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Welcome to Critical Role, home of a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors playing tabletop roleplaying games! Enter a world of glorious imagination and improvisation with a group of the finest collaborative storytellers around. Here you’ll find our TTRPG and adjacent shows, including Critical Role, Exandria Unlimited, 4-Sided Dive, and a growing selection of one-shots.

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  • Tribble2
    Ads are out of control
    NB: The audio skipping problem goes away if you download the entire episode before starting to play it. I think this is an Apple problem, not a CR problem, due to the length of the shoes. I used to enjoy listening to the podcast during my commute, and I’d let the ads at the beginning and the breaks play to support the show. Sadly, the ads are now inserted at random in the stream and are much louder than the actual scenes… you’ll be listening to a touching moment being whispered among the cast and A REALLY LOUD AD WITH DRIVING MUSIC CUTS IN MID-WORD BLASTING YOUR EARS AND RUINING THE MOMENT. This happens many times per episode. It’s ruined the experience so much I’m stopping listening to the podcast. Sadly, since i don’t have time to watch a video stream, CR will lose a listener. Hope those ads make up for my leaving, as the team seems like good people.
  • The--Celestial
    Great Podcast but
    Great Podcast but why is season 2 so incomplete
  • Lumpyboris
    Fully immersive and consistent
    This cast, these friends, they are consistent in their high quality performances and storytelling. The characters are lovable and complex and the plots are fully immersive. The best of the best.
  • Pauldron Grandy
    Great storytelling. Great vibes.
    Discovered Critical Role via a random post from a stranger on social media, reacting to a big plot point—barely knew anything about D&D. Got interested, watched the first episode of campaign 2 to see what it was about. It’s now hundreds of hours later and I’m still watching/listening. Dig in, you won’t regret it.
  • CMO2013
    Perfect but I hate the person who put one star their name is tribble2
    Just perfect I hate tribble2 he left a one star
  • slightningbolt
    Your nerdy best friends
    It’s critrole. It’s the best.
  • HawkeyePie
    Fun and friendship
    I came to this party late and have been delighting in the storytelling, and humor in this show. The highlight is that the cast obviously and truly enjoy each other. Their friendship and fun are what keeps me coming back.
  • Bane7575
    I’ve been a long time listener and this show is me of the most amazing works of art I’ve ever had the pleasure of following.
  • Pickled_Ginger
    I will always love this podcast, but…
    What started as a group a talented friends telling elevated stories about friendship and its conquest over difficulty has steadily declined into that group of friends navel gazing and goofing off. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of “story,” but I for one miss the CR of the first two seasons. What once was a drama that touched the heights and depths of human emotion is now a 4-hour slapsticky joke-off. If you’re looking for epic fantasy, look elsewhere.
  • Brsrkfury
    The ads are getting a little ridiculous, 15 minute from when i hit play to when the show actually starts is a bit much. And for the love of god please fix the upload problem. It’s annoying to hear the same 30 seconds over again.
  • TheScarletQ
    Iphone may be the worst, clunky, convoluted, and archaic garbage ever to have existed. Thankfully, crit roll is here to make it just that little bit less truly horrendous
  • Mechanical Ice
    Love the show!
    Love what you guys do! Its always entertaining and interesting! Even the ads at the beginning make me laugh, thanks guys!
  • tjh daman
    If you like D&D, like comedy & have hours of time to pass, then listen to every second of these wonderfully talented voice actors as they stumble through the fantasy worlds!
  • mattlantis
    Ads are out of control, bad editing
    It’s three minutes of ads just to get to . . . Sam’s ad. More generic ads are now spread throughout the show at the most awkward moments, practically cutting people off mid sentence. Also as others have pointed out, the podcast will often repeat sections of 15-20 seconds. It is jarring and beyond annoying.
  • CA Ray O'Sunshine
    Awesome minus the ads and glitches
    I have been a huge fan for years. I still love the content but the increased frequency of the ads and glitches that rewind 5 to 20 secs multiple times a show have really gotten in the way. I listen to tons of podcasts and it happens only with this one. What the f&@$ is up with that?
