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Spurgeon Dunbar and Zack Courts co-host in-depth conversations about the most exciting topics in the world of motorcycles. Produced by RevZilla's Media & Content team, Highside/Lowside features the insights and opinions of the most prominent moto-minds in podcasting.

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  • Brown _Ian
    Better than expected
    This podcast was recommended to me by a friend. When I saw the length of the podcast I thought, “there’s no way I can listen to someone talk about motorcycles for 2 hours.” Now through season 6 and looking for more in previous seasons I find myself listening to podcasts with titles I thought I would find no interest in. Each show brings healthy perspective and fresh insight into the motorcycle industry. Thanks for a great show!
  • Mcupchuck
    Marriage 0 stars, High side Low side 5 stars
    I used to listen to Zach and Spurge anytime I was in the car. Unfortunately I got married and my then wife Hated you guys!! Now that I’m getting divorced I’m flipping her the metaphorical bird and catching up on all of the episodes I missed and it has been keeping me sane whilst dealing with all the lawyers and drama. Marriage 0 stars High side Low side 5 stars
  • Damage McPain
    Hs/Ls + CTXP > GoT + TLoU? Definitely!
    Each release of this show and Z&A’s CTXP films is more highly anticipated than whatever Emmy-winning drama HBO pumps out weekly! (for me anyway) Seriously, when did high-fantasy dragons & videogame adaptations become THE popular office water cooler discussion topic on a Monday morning, but when I talk motorcycles everyone just blinks at me and crickets chirp?? As a kid, I was bullied for liking the former…now as an adult I have no friends who share my love of the latter! Luckily I have Spurge & Zack to chat at me like surrogate pals during lonely afternoons in the garage cleaning chains & swapping oil. And every CTXP drop is an inspiration in friendship and adventure! I’ve even been know to put on Daily Rider repeats to fall asleep to. Ya’lls content is some of the BEST on the internet and getting the opportunity to ride bikes & drink beers with some of you GOADVF was like a backstage pass to my favorite band. Keep up the long-form content…make more of it in fact! You’ll be in the running for the next internet Emmy in no time! (PS - My t-shirt size is a men’s large)
  • Joshua 68
    Change in Riding style
    Hey Zach and Spurgeon love listening to the podcast I’ve been listening to a lot of your podcasts recently while getting through the bitter cold Wisconsin winter. Unfortunately at the end of this riding season I ended up getting in a accident hitting a deer on my 2020 Street glide. The motorcycle ended up getting totaled from the crash and now I was forced to look for a new bike. I was very influenced on what style of bike I was looking for from watching Daily Rider and knew I wanted to buy an adv motorcycle. I ended up buying a 2014 Honda CB500x and am super excited to start this next riding season! What modifications should I look at putting on this bike? I already went and put adjustable levers, handlebars, and engine guard. Also what tips may you have for someone just getting into a completely different motorcycle as I have spent my last 5 years riding cruisers?(1 year Honda shadow 4 years Harley Streetglide) Thanks guys love the podcast!
  • protteveel
    Great and fun content!
    My wife and I listen to this podcast while doing roadtrips. It is very informative and entertaining at the same time. By the end of every day, I cannot wait to get on my bike again. Keep it up guys!
  • Pewards491
    The dynamic duo keeps me listening
    Stumbled upon this podcast because I have been looking for new podcasts to listen to while on my way to work. From the witty banter to the hilarious digs at each other, I’ve enjoyed every episode this far. As a seasoned rider who still owns his ninja 650 I resent that Zach!!! Again great podcast and love learning about different riding styles and I will be listening for awhile!!!
