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Spurgeon Dunbar and Zack Courts co-host in-depth conversations about the most exciting topics in the world of motorcycles. Produced by RevZilla's Media & Content team, Highside/Lowside features the insights and opinions of the most prominent moto-minds in podcasting.

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  • S.couch. New York
    Zack and Spurg clearly have a wonderful relationship, they don’t always agree but always have good reasoning not to. From my 70 cb350 on an ill advised cross state trip, to my current 01 concours they’ve taught me so much. Keep up the great work! More mss classes to come this summer.
  • TylerTydye99
    The Honda of motorcycle podcasts
    Good reliable information from experienced motorcyclists. The only podcast I’ve cared to follow, Highside/Lowside is informative and fun, I listen to new episodes during my breaks at work and it gives me topics I can bring up even with my non-biker friends. More importantly it has taught me that the three bikes I own clearly aren't enough and I need at least two more.
  • blue.morgen
    Much Better than an Ex Girlfriend
    My ex actually introduced me to Highside / Lowside. She didn’t like it very much so she’s pretty stupid, but at least something good came out of our relationship. I love this podcast for rainy days, or long road trip drives and it’s hilarious knowing how wrong she was.
  • Crawford.Daniel
    Come on guys!
    Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen. When considering the an option for our newest Norwegian friend, Joe, you were dancing around what could possibly be the best option for them. The Versys 1000! It has enough practicality for the commute, enough power for a two hour drive to visit clients, and usually will have heated grips! I feel like you guys are always wrapped around finding a mild-mannered 650 or 800 for someone, which isn’t a bad thing! I often see really good options in the larger-class 1000cc motorcycles that have a very approachable power output and comfortability for riders like Joe, without breaking the bank. I’m a long-time listener and I really appreciate your view on motorcycles and riders alike. I look forward to more knowledge and laughs, take care!
  • Zippy226
    The Quicker Vicar
    I started listening to this podcast back in March and I ended up completely bingeing the whole 70 something episodes while at work. Once I was completely caught up I didn’t know what to do. So I started it all over again. The conversations and Spurgeon’s laugh are just timeless and I can’t get enough. I’m really wanting to possibly do a t-shirt trade with you guys. I’ll make you guys a Quicker Vicar or Turbo Bruce shirt for one your Highside/Lowside shirts.
  • scmeany
    Beginner bikes
    Your episode on beginner bikes was awesome. Thought I’m not a beginner, as I travel through my 60s I find some of those bikes appealing and your commentary helpful. One thing I wish you to address, as you commented on it in this episode, why are you not allowed to ride KTM bikes? what did you guys do to upset KTM so much that they will not allow you on their motorcycles? Please explain in your next episode.
  • AnonymousReviewerToday
    Could Be Better
    While this podcast tries to be a well rounded, overall motorcycle podcast, it falls short of the mark. The hosts have obvious bias for certain types of motorcycles. If your interest is in American motorcycle brands, this podcast probably isn’t for you. I feel that there is some stereotyping of cruiser riders from the hosts. Not everyone that rides American cruisers wants to put on a black leather vest and play Sons of Anarchy on the weekend. Some of us just love the heritage of American brands. I think the show could benefit from adding a host, that is a true American brand enthusiast. As it is, I listen to this show when I’ve caught up with any other shows I listen to. Often, there are several episodes of this show in my queue, that I haven’t listened to. Also, I don’t care for episodes that are totally subjective. For example, talking about how many motorcycles in the garage are too many, is a waste of time. I rather hear more industry news, and talk about that news.
  • angrydad79
    Happy human.
