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Tennis #68

Tennis analysis from beyond the baseline. Hosted by Simon Bushell and Devang Desai, Open Era covers the headlines and oddities from the ATP and WTA. Ranging from the 'Big Three' to Canada’s meteoric rise in the tennis world, Open Era keeps you informed and entertained.

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  • smurphie924
    💜Enjoying the Intellect💜
    I truly enjoy this podcast for its creative/outside the box 😉 perspective. It is smart & unabashed, & I enjoy the fact that salty language is not frowned upon, but utilized as an exclamation point to a thought or an opinion. I joined the patreon as a small means of support & gratitude. Thanks & please keep the episodes coming. I wait every week. 🫶🏼🎾
  • Z money $$$
    Greatest single episode ever
    Melbourne: Blackjack. Quite simply the most witty, amazing, fun tennis podcast ever recorded. These two gentlemen have a different style than any other podcast out there and I cannot recommend it highly enough. 857 stars. Even if they aren’t in the cultural zeitgeist as much please please do more NFTs sometime!! Vamossss
  • tnnsbaw
    Entertaining & Thoughtful Tennis Podcast
    Entertaining & Thoughtful Tennis Podcast that not only goes over the latest tournaments on both tours, but also covers some other interesting tennis related topics during the back half of the episodes. The hosts have a great dynamic & really bring good insights to the sport.
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