SWOON: Love Lessons with Julie and Gina

Sexuality #30

Are you ready for a life and relationship that makes you swoon?Every Monday, join Julie Jeske and Gina Senarighi, sex therapists, pleasure specialists, and relationship coaches, as they break down what everyone needs to know about sex, relationships, intimacy, love and desire.Whether you want fresh and honest information about sex and relationships or tools to create more fulfilling intimacy and pleasure, this podcast is going to help you connect meaningfully with yourself and your lovers.therapyden.com/swoon

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  • mmacnam
    Thoughtful and fun episodes
    I recently started listening to Swoon after coming across Jeff’s TikTok. I’m a huge fan of the content so far and can’t wait to binge the rest of the episodes. I find myself really reflecting on Julie and Gina’s perspectives after each episode I listen to. I especially like the episodes with Jeff and find his insights very helpful.
  • remy_them
    My Monday favorite!
    I really appreciate the time and effort put into this podcast. I eagerly wait new episodes each week. Julia and Gina open up conversation about sex and sexuality in a open and shame-free way. I do also enjoy the times where Jeff stops by. The dynamic between the 3 of them is so playful.
  • Becky503
    Love the hosts
    Love the hosts Julie and Gina. This podcast is a brave space but for whatever reason their male guest gives me weird vibes, his comments are sometimes creepy and off putting, no offense! Update: I stand by what I said; I recognize that therapists are humans and have opinions (strong ones), but imagining his clients possibly hearing the the way he speaks on certain topics during the show gives me second-hand embarrassment. To Julie & Gina - thank you for keeping the brave space for your tried and true listeners!
  • #Not_a_DR-Tracy
    #notBECKY and I LOVE JEFF!
    Jeff is a great addition and ads a great additional point of view, just because he isn’t Becky’s cup of tea the rest of us love him and both of you ladies! #teamJeff!
  • TamiHackbarth
    Hanging Out With Really Smart Friends
    Gina and Julie make conversations about sex easy breezy. Feels like I am hanging out with friends who want the best for me. Added June 2021: all that is still true. I adore these two.
  • bexnix76
    Entertaining and informative!
    Love listening to you two (plus Jeff!)! You do such a great job informing about and destigmatizing sex - and you sound like you have a lot of fun! Keep up the great work!
  • potatoesforbreakfast
    Life-changing ideas in a hilarious and useful format
    This podcast has had a profound effect on my relationship. We have a management meeting every week since listening to the episode about household equity and it has CHANGED. THE. GAME. Julie and Gina are the best. We love the podcast and listen often!
  • Authenicity seeker
    Insightful and enjoyable
    Just a joy to listen to these knowledgeable professionals. They absolutely normalize topics in relationships that can be tough in a society that does not always set us up for relationship success. I have learned much about myself and more about my partnership. Gina and Julie are quite different and yet come together to share their best in a true synergy.
  • Acksgirl
    Practical and actionable
    Julie and Gina get specific about the core challenges couples face when they’re trying to create a connecting partnership. From how to divide household labor to how to find a perfect gift for your sweetie(s) Julie and Gina have excellent questions and activities to take your relationship to the next level. They also talk about the difficult things that arrive in relationship like grief, trauma and jealousy. I wish I had this show when I first started dating 10 years ago.
  • Yackie Marie
    My favorite show this year!
    I have absolutely fell in love with this podcast! Its like a warm blanket on a Sunday morning. I love how insightful and useful this podcast is as a therapist and as a human. I’ve actually assigned episodes to my clients to deepen their healing. And the best part- it’s FUNNY! Not dry like some other therapy-y shows. Thank you so much Julie and Gina!! You brighten my week!
  • amandajoliegall
    Swooning Over Swoon!
