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TALKING FEDS is a roundtable discussion that brings together prominent former government officials, journalists, and special guests for a dynamic and in-depth analysis of the most pressing questions in law and politics.

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  • Madeline short
    Law & usually some Laughter every week
    This is a great podcast to follow if you are like me and just don’t get quite enough on MSNBC from these Harry and the other great legal contributors ! Keep it up ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟
  • mollyfishny
    Love it!
    Keep the swearing coming. It’s justified.
  • Lurabuta
    One of the best shows explaining what’s really going on! Hopeful! Can’t wait for the next one!
  • Zack Nelson
    Forward Party? Really?
    Why are you platforming the Forward Party who STILL have no policies, no platform, and stand for nothing except “moving forward.” They are like a bad Simpsons plot. Let’s just have a weathervane on the panel next time so we get the same amount of principals with less diatribe.
  • chisoxct
    A must listen to podcast. Enjoy Harry’s insight and always books insightful guests.
  • JeetKuneDo
    A beacon of democracy!
    It’s a fantastic way to keep up with politics and those who would threaten democracy
  • @fatarae
    Top 5
    Talking Feds is one of my top 5 pods! Love it!
  • gybuse
    Great episode!
    Loved the Trump university group! More of these please. So interesting to hear the different opinions and approaches to the issues. Learned a lot. B NC
  • 11dalya
    So many great legal minds
    I love listening to the legal minds at work in these podcasts. The topics are easy to follow and well explained. Great guests always, and getting to listen to Mary McCord, Joyce Vance, Norm Eisen, among others, all on one show was spectacular as they discussed legal strategies for the Trump case. Thank you Harry Littman.
  • last try for a name
    Yeah, It’s Monday!
    Always first-rate, insightful, thoughtful. I am always sorry when it’s over. Not as crazy about the focused one-topic episodes, though they are excellent. Mondays, my dog always gets a good walk. Love you, Harry!
  • tmccaffr
    Do not miss this podcast. It is the best! Way to go Harry Litman for assembling 15 of America’s top lawyers.
  • VietSchlong
    Ridiculous partisan hack
    People like this are why half of America has woken up to the fact that the legacy media is their enemy.
  • Lurking Baby Boomer
    Talking San Diego
    Thank you for hosting Jamie Raskin - so moving and so powerful and, as you said, a tour de force. Love Talking Feds - never miss an episode. You are such a great facilitator Harry, on you rpodcast and today with Congressman Raskin. So grateful for you both. Now we have to get to work to save ourselves. Thank you so much. Deborah Clendaniel
  • sfncar
    Blah, blah, blah
    Another Monday, another disappointment— come for the Feds and get stupid politics. Why do we bother?
  • Terry@88
    My favorite podcast! Maga folks need to listen to hear the TRUTH!
  • martinschroman21
    Keep going!
    I listen to all of the episodes. Thank you!
  • Jrkalom
    I have to say I am really impressed with the heavy weight personalities that he is able to pull into this podcast. Such stimulating and validating conversations. Thank you so much and keep it up! You and your brilliant friends are rock stars!
  • Coachlinda57
    Insightful Conversations with the Best of the Best
    Like your easy, informative but personal conversational style as well as your superb choice of guests. Always feel like I’ve regained a few of the IQ points I inevitably lose listening to mainstream media’s quick, unexplored talking points. Thanks!
  • Truly66
    Guest Line-up of has-beens
    Jonathon Alter, Heidi Heitcamp, and EJ Dionne? BORING! How about Rachel Bitecofer, Tiffany Cross, or anyone under 65! Or under 40!
  • pattiocon
    Favorite Monday show
    I love Harry and he always has great guests. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s too short - I could easily listen for twice as long. Or alternatively 3 times a week.
  • @march4humanity
    Absolutely worth the time!
    I love Harry’s guests per episode and all the questions and answers. Thank you, you help me believe that sanity/humanity will prevail.
  • CRLadra
    Honest, clear, perspective
    Harry, the high level of discussion is impressive.
  • Ofwaih48
    I never miss it!
    Great, lively discussions! Part of my morning routine!
  • Jerry Starbuck
    What me worry?
    One of the best episodes is Feb 19th with Carol, Susan , and Emily.
  • phunny girl
    Trials and more
    This was an excellent show! Such knowledgeable guests and great insights into what is happening to our country right now!
  • mbapsu
    What is truly frightening?
    You all believe yourselves to be unbiased, even-handed arbiters of truth when you all are actually rabid partisans and held positions in the Federal bureaucracy with the full power to weaponize your beliefs against American Citizens. Truly frightening…
  • Lulu3305
    Accountable Eras
    This podcast had me laughing out loud so many times! I always enjoy these podcasts but this one was especially fun
  • Buggy1212
    Informative and Interesting!!!