    Since discovering these two I’m a much happier human. I just starting riding last year and at the tender age of 44 I wish I’d started 20 years ago. Regardless I’ve learned quite a bit from all the revzilla stuff on YouTube!! Keep up the good work boys!! Definitely not trying to get a free shirt 😉
  • André907
    Done-Bar and Zak
    Great show my wife and I love listening during the cold Alaskan winters. Dear Zack you drove by are house on mini bikes on your way to the haul road! We almost stopped following all of yours and that dread lock hippies content. But I’m still here cause it’s that good and she already bought me a shirt. Done-Bar heck yeah brother no laws and freedom juice with a fist full of throttle sandwich. Keep up the battle against turbos brother!
  • Kyleandalaina
    The Revzilla Brothers
    I love your podcast and have been listening since the beginning. This past weekend I had been listening at home and had to take my son to a soccer game. As we got in the car the Bluetooth connected automatically and the podcast resumed. My son asked, “is this the two brothers?” I asked him what he meant and he replied, “the two brothers from Revzilla who talk about motorcycles.” I explained that you’re not brothers, just coworkers. He said, “oh. Well the way they talk with each other sounds like they’re brothers.” So, from my son and I, thank you to the Revzilla Brothers for an informative and entertaining podcast and (apparently) glimpse into your family life. K-Cal
  • Tubbojacksonthe5th
    KTM’s are cool, accidents are not
    Hey Spurgeon and Zach, Fairly new listener and rider. Absolutely love the podcast. Have a little over a year of riding under my belt. Fell in love with riding from the moment I took my MSF course. Unfortunately about a month ago I was clipped while merging onto the highway. The driver immediately took off once I stood up and I was not able to catch their plate number. I was ok, some banged up knees and a few holes in my riding jacket. Bike was ok to ride home after pulling the shift lever back into place. Definitely a bit rattling, but it hasn’t stopped me from getting back on the bike and doing all I can to be a safer and more perceptive rider. I live in NYC and commute to Long Island and take my bike as often as humanly possible. My question to you guys is since I don’t plan to keep my bike for much longer (upgrading). Should I spend the money to invest in a bike mounted camera setup? Or would you guys recommend just getting a cheap helmet camera until I get my next motorcycle? Not that I plan to get into another accident… Thanks for any and all advice. And I just want to say that you two are great fun to listen to and the inclusiveness of not only everyone on this podcast, but most all riders is part of what pushed me to not be afraid to get right back on the bike and not just walk away from riding after the accident. Keep doing what you’re doing and maybe if you guys give me a shirt I’ll get a KTM as my next bike!
  • gknappy
    The best recommendations!!!!
    After hearing Spurgeon and Zac talk about it over and over again I finally took their advice and signed up for a training course. I live in Pennsylvania, so I took the total control course. It’s offered for free to everybody in Pennsylvania and got a lot more out of the class than what I thought and as I’m going to. Through out the course I kept thinking to myself. Wow, I’m glad I listened to those two! Not to mention I finally got my license after 16 years of riding on permits or nothing at all. Great job guys!
  • Matthew of Spokane
    Keep up the great content!
    Love the show, can’t get enough! Really enjoy all the hosts and guest and makes a great listen while working or riding. Wish I could have made it to Get on Adventure fest at Mojave to meet the hosts, but couldn’t make it due to being away working on ships. Excited to get out and ride and maybe I could get a T-shirt to make up for missing out? PS: I really enjoy the rambling and sidetracking of the hosts and don’t want them to feel pressured to cut it short or move on (the timer during news?). Just let them roll! Just listening to some riders have a good time together! Matt
  • kulwap
    If Fortnine had a podcast…
    I’m a Canadian living in the USA. I listen to hockey podcasts and if Fortnine had a podcast I’d listen to it. They don’t have a podcast, so Highside Lowside will have to do - and it does a great job. My only wishes are that they had more frequent episodes and that I had a nice T-shirt to show my support. Thanks for the great work and insight!
  • Lovethisappkid5
    Motorcycle podcast that gets it right.
    I mean, Revzilla hosts and a great guest from around the industry? What’s not to love? Courts and Dunbar bring the heat and talk about things that I care about as a motorcycle enthusiast. If you’re new then dive in, you’ve got days worth of content to consume! Keep up the good work guys!