  • My favorite moment
    Please bring in episode season one to Apple podcast
    I love dungeons and dragons and I do it once a week but I wish to start from the beginning and if I do not have a choice that is very much OK. so have a good day.
  • SifuHoneyBadger
    Favorite media ever
    I am a newer listener that found the the show after watching the amazon prime series. I now play dnd 3 times a week and can’t get enough of this show. Great characters, amazing storytelling, deep and and rich world building. This show has actually changed my life for the better. Thank you all for what you do.
  • Captain Braviary
    Well Worth Listening To
    Great characters, great voice acting, great fun. Literally the only complaint I have is that I can’t see what’s happening, and that’s on me for listening to the podcast instead of watching the vod.
  • mrg141
    Is it worth your time?
    The answer is yes! 10 months ago I had no idea who Critical Role was, but after discovering them through the Legend of Vox Machina I spent 5 months catching up. It’s been an absolute blast!
  • Snakeobich
    Uploads need fixing
    Love Critical Role, but currently episode three is borderline unlistenable. Especially the later half, it is constantly skipping back 20 to 30 seconds. Very frustrating. And I’ve seen other reviews saying this is a widespread problem. Will happily fix review when the error is resolved.
  • Harrison Bodrie
    Excellence no other word
    Matt and crew have created an amazing world, great twist and turns and guests. For hardcore D&D fans and fans of a great story.
  • MysticMaize
    Love the Stories
    I absolutely love the stories from this gang. I’ve listened to all of Vox Machina through YouTube and I am up to date on Campaign 3 but the most frustrating part is trying to find and spectate the episodes from other content. It would be much easier to navigate and find what I want if things were in playlists like Campaign1, Campaign2, Campaign3, 4sidedDive, etc.. is there a way to do this and I’m just dumb? Or is this a feature that should be added? Aside from that issue this group is amazing and I absolutely love their tales.
  • garagebander45
    Please fix editing
    Great show but lately every episode keeps skipping back 5-20 seconds and replaying sections. It happens dozens of times an episode.
  • EsotericJess
    Never Give Up on the Fight
    Where does one even begin? I’ve been only been playing D&D since 2015, and my friends in our party have been talking about Critical Role most of that time. I was interested but was apprehensive to commit to a long format show. Then Season 1 of “Legend of Vox Machina” hit Amazon and I loved it. Life was busy, and soon S2 was out. And I needed more…. I don’t know why I didn’t look for a podcast format sooner. I started at Campaign 1. I was immediately hooked. You don’t get the full experience of watching episodes, (which I’ve now done some) but the cast do such an incredible job emoting and being their characters. From the tensions and lives in Vox Machina, the trauma and growth of Mighty Nein, and now a handful of episodes into Campaign 3, these characters (and players) guided by DM/Matt Mercer have been with me almost every day this year. As a player, hearing the cast learn and grow and forget rules, and search for stats has been as entertaining as the narrative and combat play. It was an adjustment listening to all that at first (and not having my own dice to roll), but quickly adapted and enjoy it. I’ve had so much fun thinking around the situations and obstacles, what would I do as a player in that situation, maybe this thread leads to xyz…and on and on. I feel like I’ve been made invisible and I’m cheering silently from the edge of the table. I’m excited and sad to be getting closer to catching up. (Maybe I’ll start all over again…) But this Podcast edition of Critical Role has been a delightful and endearing companion to my daily routine. Overshare moment: as a guy who recently began his mental health journey, this show has come to mean so much to me. I audibly laugh and visibly weep at times and just point to my earbuds if my coworkers give me odd looks. A year ago I barely knew anything about Critical Role. Today, I can’t imagine not having it in my life. So thank you to all: Matt, Liam, Ashley, Sam, Laura, Travis, Marisha and Taliesin and all the rest! Is it Thursday yet?
