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Welcome to Critical Role, where a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons! Join Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and an all-star cast of world-class performers each week as they travel through imaginary realms for more adventure than you can shake a magic staff at. Need a deeper dive? Be sure to catch Talks Machina with Brian W. Foster, the official Critical Role companion show, right here on Critical Role.

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  • Nagitana
    Literally the only show/podcast I’ve religiously listened to. The cast are all brilliant actors and it makes it a treat to listen to. Critical Role has made the long drives especially easy for me.
  • Emegown
    Love this group♥️
    I knew very little about D&D until my husband introduced me Critical Role. I fell instantly in love with this group as well as the game. Shortly after we started our own D&D group.
  • oediaxl
    Completely addictive
    The best long form cooperative storytelling I’ve ever seen or heard tell of bar none. Every single cast member has made me laugh and cry and feel everything in between at one time or another.
  • Kinichee
    The best thing to happen to D&D
    There isn’t a more entertaining, engaging, moving and thrilling show about D&D than that of Critical Role. Do yourself a favor and listen to this wonderful show with fantastic voice actors and performers.
  • TinktotheCore
    Great Storytelling
    I was adamant that I was not going to ever play DND. That was not my jam. Listening to this podcast made me realize that it might be my jam. The story telling is well done and thought out and the characters are fun and quirky. While it is a dnd game, you don’t have to love dnd to love the show.
  • McBakeman
    Found family and good feelings
    There is always a good time to be had here, you will get hooked and it will take over your life.
  • Lizard Lemon
    Love it
    Every minute is worth it
  • Rustorod
    Great Podcast
    I love listening to the adventures of the Mighty Nein! This podcast has definitely sparked my imagination for our D&D adventures.
  • Arcturus72
    One of the Best
    This podcast is amazing
  • ThatRedbeard
    Possibly the most addictive podcast I’ve ever listened to
    I had seen a few episodes of Critical Role on Twitch over the years but didn’t know about the podcast until about halfway through last year. I’ve gone through all of Campaign 1 and am almost caught up on Campaign 2 at this point. The show and the cast are absolutely amazing and the amount of money I’ve saved on audiobooks is ridiculous. I even went and subscribed on Twitch because I wanted to support the show. I had a passing interest in D&D before but this show has definitely made me want to get into a regular group. Thank you for creating this wonderful show!
  • delightfulanny
    Talks should be separate
    I love cr, this is truly the best listening. but... talks machine just clogs up my feed and takes me out of the story. I wish there was an option to just subscribe to the story.
  • Nerithyra
    Best Thing I’ve Downloaded
    I love this show so much, it makes the days at work pass so much faster. It’s entertaining, and multi-faceted and I’m absolutely in love with everything about it. Hope to go to another live show someday soon!
  • Chanchanbug
    2nd to none
    Matthew Mercer is a genius in constructing, adapting, and executing brilliantly thought out scenarios and adventures. The cast is phenomenal, as well, in playing their characters honestly and not straying from each character’s traits. It is refreshing to listen to and watch a group of friends get together and truly have fun playing the worlds greatest role playing game. It is very relatable to my group of friends that play, just much funnier. The casts’ personalities come out in the characters they play. They occasionally get frustrated with one another, take shots at one another, go off script/plan, cheer for each others triumphs, support each other in failure, and most importantly they love one another (abundantly apparent whether listening or watching) ... everything friends do. There is no other d&d podcast quite like this one. You will Nott be disappointed.
  • LJCrowley
    The best
    The only reason I would dock the score is a lot of players for my campaigns have never played and come in having listened to all of critical role and they have extremely lofty expectations. Stop being so good. It makes my life harder.
  • Hizzle59
    Wonderfully entertaining
    This is a wonderful cast and crew. I am finally caught up and now I don’t know what to do. I may have to start campaign 1 over again.
  • krambotyt
    Honestly Great
    However I do recommend starting with Campaign Two when they are much more polished. Now, allow me to roll persuasion to get you to listen. Oooh, it’s a NEIN!
  • pumpk1npie
    this show means SO much 2 me! as a nonbinary person, it’s very hard to find representation for people... like me! but when dairon and bryce were introduced i was SO happy to see nonbinary people just... living day to day lives and being out and proud? it also got me into dnd, which i can’t thank all of u enough for!
  • pjstwo
    Beat of the best
    So much top class listening.
  • Tonchyaku
    Great to Geek Out!