  • Tdhixon
    One of my favourite podcasts
    I look forward to every episode of this podcast. I travel a lot for work, so I go days/weeks at a time without being able to ride, or being around people who understand what riding motorcycles is all about. Listening to Zack and Spurgeon makes me feel like I’m amongst “my people” on those long trips away from my bikes. The podcast is entertaining, informative and just plain fun to listen to. Thanks for doing what you do and please keep it up. Thanks, Travis
  • NarniaBoatTours
    Informative and Fun
    While I can’t provide KTM sponsorship to the show, I can provide a solid review. Zack and Spurgeon, the show’s hosts, discuss a wide variety of topics pertaining to motorcycling, from the history of the industry and different brands to riding tips, MotoGP, and cheesy motorcycle scenes in movies. Throw in some interesting guests and Zack and Spurg’s endearing banter and you’ve got a very entertaining podcast. Whether you’re looking to learn or just be entertained, this show won’t let you down. Specifically, I’ve appreciated how they’ve made dirt and track riding seem more approachable. Keep it up, guys!
  • RJ Lacaillade
    Awesome sauce
    As a rider in northern New England, I greatly appreciate this show. I love everything on two wheels and enjoy the plethora of topics covered. This podcast helps overcome the “winter blues” just wish you guys could change the weather! That said, I'm looking to purchase a second bike and have been looking into the KTM 390 Adventure, and would love to know what you guys think of it. I'm 5’7” tall and 175lbs and wondering if I maybe a bit big for it. Love the show and wish you both the best!
  • Mikemikeandmike92
    Great to listen
    I love listening to you guys talk about motorcycles. I’ve never owned one but hope to in the next few months. Almost at the point where I’ll have to start relistening to podcasts I’ve listened to already. I need you guys to post more ! Lol.
  • Jaymflyer
    The adventure motorcycle of motorcycle podcasts
    They’re fun, useful, multifaceted and kind of nerdy. Seriously though, the podcast is awesome. I have been a fan of both Zack and Spurge’s work for a while. The podcast is always entertaining and informative. Keep up the good work ya dweebs.
  • Daylabor
    Great moto podcast, even if you’re not just angling for a free shirt.
    Can’t get enough of this pod. Got back into motorcycling 3 years ago, and found out the moto-journalism world has changed more than a bit. Just as I was re-reading my entire Peter Egan collection through for the zillionth time and whining that there’s just nothing out there to fill the gap left by the best motojourno ever (car or bike or even plane - Egan can’t be topped), I collided face first with the Dunbar-Courts-Henning trifecta. The three of them together come close to recreating one Egan, and throw Lance Oliver in the mix, you’ve basically got the complete recipe. Which might sound like a backhanded compliment, but Egan’s Egan, am I right? I’m classy enough that I’m not even going to try to promote my own motoblog. I’m still totally angling for a shirt, though.
  • JamesLopez
    Super helpful resource
    Spurgeon and Zack and guests are well informed and do a great job keeping the conversation accessible to new, intermediate and maybe even more experienced riders. Specifically I really appreciate how down to earth and relatable they are, telling stories of them making mistakes, not choosing wisely, etc. It seems like it would be easy for them to fall into inside baseball type thing and act like ideal riders but if they do then one usually brings it right back to keeping it real, explain any jargon, remove barriers, not make anyone feel dumb who didn’t already know that. I’m a new listener, so maybe you’ve covered it already. Would like a chat about eye protection for road and adv riders, maybe all riders. You all rock, keep it up.
  • AnonymousReviewerToday
    Could Be Better
    While this podcast tries to be a well rounded, overall motorcycle podcast, it falls short of the mark. The hosts have obvious bias for certain types of motorcycles. If your interest is in American motorcycle brands, this podcast probably isn’t for you. I feel that there is some stereotyping of cruiser riders from the hosts. Not everyone that rides American cruisers wants to put on a black leather vest and play Sons of Anarchy on the weekend. Some of us just love the heritage of American brands. I think the show could benefit from adding a host, that is a true American brand enthusiast. As it is, I listen to this show when I’ve caught up with any other shows I listen to. Often, there are several episodes of this show in my queue, that I haven’t listened to. Also, I don’t care for episodes that are totally subjective. For example, talking about how many motorcycles in the garage are too many, is a waste of time. I rather hear more industry news, and talk about that news.
  • rutanboys
    New Rider Thirsty for Info
    I am recently licensed but have not purchased a bike yet. This is a great podcast for information. Would be 5 Stars for me if the topics were condensed to 1 hour or less. I am thirsty for info but must be too inpatient.
