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A podcast for artists, aspiring creatives, and art lovers. Two artists share their thoughts on art, life and everything in between. Join Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher for honest, generous, and humorous conversations that will feed your creative soul AND get you thinking.

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    Apr 16, 2024 – 01:02:02
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    Apr 2, 2024 – 00:58:49
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    Mar 26, 2024 – 00:55:00
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    Feb 20, 2024 – 01:00:02
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    Feb 13, 2024 – 00:44:24
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    Jan 30, 2024 – 00:58:21
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    Jan 23, 2024 – 00:56:46
  • New Year's Catch Up [236]
    Jan 16, 2024 – 00:47:39
  • The State of Instagram in 2024 [235]
    Jan 9, 2024 – 01:01:26
  • How was your year? [234]
    Dec 9, 2023 – 00:49:18
  • Patience, Persistence and Self-Belief [233]
    Nov 28, 2023 – 00:49:07
  • Minding the Gap [232]
    Nov 21, 2023 – 00:36:11
  • Ready and Prepped for your next Art Event [231]
    Nov 14, 2023 – 00:37:38
  • Measuring Success [230]
    Nov 7, 2023 – 00:54:54
  • A Framework for Creativity? [229]
    Nov 6, 2023 – 00:56:10
  • One Woman Show [228]
    Oct 17, 2023 – 00:53:56
  • Using Design to Make Better Art [227]
    Oct 10, 2023 – 00:52:25
  • Scams, Hacks & Trolls [226]
    Oct 3, 2023 – 00:56:26
  • On Critiques and Feedback [225]
    Sep 26, 2023 – 00:21:41
  • Emails! [224]
    Sep 19, 2023 – 00:53:02
  • The Secret to Making Art That Connects [223]
    Sep 5, 2023 – 00:54:12
  • Making Space for What Comes Next [222]
    Aug 29, 2023 – 00:49:01
  • Finding the Sweet Spot with Carlene Bronner [221]
    Aug 22, 2023 – 00:51:53
  • Can you stop trying so hard? [220]
    Aug 15, 2023 – 00:12:41
  • Learning from Two Masters of Their Craft [219]
    Aug 8, 2023 – 00:56:02
  • Where Next? Creative Shifts & Changing Priorities [218]
    Aug 1, 2023 – 00:54:50
  • Finding Purpose in Your Art with Debbie Taylor-Kerman [217]
    Jul 25, 2023 – 00:54:44
  • Another Social Media Platform? [216]
    Jul 18, 2023 – 00:46:12
  • How is your summer looking? [215]
    Jul 11, 2023 – 00:48:31
  • Staying creative through times of change [214]
    Jun 27, 2023 – 00:52:00
  • To Show or Not to Show: The Artist's Dilemma [213]
    Jun 20, 2023 – 00:55:02
  • Making room for creativity [212]
    Jun 13, 2023 – 00:43:32
  • Patience, Perspective, and the Benefit of Experience [211]
    Jun 6, 2023 – 00:46:14
  • Behind the Scenes of a Creative Life with Alice and Jo [210]
    May 30, 2023 – 00:55:31
  • Are You Getting in Your Own Way? With Georgina Noel [209]
    May 23, 2023 – 00:54:38
  • Spin Off Sales Ideas with Robin Davisson [208]
    May 16, 2023 – 00:50:43
  • Making Your Own Luck [207]
    May 9, 2023 – 00:44:52
  • Be Your Own Champion - with Faye Bridgwater [206]
    May 2, 2023 – 00:55:59
  • How to Sell Your Art [205]
    Apr 25, 2023 – 00:54:23
  • Is Instagram twisting the way you show up for yourself - with Denise Gasser [204]
    Apr 18, 2023 – 00:59:15
  • Is there another way to look at this? [203]
    Apr 11, 2023 – 00:46:57
  • Is it a Series? A Collection? Or just One Painting at a Time? [202]
    Apr 4, 2023 – 00:49:20
  • How to Handle Overwhelm [201]
    Mar 28, 2023 – 00:56:24
  • 200 episodes! We get up close and personal [200]
    Mar 21, 2023 – 00:54:02
  • How ARE you doing? [199]
    Mar 14, 2023 – 00:54:06
  • What Does it Mean to be an Artist? [198]
    Mar 7, 2023 – 00:58:03
Recent Reviews
  • crazyforusingyou
    Episode 231 Prep for a Show
    I have poor impulse control and am continually distracted by sparkly things. I can’t plan anything too far in advance because I stress over not getting anything done until the last month. So I decided to shorten the go time on ideas or projects. Someone offed to host a show for me. I impulsively said sure! The date is December 19th! This episode was so timely I laughed! Organizationally, I’m an Alice wannabe living in a Louise world. Great intentions, slow to start because I think I need to have everything figured out. I have lots of helpful insights from this episode. First I’ll learn how to do a spreadsheet, then try to create one, finish it maybe, grab a tablet and just write it all down. But first I’ll make a list…oh look at that sparkly thing!
