Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy

Soccer #14

Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy is a fun, thoughtful, candid conversation with trailblazers in sports about the joy/chaos of life and sports.

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  • J.E.T 15
    Thank you
    Thank you for helping me get through the pandemic with Laughter (as I just found out about the podcast in June 20 and have listened to all seasons). Been a Foudy fan for years and am someone lucky enough to have felt the magic in the Rose Bowl in ‘99 live!!! Of course my favorite episodes are with the 99ers, but I love hearing insight to sports and life from so many different strong women!! Well done!!! P.S. ever think of having Becky Hammon on?? Would love to hear her view of coaching in the NBA.
  • sallysst
    Cinnamon rolls
    The cinnamon rolls I eat are fried! I would be interested in your research.
  • NOLA e
    Love it
    Title says it all. Great guests and thoughtful questions. Keep it up ladies!
  • GeekMsB
    Gets Better and Better
    I really enjoy the chemistry between Julie and Lynn. The episode with Molly Seidel made me lol at the end. I have listened to all the seasons and the episodes keep getting better. Very motivational! Great job ladies!!
  • hgg517
    A fun, uplifting listen!
    Julie has been my favorite soccer player since I was 10 (in 1998) and it’s awesome to see what she’s continued to do since. I love listening to interviews with my favorite sports personalities as well as being introduced to those I didn’t know before. Keep it coming!
  • cmanthey
    Thank you!!
    Thank you Julie and Lynn, this has become my favorite podcast the last few months. I am a college rowing coach and send almost every episode to my athletes! So fun and entertaining but always inspirational too! I’m finishing up my Masters in Sports and Athletic Admin as well, and hearing from so many different and amazing women in sports gives me such hope for my future in this field and the future of women’s sports as a whole. PS- dream job when I graduate is with Angel City so maybe this is my in?? Thank you! - Clare Manthey
  • becelbar
    Perfect antidote for election coverage
    This podcast is the gift that keeps on giving. I have found myself stressed and anxious all day as we wait on election results, so I knew that listening to your podcast would be perfect to make me smile and feel inspired. Thank you!
  • Snap-
    Madame President
    Thankyou for having the most interesting WNBA player on your show. It was as informative and entertaining as I expected. Also, just so you know, I would have killed in the Random Competition. 😎
  • sporty marty
    Longtime listener first time reviewer
    I love this podcast! I feel like Lynn and Julie are my friends. I once was a college athlete, I like to say I helped pave the way for the 99ers😉 back to the podcast, it is easy to listen to and is funny and profound. Thank you so much!
  • Kelly.Mon
    New season!
    Can’t wait for the new season to come out! This pod Always brings some laughter and levity (much needed!)
  • blazerless
    Julie is awesome
    I’ve been impressed with Julie’s media skills and style since her ESPN work during WC 98. The podcast showcases both consistently. Particularly loved the Diggins Randall episode.
  • 😍meggie
    this podcast is awesome, funny, interesting, and fun
  • laughter permitted addict
    All of them
    Julie & Lynne, I am finally going to write a review of your podcast. I can’t tell you how great I think they are. I haven’t listened to one I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. They are uplifting, funny, educational, entertaining, and make my early morning walks a joy. Keep them coming. I am your secret admirer. Judy
  • Simplifybactive
    Episode 25: Meghan and Kendall
    I literally just finished listening to episode 25 with Meghan and Kendall and it has left me feeling so inspired. Thank you for sharing their story and the women's hockey story in general. I started listening to your podcast about a month ago, starting at episode 1 and working my way through 25 of them, so far. There have been so many great episodes!! It's been such an amazing escape from 2020 and all the challenges. I thank you both for that!! For me, a former basketball, softball, soccer and volleyball player, this has been by far my favorite episdoe. I've loved everyone of them, but this one just felt different. I had no idea about women's hockey and their story and now I want to scream it from my rooftop. I am a big women's professional soccer fan and that's what brought me to this podcast. I am now telling everyone about it, athlete or not, because there is so much inspiration here. It's amazing to hear all the stories about women inspiring the next generation. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A 99er fan from the early days. (and I love the donuts!)
  • Sage wisdom
    The importance of listening
    Thank you. Thank you a thousand times for giving us the opportunity to LISTEN to your friends and colleagues who happen to be black. Tears come to my eyes when I reflect on how much I have learned listening to the real-life experiences shared in your multiple interviews over the past month or so. I am a senior citizen and subscribed to the podcast last year when, like thousands of others, I fell in love with the NWST. The advantage of the passing years is that I watched Billie Jean King's famous match! Each guest interview triggered warm and happy memoiries for me. But I write this review because of the power of the knowledge I gained, here and now, from your black athletes, young and old. Please keep teaching me. Thank you Julie for sharing your journey of self-awareness. I am right there with you. Please keep the interivews coming on Laughter Permitted. I laugh, I cry, but at the end of the hour I ALWAYS feel better.