  • Tedrow.
    Enjoyable and Informative
    The worst part about finishing the back log episodes with a podcast like this is that now I have to “ chill till the next episode” at least thats what I heard a Doctor say… I’m going to get a second opinion! The hosts of Highside / Lowside as well as all of Revzilla’s Ambassadors are great content creators, and have a Huge positive impact on motorcycling worldwide! Thank you!
  • Neil Dorrel*
    Ceaselessly Entertaining and Informative
    This podcast is a must-listen for motorcyclists. Zack and Sturgeon’s encyclopedic knowledge of— and enthusiasm for— all things two wheeled is something I always look forward to hearing. They provide thoughtful takes on a variety of motorcycle topics and have great guests as well. Finally, they are urbane, charming, and funny. Well done guys.
  • AMCoach
    This is my first podcast review, but this show deserves it. I’m a casual motorcycle fan and this is my first entry into the technical/ academic side of this world. I really appreciate how well they explain everything they talk about; it’s incredibly accessible to anyone new to motorcycling. Keep it up, I love listening!
  • Pbflocal1
    Spurge and Zack have cost me thousands!
    I stumbled upon this podcast simply looking for a good motorcycle themed show to listen. Since binge listening to every episode from the start of this show and up to the current season 7 episode 2 this podcast has become my number one listen. At the start of my listening journey I owned a 2014 Triumph rocket 3 touring bike and by the second season of hearing spurg rave of his Triumph bonneville almost every episode I felt it was time to try one out for myself. Fast forward to the current season 7 episodes and countless references from spurg of the triumph and zack with the stories of his little scooter, my garage is now beautifully jammed full with the additions of a 2011 Triumph bonneville T100 and a 2006 Aprilia scarabeo 250…thanks to these boys and their great show my bank account is now empty and my wife will probably be sending me to live in the garage with all of these fine machines! Look forward to more great shows as they come out.
  • TN Mark
    All High Side in my book
    This is the only podcast I religiously listen to and have been from ep. one. Love the topics, banter and guests - especially during winter months when I’m dreaming about the perfect summer ride! My only complaint is the friggin gap between seasons. Keep up the good work
  • !7.$2)
    Love the stupid commentary
    These guys keep me entertained while I’m at work!
  • serious g00se
    At least they don’t drink all of my beer.
    You guys are responsible for draining many hours of my mental capacity with this show, and for that I feel I am owed a T-shirt. I’m also happy to report that y’all encouraged me to “just get out and do it” in regards to motorcycle touring. I made the trip from Colorado to California over a year ago on a 1994 Honda Pacific Coast that I bought for cheap, and repaired to good working condition. I also just got back from another trip on a resto-modified BMW k100 that I bought off a buddy, also for cheap. Riding long hours is draining, uncomfortable, tasking, fun, unforgettable and absolutely perspective-shifting. Keep up the great work, and I love the resource you’re creating for new and seasoned riders.
  • 9totjr
    Thanks for all the effort and great discussion…. HLP is one of my go-to’s for work travel. Great topics, maybe free t-shirts, and everyone loves KTM’s!!! How does it get better? Engine sound trivia, that’s how… hopefully my sound clip gets played someday! Pop a wheelie everyone!
  • TheManOfGold
    Best part is that Zack and Spurge are two riders that love the motorcycle communities. It’s nice to have one an experienced off road rider and another one being a track rat, they’re skills mesh really well to always have a good understanding of any topic they cover and to give interesting view points. These two (and Ari) are the sole reason I have an RPM membership.
  • Highside Lowside Speakers
    Zach and his hatred of speakers on bikes.. yall owe me a t-shirt.
