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Tennis #25

"The Mini-Break" is a daily podcast that brings you the latest news and analysis from the world of tennis. Hosted by Editor-in-Chief Alex Gruskin, this podcast covers the biggest storylines, results, and controversies from both college and professional tennis.
Each episode features in-depth analysis and expert commentary on the latest happenings in the world of tennis, as well as interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport. From top players and coaches to analysts and brand leaders, "The Mini-Break" offers a unique and comprehensive look at the world of tennis. Tune in each day for the latest news and insights!

Recent Episodes
  • 2024 Roland Garros Men’s Singles Draw Preview ft. David Kane
    May 26, 2024 – 41:22
  • 2024 Roland Garros Women’s Singles Draw Preview ft. David Kane
    May 26, 2024 – 01:13:42
  • Two FAN-tastic Finals
    May 7, 2024 – 34:05
  • Resume Check ft. David Kane
    May 3, 2024 – 01:05:53
  • Brief But Frisky
    May 2, 2024 – 29:47
  • WTA Madrid Update
    May 1, 2024 – 40:34
  • ATP Madrid Update
    Apr 30, 2024 – 55:39
  • Breaking Down the Madrid Draws
    Apr 27, 2024 – 44:32
  • We Know the Top 4…Then What?! ft. David Kane
    Apr 24, 2024 – 01:19:02
  • Stuttgart (Plus a Hint of Monte Carlo) ft. David Kane
    Apr 20, 2024 – 01:02:38
  • Is Tsitsipas Back?!
    Apr 12, 2024 – 46:16
  • Wednesday in Monte Carlo
    Apr 11, 2024 – 32:52
  • 2024 ATP Monte Carlo Preview
    Apr 10, 2024 – 41:48
  • So Power Tennis…Works on Clay?!
    Apr 9, 2024 – 01:01:35
  • ATP First-Third Review ft. David Kane
    Apr 5, 2024 – 01:34:08
  • WTA First-Third Review ft. Jeff Sackmann
    Apr 3, 2024 – 01:35:48
  • Let the Clay Court Season Begin!!
    Apr 2, 2024 – 37:16
  • Miami Open Championship Weekend Recap
    Apr 1, 2024 – 45:31
  • The Business End of Miami
    Mar 27, 2024 – 35:46
  • A Busy Monday in Miami
    Mar 26, 2024 – 01:00:23
  • Miami Open Week 1 Review ft. David Kane
    Mar 25, 2024 – 01:31:06
  • 2024 Miami Draw Preview ft. Jeff Sackmann
    Mar 21, 2024 – 01:43:44
  • Phoenix, Sinner vs. Alcaraz, and the ATP Top 8 ft. Gill Gross
    Mar 20, 2024 – 01:10:25
  • What Did We Learn From Indian Wells?
    Mar 19, 2024 – 52:36
  • Indian Wells QFs Are Set + Phoenix Day 3 Observations
    Mar 14, 2024 – 58:02
  • Indian Wells, Phoenix, Charleston, and More!!
    Mar 13, 2024 – 48:07
  • Indian Wells R16 Update + Nardi Knocks Off Djokovic!!
    Mar 12, 2024 – 54:01
  • Thoughts on the Indian Wells Men's Draws ft. Jeff Sackmann
    Mar 9, 2024 – 53:55
  • Thoughts on the Indian Wells Women's Draws ft. Jeff Sackmann
    Mar 9, 2024 – 45:00
  • Trends Emerge
    Mar 5, 2024 – 52:06
  • Andy Zodin Previews the 2024 Arizona Tennis Classic
    Mar 1, 2024 – 28:30
  • Saudi Arabia’s PIF Invests in the ATP Tour ft. Ben Rothenberg
    Feb 29, 2024 – 01:02:42
  • Founder Jonny Levine Previews the 2024 Arizona Tennis Classic
    Feb 29, 2024 – 27:01
  • First Two Month Trends ft. Jeff Sackmann
    Feb 28, 2024 – 01:02:38
  • Acapulco and…Not Much Else
    Feb 28, 2024 – 30:59
  • South American Clay Court Swing ft. David Gertler
    Feb 27, 2024 – 54:05
  • Who Needs a Big Week?
    Feb 26, 2024 – 41:51
  • Wrapping up February Already
    Feb 26, 2024 – 39:36
  • What to Prioritize?!
    Feb 23, 2024 – 40:49
  • The Great Binge Has Been Completed [Pt. 2] ft. David Kane
    Feb 23, 2024 – 01:03:23
  • The Great Binge Has Been Completed [Pt. 1]
    Feb 23, 2024 – 51:26
  • Truly a MINI-Break
    Feb 9, 2024 – 26:27
  • Surprisingly Standard
    Feb 8, 2024 – 40:07
  • One of Those Weeks
    Feb 7, 2024 – 31:38
  • Who’s Hot to Start 2024?!