  • Marilyn Bean
    Like a cozy cup of coffee
    I’ve been listening to Art Juice for several years and have always found the show not only helpful in developing my career as an artist but also just super comforting and entertaining. Like having coffee or tea with a friend. Thank you Alice and Louise! Highly recommend!
  • Gracie Irene
    Thank you
    I began listening to your show in May of 2022 and, while I know absolutely NOTHING about painting, the episode I listened to revealed a camaraderie of artistic process that I did not know was missing until then. A clinical mental health therapist by trade, my art is writing and photography (although not together : ), most of which have been solo endeavors surrounded by people who appreciate art but not necessarily have a language for it. So, thank you for doing this. I know one day this really WILL end (and I am already dreading it) but, in the meantime, you have given me an unexpected creative sanctuary and I am very, very grateful.
  • waylgurlify
    The very best podcast
    I believe Art Juice is one of the very best podcasts out there. I initially started listening for the advice on running an art business (obviously) and it is fantastic for that, but I’ve found that what I love most about it is Alice and Louise’s perspective on the deeper subjects surrounding art and life. There are a ton of podcasts out there that give tips on how to build a website or marketing, but Art Juice helps me to feel balanced and keep my art practice in perspective. I subscribe to many podcasts, but this if I could only pick one to listen to, it would be this one. Thank you Alice and Louise for sharing your time and experience.
  • juliayuka
    I found my freedom
    I discovered Art Juice at a crossroads in my life. I had just been laid off, had 2 kids under 2, and yearned to paint more but put so much pressure on it that I could not pick up my brush. Alice and Louise, your lovely podcast spoke to my heart and showed me how to live (and paint!) with grace. On the art side, I’m now set to show my paintings at my first gallery. But more importantly, you have been my guide on how to live and make decisions authentically, and it has positively affected every aspect of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Much love from Kailua, Hawaii Julia
  • bowe of citadel of chickens
    My favorite podcast
    Louise and Alice offer the most relevant information and relatable experiences in their conversations, making this my go-to for inspiration and motivation as a painter. They cover topics on the creative path as well as aspects of business, and I especially find their insight to the ever-changing social media and web helpful. They often admit that they ramble too much, but it’s all rambling that I love to listen to, and they almost always have me cracking up with laughter. Their conversations are the ones I love to have with fellow artists. The format of the show flows really smoothly, and I love the bloopers at the end.
  • Blah blah blah 80
    Art Stars!
    I love listening to Alice and Louise, they are so interesting and fun! They share so much great information about art, process and ideas (among other things) and I don’t think I could access this anywhere else. I love that they are so relatable. Refreshing! They are a very generous and talented pair! Thank you!
  • chrlseadreams
    Engaging conversation
    I haven’t heard a conversation like this since I was in art school 10 years ago. It’s so refreshing and helping wake up that dialogue I have inside of me yet no one to talk about it with.
  • Jsstr
    A fun listen
    I enjoy listening to these two ladies chat about art and life. I can relate so much to everything they discuss. They are inspiring and informative. Thanks Ladies!!!
  • lpttui
    For hobby painters
    This pair are business woman and self taught painters cranking out mediocre paintings and selling them by cultivating buyers through clever and relentless marketing. These two prey on the hope of would be artists by selling a story about themselves that makes it sound like anyone could become a successful painter by following a formula. They demonstrate easily imitable techniques. They describe sell out exhibitions. To hear them talk it sounds like they must be great artists. Then the sell classes to their followers. Their students are hopeful and taken in by the promotion and become customers. All of this is about building a customer base for paintings that are just ok.