  • lololovestea
    Huge Soccer Fan
    I was so excited to find this podcast on a friend’s recommendation. I am a huge fan of women’s soccer having played throughout my grade school and high school days. I love the 99ers and those interviews are some of my favorites. I grew up watching you play both in person and on TV. I love the range of women you interview and feel like I’m hanging out with you! Can’t wait to make my way through all of the episodes. PS- the squeakers in the game get me every time!
  • jlschaefer
    Fantastic Sports Podcast
    I originally came to Laughter Permitted as a fan of Julie Foudy from her USWNT playing and now analyst days. All of the soccer interviews have been great, but I’ve also appreciated hearing so many stories from other remarkable female athletes and media personalities - Robin Roberts, Billie Jean King, Jessica Mendoza the highlights, just to name a few. Lynn and Julie have brought us so many wonderful and insightful conversations and I look forward to hearing many more.
  • DuskMem
    Getting me through the Pandemic
    I am bingeing on these during the quarantine - it is healthier than doughnuts. Love being part of the Dope Village! These are helping me stay uplifted and inspired during these anxious times. I listen as I walk which keeps me walking and as Amy Liss says I find the nuggets of wisdom from each guest. I keep telling others! Thanks for doing this! Love it!
  • reviewernamedjo
    Love to listen with my daughter
    I love this show. The female athletes are so inspiring and Julie and Lynn have an approachability that draws out their guests and makes us all seem like friends.
  • Hwngrrl
    Mahalo! Love it!! & Future Guests
    Absolutely love the podcast! It’s been great going back through these again and reliving some of the great stories that you may not necessarily hear from other interviews. Keep up the great work! Love being part of this #dopevillage 🤙🏼 would love to hear: Misty May Treanor, April Ross, Marta, Sue Bird, Dara Torres, Megan Rapinoe, Carissa Moore, Diana Taurasi, Christine Sinclair and of course a 99ers series! 😀
  • Hackl1212
    Love it!!
    Really great Podcast! I loved the water polo episode. I look forward to this everyday Wednesday! Keep up the great work!
  • Emmett12Engel
    Underwhelming Season 3
    Season 3 isn't great plus Julie spends a lot of time laughing at her own jokes. But it's still not that bad
  • Balto fan
    Lacrosse player request
    Love this podcast!! I was wondering if you guys could do an episode with a lacrosse player- really fast growing sport and would be interesting for listeners!
  • scorpio1710
    I grew up watching Julie make such an impact on women’s soccer and sport in general. As someone who is still kinda new to podcasts, this is a staple in my library. I love the throwbacks and soccer connections, as well as getting to know amazing women in the sports world. Keep it up ladies, I’m loving the dope village! PS I would LOVE a Joy Fawcett/Shannon MacMillian pod... :)
  • katerade07
    Favorite podcast!
    As a huge women’s soccer fan (and women's sports in general) this is my favorite podcast. The best conversations with a variety of guests. Thank you for bringing on guests that inspire others and share great stories.
  • ctwwojo
    Female icons heard here!
    This podcast is a historical treasure. Yes, I I listened to everyone and some twice. The questions are thoughtful and the stories are an amazing progression through the growth of women’s sports. I was a female athlete before title nine, I’m in awe of the women that took the opportunity to be the best they could be. Thanks for having the black athletes on to discuss the rest of the story, hard stuff but we all need to know it to be able to support.
  • mcsg
    Julie & Lynn are Awesome!
    I accidentally found this podcast when searching for something by Glennon Doyle. Thank goodness she married Amy Wambach so I could discover Laughter Permitted. It's funny, smart, insightful, and real. I thought I knew alot about women's issues and accomplishments, but I learn something new in every podcast. And Julie & Lynn have kept things meaningful and timely addressing our "new normal" in pandemic-land as well as Black Lives Matter.
  • TeeneyB
    Love the podcast.
    Thanks for making my time at the gym fly! I laugh and I think and I can’t wait for each episode. Proud to be part of the dope village.
  • Hoopdude
    Laughter IS permitted!
    Love this podcast so much. Love the stories and the information and background. I appreciate hearing how teams form and coalesce together. Love all your guests. Have to admit, I don’t commute these days, so am a little behind. I have a guest suggestion for you. This person is strong, great story-teller, loves to laugh, wicked sense of humor. She’s about mentoring, building strong relationships, leadership, inclusiveness. Lin Dunn is a WBB legend. If you haven’t met her, ask Catch or Sue Bird about her. Thanks, Julie. Can’t thank you enough for this pod. You and Lynn do a great job!
  • nicknameeisalreadytaken
    I love this podcast. Thank you!
  • @starreceiver
    Podcast gold
    Love this podcast! Knew I’d love the soccer interviews and thrilled to ‘meet’ all the other athletes. Fantastic episode w Jessica MacDonald - rooting for her continued success and may she always have her shinguards nearby! Thanks Julie and Lynn!
