Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy

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Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy is a fun, thoughtful, candid conversation with trailblazers in sports about the joy/chaos of life and sports. Laughter -- and donuts -- permitted.

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  • vudiggity
    Best podcast ever!
    I am so happy I stumbled onto this as I was searching for more on USWNT. I first listened to the Alex Morgan and Kelley O’Hara interview and soon enough made my way through season 1 and champions week and am making my way through season 2. What an amazing and empowering concept. Julie and Lynn interview truly inspiring women and by the end you actually feel like you are friends with them (only in my dreams). I laugh often during episodes and have already re-listened to some. I love how authentic theses conversations are. I love that it doesn’t feel like a production or that it’s scripted. Please keep making these forever and ever! Proud to be part of this dope village!
  • _WillyJones_
    Greatest Podcast even on the pot(Toilet)
    This podcast is incomparable to any other because it gives off a vibe that you are a fly on the wall just listening in to great people. The environment is the most important factor for everything to grow and you guys have allowed listeners to grow and learn more about themselves from your own personal stories. This millennial age has destroyed appreciation and I just want Julie and Lynn to know that they are appreciated and admired for their attitude and work ethic. Us listeners couldn’t ask for more! I wish you two all the best with the best to be better than the rest! Much love 💕
  • grackall
    Love this podcast
    Just recently drove from Florida to jersey listening to all the podcast the whole way. Absolutely love the things they talk about and the story’s people tell. KEEP MAKING MORE PODCAST BCS I CANT GET ENOUGH!!
  • ahennes
    One of my favorite podcasts
    I’ve listened to every episode, and they’re all equally amazing! Thanks for curating all of these powerful voices into one podcast! I can’t get enough.
  • SP400+
    Positive vibes
    This podcast is so uplifting, positive and motivating! I’ve listened to many of them multiple times. 💞💞
  • Feesha
    Love this podcast
    I really enjoy the content of this podcast and that it is based around female athletes! Cannot wait for more episodes! Also love all the chats about equal pay that Julie has great insight about!
  • beglad8920
    If not now, when?
    I’m so glad I came across your podcast Ms. Foudy. The ladies you interview all have great stories and are supremely entertaining. As a man and a sports fan, I am moved and inspired by all of the stories presented. As a new soccer fan, I can say honestly that it’s the USWNT sisterhood that keeps me engaged in the game and looking forward to future contests. Keep up the good work!
  • marty 445
    Love this
    I love your podcast. Need more with players from USWNT
  • ma_soccer_girl
    love this podcast!
    After listening to all these amazing women on this podcast, I'm inspired to work harder, be confident in myself and treat everybody with even more kindness. Julie and Lynn are the best!
  • briezamudio
    Best podcast ever!!!!
    That says it all! My subscription list is long but Laughter Permitted is by far my favorite! A spectacular combination of inspiration, humor, motivation, wisdom, and brilliance from the BEST of the best! Thank you, Julie and Lynn, for the change that will inevitably occur (and is already occurring!!) from you giving so many AMAZING women a voice!
  • C_Money123
    Love hearing positive stories from inspirational women. I find the stories about women and sports I am not familiar with the most interesting. Although, it’s great to get to learn more about the guests I already know, too! There is a common theme - amazing conversation with amazing women. Can’t wait for the next season!
  • lindsay usa
    Great potential but very disappointing
    I love the idea of this podcast. The guest list is fantastic and each person is fascinating to me. However, this podcast is obnoxious. Julie finds herself incredibly funny and spends more time laughing at herself and making obnoxious jokes then she does generating good content. I understand trying to create a relaxing environment but this podcast lacks professionalism and is a waste of what could be captivating interviews. I get sucked into listening because there isn’t an alternative option, but find myself being frustrated the entire time and blown away that ESPN doesn’t demand a better product. This podcast is only able to survive because nobody else is currently trying to target the same market, but I sincerely hope that changes and I can listen to quality, interesting interviews of these same guests elsewhere. Lynn does seem to help balance Julie out and in my opinion would do a far better interview on her own. I am convinced that this podcast would be cancelled if Julie wasn’t able to live off her past accolades and get guests because of it. This is not good journalism and it’s incredibly disappointing because there is a glaring need for quality coverage of world class female athletes, coaches, and businesswoman. They deserved to be treated with professionalism and I think this podcasts does the opposite of highlighting what makes each guest elite in their own right. I’m all for fun journalism and am a huge fan of highly questionable but there needs to be tact and better judgement to get it right. I certainly hope this podcast can grow and evolve and if not, very much look forward to someone else going after this target market.
  • 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😫🤓🤡
    Love all these stories!