  • Kells9122
    Must Listen
    If you love motorcycles of any type, you gotta subscribe and listen, love all topics keep it up guys.
  • Osmanmohamed
    Excellent podcast for all things 2 wheel
    Love the discussion, excellent topics, very knowledgeable hosts and excellent guests. Thank you guys for hours of lovely entertainment, and education.
  • Reads-a-lot
    Great podcast with well balanced information and opinions
    I’ve followed for a while and really look forward to new episodes, and we’ll done. Also, Spencer Robert’s definition of a dual sport is 100% accurate, and you should include his valuable insight and wisdom on future episodes to further enrich the discussion.
  • Frackle
    I got the Urge to Spurge!
    Courts in session and my boy Dunbar’s bringing the absolute heat. Nonstop whammies in the two wheel commentary segment.
  • fujikawa reactor #3
    Not a motorcyclist, but a fan of podcasts
    I listen to podcasts while at work and I found many podcasts of all sorts on a Reddit thread some years ago. I recently got around to listening to this one. I didn’t know that a high side or a low side is a type of crash for motorcycles, if you were curious as to what my knowledge of motorcycling was before listening. Going forward with the review - I will rate it based on the following criteria: Hosts Remaining on topic Guests Knowledge Hosts: In the early seasons, I really only liked Joe and Sturgeon. Lenny seemed very arrogant and I feel that he just wanted to be contrarian. He never really grew on me before he left. His replacement, Zack, instantly became my favorite and his chemistry with Sturgeon was always really entertaining. Their voices are easily distinguished and they foil nicely to each other. Zack is high energy and always sounds very jubilant while Sturgeon has a gravelly voice and seems more grounded when telling his stories. On-Topic: You can tell these guys are passionate about what they do. Whatever story they tell or whoever they bring on is always relating to motorcycles somehow. They don’t deviate (much) from the title of the video and when they do, they are still talking about motorcycles. Guests: Originally, Sturgeon would interview people and these felt very uncomfortable. They didn’t flow well and it seemed that he was doing it to round out a requirement that he had to fulfill for his boss(es). Later, they would include guests for most of the show and these were very natural feeling. The two guests that really stand out to me was Itchy Boots, who rides her motorcycle around the world and Harry, Zack’s childhood friend. It was fascinating listen to what Itchy Boots has experienced and seen and what she has accomplished in her life was so inspiring. Definitely the episode I would talk about if I were to recommend this podcast to someone. On the flip side, while being very knowledgeable and a childhood friend of Zack, I never enjoyed listening to Harry. Every time he’s on, you can almost hear how much he wants to be somewhere else doing something else. I’m sure it’s not the most exciting part of his day, but I think he should put in a bit more effort. Knowledge: So far, every guest and host has been very insightful and shed light on their own niche is the realm of motorcycles. While most of it I wasn’t personally interested in, I can appreciate someone sharing their wisdom with others. Something that has carried over from season 1 is self deprecating humor of the hosts. It’s a little much. There’s nothing wrong with staying humble, but these guys have experience and a wide variety of different types of motorcycles (I didn’t realize there were so many!) I’m sure they have more experience than 99% of their audience. It seems to me that they do have a significant amount of “authority” behind their statements and suggestions and they aren’t just “some guys sitting on a couch”. Overall it’s a very fun podcast to listen to and even if motorcycles aren’t your thing I’d still recommend the podcast.
  • Clark W Grismon
    Finally caught up
    First off, love the podcast, Spurge and Zack and the producers do a great job with topics and the conversations. They have great guests as well (Ari is my favorite guest) I’ve been listening to this podcast for several months now starting at the very beginning and it’s been interesting to see how it has evolved along the way. Finally I’ve caught up to the current episode so now I have to wait for new ones like everyone else. I rode dirtbikes and quads as a younger man and have made my way to an interest in street bikes in my 40s. I took a BRC at my local community college which was great fun and now have my M class license. Working on getting a bike sometime soon hopefully (tiger sport 660 vs versys 650 anyone?) Keep up the good work!
  • Jaimetho72
    Need rpm help!