    Hey yall, Im a pretty new rider who rides a 2005 Sportster 883 which I really enjoy and I just love motorcycles in general, everything from baggers to super sports, dirt bikes and everything else on two wheels. Ive been listening to the podcast nonstop for the last few weeks and normally agree with most things you guys say, however I really don't understand why Zach hates speakers on motorcycles so much. If cars can have them then bikes should also be allowed to have them aswell. I personally wouldnt have them on my bike but I can understand why someone would enjoy it and unless its some really disrespectful music I usually also enjoy it when I see someone else riding and playing music. I also believe the experience is much different than having music in your coms and I personally would think speakers at a reasonable noise level would also be safer. Either way Im a big fan of the podcast and have been listening to a few podcasts a day at work while I daydream about being out on the road riding. Thanks for putting out great content for every kind of rider!
  • Hatsterball
    Pillion to rider story connection from India episode 🤙
    Just watched the YouTube version of the motos in India, and Sagar’s story of his brother ripping down mountains to scare him reminded me of my brother taking me out on his 2000 Honda CBR RR 929 around a few blocks in my hometown to put an ear to ear smile on my face for the rest of the day and definitely ignite the fire in my heart to get one. Always a great show, with great and insightful guests. 🤙🤙
  • valdosta state
    A different perspective
    As an American who started his motorcycle “career” in Nicaragua, I have a different perspective on motorcycles than the typical listener. Where a 250cc dual sport is an aspirational moto for the typical person, and 2 stroke chinese messenger bikes are extremely common, I love hearing the hosts bicker about tech features of a $15,000 900cc hypernaked bike while filtering through traffic on my old Yamaha DT. I especially liked the most recent episode about India, because it very closely resembles Nicaragua in its moto culture. Organized chaos in a sea of motos, but with endless trails for enduro riding. We are fortunate enough to not suffer from extreme import taxes, and have access to quality trail bikes. The show has tons of information from knowledgeable hosts, with just the right amount of snark without being patronizing. Keep up the good work. Patiently waiting for new episodes in the global south.
  • aksnowskater
    Riding abroad
    You guys do a great job. I always look forward when the next podcast will drop, and a try to catch a quick I just got back from five weeks in Costa Rica. One of those was in the hospital, so I learned first hand how drivers/motorcyclist can make up their own rules. I just thought the podcast was perfect timing for what I just went through, thank you guys. See you in a week at Mojave.
  • Jfksksj did
    Spurgeon general’s warning
    The low side of this show- there’s not enough episodes, I’ve listened to them all. The high side - great hosts, great stories, great guests, very informative and entertaining. Listening to this show makes me want to ride more, and check out an adventure bike! We already have 3 bikes in the garage, and the hosts have made it clear it’s okay to have more. (Triumph street triple rs, triumph bonneville bobber, and a Honda grom) This show is the gateway drug to the rest of the content these two dudes make for revzilla - you’ll be hooked, even if you’re only moto-curious.
  • JosephTheRn
    HSLS Review
    Absolutely love these two! For all riders alike and non riders too! They cover all sorts of great topics and bring up great points. If you have ever had a question about motorcycling, it’s in a podcast. Intriguing conversations and great reviews and absolutely appreciate the fantastic work that all the people at HSLS do and look forward to all the podcasts!
  • IceTahoe
    Got me through
    I took the MSF at 48 years old and now 2 years and 30,000 miles later, I feel like a motorcyclist. Most the the advice I got early on was from you guys and I appreciate the way you translate the experiences of riding so many bikes in so many ways. It has helped my riding and my desire to keep exploring different aspects of motorcycling. After starting the Podcast in 2021, I’ve since gone back and listened to all the episodes. I hope there are many years more to come.
  • hirthquake
    I get to see more of these guys?!