  • StillAnAddict
    Exploring the intersections
    If you're looking for a podcast that's equal parts informative and entertaining, look no further than Art Juice! Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher are like the dynamic duo of the art world, bringing their unique perspectives and quirky personalities to every episode. One minute they're discussing the latest art exhibit in town, and the next they're sharing hilarious anecdotes from their personal lives. It's like listening to Laurel and Hardy, but with paint brushes and canvases instead of hats and canes. What I love most about Art Juice is that it's not just about art – it's about life. Alice and Louise are always exploring the intersection between creativity and everyday experiences, whether it's finding inspiration in nature or navigating the challenges of running a small business. Their conversations are always engaging and thought-provoking, and I always come away from each episode feeling inspired and energized about my own creative pursuits. So if you're a fellow art lover looking for a podcast that's both informative and fun, give Art Juice a try. You won't be disappointed!
  • Larnichole
    N Jorgensen
    I look forward to each weeks podcast - sometimes it’s about art sometimes it’s not. I enjoy their conversations and interviews they have with other artist/people. I did take Alice’s recommendation on a shakti mat and quite enjoy that. Have a listen you might find you enjoy it! ✌️😊
  • Alohamauijojo
    Fun and Inspiring!
    I’ve been listening to Art Juice for a long time. I’m always looking forward to the next episode. Louise and Alice are fun and inspiring, and I’ve learned so much through their conversations. Thank you!
  • Julie Babb
    It’s always fun!
    Listening to Louise & Alice banter & play is great fun. They most always have something useful to communicate & certainly something to think about! I look forward to their relaxed weekly chat.
  • Awriterafoot
    One of my cornerstone podcasts
    I love listening to these two women. I started for the art discussions, but I keep tuning in because I always feel better about myself and my life at the end. Thanks, ladies.
  • IndyPix
    Real artists keeping it real
    What a breath of fresh air! I am always inspired after listening to a chat between these two accomplished and down-to-earth artists. I haven’t managed to listen to ALL 200 shows but I’m working on it.
  • Happy pirate fires cannon
    Art Juice addict
    I’ve been listening to “the girls chat” since joining Louise’s online courses during Covid but now I anxiously await each new episode! I have listened to a lot of episodes during many two hour drives back and forth caring for my Mom which was always a bit frustrating because I couldn’t take notes or act (in the moment) on some of the great advice they so generously give. My Mom has since passed so now I listen while working on my art or other things. You are both very upbeat, relatable and fresh. Thank you so much.
  • Ellen@SistersThreeFarm
    Wish I had this podcast twenty years ago
    Thank you for your lovely podcasts. I so enjoyed listening to them all. I especially enjoy hearing how your lives are interwoven with business, family and making art and how challenging it is. Thank you for sharing.
  • EasyJackIPA
    Art Juice
    This podcast is called Art Juice, but they don’t often talk about Art
  • DianaMae
    Love the Chit Chat ( from a chatty NY girl )
    Greetings from a retired teacher on Long Island, NY ! What a find you girls were for me- I found you during our dreadful NY COVID lockdown back in March 2020- your podcasts as well as your YouTube sessions and Instagram posts have helped me tremendously with my art !I had COVID pneumonia that year- I was able to work in a sketchbook in 10 minute pods- your “Art and life chats “helped me through that difficult time ❤️❤️❤️ looking forward to recharge with one of your classes or projects this coming year!!!! Love Diane
  • CapeCod_Claudia
    Thank you!
    This is the only art podcast I listen to. Louise and Alice are completely down-to-earth and inspiring at the same time. They share very openly their successes, their struggles, their processes, and their experiences. It's wonderful to know that different things I'm experiencing as an artist, they experience too. Each week, they seem to deliver just what I need to hear and consider. Older episodes have answered so many questions I've had about myself as an artist. Even though I'm not selling work or growing a business, there's more than enough artistic information and inspiration for me. Thank you for your weekly podcast and for being the genuine, authentic artists you are!
  • mkas dc
    Art juice awesomeness
    Thank you Louise and Alice!
  • b_artistic1023
    Thanks for the reminder
    I enjoyed your Pace and Patience episode. I am a new artist, and can get caught up with comparing myself to others. Thank you for reminding me that I am on my own journey and to not size myself up with what others are doing. Appreciate that.
  • hszklarski
    Best art podcast
    Though I’ve tried out a number of podcasts by and for artists, this one is my favorite. There is so much practical info and Alice and Louise and their guests are entertaining to listen to.