    Hey guys just wanted to say I love the podcast and you get me through all my 4am shifts! I think there is an overlooked part of switching from cruisers to sport bikes. I am 26 and have bought and sold only Harley Davidson (sportster, dyna, street glide, and Electra glide). I just recently purchased a 2000 zx12r from a girl that bought it for her boyfriend and her anger after their break up was a golden opportunity for me. Had 20k miles on the bike and I purchased for $2500. Overall I love the bike but I am so used to keeping my Harley around 3k rpm while cruising that I may be bogging down my new sport bike because I am shifting WAY BEFORE the bikes power even comes in. Is there any comments or suggestions you may have to get me out of that mindset of shifting too early and what rpm do you recommend? Thank you again and keep up the amazing work! 2000 zx12r a1 unrestricted model -2 front sprocket +2 rear sprocket 6 inch stretch 200/55/17 rear tire Dyno tune Headers with M4 shorty exhaust
  • mc3scape
    Makes me want to ride my bike all the time!
    Listening to Highside / Lowside makes me want to ride my bike! I binged a lot of episodes while on a car road trip from Austin to Chicago on Thanksgiving and I couldn’t help but imagine I was doing the trip on my motorcycle! I still haven’t done a road trip on my bike but I haven’t given up on it. Hopefully I get a chance to do it while wearing a Highside / Lowside t-shirt :D
  • Highland Moto
    Great podcast
    Hi Zack and Spurgeon! Keep up the great work. I’m in western Montana and there is a lot of snow on the ground and the temp is in the single digits. The podcast helps me to bridge the gap between riding seasons. Please keep it up. Thanks Mason
  • iCorel
    This Podcast completely turned my life upside down in one year
    A year ago I was a visiting student from Germany in California, supposed to go back home in a few months and had never ridden a motorcycle before. Then I discovered this podcast and everything changed… I got a license, bought my first bike (neither KTM, Triumph Bonneville nor VStrom unfortunately), learned some hard lessons but was always inspired by the stories on this podcast to keep hitting the road and go on crazy adventures. I fell in love with discovering the US on two wheels and got a job just so that I would be able to stay here. It took me until now to get through all the episodes, but now that I managed to catch up I wanted to thank you for all the inspiration, great tips, encouragement and the endless hours of entertainment!
  • SkDmRkLcY
    Great Show
    Great show with quality discussion and fun conversation. Just getting into Motorcycles as my midlife crisis and still learning and dealing with also being a fat guy but it is motivating to fix that. Looking at starter cruisers and if I listen to the sales guy I would just get a Road King…. Glad I found this resource!
  • Drminson
    Not even my wife makes me laugh this much
    The stuff these guys do is great. I only wish they came out with episodes quicker and more often. :-)
  • ogrimia
    suzuki reborn again
    it was fun to listen the podcast in december 2022 where Zack, Spurg, and Oliver discuss the whole hour about dying suzuki motorcycles in US when Suzuki just came out with brand new engine and two new (completely made from the ground) models of the motorcycles vstrom 800 and gsxs8
  • Gye42
    Spurges Dirt and Zacks Shirt
    When you’re at work sitting in front of a computer, you can let your spirit and mind ride free with the Highside/Lowside podcast. The ever-interesting Zack and the devilishly handsome Spurge deliver witty(ish) entertainment, breaking(ish) news, and offer serious(ish) tips for your riding life. In all seriousness, the show keeps me excited about bikes when I have to be off them. There are gloomy days where I need the inspiration, and the show delivers. Cheers!
  • ADanFool
    Anyway, the point is…
    I live in Minnesota and travel several hours at a time for work. Listening to High Side Low Side makes the drive go by much faster. I find myself laughing, agreeing, disagreeing, and yelling along with you and your guests ( especially Lance “the silver fox” Oliver). I would highly recommend the podcast to anyone who rides! Seriously though, are you guys ever going to do a “whole other podcast” after all of the times its been mentioned? Producer Chase, get on it!