    New, huge fan of the podcast! I’ve been watching gear review videos with Spurge for years now and started watching Zack’s daily rider videos more recently and then to find out these two have a podcast was just glorious. Love listening to these two (and their guests) chat and banter and just talk about one of my favorite hobbies! I’ve been a cruiser riding for my riding career this far (5 or so years) but once I pay off my current bike I want to explore the world of ADV/dual sport, in part because of these guys. I enjoy riding my friends’ sport bikes but I always “joke” that at this point in my life I’m mature enough to know I’m too immature to own a sport bike lol
  • ILoveT-Shirts
    After a Long Break
    After a long, cold, California winter between the season 6 finale and the 1st episode of season 7, I have finally broken my sober streak with the HSLS drinking game! I now find my days to be more enjoyable and work easier to manage. On another note, I’m convinced that the right number of motorcycles to own is 5, and being at 4 it’s time to convince my wife I need one more. A free T-shirt may help convince her…
  • Webbie540
    Great podcast!
    This has become my top 3 podcast. Y’all are doing a great job. I listen to y’all on the daily cause I got plenty of time since I’m a truck driver. I also find myself searching motorcycles I can’t afford😬. Keep up the good work
  • f1-fan not taken
    Good podcast. I like motorcycles
    I do wish you guys talked less about dual sports and adventure stuff, and talked more about sport bikes, but I still like motorcycles of all kinds One thing about s7e01, the point of the rebel 1100T is the hard bags and fairings are NOT the same as the one you can get as an accessory for the regular 1100. The cowl has different mount point, and the bags I believe are not offered. Also, and most importantly, the 1100T is THE ONLY model that is all black. The 1100 comes in a dual tone gray/black which is inferior to the all black look. 1100T only comes in DCT as well.
  • Quatra05
    A boring commute made bearable
    Thank you to the hosts and production team at Revzilla for producing this podcast. You make an otherwise boring commute more bearable.
  • Triumph Mary
    Not your average listener
    Hello Everyone! If you want an interesting and fun podcast the guys at RevZilla keep you up to date on all things motorcycle. I’ve been riding for about seven years and am an empty nest Mom who always loved motorcycles and Vespas from the first Sears and Roebuck mini bike my older brothers had when I was around seven or eight. As a young teen watching Bridgette Bardot on her Vespa in the south of France I knew that one day I’d have a Vespa! I now have two:) If the podcast can keep someone who’s old enough to be most of your Moms, it’ll keep you young people who love to ride interested too.
  • justindz1982
    Giggle score a 10
    Well Zach and spurg I came across daily rider in my YouTube feed a couple months back and loved it !! Zach knowledge and personality is great so great I started to do some investigating on revzilla then came across the podcast been beige watching it on YouTube and I have to say it’s the best podcast to date and I have to say all the people at revzilla are great love ari and the shop manuals too !!! Zach the daily rider of your dads OG GS in your home town was so incredible and touching and spurg you need to get a tattoo of your KTM rally over your heart lol!! Two wheels for life !! Peace out!!
  • Minerkr
    Highside / Lowside
    I enjoy this show.
  • Jdfdjgk
    Love the perspective from Zack and Spurg
    I appreciate that the team at HSLS frequently discusses and values rider training. I had not heard of American Supercamp before this and now I’m signed up to go in October! I’m truly bummed I just heard about the podcast, I would definitely have gone to the live show in Santa Ana! Hoping I can get a shirt in time to wear it to Supercamp… ;) Love the show, keep it up!
  • nickyg n da place 2b
    Indoctrination at its finest
    I need the T-shirt (and a KTM) to complete my indoctrination. Former Bonneville owner (great for road trips), just bought a small dual sport for mountains and bopping around town (who cares what Florida boy Jeremiah says), my Motul chain kit just arrived, I was correctly screaming “Husky Nuda,” for America’s favorite Engine Sound Guessing Game (shoutout to RoyalJordanian), I’ve filled out my tool kit thanks to Ari’s shop manual, and after I sell my car I am buying all new four season riding gear. It makes such reasoned sense to reward me with a free shirt, it would go together as well as Spencer Robert on a Versys 650LT. I’ll await my name call and I’ll have a draft email with address and T-shirt size (medium) at the ready. Thanks, fellas. Keep up the great work.