    I started listening because of the USWNT - soccer but became a huge fan after listening to all of the amazing stories! I took my 12 year old son to his first fencing class after listening. These women. - all of them- encourage and inspire me !!
  • pamjsruns
    As a mom off a daughter who plays soccer, I ♥️ listening to these podcasts!! To get behind the scenes, real talk with the amazing athletes is fantastic! My favorites so far are Glennon/Abbey and Carlie Lloyd!
  • anzafitz
    Loved listening to Billie Jean King, Doris Burke, Robin Roberts & Jill Ellis. These women are pioneers & so committed to helping other women along the way. Very inspirational. Thanks!
  • Supbruhh
    Female superstars
    I love these interviews! Seeing the human side of female superstars!
  • irishfan62
    Fantastic Podcast
    Wow...this podcast has great guests! Julie and Lynn are an awesome upbeat knowledge team who seem to bring out the best in their guests. Fun!
  • Lori11
    Love, Love, Love it!!!
    Thank you for producing this work. Great teachings from some fabulous humans. (I have stopped numerous times on the way home from work to get what.......donuts!)
  • kranges
    I love this podcast
    I laugh, and cry both sad and happy tears. I feel I get to know everyone interviewed!!! I listen when I’m in my car and when I go for a run. I’m jealous I’m not in their immediate dope village!
  • MC3278
    Dangerous while driving
    This podcast makes me laugh so hard I should probably stop listening while I’m driving. I love it, and can’t wait for Wednesdays and new episodes. Hoping for more!!
  • Peteslat
    Where are you?
    I thoroughly enjoy the interviews. Light, refreshing, informational, entertaining. Are there more episodes on the way?
  • EAcrants
    Julie Foudy, Doughnuts, and the best guests why wouldn’t you listen to this?
  • MonsterVTgirl
    Mind opening
    I started listening because I love soccer. I continue to listen because of all the amazing athletes, etc. that I didn’t know much or anything about. They are all so inspiring and I feel like a better person after each one. This is personal development I can get behind wholly. Julie and Lynn are the best!!
  • lambda22
    So awesome!!
    This podcast is my constant companion and a total delight. I would love for Julie and Lynn to interview Kara Goucher, an extraordinary runner and mom who has spoken out courageously against abuse in Nike's Oregon Project. She's been successful at nearly every running distance, and now she's taking her talents to trail running! It's cool to see an athlete who isn't afraid to switch things up. Bring her on Laughter Permitted! Best podcast
  • Bamatard
    Love it!
    Love this podcast, I listen on the way home from work and walking the dog laughing out loud. So great to hear all these fantastic stories of both triumph and struggles.
  • ChampagneVT
    Laughing Workout
    Love the show, look forward to each episode as it helps me get through a workout. Can't wait for Season 3, keep laughing!
  • R. Lowenthal
    best podcast
    I look forward to this podcast each week! Looking forward to season 3! Lynn and Julie’s conversations are super entertaining and the guests are fantastic with lots of golden nuggets for work and life. Listen!
  • Sannah G
    Premium content for free
    Laughter Permitted is a quality podcast that will inspire and entertain you. I love the variety of guests and the regular segments with Julie and Lynn. My kids noted that it is “Explicit” due to “Loudy Foudy’s cussing” — however they are still fans due to their common ground of donut love.
  • becelbar
    I love this podcast so much! Julie is so relatable, down to earth and funny, and Lynn adds great perspective and humor too. The women who are interviewed are amazing and inspiring!
  • tkscycles13
    I laugh, I cry, I crave donuts (or 3)
    Julie and Lynn are the dynamic duo of podcasts. Looking forward to Season 3.
  • V.i.c.k.i.
    If you’re not already listening, you should be!!
    I enjoy the heck out of this podcast. If it’s going to to other than music coming out of my ear buds, it better be good.....and Laughter Permitted sure is!
  • penguin bruh🐧
  • Kelly.Mon
    More trailblazing women!
    Can’t get enough of these pods and sharing the stories of these amazing, strong women. Looking forward to season 3!
  • CloudtheWestie
    Laughter, fun and donuts!
    Fantastic program from start to finish. And, I think a cinnamon roll is only a donut if it's fried. Otherwise it falls in the "roll" category. Sorry.
  • KristianNelson
    Pod on the Pot!
    On a Laughter Permitted binge right now😁 Please keep going Julie and Lynn!!!
  • AnaMartinez7755
    Simply amazing
  • Pamcakern
    Love it!!
    So much fun to listen to! Thank you for interviewing such amazing women!!