  • Elif Firat
    Best podcast İ have listened to in my entire life.
  • Ernpend
    What can you say?
    I never knew I could enjoy watching/listening to someone play a tabletop game, especially an RPG. I’ve loved D&D for years but this talented group of people truly bring it to life and they do so with a sense of fun that makes you feel as if you’re welcomed into a warm cadre of friends. In a way, you are! Their storytelling and improvisational skills are top notch; it’s fascinating to see and hear their characters come to life and witness this world be communally woven into reality from the collision of their creativity and the structure of the game. You’ll feel all the emotions but be left with the warmth of joy and friendship. And we’ve not even talked about the overwhelming amount of content! This can keep you occupied and entertained for months or years. What a gift the Critical Role cast and crew have given us.
  • R.shaffer
    Good show
    Just wish I could go back further into the first and second season. The third seasons is really good.
  • hunter phisher
    Sloppy editing
    Great show but hard to listen to on here with the constant skipping and backtracking due to poor editing. It’s every episode and happens often throughout
  • Derudog
    I have taken years to listen to all three campaigns and I am now caught up. What an amazing show. All the cast is great and remind me of my nerdy best friends. As a child of the 80s and a D&D nerd I totally love this show.
  • The Zhentarim
    Goes downhill fast
    First campaign was great but went sideways after that. Idiotic character creation begins in season 2 as each actor tries to outdo the others. The overdramatic whinny woke voices became way too much. Go woke go broke.
  • rgrggexfrh
    I’m 10 years old I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Land5harkie
    Fun and exciting show
    I was introduced to DND in 5th grade (At the time we did 5th grade friendly campaigns) and I had so much fun playing it, and in the summer coming to 8th grade I started listening to campaign 1, and now in high school it’s great listening and I’ll just listen to it while I’m bored and it great.
  • Randomdent42
    Only reason not 5 is editing
    I’m brand new to DND and absolutely love this show and the actors and the story and literally everything! Except the editing. It is exceptionally bad. Constantly backtracking 20 seconds or more of moving ahead. It really drives me up a wall and although this is a long podcast so I can imagine it is difficult to edit, it just feels really sloppy. Because it happens EVERY single episode.
  • profroguerouge
    Charismatic actors disguise meandering plot
    For four hours
  • kccampbell525
    All The Feels FIVE STARS
    I started listening to CR several years ago as a way to connect with my teenaged (now adult) son. We watched a few twitch episodes together (I love the live aspect) and then we went our separate ways of engagement. As a working mom who travels quite a bit I keep up on the show w the podcast and he logs on faithfully to his twitch channel. I’ve watched the Vox animation as well (crush on Percy! Just sayin.) bottom line. As someone w a masters degree in creative writing and another in Science, the show has it all. A fun escape from reality. A way to express myself newly, and most importantly a no stress way to connect with my son. Thank you to the entire cast and crew for bringing an exceptional product to market and for caring about the way you do it.
  • Vexvaxkey
    Audio Skips
    I have been a critter for a long time but I’m disappointed with the editing quality of this podcast. Oftentimes it skips and multiple times in an episode. I’ve listened to the podcast on Spotify and those errors are not present. They added prerecorded ads which can hurt the story immersion. I love the story, characters, and the people but I hope these editing issues are fixed.
  • McMulligan
    My Favorite Podcast
    I was introduced to Critical Role by a friend of mine, starting with Campaign 3, and after a few episodes I have never looked back. As a D&D player in high school, I have always been a fan of the game, but hearing this group tell their stories through it as a medium has been inspiring, gripping, hilarious, and touching. My life has been changed by Critical Role, and I am forever grateful and eager to hear what comes next.
  • Stabasutto
    There’s always something to learn
    I tried watching and listening years ago but couldn’t get into it because they were too long. Now that my interest in DND is peaking, I listen to 2 or 3 episodes a day! I started with C3 and am near catching up so once I do, I’ll go back listen to c2. I love everyone on here, the guests and more! If you enjoy storytelling, listening to friends just having fun or wished you had friends, give it a go! It’s free, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.