    I’m pretty sure that phrase has been said before, but I love this podcast and am trying to be silly to get your attention. Anyway, Julie and Gina make a great team and I love how natural their conversations feel. They’re also both genuinely excited to be doing this work and they make me hopeful for my place in my future therapy practice. I’d love to hear more about: 1) queer relationships that are cis- and straight- passing, 2) crushes on your friends while in relationships (do you bring it up?), 3) trauma/dissociation/old memories coming up while having sex with a safe, loving partner, aaaaand 4) gendered jealousy (why am I jealous of my partner’s female friends and exes but not the male ones?) Bonus points if you guys see this and talk about advice for applying to a MFT grad program and how it feels to be in one :) I definitely have recommended y’all to everyone I am close to :) Please don’t be like Jeff and suddenly stop recording <3 Y’all make me swoon!
  • Quackynoodles
    Nailing it!
    I’ve listened to lots of relationship podcasts and yours is the best I’ve come across. It’s the sweet spot of psychology, non-traditional relating and just wise advice. Since you read all of these here is a fun and funny bit of feedback... I love how much you are into each other. You LOVE the ideas coming out of the others mouth. If I ever just want a giggle, I imagine it’s not a conversation on a podcast—it’s hot sex. Reframe this response to Gina talking, “oooh, yes! Yes, yes. Keep going! Oh, that’s good. That’s it! Yes, oh, that’s good. Ooo, ooo, yes...” and the orgasmic enthusiasm rolls on. We should all all enjoy conversation with each other as much as you do. 😝. And more seriously, thank you for your good work in the world.
  • noodies03
    I am so happy this podcast exists. Gina and Julie are a joy to listen to, and super helpful and relatable. I don’t get hooked on many podcasts, but this one had me immediately. Who couldn't use more pleasure and connection?!
  • plighthorse
    Delivers the Goods!
    Swoon podcasts normalize....everything sex and pleasure (between consenting adults) and has opened up new worlds for me. The short talks are easy to listen to on quick commutes and every single one lifts my spirits and reminds me to prioritize pleasure and helps me be IN MY BODY. So grateful. Thank you!
  • niallen3
    Hilarious and supportive
    This podcast has really helped me improve my communication skills with not only my partner, but co-workers and family, too.
  • PatB223
    Informative and inspiring
    As a prelicensed sex therapist, I found this podcast to be incredibly helpful and supportive. Listening to your show felt like having a portable consult group. Excited to dig into your past episodes! And congrats on hitting 100 :)
  • Sam4491
    A new favorite
    This is such an informative and entertaining podcast. As someone who is both a counseling student and a human being, I have found so much value in what Julie and Gina have to say. Plus they are just fun to listen to!
  • justwantloveandtrust
    Good Information
    I love how open they are on this podcast! I have learned so much just listening to them. It’s very eye opening to hear things from all sides.
  • Nlclarks
    Pleasure, connection, and joy
    When I mentioned I’d been listening to a lot of podcasts on walks, my therapist asked me which podcasts I was listening to, and this is the first one I mentioned. I enjoyed Swoon very much before the COVID crisis, but it has been extra great to listen to Julie and Gina talk about pleasure and connection in their joyful way while navigating isolation.
  • BL3Payne
    Absolute adoration
    I absolutely adore this podcast. It’s full of frank conversations that we all should be having in our lives. Julie and Gina are two of my internet trusted agents, validating my feelings on topics I don’t even dare to broach with my bestest of friends. Whenever I listen to an episode, I feel seen and heard. Thank you Julie and Gina!
  • App newbie
    So helpful!
    There are a lot of relationship podcasts. What I love about Julie and Gina is how they cover such a vast number of topics in such a relatable way. They manage to keep a welcome sense of levity, even with the more serious subjects. It makes it not feel so depressing! I think the way they talk about relationships - particularly the struggles - is incredibly validating. Keep up the great work, ladies!
  • Gabrieyell
    My therapist sent me an episode now I’m hooked
    My therapist sent me an episode when I was recently going through a breakup. Now I’m hooked. Love Julie and Gina! Definitely going to send in some questions! Looking forward to the Q&A!
