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The American English Podcast teaches the language and culture of the United States. Through common expressions, pronunciation tips and interesting cultural snippets or stories, I hope to keep this fun, useful and interesting! All bonus material can be accessed at

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  • misterloxm
    Nice podcast
    I’m trying to learn English and this is been a great tool bc I’m able to listen and read what they are saying so it’s nice
  • LuisMiguelCali
    Very interesting podcast!
    I enjoy listening to your podcast!, so may interesting topics you have with each one of them, thank you very much!.
  • Trangjijo
    Thanks! I leant a lot from you.
    Thank you! Your podcast is my most favorite one when I’m driving.
  • BezhanS
    Shana the best!
    Shana, you are the best! I love you!
  • Thanks, Rana
    Thank you Rana
    Thanks a lot, Rana I really enjoy your podcast when I am alone at home keep going 🤩
  • Svetlana 33
    For Shana
    Thank you Shana , for your interesting podcast. I am listening 2 time in month , when I drive. It is very helpful for me.
  • хщщогнненееккууцй
    happy thanksgiving
    I find this podcast extremely interesting, now I learn english and enjoy🌚🌚🌚
  • Desolation Desert
    Cat got your tongue¿¿😁😁😄🤓🤓
  • laconty
    Terrific podcast with history of the usa
    Keep it up! 😁
  • frijol141998
    Stunning podcast
    Such and amazing podcast. I Can learn about English and American culture as well, at the same time, that sounds counter intuitive but it’s real. Thanks for made this podcast fun and meaningful to me.
  • Nika Schwarz
    The worst story
    Just started listening the German story and stopped after several minutes. What a disgusting things are presented here. Absolutely awful! Viele Grusse aus Deutschland.
  • Aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    About podcast
    The podcast, as well as Shana herself, were incredible! My wife and I have been listening to this podcast nonstop for the last three weeks. I believe that the American English podcast is highly underrated compared to similar English teaching podcasts. The methods, cultural context, and everything else are excellent.
  • AngelaPaz!
    Thanks you!
    This podcast is very helpful to me and I think is the best podcast for English learners I ever listened. I am a mom of two little kids, living in Seattle and is the only way I can listen English. It was a pleasure hear all the histories on a fun and interesting way.
  • frankl91
    It’s very use full todo me
  • Suesumomo
    Great English for intermediate to advanced level!
    One of the best English podcasts I’ve listened over the years! It covers broad daily contents and events with some explanations on words not easy to understand as a non-native speaker! Can’t miss one episode! Great way to learn English while learning the American culture at the same time. Thank you!
  • youra A.
    Great podcast
    I just started listening to this and got hooked! Wonderful stories ,materials and subjects. Love it!
  • Emy@US
    Jump the gun
    My roommate jumped the gun and gave a permission for real estate to video record our place without my permission . The problem is she does not care about my feelings.
  • Fariba G
    Useful topics, highly recommended
    One of the best podcasts ever. So entertaining and informative, fun and interesting topics which are pretty useful in everyday life. Thanks Shana 🫶🏻
  • elhabib_7
    Best English learning podcast ❤️
    Life changing i like the way you talk very simple and clear mostly for non English native speaker. Thank you keep it up and Please do more stories behind something i like the “Jingle Bells” so killing two birds with one stone learning language and the Story ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • mehrdad _mike
    Efficient podcast
    The podcast is so efficient with combinations of different objects which is so important for beginners and advanced learners. I highly recommend it Thanks Shana for your time and effort All the best Mehrdad
  • Astrid2295
    Amazing Podcast!
    Thank you for your amazing podcast! I am learning a lot! I love it and enjoy each episode 😘
  • GhazalG
    Love this podcast!
    I’m in LOVE with the way Julia laughs❤️ It melts my heart🤩❣️
  • avstos2018
    Fun and helpful
  • yenooc2
    Why teach people to use toxic spray?
    It is extremely distressing to me that a podcast ostensibly concerned with teaching English is telling people it’s good to use toxic spray in your yard to kill spiders. So ecologically harmful! I also don’t understand why the host didn’t call a local wildlife organization to find out what to do for the baby birds she found. Really upsetting podcast.
  • nataliemas
    Love it!
    I love the content of this podcast, thank you!
  • JaimisonAllen
    O melhor que já ouvi.
    É impressionante como o conteúdo deste podcast atrai a atenção dos ouvintes, e de repente você esquece completamente que está ali para aprender. Você se envolve completamente com as histórias que ela conta, com as entrevistas e de repente está compreendendo tudo, aprendendo de forma divertida. Shana tem uma didática maravilhosa, eficiente e simpática de ensinar. Morei 4 anos na Califórnia, estou de volta no Brasil, mas ouço os podcasts regularmente. Minha filha de 13 anos também não perde um. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 É tão envolvente que até parece que somos amigos íntimos de Shana, Lucas e suas filhas. 😍
  • Pitta Pena
    Amazing teacher!
    I’m so happy ! I just starting following you, and I love it! I’m learning a lot from you! You are a great teacher and it’s easy to learn with your words and the way you always explain to us! Thank you for teaching the people like me! I really want to learn how to express myself in English language and learn more about it . To Speak and express myself polite and properly! God bless you! 💐🙋🏻‍♀️💝And I apologize for my writing mistakes!
  • raywpl
    uioiuiii……在于我们ii如何👀……面对别人喔考到o was口
    一个人一ui筽筽约了你两聚iijuiihiiioki…………oi鸡哦级以上🐔……不过u……这o wasko木锯筽都有jjij噢kio……这些是一筽e……在于如何挤人j……在i was wondering whenoiu k
  • amineboussema
    Appreciate it . Interesting content and exposed in funny yet very instructive way Thanks
  • Grisha_ARG
    100% recommended
    With this fun to listen podcast, not only you are advancing your English, but also are learning about America’s history, culture, customs, jokes foods, places, a very interesting way that in my opinion it takes to read hundreds of books to learn about them.
  • TomikSar
    Thanks Shana, I learned a lot about American English, culture, please keep up the good job and teach us more
  • dancnguyen
    Quality nuggets
    I’d love to listen to your podcast on a daily basis. You provided lots of useful information about American language and culture. I can attribute my English level up a lot to the expressions you shared. I appreciate it.
  • J101089
    Shana Thompson Revolutionized my Diction!
    Before I started studying under Shana I could not speak or understand English. From street signs to restaurant menus, I was completely lost and functionally illiterate in America. However, under Shana's tutelage, I have become a fluent and adept English speaker and was even able to pass the California Bar Exam!
  • lljohnson6
    I love the host, she’s funny and really easy to understand. The podcast is very helpful.
  • Pcdiniz
    Amazing podcast
    Very good podcast to improve our listen skill. Fun and interesting. I loved it!!!
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