    Feb 6, 2024 – 51:51
  • Talking All Things Cleveland Tennis & Topnotch Management ft. Alex Guthrie
    Feb 4, 2024 – 30:58
  • Surprisingly on Script
    Feb 3, 2024 – 42:31
  • Breaking Down a Fun Quarterfinal Friday
    Feb 2, 2024 – 43:56
  • Back in the Normal Rhythm
    Jan 31, 2024 – 47:30
  • The 2024 Australian Open Final Review ft. David Kane
    Jan 29, 2024 – 01:32:43
Recent Reviews
  • PJ2345
    Not updated daily
    Have you given up on pro tennis?
  • WillM297
    Great tennis podcast!
    Alex Gruskin’s passion for tennis is unmatched! Its really fun to listen to him. Even though I really only have time to watch the pros, i appreciate his commitment to covering tennis at all levels. His love for the game is contagious
  • Jason Westchester
    Unmissable for the serious follower of tennis
    I listen to Gruskin on this show for so many reasons. (1) to keep up with everything going on in tennis, (2) for Alex’s clear vision of the most important developments and narratives in the game — he takes a big daily mass of updates and news, and turns them into stories that are accurate, memorable and meaningful for the fan who doesn’t have as much time as he or she would like to follow the sport. (3) because it’s fun, particularly when he has his regular guests on (Kane, Gross, etc.). Last, (4) because it’s highly honest. Lots of sportscasters totally depend interviews with athletes, which is generally OK, but they can’t offend with a too-candid take on an athlete’s recent bad game. Alex breaks it down ruthlessly and he is fearless. This is patt of the daily diet!
  • Johnnybravo33
    Solid podcast with solid takes
    The daily host feels very spot on with his analysis of all things Tennis. He just needs to keep the guest contributors to the topic of Tennis and stay out of politics
  • Fan Dad
    Great insight and analysis, but cut it out already with the constant repetition about the charges against Zverev. You pay lip service to the presumption of innocence, but your actual, constant comments effectively treat him as guilty. There is an actual criminal process underway and until that is completed there’s no more need to talk about this. At this point you have no idea if these charges are true or just those of a lover scorned. The German courts will sort that out. Until then, stop talking about it. And, until then there’s no reason for the ATP to run another parallel investigation. Give it a rest and stick to what you know about—the actual tennis.
  • The joy of recognition
    Please stop apologizing
    for so-called "missed episodes" it's fine I promise
  • Edu Vilar
    Best Tennis Podcast
    I love how Alex Gruskin know absolutely everything that is tennis and college tennis. He is the best Michigan Tennis Fan of all time, although they publish the podcast sometimes too late, they still do a good job. The guests are amazing as well, the way they talk about tennis and the tournaments is amazing, its crazy how they know so much stats about players and matches. They have to talk about more rising stars in my opinion, they just talk about Alcaraz and the Top Ten. I always crack up when he says “The Lean Mean Vegan Machine” when introducing Chris Halioris. Overall, the best tennis podcast.
  • Stason Metcalf
    Very Good
    Alex is pretty incredible at what he does. To be able to host a (almost) daily podcast and know so much about all these various matches (even college tennis which I could care less about), both men’s and women’s tours, is extremely impressive. He has a gift of gab, and can really talk about tennis. He can even pull off almost hour long shows by himself. Often, he does have good guests which add a solid element and back and forth to the show. Nate and David are highlights along with Gil gross. Overall, a great show. I think he’s got some connections in American tennis so he’s not one to criticize players (see Maddy Keys and Coco Gauff) which can be annoying but I get it. But, seriously, admit it, Coco’s forehand is a huge problem! Have a show about it! Please. Anyway, keep up the good work. You’re great at what you do.
  • NickThomas1210
    Perfect pod for diehard ATP/WTA fans!
    This podcast is a must listen for tennis fans who want to know what's happening on any given week across both tours. Alex covers every tournament, every week, making sure to give each event their time and let listeners know what match ups and storylines they should watch for. It's rare to have someone like Alex who speaks so passionately and expertly about both tours' events. He genuinely finds things to be excited about each week in the long and winding tennis calendar. It's the perfect podcast for diehard fans or fans who just want a quick catch up on recent tennis action!
  • girl from berdoo
    Love daily podcasts miss them when he is on the road
    Alex is great, funny and informative Love that he talks about all the players in top 20, 50 and the up and coming ones Because contemplations concerning RF, Rafa and Novak are overdone, Love that his podcasts are daily and up to date. He is engaging solo or with a guest
  • 80'sVillager
    Lonely Hearts
    Still a big fan of Andrew but now only listen when he has a guest on especially Kane, Nate or Gil. 🎵It’s certainly a thrill. 🎵
  • cindyrl127
    Love it!