    My teen daughter introduced me to this podcast a couple months ago and I just burn through episodes. I started with Campaign 2 (new characters from Campaign 1, so easy to jump into) and it has helped me lead my family though D&D adventures but also the the story is great and the players - professional voice actors by trade - make listening fun and interesting.
  • Narsosis
    Best! Thing! EVER!!!!
    I love this podcast. The cast, they are like coming back and hanging out with friends every episode!
  • Firanor
    Great for commuting
    For someone like me, whose schedule makes it impossible to catch the live stream, I love having the audio podcast option available. It’s great to and from work. I recommend it!
  • Ponyboy1980
    My Favorite Podcast
    This show is a cherished favorite. Everyone in the show is a kind and delightful and talented person. Great collaborative storytelling!
  • taybartholomew
    I spend all my spare time listening to this amazing podcast
  • Rwazo1
    Great Program
    Love these guys. They put on such a great and creative show. They’re all such talented actors and it really shows in their DnD performances. Thanks to them I’ve picked up the hobby and they’ve really shown me what a great time it is.
  • 9gaggin
    Everything is content!
    Adding old Talks Machina was an EXCELLENT move!!! Love these so much, so thank you!
  • Angelsberg57
    Great to use to catch up
    I fell behind by many many episodes so I loaded up their podcast and it is a quick way to catch up while I work. Make's time fly when you're listening to the campaign doing mindless work. Also great for the drives home.
    Great imagination!
    I love listening to this. It’s so easy to feel connected and immersed in the story. It’s hilarious and intense and full of adventure!
  • jeff swart
    almost perfect
    was excited for the reordering, i’d been wanting that since it makes for a hands free experience on car trips and during work to have episodes flow automatically in order, but having talks machina breaking up each episode kinda interrupts the flow. it’d be nice for talks in a different section.
  • armorednight
    Missing episodes!!??
    First off I Love this show and you guys!!!! But I'm upset!! I listen to Critical Role while I’m at work. I loved campaign one! And I have been listening to campaign two. I just finished episode 22 the other day at work. The next time I had a chance to listen to episode 23 I realized that now the last episode listed is all of a sudden episode 19. I then learned of a change to a different pod feed. I subscribed to the new feed, just to find the the first episode listed there was episode 37!!! Now i have no way to listen to the missing episodes except on YouTube, which I can not do at work. So Im truly bummed, but I will not be listening to any more Critical Role until one of your feeds includes the missing episodes!! :(
  • RondyR
    Where is the Call of Cthulhu one-shot? Once that’s uploaded and available I’ll adjust my score. Edit - Whoops, I found it. Score adjusted accordingly. Do more Call of Cthulhu games, please and thank you.
  • Iris By Design
    Best Podcast Out There
    This podcast remains the one thing I recommend the most to strangers and friends alike when anyone tells me they like gaming, fantasy, or adventure, or is interested in getting into podcasts. I just don’t think you could ask for a better podcast than a group of professional voice actor friends playing DND for years together. I fell in love with campaign 1, but campaign 2 is just so so good and I can’t believe I’m almost caught up. Thanks for making this amazing show available via podcast for those of us who don’t get the opportunity to watch the episodes live or on YouTube. It makes my data-entry hours at work and the 2+ hours daily commute so much more enjoyable. Thanks for attributing positively to my mental health! Lol
  • Myco Mick
    Super duper engaging!
    I love your immersion into the world together. I’m captivated and I love that you love what you’re doing. Keep up the great work please!
  • climber-emoji
    Start with Adventures of Darrington Brigade
    The Critical Role crew makes their D&D adventure exciting and engaging like a cross between theatre and a radio show. I’d love to watch if I had the time, but being able to enjoy just the audio has made it easier for me to keep up with the weekly episodes. If you’re new and want to know what it’s about, I’d recommend trying the one-shot The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade to catch a flavor of how the voice actors/ actors bring life, adventure and surprises to you. After that I’d start with Campaign 2 for the best interactive storytelling you can enjoy.
  • A Humble Barbarian
    Please see above rating, accept, and binge please.
  • Marxmarv
    Hilarious gameplay
    Voice actors doing D&D...very funny, great voices and decent post game analysis. I’m really enjoying listening in- it keeps me wanting to play.
  • ArtTeacher009
    Love Crit Role
    Critical Role is one of the best D&D podcasts out there. The players have excellent chemistry and Matt is an excellent storyteller. I'm not a fan of Talks Machina but the main episodes are the best.
