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Are you a cricket fan who wants to hear more about the game's big talking points? The Cricket Podcast is the world's best topical cricket podcast. Covering all cricket including international cricket, Cricket World Cups, the IPL, the Ashes and Test matches. Approaching their 500th episode Jack Hope, Max Rowe-Brown and Ross Legg, provide insight, analysis and humour about all of cricket's major stories.Whether you want to know more about the latest England v Australia Ashes contest, or Virat Kohli's exploits for the India cricket team, we guarantee that The Cricket Podcast will bring you reaction that you'll love.Regular guests include Daniel Norcross from TMS and cricket analyst Dan Weston, who has experience working in the IPL.

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  • SacredFig
    Funny, endearing, and sharp
    I love these guys. Their banter is very good — nice not mean, and way above average. Their knowledge and understanding of cricket is more than sharp enough. I find them endearing because they come off like a group of nice friends really interested in cricket. They sound like regular guys who could be anyone’s friends. I like that there isn’t much angst on the show. However good their understanding and analysis they don’t get carried away, and forget that it’s only a game at the end of the day.
  • somuchhaireverywhere
    Great listen for Cricket lovers
    The boys do a great job! Easy listen, despite the constant hate directed at Kohli! 😂 Keep up the great work!
  • Rkntu
    The very pinnacle of cricket analysis and entertainment
    Think of everything that shatters your cricket-watching experience… Harsha’s banality, Butcher’s rabid partisanship, Boycs’ inability to pronounce anything that originates from outside the British isles and just how much Ranjit Fernando grates on you… this podcast is everything but… Ross, Jack and Max are eloquent, erudite, irreverent, funny and bring a cutting, independent and insightful edge to cricket analysis. I would go so far as to say that listening to their podcast is typically more interesting than watching the matches that they review. And unlike their stuffy compatriots, they know where they future of the game is and they boldly go there (hint: IPL). Ok, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration… their pronunciation of “exotic” names does leave something to be desired (Cough.. Cough-tze). Download this podcast and give them 5 stars!
  • DrZed18
    Excellent banter, whimsical and funny
    Love listening to these guys. Sub recommended.
  • shay dawg19
    Amazing insight and funny
    You guys are tremendous! Please keep it up. The jokes are too good and you guys crack me up. But also amazing insight into cricket. Please keep this show going forever. - Shay from USA
  • Rockbrain
    Brutally honest and funny
    Not afraid to eviscerate teams when they make obvious mistakes! What more can you ask for?
  • JB2503
    These guys make me laugh. I live in the US and listen on the way to work. It reminds me of the banter when I used to play in the UK.
  • B amaze
    Pretty Good
    Don’t always agree with everything they say. But definitely make me laugh every week - nothing too serious. Have solid views on the game. Not much more you could ask for.
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