  • LeslieConnelly
    This podcast is what made me start listening to podcasts
    I’m not tech savvy at all and I had never listened to a podcast before and I’m so happy I found this. I look forward to these discussions about relationships and sex each week. Julie and Gina are so insightful and infuse so much heart, humor and wisdom in each episode. I can’t thank you enough for doing this! I learn so much each week.
  • MommyFassio
    I swoon every time!
    I absolutely in love with this podcast. I learn something new every time, and the chemistry between Julie and Gina is fabulous. I recommend this to clients and friends alike, and can’t wait for new episodes to drop!
  • winterforall
    Listen right now!!
    Skills, insights, and invitations to be a more connected, responsive human with other humans (and yourself)! EVERYONE could use this information!!
  • Kristina Bee
    This is a WONDERFUL Podcast
    Look, everyone loves Esther Perel, right? She's cool, sexy, and she's full of insights. But, her stuff is not all that accessible when it comes to day-to-day life. This podcast with Julie and Gina has all the great insights of Esther Perel in a short, fun, accessible format. I just discovered it and I have been spreading it around because, yes, this is the podcast we all need as human beings living life together in relationships. Having listened to a bunch of episodes already, I'll be re-listening to some of them with my husband. Thanks Gina and Julie -- keep up the great work!
  • Froggy1856
    Just fantastic!
    What an outstanding podcast. I learn so much!! Gina and Julie make the material so approachable and I laugh so much it’s really great. The topics they cover are so diverse and I always pick up a wonderful nugget each time. It’s like having tea with two awesome friends. Thanks for doing such important work!
  • paiger1343
    New favorite podcast!
    This podcast was recommended to me by my therapist and it has been so healing and helpful! I love how it’s informative, inviting, and silly. It takes challenging topics and normalizes them. I also Love how they give you very clear tools and resources to use in your relationships right away. They are amazing, a must listen and recommend to all your people!
  • katekauff
    Listen to Swoon now.
    I've been listening to Swoon for several months now, and I now listen to every episode - even if I don't think it's relevant to me. What I love about Julie and Gina is there are nuggets of information in every episode that you can take back into your life no matter what kind of relationship you are in or not. Even friendships! These women are smart, funny, honest and straight to the point about topics that sometimes people don't want to explore or didn't even realize they need to explore. Highly, highly recommend!
  • KoaReed
    The laugh!
    I love this show! I knew about the podcast but didn’t listen to it until after I heard Julie’s interview with Jeff on the podcast Say more about that. That made me want to listen. I love the content but I love the way they talk and laugh even more! Highly recommend.
  • Skeekyorange
    Thank you
    Thank you for giving us tools to navigate our relationship. I am thoroughly enjoying this podcast and have recommended it to friends. So good. So thorough. Non judgmental.
  • kellerfly
    The best sex education we never received in a classroom!
    Julie and Gina are providing such knowledgeable information for every.body. I am learning so much more about myself, and how to talk to my kids — without feeling like I am being talked down to. Sex, pleasure, consent, and self care should not be dirty words. And I appreciate how much Julie and Gina are trying to “normalize” these words, and mainstream these conversations. Excellent podcast. I look forward to every Monday for new episodes.
  • cors82
    Mostly love
    Love the topics they choose to discuss! My one piece of feedback is that Julie do less feedback in conversation, “yes, oooh yeah, yes, yeah, yeah, yeaaaah, yup.” It’s become so distracting, that I struggle to stay focused on their great conversations.
  • S-Columbus
    A podcast every person should hear.
    I've recently started listening to Swoon after meeting Gina at a Pride event. This podcast talks about everything that we should be talking about when it comes to sex and human connection. The way that the wonderful humans connect topics that are sometimes more difficult to talk about with humor and phrase things in a way that takes the "taboo" completely out of it. I have really enjoyed listening!
  • amyelaine
    Absolutely love this podcast. Its like sitting down with two super hip friends & discussing all of the juicy parts of life!
  • elliotgoettelman
    Fun friendly information.
    Great information for all walks of life!
  • UODuckScotty
    Great information.
