Encounter Party!

by Play+1
Fiction #186Comedy Fiction #22

Step inside the Magic: the Gathering world of Ravnica in this Fantasy Mystery Audio Adventure governed by the rules of Dungeons & Dragons that Nerdist calls “a critical hit’!

Five Ravnican citizens, each from different guilds, have their lives turn upside down when they find a mysterious artifact; a perfect metal orb. Though its properties are a mystery, it’s somehow connected to a strange infection spreading throughout the city. Black tendrils of corruption are making people lose their minds, or perhaps giving them new ones.

It’s a race against a clock they cannot see with certain doom if they fail, and all out guild war if they succeed. Prepare for a literal mind bending adventure of intrigue, mystery, and scientific mayhem! All this and more in Campaign #1 of Encounter Party!

Featured by Nerdist, Syfy Wire, Gilding Light and the official Dungeons & Dragons podcast Dragon Talk, Season 1 spent nearly 8 weeks on Apple Podcasts' New & Noteworthy charts, Season 2 trended on the Comedic Fiction charts in over 50 countries during its release, and Season 3 smashed the show's own download records within 8 weeks.

Follow the show and interact with the creators and players on Facebook at Facebook.com/Groups/TheEncounterParty (@EncounterParty), or Twitter/Instagram at @Encounter_Party! #EncounterParty. Come join the Party in our Discord server at https://discord.gg/zRTrcRv

