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  • Ileana Casiano
    Marc Lamont Hill
    This episode hurt my head to imagine people like him exist but thank you Candace for speaking the truth.
  • lisa ryan 09
    Eye opening !!
    Thank you for being a logical and positive voice, and for being proactive to unite all Americans. I have been told to think, vote , and believe a certain way for 37 years of my life. I am so thankful I have opened my eyes and starting listening to others views which have really I have connected with. Thank you !!
  • Yeehawrrrrrr
    Candace is the voice of reason!!!
    Absolutely love the realness she brings to every conversation she has. She is willing to fight the good fight and debate with people who disagree in such a respectful manner that I know it must drive the Left insane. We need more people willing to go in, call people out. and hold them to their positions. If we had more discussions and dialogue with opposing views and ideologies so much more could be accomplished, but instead the Left immediately resorts to name calling and cancel culture. Thank you Candace for not caving and really calling things as they should be!!
  • Janih
    She is one smart woman!
    She knows what she is talking about. I love her.
  • Kidsmom89
    Thank you
    I enjoyed learning about Dr. Swain. I found her insightful and up lifting. I look forward to learning more about her.
  • belmariez
    candice owens
    always love listening to you speak about all the important things that so many are too scared to talk about!!
  • r bedgood
    As a white female republican Candace has actually taught me A LOT about the black community & politics in general. I find her podcast to be very educational & inspiring & truthful. She is a total savage & I love the guests she brings on. I just really appreciate her perspective. Very intelligent person
  • budwoods77
    Thank you for introducing me to Dr. Swain. What an impressive person. Her arguments on higher, not lower standards for all is on target.
  • supermilk
    Candace for Prez
    That chick is wicked smaat.
  • Crazyhorse263
    Candace for president!
    Love you girl! Looooooong time listener! Never bow to the rage mob! Mark from Long Island NY.
  • vcast93
    My hero 🤍
    Candance Owens is my hero! Keep shining!
  • t0mb0ymom
    Dr. Swain
    Dr. Carol Swain is a rockstar! Thank you for that interview and for making me a fan.
  • budgetgrl
    So glad you have the perseverance you do to continue to fight for what we know is right and true for Americans and what this country was founded on
  • JarNC
    Speaking to my heart
    The episode with DR. Carol Swain was beyond amazing. She spoke to my small town poor girl heart and embodies the fight out of poverty many of us faced as children. I never had a tar paper house but I was homeless multiple times and I adore how hard she worked, how she grew in faith, how she stood in her power and took her place in destiny. God bless her and I will be praying she continues leading, continues speaking truth and grace to us all! #CO2024 we are here, we are listening, we are with you Candice! Lead on!
  • Kswensen
    Keep it up!
    I appreciate you continuing to fight the good fight for ALL Americans!
  • JMCartwright
    Carol Swain
    Wow! What a great dialogue between you balanced and strong. Need more of Candace Owens!!!
  • thinker088
    Dr Carol Swain
    As a Nashvillian I have voted for Dr Carol Swain every time she has run for office she is a great person with an amazing story. Keep up the good work Candace your making a difference.
  • MamaRach82
    Eye opening!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. I am learning so much information that I had never known. Thank you Candace for being such a brave and honest voice in today’s world.
  • CemoS0607
    LOVE Candace!!
    Candace - I always look forward to listening to each of your podcasts. I love that you bring in people that have different opinions from you and have real conversation with them. Keep being awesome and speaking truth!
  • hopper2001
    For everyone!!!
    I love this podcast so much and any conservative will too but what I want, is for all non-conservatives to listen every day and share this great outlook
  • Belochenko
    Thank you
    Thank you
  • lifes a circus
    What a beautiful woman, inside and out. Both of you! We are so blessed to have such smart principled women talking truth!! You are both heroes to women, black, white, Brown, any color! Thank you for speaking out and not bowing to the pressure! It should not matter the color of your skin! We are all of the same “race” our skin tone is just different.
  • Mikeswifejackie
    Carol Swain
    I had never heard Carol Swain before this podcast but I really enjoyed listening to this conversation. It was a breath of fresh air and truth. Candace, thank you for your courage and your voice. God bless you!
  • mrsbthomas
    Intelligent and Articulate
    Love this woman. Please run for president when you’re old enough! P.S. love the negative comments, they’re so comical.