    I try to listen every week. Provides good information to put the fire back into my relationship with my wife. Keep up the good work!
  • NaomiBroome
    Relevant and Funny
    Like a great conversation with my girlfriends at a bar, if my girlfriends were professional sexperts. Relevant, funny, challenging, and smart. This is one of my new faves!
  • cesmick
    Funny, smart and inspiring!
    This is a great podcast!! These are smart, thoughtful, insightful women who offer great insight and practical advice that is really inspiring.
  • StaceyJeske
    If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I love love love these women. The way they talk about things that affect SO many people with such an openness and grace is amazing. I also really enjoy that they give you tangible things you can do to practice what they’re discussing. The content is so relatable, and so helpful.
  • miranimal_
    On point and fun!
    I LOVE THIS PODCAST. I may be biased as I’ve benefited from Julie’s professional therapy sessions myself. This podcast takes all the topics that feel like unknown territory and presents them in a thoughtful, direct, and super casual fun way while remaining totally profesh. And gives you tips so you can engage with the info on your own! It really does feel like you’re sitting in a room chatting it out with your girlfriends who happen to be super pro sex therapists. And it gives you a reason to look forward to Monday’s! Can’t recommend this podcast enough!
  • enterthewildwood
    Solid Gold
    My therapist recommended this podcast to me as I am rediscovering sexuality for myself and in my relationship after healing from trauma. It’s been so validating to hear such shame-free sex talk that normalizes issues most people today struggle with. I look forward to this every Monday and I’ve shared it with my partner and numerous friends. Thanks, ladies!!
  • Ilovesteve&derek
    Recommend to my clients
    As a therapist who sees couples I’ve found that the topics discussed in the podcast are very relatable and validating. I’ve been recommending it as “homework” for clients who are trying to work on their sexual relationship. The only suggestion I have is to try to reduce the “active listening words” like “yes” and “right” that are helpful in person but very distracting for the listener. Keep up the great work!
  • Quadruple Scorpio
    I love this podcast and look forward to it every Monday! I love how sex positive the show is and how lovingly normalizing it is. I love that, for me, it breaks down any shame I have had about desires and instead has me feeling empowered in my body, needs, desires, and boundaries!
  • WillingOpenReady
    Swoon is for all of us - straight talk about sex, relationships & communication in simple, compassionate, relatable language. Concise & engaging, the hosts have a way of sharing so much expertise in such an actionable, non-condescending & encouraging way that makes change feel possible. I love their rapport & the excellent information in every episode- efficient, positive, free coaching tips & tools at your fingertips! Kudos and thank you!
  • West side Jay
    Excellent exploration of sexual experiences
    Gina and Julie present these very personal and often fraught topics couples face in a way which both demystifies and disarms potential conflicts. From their smooth voices to the obvious camaraderie they have, they make talking about sexual issues with your spouse, significant other, or even friends less scary and more meaningful to find a mutually pleasurable solution.
  • sarahndipityg5
    Thank you!
    Thank you, Julie & Gina, for talking about this! Your inclusive language and no-shame conversational style makes these very sensitive topics totally approachable. Keep up the great work!
  • transpainter
    Great podcast!
    The two hosts have amazing energy together and are able to talk about hard things with humor and ease, all while being educational! Well done. I will definitely be listening again.
  • sleepingbeauty234
    Love this podcast
    Julie and Gina are the perfect hosts for this fun and insightful podcast. After listening to just one episode, I’m hooked! They discuss sex in a way that is comfortable, interesting and informative. I walked away from the episode with real ideas for improving my own relationship. This is a must-listen for anyone in a relationship.
  • bridge13
    Insightful, compassionate, and Fun
    Gina and Julie are so much fun to listen to. This podcast makes me want to just go get a glass of wine with them and talk about all things sex! Also, they are so full of sweetness and empathy and they explore these really tough situations that partners can find themselves struggling to navigate. And to top it all, off, they provide really useful concrete strategies to address common issues. I LOVE this PODCAST
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