  • InhabitantOfAges
    Critical Role is Fantastic, but...
    Don’t waste your time with Talks Machina. Seriously. The show is maybe 15 minutes of interesting content buried within an hour runtime, almost totally obscured by a near-endless mudslide of pointless vamping. The host and the cast are all better than this—why is this the best they can put together? Better question: why isn’t Talks its own podcast, so I can subscribe to Critical Role without this dreck clogging up my playlist?
  • The wise king
    The best!!!!
    Seriously the greatest. Just wish I had the time to actually keep up with it.
  • TessaRenalds
    Excellent character and story development!
    I started listening to the podcast for critical role after a co worker of mine suggested it. I was completely enthralled and immediately delved into Vox Machina, and now into the Mighty Nein! The beautiful description, amazing character development, touching moments, and intense (gripping the end of your seat) combat. This has been such a wonderful experience and I’m happy I listened to the podcast. I wish I had time on Thursday evenings to pop in more when it’s live, but I know I can always catch up with iTunes podcasts. I was tentative to D&D, because I didn’t know what it actually was. After listening to the show, I gathered some courage to DM for my own group of friends, and we love it now. Thank you Critical Role for breaking the mold and inspiring many. Happy Thursday!
  • Safor001
    Critical Role has carried me through so many long work drives, boring days, and long runs outside. My love for DND increases with each episode and Critical Role sparked my spirit to play DND in the first place. I can’t stay up late watching the streams, so the podcast makes it easy for me to catch up while I live my every day life!
  • t_walk40
    Best best best
    I played D&D in college and after I started listening to this podcast and watching the streams on YouTube I was able to get a few friends hooked on it as well and now we have our own campaign on roll20.
  • Phoebus21
    Best D&D podcast ever!!!!
  • I am job.
    Best Podcast Ever
    I have literally stopped listening to every other podcast in my feed to catch up with Campaign Two.
  • Kira.backpacker
    The Absolute Best Show Ever
    Critical Role will NEVER get enough praise from me. The characters are the best in any media; the creators/actors are beyond any I have ever seen; and the story is utterly incredible. Critical Role helped me through the darkest time in my life and continues to be a light. Seriously, if you are debating, you should watch it. I love these guys and I’m proud to be a Critter for life.
  • rjanellehogan
    Great Podcast / Show
    I’ve been a fan forever. I’m excited for each episode no matter how crazy the crew gets!
  • TentacletimeEternal
    You’re the best around nothing’s gonna ever keep them down
    This is a podcast that makes the work days much more entertaining to go through. Even if I don’t see it, the theatre of the mind directed by wonderful and humble Matthew Mercer just brings everything to life. And all players have wonderful chemistry too. Also big props to the cast behind the scenes helping keep things in check. All of you are amazing and put a lot of passion and it shows every Thursday. With all the Love. Fellow listeners you won’t be steered wrong by this podcast. Step into the wonderful world and let your mind become that theatre.
  • Rohrne
    Truly changed my life
    I have been playing D&D for years and wanted to find a good podcast to listen to. Critical Role was recommended to me by fellow DMs and players and I finally decided to give it a listen. This show and the cast have made such an impression on myself and my family. I love this show, and it has helped me be more confident in my DMing and more active in the community. Thank you so much for all you guys do.
  • FnafWarrior
    One of the best
    Critical role really sparked a light of dnd that pushed me through my life so far. That especially of my favorite character Jester, played amazingly by Laura Bailey! Thank you so much P.S Sam dice jails are expensive but needed just like all of the crazy gimmicks you spend money on 🤣
  • Mojobi
    Brilliantly Refreshing
    When I can’t catch the video stream, I listen to the podcast on my long commute. Start from the beginning of the campaign if you are new to this podcast. The character development and immersion is better than any you will find on mainstream TV shows. It has been a long time since I have been this invested in where a story goes, what the characters are doing, and quite frankly, the long-term success of the actors. They are all brilliant!
  • FattieMcBibbles
    This is amazing.
    I have been a listener for about 2 years now and I have to say this is amazing content. I was told about you guys through a friend and kept saying that I would get around to it. It took me almost 3 months to finally listen to campaign one's first episode. I should have started when my friend first told me. The characters are amazing and their growth throughout the campaign had me laughing, cheering, furious, and of course crying. I am all caught up with campaign 2 as well. This time around may not have me as emotionally invested but I still love to see what the Mighty Nein can get themselves into. You guys are wonderful human beings.
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