  • Criminal 89
    Thank you for having Doctor Carol Swain 1A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Emilíe
    Interesting guests
    I enjoy most of the guests that Candace brings on her show, although I do wish there was more diversity of thought. That isn’t necessarily Candace’s fault though, since most people on the left would never agree to such an interview. I do think Candace interjects and hijacks the conversation too much at times, which detracts from the interviewee’s topic of discussion. I also find it pretty hilarious how Candace mispronounces some words, like saying “aqweesh” (acquiesce), for example. Very nit picky, I know, but it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me coming from someone trying so hard to prove to the msm that she is educated.
  • Greentaco2020
    Pod James pod
    This Pod James pod person seems to give EVERY conservative right sided Podcast a 1 star and has negative comments for everything!! This person is a hater and needs to get a life. I will pray for you Pod James pod. Cadence keep up the great work!!!
  • PodJamesPod
    Pretty Bad
    I have friends and family who have been listening to this show / following Candace for a few years now. They all have become pretty hateful and less informed than they were at the start. Pretty sad.
  • Misdawn69
    Love Candace!
    Love Candace so much! Common sense thinking and strong woman. Prime example that when you work hard, you can succeed, no matter your skin color.
  • NewYear13
    Love this We need to win BLM over. We might have more in common. Can real Conservatives and real BLM find peace?
  • SReader322
    Unintelligent drivel
    Don’t listen to this - not objective
  • Robhash
    Love this podcast
    Can’t help but agree with her on a lot of subjects. Love how she actually invites people with opposing viewpoints to discuss and debate
  • deadjournalist
    Candace Owens is such a sellout. She is a textbook example of internalized racism. I guess she’s fine being PragerU’s token black person. She’s probably being paid very well.
  • loper07
    Owens #2024
  • pyarber
    This women is a fraud. She looooves white America and hates the rest, including herself. Lies. Lies. Lies. Traitor. Scum. Ect..
  • jenjnana
    What Jacki Deason said and so much more
    This was an awesome show and so on point. The real problems in our environment are not fossil fuels but rather the agricultural industry and animal “production” industry. They are destroying our environment and our health. The dead zone in the gold is not caused by oil and gas. The increasing destruction of marsh lands and our loss of species again not oil and gas. Also Estrogen dominance is destroying us. Beyond xenoestrogens it is a common theory that insulin resistance or pre-diabetes causes men to convert testosterone to estrogen and the reverse for woman. And don’t even get me started on what the birth control pill has done to the masculine/feminine dynamic it goes beyond social structure there are true physiological effects.
  • listeningok
    Katie Hopkins
    My daughter is currently struggling with anorexia and it’s because of this kind of mindset that these kinds of disorders are so prevalent these days! Heartbreaking that Candace would perpetuate these ideas!
  • lils5117
    Brilliant BRILLIANT HUMAN! Candace Owens and helping awaken people. It’s hitting people hard and instead of listening to the truth they ignore the obvious. Get off your high horses and stop listening to our controlling government. STOP BEING A SHEEP!
    Love this podcast
    Candace tells it like it is! Love her show! Keep it up girl.
  • Jesusfollower4eternity
    Amazing young women!
    Candace Owens is an amazingly well spoken, and out spoken young women. She is one of the most courageous, intelligent, and articulate young person of our day! So glad to be able to listen!
  • Sparrow013
    Candace regularly displays intelligence and wisdom that suggest the lived experience of a much older person, but with the clarity and honesty that most "highly educated" people lack. The one-star ratings are either completely fake or they are people who didn't actually listen.
  • Quincy BJJ
    Thank you for shutting down Sharti-B!
    Thank you for being one of the amazing front-running leaders of conservatives, and for shutting down Sharti-B!
  • Charles2003
    Marc Hill episode
    All the shows are excellent!! I loved the discussion!!! I assume everyone knows that admission to med schools DO have different criteria for black, Asian and white students. The GPA and MCAT scores are lower for African Americans. The sad truth of the prejudice of low expectations.
  • Marcilynette
    It’s the internalized racism
    And misogyny for me
  • Milamika123
    She’s a terrible person and it’s because she has internalized racism. She hates herself. It’s sad. And it hurts others.
  • AGMcD
    She gets me!!
    We need more Candace in this world! I need more podcasts to listen from her please!
  • rahhha
    Race traitor
    Lied about Breonna Taylor
  • FatMan411
    Great lady!! Great show!!! That’s it
  • Mannjaeger
    Why won’t iTunes let me download episodes??
  • George61@
    Your so awesome
    Candice, I just love your ideas and really look at things as a educational out look. I wish you would be president .
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