  • sweetgreg79685
    No other words except I love this podcast
  • tdewit
    This podcast is dope!
    Favorite podcast of all time!!! Thanks for providing uplifting stories from amazing women!
  • time to believe
    Amazing podcast! Just curious- can you interview the walking triple double Sabrina Ionescu? And maybe one of her former Oregon teammates??
  • Notfromnyboslamia
    Live and Laugh
    Love the positive vibe. The Kikkan Randall & Jessie Diggins ep. was fantastic. I like that they cover not only sports accomplishments but also relateable life adversities. Nice job Lynn and Julie.
  • Initialsfive
    I’m a Dope Villager
    Ive been a Julie Foudy fan since 1999, for obvious reasons. I anxiously await each week’s episode to learn about a new amazing woman (or 2) who has an important story to tell to the world. Julie and Lynn have handled these podcasts with compassion and class, and always can find the humor AND the teaching moment. I’m a huge fan of this podcast and the women whom they feature; thus, I consider myself a Dope Villager. ~ Kerri Walsh-Jennings “My village is dope”
  • Natron4
    The best Podcast
    I love this podcast it is great to watch. For new episodes I suggest more from the USWNT and I would like to hear Christen Press and Tobin Heath together on a podcast as well as Megan Rapinoe abs Hope Solo.
  • Twofer6
    One of the best episodes yet
    Kikkan and Jessie! I watched that race and cried for joy at the finish. Where else can you find great, in-depth interviews with such outstanding female athletes? Keep it rolling!
  • Anna Loef
    Podcast Goals!!
    This podcast exceeds all expectations!! My twin sister recommended it and let me just say, I LOVE listening! Whether I am walking my dog, going for a run, or attempting to do something productive, this podcast has me engaged, smiling and quite literally laughing out loud! Thanks so much, Lynn and Julie for creating the perfect podcast and finding the best guests to share their journeys with us all. You two are such a dynamic duo! Please keep the episodes coming!
  • kaylay72
    My absolute favorite podcast
    Absolutely love this podcast and it is the highlight of my week every week. The guests are so inspirational and have given me so much perspective and motivation as they are such strong women. Lynn and Julie pour so much heart into the podcast and make it such an awesome show. Thank you thank you!!!
  • Stewy88A
    Love it!
    Julie and Lynn are hilarious but also ask great questions. The story telling from their guests has been amazing! A must for women in sport but so important for young women in general just to hear from female trailblazers. Keep it up!!!
  • Tlruppe
    Just awesome
    Julie and Lyn have moved to the top of my list of people I want to have dinner with. I love the show. I love the premise. I love the inspiration.
  • Ankle Breaker123
    Best podcast ever
    Nothing is gonna top it. Nothing! Julie is honestly the funniest person ever and would be such a great teammate. Lynn keeps everything in order, without her it would just be a donut party! Love the podcast! ❤️I also have watched every single episode!!
  • Abs.2020
    Love this podcast!
    I love this podcast! I’m inspired by the achievements of the women interviewed and love getting to hear their stories! It also gives me lots of opportunities to laugh out loud in public places and have people stare out me when I listen while walking, running, or cleaning my classroom after a long day!
  • tina5curtis
    Thanks for keeping it real
    Ladies, your podcast has helped me so much during this time. I’m a middle school music teacher and the school closures stopped all of our festival trips, competitions and concerts. The kids were devastated and I was finding myself running low on inspirational motivation to keep them showing up for Zoom classes. Colleen Hacker’s interview was so perfect! I even made a lesson based on her “Don’t just think it, ink it” saying. It gave the kids permission to voice their frustration, grief and anxiety and then discover what positive things they are learning about themselves through all of this. You would’ve thought the responses were from high school or college kids , except for the poor spelling. Thank you for being who you are! I love your podcast!
  • Ale Santofimio
    Future guest
    Christen Press and Tobin Heath
  • Lisa 'Mother of Ridgebacks'
    My favorite time of the day
    I’ve been listening to your podcasts each day here during the Michigan shelter in place order. It is my favorite part of the day. Absolutely love the guests, the content, the laughter....MORE please! :) Season 3 kick off with Ali & Ash thank you!!! 🥰
  • Masonb2005%
    Future guest
    Christen Press
  • Johna18
    So fun!
    This is such a fun pod cast! Julie is a great interviewer, and Lynn keeps everything moving. Thanks for the personal glimpses of some of my favorite people. There is power in humor!
  • Jean/ Florida runner
    Bring on Season 3
    Hi, so I’ve gone through many a podcast and have to say, Laughter Permitted is the BEST. Entertaining, insightful, thoughtful and completely fun. When does the LP merchandise come to market? Would love to advertise via t-shirt, our on my runs! Look forward to many more seasons of you both. Thanks for being you. Cheers, Jean Schalk
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