  • Aella
    Immediately loved it
    I randomly stumbled across your podcast and fell in love with the first few minutes! Very entertaining, insightfu, and pleasant to listen to while working. Excited to listen to past episodes. Thanks!
  • LizStAndre
    Thank you for continuing to show up!
    I have to admit I was nervous when you said the format would be changing (guess I’ve gotten spoiled, “expecting” to get to hear your lovely chats every week) but I wanted to write and say that I think this new format and schedule is just as brilliant as ever. You are both incredible examples to other women on how to be true to ourselves, in our art and in our lives. If changing how you do this podcast keeps it sustainable than I’m just grateful that you are both still willing to record your thoughts in a free public setting in such an open, honest way that helps so many artists. Sincerely, thank you! 🙏❤️🥰
  • lblissart
    Just happy
    I’m just happy you’re still podcasting. Love hearing your thoughts and your cheery voices processing what’s going on. Always seems relevant for me. Thank you for sharing!
  • Queen Anne's Lace
    Thank you for this episode!
    I just listened to your discussion with Rachel Davies and it made me feel so encouraged that I’m not the only one who struggles. At age 62, I also know the feeling of running out of time while still being enamored by so many options. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement.
  • Thisgameissobad
    Inspiring and relatable
    Love love love this podcast! I truly appreciate the discussions about how the process of art isn’t linear, and isn’t always pretty and polished. I am so grateful to hear that artists that are further along than me also feel a bit off course from time to time. Also feel like this podcast gives me permission to not be so uptight about what I’m working on and just be free and enjoy the process. Also appreciate the advice that’s given and how the hosts don’t always 100% agree on everything but they talk about it from each of their points of view making this podcast extremely relatable. Thank you for this!
  • Rebecca in Seattle
    Uh- oh. Just found you!!
    I just found your inspiring podcast a few weeks ago and now- argh. I am lucky to have many back episodes to catch up on. I listen to many podcasts. I always would rather have the casters feeling fresh and inspired about their show than feeling obligated to a schedule or routine. You guys at creatives and we like that! I imagine most of your listeners will be happy to hear from you whenever you feel like showing up with your creative energy. Thanks for putting your thoughts on art out into the world!
  • Terry from Indiana
    I thoroughly enjoy this pod.
    Thanks for letting us listen to your thoughts and conversations. It makes me feel better to hear you two going through similar problems as me.
  • Woman with Art on the Brain
    Will miss you two!!!!!
    Absolutely the best art podcast !!!!!! Fondly Tari Vuocolo Woman with Art on the Brain
  • ruthiegaustin
    My Favorite Podcast!
    I enjoy this podcast so much! These two artists are lovely, funny, smart, encouraging, honest, helpful, realistic, generous and kind. They offer so much great advice along with humor and smart interviews. If you’re a creative person looking for something inspiring to listen to while you’re making art or even just out for a drive, I highly recommend this podcast.
  • phouka1477
    Love it!
    I love his podcast for conversation, technique discussion, and the overall vibe between Alice and Louise. I am glad that politics and personal opinion have been part of their conversations, it makes the podcast more relevant and relatable. Thanks for making this content!
  • TAnnDance
    Love, but please keep this a political-free refuge
    One of my favorite podcasts - I listen to every episode and love the conversations and encouragement. I will keep listening - but I really prefer that political opinions are not included. There’s hardly anywhere to go these days without someone interjecting their political points - this podcast has been a refuge. I hope it will stay that way. We all have opinions, but there are plenty of forums for expressing political views.
  • lorisong
    Authentic, smart, funny, talented !
    One of my favorite artists and teachers is Louise Fletcher! I love the topics and easy conversation between Alice Sheridan and Louise. I paint on my own and even in classes don’t post much. This pod cast really helps me to feel connected with others. Great information and perspectives on many things.
  • princess leia lothcat
    The best art podcast ever, thank you so much
    I’m still a student and lockdown was really hard for me and my family, that was also when my art journey really began. I found joy in art but far to often I found myself lost in a sea of idea-less hopelessness and despair topped off with a seemingly lack of talent, this podcast inspired me so much not to give up on art and Louise’s and Alice’s raw and personal approach to telling us about their art and lives really helped me learn that I am never alone and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, it just might be around a bend.