  • Crouchingform
    Wonderful show
    Motorcycling would be boring without this show! Very informative and entertaining!
  • Algar Buddusky
    Binge worthy
    I'm a newer rider and spent my winter wishing I could be riding every day so I listened to the entire back catalog over about a month. While my interest is more with modern classics, HSLS has opened my eyes to other aspects of the hobby in an interesting way that you're never bored. Zack is a racing legend yet him and Spurg talking I feel like I'm just BSing with my friends. Would love an episode talking about dream garage of pre-1980 bikes and you get $50k...
  • Andrew T 89
    These guys are goons. (In the best way). They have a good time whilst bringing great informative and thought provoking conversation. Lance is always a great guest on the show and I enjoyed the episode on Suzuki. It’s always a good reminder that the world is bigger than our little country and it doesn’t revolve around us!
  • Dnjsegwh
    Love the show, I wish they came out more often.
    I listen to these at work whenever we’re allowed to put in our earbuds, and people will ask me why i’m randomly smiling or giggling at my bench. It’s almost constant that i’m either learning something new, laughing at something they said, or getting told a cool story about one of the hosts or guests backgrounds. I used to listen to the Daily Rider youtube playlist on loop (without watching it, as i know what almost every bike he rides looks like) but once i found out about HSLS, Ive been a little addicted. Great stuff guys, and I hope Zack sees my comments on his Daily Rider episodes as well. Thanks for keeping me company on those long work days.
  • lispnik
    Soaking up the learnings
    This show is both informative and entertaining. One day I woke up and bumped my head – now I have motorcycle brain. Amongst devouring books on the subject, getting my MSF, spending ridiculous amounts on gear and a sensible 390 Duke (thanks Spurge, and 9 out of 10 riding instructors on YouTube) and starting practicing, I also subscribed to bunch of podcasts on motorcycling. Highside Lowside is my favorite. I feel like I can pick out a thumper by ear – new life skills! The episode on gear with Spurge, Zach and the dude who’s a gear expert was marvelous and came at just the right time for me. Having listened to a bunch episodes, the one describing the HSLS drinking game was hilarious. So true. Anyway the show was a kind of instrumental to my own personal journey into motorcycling. Recommend 10/10.
  • Kyles ipad12345678901
    These guys ride really ugly bikes and just aren’t that interesting. Really not sure how this became a podcast. I disagree with these guys at such a fundamental basic level that I won’t be giving my money to revzilla anymore. Period. Give me a break. These guys are complaining about bikes with sound systems. To the point of wanting it to be a law against having a loud bike or a sound system. We shouldn’t be making laws over minor inconveniences, this is completely unnecessary and ridiculous. I can’t even imagine getting upset over something so minor. So that’s that. Revzilla and cycle gear will no longer get my business. And for that I am glad I gave the podcast a chance. Have a nice day. I hope you go out of business.
  • Kokopotjoo
    Dating game inspired thought
    In the intro to the Dating Game show you mentioned Motul taking samples during Dakar Rally and their sophisticated laboratory for testing. Sure would be cool (for me maybe not everyone) if you did a show with your sponsor and they talked about the different ways they test and evolve their lubricants. Great show
  • nickbroaddus
    Good host chemistry
    I have 3 categories for podcasts: working in the garage, road-trip, and sleep aid. HSLS fits really well into two of these categories. Iv been following Zack and Ari’s projects since the beginning and I’m glad they hooked up with RevZilla. I think I ran into Spurge at the Revzilla store in the Philly shipyard a long time ago and he seemed pretty cool, glad he is taking a larger part with the brand.
  • Dbagjones
    I really enjoy the conversational tone of Highside Lowside, it's like hanging out with friends that share a common interest. I don't know a lot of people that ride and this podcast helps fill a gap that's missing from my life. Keep up the great work guys!
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