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  • Sherri L Albrecht
    Such an important conversation for all Americans! Wake up we have the greatest country on earth! It will remain so it we stand up and follow the God of this land who is Jesus Christ! Thank Candace and Melissa for this !❤️
  • John&Debra
    Great podcast!!
    Listening to Candace gives me hope🤙
  • lg,122562
    Candace Owens-Farmer 2024
    Listening to your Tate podcast I have a son in law from Nigeria. He stated to me that Black Americans are some of the most racist people in the world. He meant as a group not as individuals.
  • Audrey(Audii)
    Candice Owens for president 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Allie J C
    Excellent , but stop interrupting guests
    I love Candace. She’s confident and intelligent and she makes politics make sense. However, she has a bad habit of interrupting and talking over her guests. I think she’ll grow in her interview skills, so I’ll keep listening :)
  • Michael in Missouri
    Impressive first listen, I’m hooked!
    Excellent and diverse content - how come it took me so long to find this!? Keep up the fantastic work!
  • E!-)
    She’s the truth!
    Not only she’s intelligent, She’s a straight shooter! Candace Owens speaks the truth!!!
  • Rose301
    Candace is literally my HERO
    Enough said. She’s a true hero, love her to death. PLEASE RUN IN 2024 (I do have to say though, I wasn’t a fan of her Katie Hopkins episode, but every other episode is fantastic.)
  • J.T.L.Z.
    Melissa Tstes book
    Choice Privilege by Melissa Tate is the first book I couldn't get from Where can we get Choice Privilege by Melissa Tate?
  • Burkeezie
    First woman President
    Love this woman, she is an absolute fighter and a woman that every other woman in America should aspire to be!
  • Criminal 89
    Melissa Tate 🔥🔥
    Thank you for interviewing Melissa Tate 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • jeannemc3
    Candace your a refreshing light in my world
    Rick on thank you for your graceful boldness
  • wyldezou
    Pride comes before a fall...
    Lost me on the snobbery which needs to be reigned in a tad ;-) 4 stars for intelligence 1 star for arrogance
  • Kath_Cone
    Stop the Emotional Responses
    I love this woman. She is smart, articulate and still has a sense of humor. To all the ‘light weights’ offended by the Kaitie Hopkins show - try to listen to the message, the journey that Kaitie took. Not the motivation to start, the realization of the heart felt pain we all experience in our lives. Learn to laugh! Once I got over the direct language, and stopped judging how one communicates (deprogrammed myself), REALLY laughed and loved the podcast. Thank you for pushing my buttons and helping me ‘get over it’.
  • Bgirlgagaspears930
    Condescending, discriminatory, sexists, and narcissistic
  • All day son
    Candice Owens
    Absolutely love this woman
  • MPDL3
    Love Candice!
    She is so smart and well spoken. I love her interview with Dr. Immanuel. Thank you for putting it all out there!
  • Sondybug
    Love & Respect
    She was one of the first and she is awesome everyday!!!!!! I'm listening to this strong and amazing women do the work the silent can't!!!! Integrity
  • Tracy O Show
    So disappointed
    I had so much respect and admiration for Candace until the Katie Hopkins episode. Wow. Disappointed is not even a strong enough word. The condescending tone of this episode was so overwhelming I felt myself getting more upset as the episode went on. To suggest that someone isn’t healthy or shouldn’t be a model because they have “dimples” or a “roll” is not only incorrect, but body shaming at its best. I had to unsubscribe. We all live and learn so maybe I’ll give the podcast a listen again some day. For now....just disappointed.
  • Robinjay62
    Discrimination has many names
    I was able to overcome Candace's disregard for her biggest fan base - Middle aged white women. When she said she did not want them as her fans. Who does she think is supporting her platform financially? After this interview I have unsubscribed and deleted her podcast from my library. When you celebrate and laugh at the discrimination of "fat" people and assume you know who and what a person is based on their appearance that is the definition of discrimination and I can no longer support this person. I wish her well but she definitely needs some maturity. If it was supposed to be humor it failed big time.
  • turtle_turtle
    Truth seeker
    I’ll keep it short. Candace has pushed me to question everything. Once a democratic voter, changed into a truth seeker. Her outspoken ways lead me to her instagram. Then, lead me to her book, which lead me to crave more knowledge. I shut up and actually learned truth.
  • NavyWoman1975
    Voice of Freedom
    In a time, when we had no idea a sweep of the left ideology would be dominating the news,... by design. A refreshing approach of wisdom and no bull$hit. Never kneel! & no apologies for being White or a retired Female Navy Veteran! #ALLlivesmatter
  • Blazing Asian
    Thank you for the truth
    Thank you for sharing the truth! Please keep talking and fighting and if you have time please research Jay Inslee and how he is ruining the lives of millions.
  • wiseswan
    Her farts smell like her insides are rotting
    And her burps
  • Chimmyxo
    Strong minded woman!
    I don’t agree w/ everything but I love & respect how Candace doesn’t change for anyone.
  • listeningok
    Used to love Candace!
    Wow! So disappointed by the hateful dialogue of this latest episode! I considered myself a huge Candace fan until I started this episode. Being someone who has helped and encouraged others to reach health and fitness goals I find this kind of demeaning language disgusting. She’s lost my respect! Where are the kind hearted yet reasonable conservatives? Not here unfortunately!