  • littlextinaa
    Best Podcast
    I absolutely love this pod. The interviews are fantastic, Julie and Lynn are hilarious, genuine, and thoughtful. As a new WNT fan this pod brings the rich history of the team into the mix of the now in a beautiful way. I hope this pod is here to stay!!
  • SoCalVolGal
    This Podcast is So Good!
    Julie / Lynn - Thank you for this gem of a podcast. I only discovered it a few weeks ago but have already listened to all the episodes. So entertaining and inspiring. Love the format and your conversations with the guests. Just love it.
  • kpl23
    Positive women!!
    Love this podcast! As a woman who loves sports, I enjoy hearing the other side of the athletes stories. Definitely a positive female podcast for all! Thank you for providing it!!
  • A-Hepp
    This is always the highlight of my week. Thank you!
  • Cary_Alina_Mac
    Love Julie a bit tackie though
    So I love Julie however she is a bit tackie and strange on the show. She acts like she’s on cocaine. Perhaps too much sugar or coffee. Tone it down and your audience will increase - sorry just being honest!
  • OUVickyK
    Great podcast!
    I enjoy Julie and Lynn and how they keep it light and fun but ask great questions. I love the high, low, cheer part at the end. Keep up the good work!
  • LPB15
    Empowering, fun, lighthearted, and deep
    LOVE this podcast. As an athlete and now mom of 3, I totally relate to this podcast. Wish it was around when I was growing up, but so glad it’s here now. Julie and Lynn do a wonderful job of interviewing successful woman athletes and discuss among other things, what it takes to be successful on and off the field. Can’t wait to listen to this with my kiddos when they get older. Thanks Julie and Lynn!
  • Coachrun
    Empowering and Uplifting
    If you are looking for a podcast that introduces you to some of the great women of our time, this podcast is a must listen. Julie has made some of the best people in sports that you’ve never heard speak accessible to the masses. Lynn adds some extra insight in every episode with her observations. Her story in the Robin Roberts podcast was such a great example of what women can do to encourage and impact other women who want to accomplish the same goals in life. This podcast has found the perfect mix of conversation to keep you laughing but also recognizing some serious topics that affect women in every industry. I look forward to every new episode and have made this podcast a part of my own self-care routine because it’s important to find people who genuinely laugh in a world that needs much more laughter. The high, low, cheer segment has opened an aspect of conversation that was missing in my life. Kudos to Julie and Lynn for finding a place for much needed conversations. This podcast is proof that the depth of women in positions of influence is much more than just the position they hold. Sometimes they just need a platform to share what they have always done because these aren’t the questions you hear in a post game interview or two minute promo for their latest endeavor.
  • Drytrek
    Quality Father Daughter Time
    Thanks for a great inspirational podcast! My daughter and I look forward to the next podcasts each week! Such a needed podcast!!!
  • cfrazermt
    I love your podcast. It makes me laugh and think of my soccer teammates throughout my life.
  • Terripens20
    Best Podcast
    I love this podcast that has been created... it is such a joy to keep the USA community connected in a such a way from the ladies of the past to the Ladies of the future!!! To show so many elements of just there lives in the game and out! I just have one question when is the ladies of Joy Fawcett, Carla Overbeck, Michelle Akers, Tiffany Millbrett, Shannon MacMillan, Cindy Parlow going to get these interviews! I would love to hear their stories and what they feel about the state of the Woman game and the USA team in particular!!! Hope you make that happen Mrs. Foudy!!!
  • JulieD7188
    Do-NUT miss this pod
    What I love about this podcast is the insight into the guest’s psyche and how Julie and Lynn bring their own stories of these athletes and figures into the conversation. It’s a true back and forth and they do a fantastic job of allowing the guest to process their thoughts and at times let silence do the heavy lifting. I also need to start having my own donuts at hand when I listen because, for the foodie in me, the descriptions of their donuts are salivating! For future guests, I would enjoy hearing from athletes and their significant others, particularly those that are with other athletes. I have heard Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe talk about the other but think it would be special to have both of them in a space together talking about the challenges, joys, etc. of their crafts and relationship, and how they strike (or don’t strike) a balance in their lives. Others that come to mind: Simone Biles/Stacey Ervin Jr., Jozy Altidore/Sloane Stephens, Caroline Woznacki/David Lee, Sydney Leroux-Dwyer/Dom Dwyer, Ashlyn Harris/Ali Kreiger, JJ Watt/Kealia Ohai, Julie Ertz/Zach Ertz, the list goes on...
  • Lisa59R
    High, Low, CHEER!
    Love this podcast, the only thing better would be more of them. I have literally laughed until I couldn't stop numerous times. I enjoy hearing from strong women, but it would be nice to have some inspirational men too.
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