    Really appreciate this podcast. Very well done and provides insightful information on relevant topics. I’m learning a lot! Thanks so much!!!
  • Lisa Tuttle in Maine
    Important but normalizes MAGA maggots
    This is so important to help us little commoners understand the law and how powerful and corrupt men can use the levers of government to abuse the population. Yet the normalization of illegitimate pathways to power still resides in a good ole boy dangerous acceptance of a befuddled, ignorant and violent method The Republican Party is a disgrace there is no acceptable apology or rationalization fir the behavior.
  • CookieManster
    I usually enjoy your show Harry, but today was a disappointment. President Biden has been the most accomplished president of our time. I will never understand why Crystal and Frum insist on belittling his impressive record by suggesting he’s not a good communicator. President Biden has been a skillful communicator if one is looking for compassion, honesty and trust. Slick politicians are unreliable and empty. BIDEN 2024! KEEP AMERICA FREE!
  • AintWhatIUsedToBe
    Democracy and the Administrative State
    I found today’s conversation unusually interesting, all of it, but the conversation at the end about the herring case before SCOTUS was the greatest prize. Administrative State. Chevron Doctrine (btw for today’s panel- there is more than one Chevron Doctrine - air quality is not the only environmental issue Chevron has been involved in). One of the great things about Talking Fed is that Harry brings in not only prominent, articulate and thoughtful experts on the liberal and progressive sides but also equally articulate and thoughtful experts who were historically prominent on the conservative side, some still deeply conservative, some now registered as Democrats. All believe the democratic system of governance the founding fathers established is our single most important asset. It always gives me hope to hear there is a value, a principle more important that current partisan issues.
  • NC Resident 22
    The Best Federal Legal Podcast
    I always enjoy the topics and the excellent guests. Hits SCOTUS and high profile cases and some politics.
  • Dave & Jane in N America
    December 11 podcast is excellent
    This convo with Susan Glasser, David French, and Jonah Goldberg is worth listening to more than once. Indeed, I listened to the first half twice. We're facing a crisis in this country. It's essential, IMO, that we all understand what is at stake. These thinkers did a great job of defining the problem.
  • Bevlh
    Staring into the Abysses
    This was the best and most intelligent panel discussion ever! Terrific group of guests; excellent variety of viewpoints; and wonderfully rational expression of those viewpoints. Funny, as well 😀 Would love to have this group together more often!
  • ilovemyjobpj
    Normally a Fan
    First, I love your podcast and am a regular listener. However… I had to stop listening to your December 10/11 release because you allowed Jonah G go on about his boisterous opinions and not let others opine. He indicates that calling another party fascist - particularly after they exhibit the signs - is not the solution for an election. Can he explain the Cuban and Central American voters (now American citizens) who were scared away from voting Democratic by Trump stating the Dems were going to be a fascist party and take away their country? It was the world they came from, and the fear factor was successful in a significant percentage of flipping those voters to Republican through lies and fear. so, telling the truth about a party seems only fair when it’s true versus when it’s a lie.
  • J. Sims, Jr.
    love it
    This is one of my favorite podcasts and I love how Harry hosts. Enough of Katie Benner, Jonah Goldberg, and Paul Fishman, tho. Or maybe when either of them comes to the podcast make them the only guest for the entire episode/topic.
  • larpd
    Republicans- take responsibility for your own.
    Jonah trotted out that old nugget about Dems funding crazy republicans in the ‘22 election… quit trying to blame Democrats for the fact that republican primary voters are MAGA cultists and will vote for the crazy they crave, regardless. All your “normal” republicans end up like Elyse and Co. once they’re in office, and since when did republican primary voters give a toss what Democrats say? SOOO sick of you trying to pretend this isn’t 100% a REPUBLICAN problem. OWN it. FIX your own without dodging responsibility, whiners.
  • Auron Renouille
    Please don’t bother with Jonah Goldberg anymore.