  • Spex2920
    Great stories but…
    I listen to this while I’m at work. It’s a great way to distract me from the mundane work day. I love the story that the cast tells and I laugh and cry as they do! My only problem is the ads. I don’t mind Sam’s long ads or the ads that are played before, after or when they go to break but the one that get played in the middle of dialogue or a battle are extremely annoying and take away from the story that they are telling as they play. For example 2 characters could be having a heartfelt conversation and you are feeling the emotions that are there but then you get ripped away by an ad for Burger King or T-mobile and then dropped back into the scene and your trying to pick back up what is happening but can’t cause all you’re thinking about is the annoying ad.
  • AddiClaw
    This is for you Taliesin
    Ashton made me question my gender identity and I’m not mad about it ❤️❤️❤️
  • Vinyl Trace
    Great universe, terrible ad breaks
    I’ve been a fan since the latter half of season 1 and love the universe that’s been created through their stories. Unfortunately since around January 2023 they’ve started inserting 1 or more random ads between the pre show ad reads and the mid show ad break. While ads are a necessary evil for podcasts, these ads tend to be dropped in with no warning and are often placed mid sentence which kills the mood the team is trying to set.
  • TechWitchNeon
    Needs editing
    I respect what this show did for the hobby, but I couldn’t get into it. Episodes are too long and the pacing is too slow. The group is too large and it makes the story hard to follow. Season 1 is unlistenable due to bad audio quality, poor mic etiquette, and an in medias res start with minimal context. The business side of this production is also toxic, as is a segment of the fan base.
  • Chickenman1993
    Favorite thing to listen to while working
    This is by far my favorite thing to listen to I work on a farm and spend a lot of time alone this makes my day so much better the way they articulate things makes me feel like I’m watching a movie and it makes my day go by so fast
  • Gray-mane
    Great show!
    Deeply engaging narratives and characters. I love the cast and the blend of personal relationships and roll playing.
  • Fvmh97c
    Did we lose Talks?
    Did we lose access to Talks Machina? Was trying to catch up (started about 15 months ago with the earliest recordings of Vox) and was enjoying experiencing what the community experienced as it grew over time. No worries if the decision was made to cut them - I’ll just miss out. Appreciate all the effort!
  • BPatrickT
    Video preferred, but mostly works as a podcast
    The podcast version was a great resource when I was getting caught on this wonderful series with the talented members of Critical Role and their amazing guests. I used the audio on my commute and went back and watched more visual elements: combat, Sam’s as bits, etc on Twitch and ther YouTube channel. I love these folks and really appreciate their work bringing D&D into the popular culture.
  • Saiorse70
    3-hour commute
    I’m a teacher and I commute three hours, five days a week and this podcast is a lifesaver! The character are endearing and the action is incredible. I’ve tried several D&D podcasts and this is the perfect balance of gameplay and narration. The voices are great and make the characters come to life. Each episode is long enough to take a week to listen to on the road and the cadence holds my attention throughout.
  • bobbbbbbbbbbbbbb xcx
    So good
    I love this show. The ONLY REASON I GAVE IT 4 stars is because I need these 3 characters to be a permanent part of the party: 1. F.R.I.D.A 2. Mr Dogson(I cant spell his first name) 3. Prism
  • Rhettwilly
    Jumpy audio on podcast version
    I love this show, I love the characters, I love the actors, I love the story. The only reason I put 3 stars is so hopefully my comment will be noticed. When listening to this on Apple Podcasts, frequently on each episode, there are times the audio will jump forward or back, I hope there’s a way to fix it.
  • Aretyler
    The Best Dungeons and Dragons Show
    I’ve been watching this show since the first episode on YouTube with Nerdarchy way back in 2015. I’ve been addicted to them for almost a decade. The show has everything humor, the action, the drama, and original characters and concepts. If you have giving the show a thought you should listen and watch.
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