  • Lilcutee22
    Katie Hopkins interview
    I usually respect the interviews and opinions on this show. I’m giving the review 5 stars because of this. However, regarding the Katie Hopkins interview, just because a guest is being tactless and disrespectful does not mean that Candace should fall to the same level. I hope Candace will learn from this interview experience and continue to grow into her own. She is such a smart woman with great potential in politics. Keep learning and growing, Candace!
  • MmLewisCO
    Candace Owens 2024
    You’ve got my vote!
  • 12fan4life
    Fat people aren’t lazy people !!! 🤦‍♀️
    Judging podcast against overweight people !!
  • seidie
    My Hero
    I never thought that at the age of 70 I’d find a hero, but Candace is now mine. She sees the world clearly and speaks the truth. Loudly. In these times when American values are scorned and smeared, when families, like mine, are torn apart because of leftist indoctrination, her voice is needed. And I thank her. I’m not alone.
  • katiehopkinscansuckit
    Great political views, ugly personal views
    So, I’ll start by saying I’m a Republican & greatly respect your political views. I, unfortunately, had the displeasure of listening to Katie Hopkins & you spend a solid 20 min calling those who struggle with their weight as lazy, looking for excuses, etc. It shows such blatant ignorance. I know women who struggle with their weight & they are far from lazy; they put themselves last. I agree that being overweight should not be celebrated as it creates a host of mental/physical problems, but every human on earth struggles with something & for many, that’s their struggle. I guess you also call those who struggle with depression sad & stupid. stick to politics & not podcasting bc I can’t look at you the same. Unsubscribe & delete from library.
  • Rolling66
    Amazing show! Relevant information and thoughtful. Thank you Andrew
  • Niam_ashy
    Disgusting Lol what a joke, shouldn’t give her any press or views. So sad for her, hope she gets better soon!
  • Specky4610
    Love this show
  • Sweetpeamum76
    Lost a listener
    I really enjoy listening to different takes on politics and what is going on in the world. At first, I found Candace to be articulate and thought provoking. Sure she said things I didn’t agree with, but I am open to new ideas and thoughts and conversations. And then she had Katie Hopkins on and I couldn’t even stomach the interview. What an unkind and hateful human being. There is something to be said for not uttering every thought that comes to mind. This woman’s 15 minutes of fame are up. Sorry Candace, I can’t waste my time if you have guests like that on the show.
  • RaniG77
    Katie H
    Candace, you are an inspiration! Thank you for standing for truth, freedom, America!
  • Dittobrooks
    Fat people
    I love Candace but your discourse on fat people is disgusting. Shame will not help people lose weight. Did shame help you overcome anorexia? Make the connection, Candace. Sad, sad, sad.
  • nitas tunes
    Perfect ♥️
    Really enjoy this podcast‼️
  • sackmaster52
    I love Candice
    Candice is great. I was not a fan of Katie Hopkins. A good portion of podcast listeners are over the road truck drivers. We work 14 hours, sleep in rest areas in the truck. I’ve been trying to push to get gyms and work out areas at truck stops. There are none. I’m providing for my family. It’s not a lavish life, sometimes going without food, going without a shower for a few days, but we are a life blood of the economy. And drivers are exponentially more likely to be overweight. To call us lazy is very misguided. Do something about it. Help us out! Push to have work gyms in rest stops and truck stops. Entire companies would buy memberships for their drivers.
  • caroline's gma
    Love your podcast!!!
  • la hermanas
    How do I find your next speaking engagement
    Candace and Katie you are the best
    You are the best 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Droyita87
    lies and fraud
    shes a fraud she lies and spread conspiracy theories completely ridiculous!!! horrible!
  • jareerf
    Where are you!
    One of my favorite podcasts! I love Candace. Her interviews are wonderfully informative! Just curious why her two latest episodes won’t download on Apple podcasts! I’m missing her!
  • Carson 47
    You are great, Candace Owens!
    Best conservative spokeswoman ever. Must be a nice person to know.
  • allisonyyang
    So grateful this podcast exists
    It is so hard to make sense of what has been going on in our society and world when the mainstream media clearly has an agenda and cherry picks the stories that are told, as well as the manner in which today’s social issues are discussed. Thank you for speaking the truth. I learn so much in every episode.
  • Rudy🤪
    Unimaginative and banal
    Listening to her podcasts just reinforced to me that so many people these says are popular because they spread the lies and misinformation that others need to hear to feel validated
  • I am frew
    Amazing Lady
    So smart and articulate. Love her.
  • Kimdoes
    Love your show!!
    I first heard you on Chad Prather’s podcast. I accidentally stumbled on a video on YouTube and recognized your name. I watched it and baby girl, I am just in awe! You are a total package! Absolutely beautiful, articulate, strong and every single awesome quality I believe is desperately needed in America. You have a strong voice, brains & common sense, and the platform to make big changes. I’m pulling for you and praying for you! You will do fantastic things for us. 💞
  • zayra9495
    Great podcast
    I love to listen to Candace Owens she is very smart and honest makes you think I admire her a lot i love to listen to her bring guest and always talk of important things!
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