Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches


Let's talk volleyball! Topics range from coaching philosophy to interviews with former Olympians. Perfect for your drive to work, volleyball practice, or to binge listen to on the way to a tournament!

If you're a new volleyball coach and you want to learn more about how to coach volleyball, this podcast is sure to keep you entertained! I know that not everyone has a volleyball background, so I keep it as beginner friendly as possible! Support this podcast:

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Recent Reviews
  • Janesville 1
    Great podcast!
    Whitney does a tremendous job tackling various aspects of coaching in an approachable way!
  • a20shaw
    Amazing Podcasts for Coaches
    I’ve learned so much from this podcast!
  • Paige Tonz
    Sooooo good!
    I have had the privilege of getting to know Whitney even outside the podcast. She is genuine, so kind, and has a heart to serve! I love the extremely relevant topics and value she provides not only for coaches, but the volleyball (and sports) community. Her podcast is a MUST LISTEN if you are a coach. P.S. I had the best time being a guest on her podcast as well! Thank you Whitney for all that you do for the sport, coaches, and girl athletes!
  • mjump3
    Listen up!
    I have learned so much from this podcast. Things I have thought of as a coach and not sure how to approach, Whitney has done a great job addressing in this podcasts. Good for beginner coaches as well as seasoned coaches!
  • dnhernandez75
    Awesome Volleyball Podcast
    Whitney offers excellent insights from a player and coach perspective. @Getthepancake is also a great instagram follow!
  • maggiemyoung
    I have been listening since the beginning! I love getting to stay in the volleyball mindset while not in the gym! As a young coach I love hearing about different coaches experience and strategies!
  • Sage J.
    Great podcast!! Super informative and helpful :))
  • anitauribe
    Love these
    My daughter listens to these, it’s motivating and helps her learn and understand what to do in volleyball, it betters her in her sport she loves it!
  • Bethy1877
    Second opinion
    I absolutely love hearing your point of view! I started a youth volleyball program in our area and the information, opinions, and tools you have given me more confidence in myself as a first time coach but long time player. Our area never had a youth program until now. I played in junior high, high school, college, and club ball and I still didn’t feel prepared to be on the other side of the game coaching. Thank you!
  • BeartrapAri
    First year coach
    I’m enjoying this podcast greatly. Helping me ease myself into the game. Thanks for all you do!
  • Miss.Aonuma
    I’m going to be volleyball manger next year and I want helpful so I want to learn some tips for my team and this really did help!! Thanks!
  • megandenyse
    1st year coach
    I’m going to be a 1st year coach next year, and I’m so excited that there’s a podcast out here for me! I like listening to podcasts while I drive, so this is great! I’d love for the episodes to be longer rather than just an article, but it’ll take time to build :)
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