  • creativityreignited
    A great artists journey
    It’s so wonderful to hear how Louise & Alice became artists even though they never felt like it. Gives everyone the confidence to keep on going
  • obacker19
    Energizing, Inspiring and Insightful! 🙌
    Regardless of where you are in your journey as an artist - this is a must listen for you! Louise and Alice do an incredible job sharing all the insights, innovations and practices you need to improve your capacity as a creator - through conversations with inspiring guests who've actually walked the path. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
  • madatend
    Best podcast I’ve found
    Louise and Alice of Art Juice are changing my life. They are exactly what I needed to find the confidence in my own creations. I am so grateful for these conversations….they are like a chest of found treasures!
  • Jadiper
    Great Fun!
    So I just started listening to podcasts. I had tried listening to podcasts a few years back of friends recommendations. Ugh. Didn’t like at all. I’m a huge fan of Louise’s art and personality that I thought I’ll give Art Juice a try. Love love love. I’m binge listening. So much fun. Alice and Louise are both so personable and so genuine. The content is interesting and inspirational. Big fan. Now I love Alice’s work. Gorgeous
  • Candice CKNY
    Absolutely Love It!
    I eagerly await each episode and have listened through them all at least twice. Some, like the sketchbooks and planning conversations, I have returned to multiple times. Louise and Alice are such fun hosts and offer wise insights into the creative process! They are generous in sharing their conversations, their love for creative work, and their deep experience in owning and running creative businesses, and they bring that generosity into some wonderful guest interviews as well. Though middle-aged, I am at the beginning stages of my painting journey after having been told by my third grade art teacher that I couldn’t draw, and the wisdom I’ve found in listening keeps me company as I explore and find my way. I truly enjoy having them as companions as I discover and learn!
  • Leidobe
    Episode- What does success to mean to you?
    Serendipitous that I ran across the podcast. I needed Episode 156 so bad! Thank you!
  • Jsloane
    Continually inspired by the podcast!
    The discussions between Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher are consistently fantastic. Although my art is for now a hobby only, I take it very seriously. Louise and Alice feel like colleagues and listening to them chat away mames me feel I am in a community. I am inspired by their ideas, encouraged by their constant artistic output and their generous sharing of the details of their artistic lives. I also enjoy their deep dives into subjects like artistic mindset and sizing up your artwork, for example. I am also intrigued by their artist interviews. Episode #158 with Kate Cosgrove, where Kate discusses her illustration work and a recent artist residency was both instructive and inspiring to listen to. This podcast is a big part of my weekly joy. I recommend it highly!
  • catherine from Wisconsin
    Love the Struggle of Art!
    If you’re an artist, you know the struggles that necessarily accompany the flow. Alice and Louise speak honestly and at length about both. They have genuine conversations and their friendship is delightful to listen in on. I’ve been listening backwards, so I hear about their respective journeys in reverse. And it’s especially fun to hear Louise’s Ted Hughes project from a nervous inkling to a fabulous success. So inspiring! Funny outtakes included. Thank you both. These conversations have become really important on my art journey.
  • Artful.1
    This podcast is an oasis for any artist….
    Listening to these two ladies has encouraged me to ‘take the plunge’; I’m finally removing realism from my work. They are most generous not only with their ideas, but they can help navigate the brave new world of art online…. Something we all need I suspect! Thank you both… I love your work and your podcast. You’re such a gift to the art community in so many ways!
  • Lisainnd
    One of my favorites
    I could listen to these ladies all day long, and until I get through their extensive back library, I kind of do! I’m not a painter but I think any creative type can learn much from Louise and Alice. Plus they are just dang funny. Love it.
  • girl whonlives the NFL
    At Last!
    I have been searching for a podcast about making art and I finally found Art Juice! It covers all the subjects that I am interested in and more. The girls are knowledgeable, relatable, light hearted and very funny. I am working my way through the entire series and enjoying every minute.
  • fredswall
    Mixing paint
    I like to mix right on the canvas. If I can, laying the painting down on a table or the floor and then just squeezing the paint right on the canvas and mixing is nice. It helps in that you have the paint right where it’s going and you can see how it’s working right away. There’s no middle step of having it on your palette and then putting it on the canvas. Sometimes I don’t use a palette very much at all. Really enjoying your podcast!!
  • CaseFaceArt
    A Show to Look Forward To!
    I love seeing new eps show up in my feed! There is something so relatable about the two hosts, and their topics translate across artistic mediums and geographic borders!
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