  • heybromikey
    We all know that song…
    If you like motorcycles a-lot-a, And reading Common Tread all day, Even though they don’t like cruisers, They still have half a brain, If you like laughing and learning around midnight, While you’re tinkering away, This is the podcast you have hoped for, Please subscribe and rate!
  • tacoyoda
    Memories ⬅️↘️⬆️↙️↘️
    I remember the Thomas guides living in SoCal. Took up a lot of room. I believe I had at least three. Another great show. Keep them coming
  • Tylerbruce
    Can’t get enough!
    Amazing podcast! Episodes are entertaining and topics insightful and often times thought-provoking . So I thoroughly enjoy each and every episode, however I often find myself wishing the episodes where not so constricted by time. I would say, so what if the episode goes a little bit over time. I would rather that then not let one of the host’s/co-host not finish/talk about a topic, thought or list. Or maybe a shift to weekly episodes? I guess all I’m really looking for is more HSLS!
  • B7M2W
    Keep it Coming!
    Navigation episode was great. Valuable information for every rider. Justin is a perfect example of what makes motorcycle people the best!
  • Chillin Dylan 7
    Love your podcast so much, been with you guys for a few years now. I am 21 and I am fortunate enough to have a dad who rides. He has a sportster and a few dirt bikes, but he also has a grom and he recently sold a honda ruckus. He also has an order on the trail 125. I love riding the grom and i love riding the old ruckus. My question for you guys is why is there so much scooter hate in the community. My friends rag on me when i talk about a possible scooter acquisition. I think it would be fun to have a little project beater scooter i can work on
  • Fr3cklez16
    Big Fan
    Love listening to the show. Keep up the good work!! Would like to here about the future of Suzuki. Own 2 Gsxr. Thanks.
  • kalen83
    Great Dialogue
    I’m not after a t-shirt, just wanted to share that I really like the podcast. I listen for the content, which is always good, but I have some feedback from my 11 year old son. On a recent ride in the truck he says “Dad, these guys are really funny, you shouldn’t listen to them at 1.5x speed.” It was at 1.0x speed. We both love the enthusiasm, which sometimes leads to fast talking it seems!
  • Fredericksburg, TX
    My go-to source for all things motorcycles
    I am just getting back in the motorcycles after a 15 year hiatus, and this show quickly became my go to source for all things motorcycles. It has interesting topics, great guests and practical knowledge. Spurg and Zach have so much knowledge and experience but feel unpretentious and approachable. The kind of guys you would love to go ride with for a day for a little knowledge and good spirited motorcycling to rub off on you. Keep up the great work guys.
  • randydoinstuff
    Dual-sport episode
    Great episode guys! The content is really informative and fun to listen to. As a new ADV rider, I really liked listening to this show for advice. I ride a 2009 R1200GS and find it a little cumbersome off road. I’ve been thinking about getting a smaller dual-sport and appreciate all the bike choice options presented in this show. Keep up the good work do an episode about moto-camping! Thanks
  • motogpman2006
    Mini moto madness
    Hay Spurg and Zack long time listener first time writer. Was wondering, about how you guys felt about mini moto as a training tool or for getting a younger generation into road racing i my self have a yz 85 ive been racing for 8 years some of the most fun ive had on 2 wheels. Whats your guys impression of it and i know ari is into it. i would love to bring more attention to it and grow the sport.
  • Sliccnut
    I could listen to these people all day. Seriously enjoy it.
  • ByrdJr
    S6 E7. Tiered licenses. Nope.
    Hey guys, Love the podcast. Don’t pick on Spurg so much. It’s annoying. That aside, Spurg, I don’t agree with the tiered license concept and your Bonnie doesn’t count. The current T100 wouldn’t qualify and most (likely none) fit under the HP ceiling. Also, as a tall person, the bonnie platform (excluding the scrambler 1200 which wouldn’t count), isn’t a comfortable or confidence inspiring ride. Especially at highway speed. It may depend on where you ride and your own personal riding style. That’s my experience though and, as Zack would say, your mileage may vary. If we did go the tiered licensing route, maybe we need a blend of criteria. Age, years of driving experience and/or motorcycle course results? With too many barriers, I think you end up in the same space as commercial drivers, or drivers who see a functional, $ value-driven benefit versus driving a car. That may not be the core of who’s supporting the industry right now in the US. I would think it’s entusiasts and/or over the hill dreamers, like me. We might choose to do something else, which I assume would probably depress the ADV segment… if I know my demographic. As always, great discussion. I appreciate all you guys and thanks for doing what you do. dbo
  • The OG Fancy Pants
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast. What I really enjoy is the conversation approach that they take. like there’s a main topic but they tend to meander through the narrative and tend to cover more than just the main topic. I love their guest speakers and learning more about the speaker’s background and their connection with the host’s. I’m totally hooked.