    Was looking for a replacement for the insufferable Tennis Podcast and this was perfect! I can’t always keep up with the smaller tournaments every week so I look for these recaps to keep up with the action every day. -@rublev_vv on twitter for the giveaway :)
  • idontbeliveu
    So tired of the too-fast talking and over-talking
    I know there is food information there but the host has a voice problem as well as a much-too-fast delivery problem. When there are guests. The host speaks over them. I heard the acid reflux excuse, but I think that is just part of the problem. Maybe adjust the medication? It’s just too hard to listen to. Hire someone to do the podcasting and stick to print.
  • Trezzty
    Not bad but host talks too much
    The host needs to let his guests give their opinions. If he wants to give his opinion for an hour, don’t bother inviting anyone.
  • Rublev's Toe
    Great show!
    So much tennis knowledge! Any chance you can talk about betting odds a bit more?
  • Honestly Ya'll
    More Consistency Please
    So much potential here, but no consistency. I want to hear about WTA and ATP tennis, but then the host does nothing but challenger/college/his own personal age and tennis playing…come on now! The eating / burping / mouth sounds scream “I’m not professional.” Last week he said Swiatek “won her first” 1000. Really? Who could forget the Rome double bagel. Alex you can do better!!!
  • josiahmdanieliv
    The Norm Hitzges of tennis talk.
  • Dyl1233
    Fix the sound leveling and laughter pls
    Good pod but the laugh, is so loud and distracting
  • bvn09090909
    Just a bad guy.
    This show only exists because of the hard work and talent of professional tennis players, yet the host cheerily repeats incendiary, UNPROVEN allegations against them, promoting libelous smear campaigns written by his oily friends in the “news” media. Vicious, small and uncalled for behavior from a guy whose “value” consists of quoting publicly available tennis statistics. Don’t waste your time with this classless, useless podcast.
  • Big.Tennis.Fan
    Great info but could be more valuable
    This is my main tennis podcast and one of the best around, but he relies too much on recapping matches instead of giving tennis fans valuable predictions based off whatever info he finds valuable. Anyone can look at results and recap matches but not many people can give you tips and predict matches before they happen. The host is very knowledgeable and giving predictions would take this podcast to the next level but he banks on recap and gives stats after the fact which limits its potential and value to the listener
  • HappyCat23
    Well rounded & informative
    Highlighting challenger and college level tennis in addition to the main tours, this is the podcast for those who want to be well informed about all tennis happenings.
  • gwormser
    Informative podcast
    David Gertler has stellar analysis and a wealth of tennis knowledge! Go listen!
  • SalientSnow6
    I love Mini Break!!!
    Mini break is one of my favorite podcast because it is a podcast I can listen to and hear about all the latest tennis news. Instagram: firelad18
  • carterg1
    Great content and super fun
    Love all the contributors for this pod, keeping everyone up to date and informed about everything tennis. So happy to hear about everything tennis from fellow tennis nerds. Totally recommend.
  • Ab61895
    Fun podcast for tennis junkies
    Never has there been someone as enthused about challenger level tennis than Alex.
  • $AB-19
    Love the quality coverage
    Alex is so smooth and knowledgeable running the show, putting his guests and co-hosts at ease throughout. Great content/format for the show and always love to hear MattStach’s perspective, from juniors to college to the pro circuit - he does it all. Keep up the great work guys.
  • RacquettechieJimmy
    Essential Coverage For The Serious Tennis Fan
    Love the Mini-Break Podcasts for keeping up to speed with all things tennis. A shout-out to Alex Gruskin and Crew for the outstanding work you do. That’s The Break! Jimmy @Racquettechie
  • Sick each
    Unparalleled tennis coverage.
    Stay up to date on all things tennis. Unparalleled tennis coverage from Alex Gruskin and the Cracked Racquets crew.
  • Cpt. Blake
    Big Twitter Tuesday Fan
    I’ve been a fan of Cracked Racquets for a few months now, and just found this podcast. I look forward to Twitter Tuesday every week. It’s Ky favorite podcast to listen to. @iflyups1
  • Sarah Flitz
    Love These Guy
    My favorite tennis podcast out of all the tennis pods I’ve listened to. These guys do a great job cranking out content all the time. @sarahflitz
  • JWest30
    Tennis Needs This!
    Been listening to this guys on the other pods for a while. So happy the decided to do a daily pod. It’s perfect for my commute to work. Keep it up!! @jaw30
  • Hudson Hatfield
    Great Podcast
    Great job this week covering Monte Carlo and Sarasota. Hoping Tommy can pull it out in Sarasota👍🏼. Instagram/Twitter- hudson_hatfield
  • Niconicois
    Great to get tennis updates
    I listen to this podcast while I commute to and from work. It enables me to stay updated on the latest tennis news. I particularly enjoy the fact that they not only discuss main events, but also some Challengers results. Twitter: @Niconicois88
  • Flagedrdakdsf
    Awesome Pod
    Love the daily recaps! Keep up the great work @hOLLIEwood_21
  • mslatt2017
    Good pod!
    Probably my favorite tennis podcast. Good mix of pro and college stories. Knowledgeable and with a good perspective. From a former college player, keep grinding!! My IG: mslatt
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