    Seriously? He spends an entire episode arguing that Trump is the Democrats’ fault, that Republicans evidently have no agency? That if he’s re-elected it will be Democrats’ fault and not, say, Trump’s voters? These are truly unserious arguments and they don’t warrant thirty seconds of consideration, let alone the thirty minutes given to them in today’s episode. :/
  • Sind6160
    I really like this show…
    As a Democrat I don’t need National Review Republicans telling me/us about how I/we should feel about TFG being a fascist. OMG!! Should we really be saying this out loud. And the rest of the “Republicans” (that aren’t MAGA) are really still Regan Republicans. So is TFG really the F word if most “Republicans” are being covered like they delusionally still think like they did when Reagan was the president? I also don’t want National Review Republicans bemoaning and decrying Democrats acting like Republicans by paying for ads for the MAGA freaks they were running against, as Democrats not being serious about the threat the MAGAs pose. Most decidedly egregious and disrespectful to the American people. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m becoming increasingly annoyed and tired of old timey Reagan Republicans bashing Democrats. I’m at the point where the podcast, the news program or article gets a turned off. That is what I did here. I don’t need “expert” Reagan Republicans, former National Review columnists to tell me how to think and what I should believe. Trump IS a fascist. He tells us he is every day. He showed us he was for 4 years. He IS a clear and present danger to our country every F’g day he is allowed to walk and speak freely among us.
  • FO ABC
    Great podcast!
    I do listen to this podcast often, and I love it, however, I have to call out Heidi Heitkamp. You wouldn’t have voted to expel George Santos, even though he has been indicted, his own colleagues went on record saying he defrauded them, and was shown to have lied to voters in NY to win his election? What? Because it looks bad is not a reason to go against what is right, I can see why you were voted out.
  • HB Todd
    The Highest Level Analysis! - Better come prepared to class!
    Talking Feds is like a Doctoral class in law and politics. I listen to other podcasts to get a knowledge base, then I’ll come here for analysis at the granular level. This is a hard core, deep dive into complex topics from eloquent speakers at the absolute top of their respective professions in journalism, law, government service, and politics. Simply put this is a place for legal and politics nerds. Harry Litman is so well spoken, and conducts this podcast with total regard for the facts. I hope Harry never changes a thing, and keeps the conversation at this type of elevated level. I look forward to every episode even though I listen a week or two late so I have time to study up before tuning in!
  • MecktroGnome
    Speak clearly
    I am a regular listener to the podcast and while I appreciate Katie Benner’s reporting and insight, each time she is on the show, I strain to hear and understand her comments. The other guests were clear but she seems to speak too rapidly and not clearly enough. Please come back, Katie, and let us hear your valuable insights clearly.
  • Wife of Nerd
    DOJ Insider
    Listening to this podcast right now and it could be very valuable if the audio wasn’t so poor. Perhaps asking the guests to NOT use speaker phone would help. At the very least, a check on the guests’ audio quality prior to recording. It’s a five star podcast seriously diminished by poor production values.
  • Snappaloo
    Love this show but….
    I couldn’t finish the recent episode. I’m a democrat and I have to say that it is such an incredible discount to hear you all discuss how much better our economy is doing and what I’m feeling (and others) isn’t real. Sure, Americans are spending but does it matter to anyone that a lot of the spending is on credit cards???!!! Also, prices are still incredibly high and the quality of services are terrible (restaurants, contractors, etc.). Everyone on this panel says how well our GDP is, our stock market but these markers DO NOT reflect the reality of the normal American.
  • A Starr58
    So informative!
    Just listened to the podcast, reviewing the economic landscape. I found it terrifically informative and enjoyed the optimism I was hearing from the experts.
  • Kentamon
    Bad sound
    Good content but Harry can’t figure out how to get the sound right.Sounds like he’s in a irrigation culvert or a tile room with 15 foot ceilings. Or crappy microphone. Echo chamber with tin sound. Every other persons sound is ok but the host sounds like crap! Get it together mr big fed dude. And you don’t need to be yelling in the microphone . Will a sound tech dial this guy in? Hard to listen to. Consistently the worse sound of any podcast . Last two episodes beginning of November 2023 now the guest’s audio are terrible! Guess there is no sound engineer. Pathetic
  • dividnacivfnsz
    In depth discussion
    Well rounded intelligent panel with experienced insights and a dash of cynical humor.
  • mindcentric
  • Juggler~1
    I know more now
    I always feel like I know more when I’ve finished listening to an episode. Thanks!
  • GrandmaRach
    Excellent Episode on Russia’s Infiltration
    Such cogent analysis and plain-old-fashioned teaching on 10-30-23 Russia episode by two former DOJ brainiacs and a penetrating journalist. Mostly succinct, refreshingly without chitchat. Even Andrew Weissmann's anecdotes (a tad long-winded) are instructive, and he’s always brilliant and—dare I say—entertaining on all the shows he hosts or visits. In each episode, Harry makes one grasp why a layperson’s wish for a particular legal intervention might be infeasible. Easy to slug back the shots from sponsoring booze manufacturers who interrupt each episode. Bracing, given that the show is always on threats to our democracy.
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