  • Crawl Hard
    KTM Fan
    Hey guys, like Spurgen I’m a KTM fanboy as well. With a 300XC 2 smoke for off-road and single track and a newly arrived 990 SM R that just replaced my KLR. Love the show, love the banter and antics. Keep up the good work.
  • EkimNod
    Lane splitting litmus test
    Ther scary in motorcycles 😎
  • AnatomicallyChallenged
    Anatomically Awkward
    Love the show. It’s like sitting around drinking beer in the garage with friends. So…I’m a big guy (6’6”). I’ve been fortunate to be able to find gear that fits me fairly easily except…..BOOTS! Specifically boots to wear at a track day. Your last episode brought this back up in my mind because I’d love to do a track day but I don’t think the boots I wear when riding my cruiser would be acceptable for riding a sport bike around the track at a track day. I wear a size 16 wide and I’ve tried the largest boots I could get from the major manufacturers. Any thoughts/help or even know of a manufacturer of custom boots that would be appropriate? Keep the podcasts coming! Send me a t-shirt please. Size 18XL (just kidding….about the size, not about getting a shirt)
  • Chuck NH
    I've been listening to this podcast for a year or two now. Originally, being kind of anal, I went back to the very first episode and listened to all of them in order😳. This obsessive behavior led to a strong kinship with all the hosts and guest. As a life long motorcyclist from Massachusetts, the stories of Zack and Ari's early days at Loudon ring especially strongly. I first went to Loudon in the late 70's / early 80's. The very first vehicles I saw lapping that track were the sidecars. So in my mind, I figure I must have seen Zack racing with his dad back in the day. These connections make me feel that with the right set of choices, I could easily have been on that show with you. Riding and testing new motorcycles, talking motorcycles, working at RevZilla, it could have been mine. Instead I watch from afar with a tiny bit of jealousy. I'm a little older than all of you but I'm sure I could compete. I hear you all talking of your fathers. I picture them as older and wiser. On episode S6E6, Zack mentioned that his dad was born in '53. Oh no😱, I was born in '56. I'm closer to a dad than a cool motorcycle podcaster! My dream is shattered. I'm past my prime. I can't go of back in time so I'll have to continue to enjoy your show while pretending to be a younger peer. You know what might help? A youthful looking Highside/Lowside t-shirt. Help restore my youth.
  • Kokopotjoo
    Glad I found this pod cast
    Your show is entertaining, but I heard a pod cast talking about who you all think was the most influential motorcyclist. I’ll be damned I’m old cause no one mentioned Fonzy(Henry Winkler from Happy Days) , Peter Fonda or Evel Knievel. Thank you for the entertainment and hope to keep listening to you all for years to come.
  • Justskate
    SPURGEON DUNBAR!!! (i had to)
    Greetings from NH! Just recently got into riding at the ripe age of 30! Bought my first bike in September and ive ridden every chance i can get since. Sure its just a mini (Kymco Spade 150) but i can honestly say its the most fun ive had in my entire life. The existence of this podcast has only broadened my interest for my new found love. Already cant wait for the spring to upgrade to something a littttttttle bigger. You guys are a blast to listen to, thanks for everything you do.
  • TwoWheelNewbie
    Loved the track day episode
    I signed up for a Champ School session on my birthday weekend 2023 while listening to “S6 E6: First Track Day: What’s Stopping You?!”. Loved the episode and the show in general. Very approachable show and not in the least bit gate-keepy. Keep up the good work y’all!
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