation. Not so much this time. Getting past the dramatics, this has little substance other than some so called “experts” who bring their own questionable slant to it. However, the theme of this is correct. It is time to come up with another way to elect our representatives. Not really worth the time to listen to this podcast.
  • jhobbbs
    Be better humans
    Everything discussed is intentionally presented to slander the US. While the host may present factual accounts of history, their opinions and interpretations are biased and have an agenda, no question. I would suggest that each episode contain at least one person with dissenting opinions . The host repeatedly blur the line between being critical and being hateful in their analysis. Be better humans — include a more diversity of opinion in your episodes.
  • Zinserstew
    Why do you keep recycling episodes? It’s very annoying.
    I keep looking for new episodes, but it seems that you all lately or tending to recycle all the old ones.
  • Joy from florida
    A great way to help understand the current world
    The “Evangelical Vote” episode inspired me to finish writing and releasing a song. Knowing the background of a topic really helps to understand what can and should be done next, especially when trying to be a part of a change. Thanks so much for this reporting
  • Runninghokie
    History told through an ultra liberal lens
    Hosts are unabashedly biased in their explanation of history. I love history but I can’t stomach this.
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