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Recent Reviews
  • 40TonViking
    It’s even better the 10th listen through!
    This podcast is amazing. I’ve never played D&D or MTG before but have always wanted to and listening to this podcast takes it to new heights LOL. The only bad thing I can say about this group is they make it hard to jump into a D&D group of your own, because how can it compete! Great cast and amazing production and scoring. Can’t wait till campaign 2!
  • the Shepster
    Great Ravnica Podcast
    Very well produced podcast. The story is engrossing. The characters are interesting. Learning all about Ravnica, which is a setting I’m not familiar with.
  • metaltoad
    My favorite RPG podcast
    Hands down the best editing and sound capture in the RPG Podcastverse, the world building by Brian (the DM) and the role playing by the cast is great. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Magic the Gathering or the world of Ravnica (where the cast is set) I am still two thumbs up on this one.
  • Mr.Fanatic
    Phenomenal podcast
    Amazing podcast I would recommend it to anyone weather they play D&D or not!
  • Corndog batman
    This week on Encounter party
    I love me some Racnica and out of all the Ravnica podcast out there this should be the only one you listen to.
  • Spider-Bat35014
    Izzet any good?
    Yes. Yes, it is. If you’re a fan of well produced, well acted, funny actual plays, this is the podcast for you! Which Ravnica Guild do YOU think will come out on top? (My vote is, as always, for Dimir.) I needed to add this update, as we’re about 1/2 through season 3 and there are still story elements that make re-listening from the beginning rewarding. Going back and listening with this new information puts a new spin on certain scenes, and casts some actions in entirely new lights. A+
  • snifflyraisin
    Great podcast!
    Very well edited podcast, funny with a great story and terrific voice actors. A diverse set of encounters keeps each episode fresh. I love that the episodes are shorter, really easy to get into it. Love the mtg Ravnica setting but the DM does a good job in explaining background if you’re not familiar with the world.
  • SeeingEyeCat
    Quick wit, quickened format
    I love this podcast, especially the way it's tightly edited. The attention to sound and the great pacing really propel the story. I finished Season 1 yesterday, and am currently working my way through the optional "bonus" materials (Behind the scenes and extra arcs) and then diving into Season 2. Indicators are that the game improves eavh season, but at right around an hour per episode, I recommend starting from the beginning. It’s excellent listening for the work or school commute.
  • donbuley
    Fun Stuff
    I'm just dipping my toes into MTG but Ravnica has always had my curiousity. Got some binging to do before I'm current.
  • theatregal12
    Highly entertaining! Hats off to the DM and players!
  • The_Dingman
    I've learned something about myself...
    I've always found myself absolutely LOVING a few games, and not really getting into most. I've always laughed at the "kids these days" (I'm on the old-end of 'millennials') who like to watch other people play games... I don't get it. I wasn't sure I'd like this, but after recently getting back into playing D&D after 15 years, and loving everything else I've encountered (no pun intended) from Charging Moose Media, I thought I'd give it a try. First off, from jump - DM Brian David Judkins painted an amazing picture of the Leg End that had me hooked immediately. The cast of professional actors described their characters in a way I'd never heard in role playing. This was next level from episode 1! The gameplay quickly fell to the back burner for me as the story is mind blowing. I'm not familiar with Ravinica (I played the Star Trek CCG, not Magic - [there were dozens of us worldwide]), but I love the expansive universe and hard turns the story made. From the first fumble to the first death, to some mind-bending magic - I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Until I was current, I set aside all my other podcasts - that's how much I needed to know what was next! I can't recommend this podcast enough. I intend to try some other live-play podcasts, but I'm not sure anyone can match the storytelling and gameplay of these professional entertainers.
  • KikiOKeyser
    Beyond Amazing!
    Where to begin? A++ editing, sound, music, voice acting, STORY! It's all sublime. You will fall in love with these characters and it's like the perfect movie - drama, suspense, comedy, action! As an experienced D&D player I can honeslty say I was on the edge of my seat (still am after that season 2 finale!!) during so many of these episodes. I can't wait for season 3 and I wish all the luck to these gals and guys because they truly deserve it after all the hard work they put into these 1st two seasons. Well done!!
  • Bergeronorama
    You got DnD in my MtG! You got MtG in my DnD!
    Cards on the table(top) - I haven't listened to much Critical Role. The actors are talented, its influence has been far-reaching, and the cosplay is just *chef's kiss*, but I'm daunted by the session-long episodes and continuity backlog. If Critical Role is Arrested Development, Encounter Party is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Both brilliant, but the latter has an easier barrier to entry, sprightlier pace, and a familiar setting - for a fan of MtG, anyway. Tightly produced, too, with the average episode clocking in around an hour long. Give it a listen!
  • over excited about the new software
    Non D&Der Listening Vicariously
    As someone with little experience in my own D&D campaigns, but looks forward for the day to get back in, this podcast has made for a super good binge during the quarantine. Voice cast is always delivering and the overall production is top notch.
  • Diermuid
    Amazing podcast. Highly recommend.
    The show is phenomenal. Excellent Dm and wonderful addition of the Paladin in season 2. Dope cast with great chemistry. First show I’ve ever waited episode to episode for!
  • jat1127
    Binge worthy
    This is an amazing listening experience with spectacularly voiced characters! I’ve been working from home and in need of a distraction. A friend recommended Encounter Party! and it has served as not only a distraction but also some much needed company during my social distancing. I’ve only played dnd once but the story and characters are so fantastic a foundation isn’t needed, you’ll learn everything you need throughout the episodes. Highly recommend!!
  • ErinESeg
    Great fun
    The characters are a lot of fun and the story is great. You do not need to familiar with DND to enjoy this podcast. I’m re-listening to season 1 in between episodes of season 2.
  • @fightinmike
    No assembly required
    I’ve never played DnD before but man does this podcast make me want to! This cast creates a story together that is exciting and side-splittingly funny and welcoming to all listeners, regardless of familiarity with the game. I’ve never binged a podcast so quickly or looked forward to my morning commute more. Bravo!
  • SetDesigner2020
    Absolutely the best D&D podcast!
    I’ve listened to a bunch of actual play podcasts, and while I appreciate that everyone loves Critical Role and TAZ, but I’d prefer Encounter Party any day. The editing is tight and removes all the slow bits that are really hard to listen to on other podcasts. Also their audio quality is fantastic. Highly recommend to everyone, whether or not you like D&D
  • mssodin28
    Ravnica lore with a side of shenanigans
    One of my favorite D&D podcast. The cast is amazing, including the DM. Brian has a great grasp on the Ravnica lore that is spread throughout the campaign. The cast all play their character remarkably and to know a lore piece and hearing them come to realize what Brian has just told them makes for a great listen. The guild intersections are all spectacular never a dull moment in any new conversion. Can’t wait to hear more of the amazing story Brian has come up with and how the group will make a mess out of I.
  • AndyWear07
    Fantastic Show
    The production quality is top notch and I find myself anticipating new episodes each week. If you’re looking for a podcast to listen to, this is the one. Great energy and a lively cast. Thanks for your hard work!
  • 8 Out Of 10 Cats!
    What a show
    Wonderful storytelling and a great bunch of actors. I love listening in each week!
  • MegDNYC
    Such a great podcast
    This podcast rocks - from concept to final product, everything about this show makes it such a compelling listen. Give it a try - you won’t regret it!
  • how is then name taken
    The GuildPack
    I love this show, and Ravnica
  • Hashtag82
    Extremely well done guys. Never played D&D but had friends that played that and Magic, and I can relate
  • Othenn
    Amazing editing, great story(telling)
    You can really tell that those involved not only care for the game but are very comfortable with the group. As a DM this is the nexus that can produce an amazing game. To be party to the adventure I am incredibly excited to watch this group grow and flourish. Great editing Ned! Can’t praise it enough.
  • Lakewood717
    It’s dooooope
    I never played DnD, nor do I know much about that world. However Encounter Party has opened my eyes to everything I’ve been missing! It’s smart, clever, and keeps me at the edge of my seat every week. I can’t wait to hear what comes next!
  • Biiiiiirdman!
    Compellingly told, well-edited, and with a cast of truly interesting voice actors, Encounter Party is a vivid, engaging role-playing radio experience.
  • 1k yd. stare
    Before I started listening to EP, I had a bad case of dandruff and swimmers itch. Two months later? GONE. Coincidence? I don’t know the meaning of the word!
  • Hj1221
    Great podcast PS. Ned I think I saw you at gencon
    Ned I think I saw you at gencon and you told me about the encounter party playing tower of gorn? Any way it’s a great podcast
  • Tony Ambrose (ALA4)
    Very well produced.
    This show is quickly turning into one of my favorite podcasts. Highly entertaining.
  • melmelmer
    Best D&D podcast
    I’m newer to listening to podcasts. This one was recommended to me by a buddy on a different podcast and I’m so glad I checked it out. I had a group of friends once upon a time that we would just bust out a rpg randomly and this is so reminiscent it’s amazing. The characters and story and sound quality with little added background accents make this a joy to listen to. I am guilty of being the loud laugher in my little cubicle but I don’t care. I can not wait for the next episode to come out each week. It’s also nice to hear the players having fun and all of the choices they make, love it, keep it up!
  • shortmanian444
    So good!
    This podcast is so well produced you might not believe it’s an actual play. Great players, music, and plot. This is a must listen!
  • The Waj 😜
    New style of DnD podcast?!
    Hey y’all, This is not your typical DnD podcast, it’s edited to give you a quick shot of your favorite game. Unlike most others where there is a lot of rolling and “uuuhh that’s a 16 pluuuussss 3? No! 4!” All that is cut out so the story is at the forefront. But don’t worry, there are still great moments with both character and player interaction. It’s just paired down for your commute enjoyment. Good job!! 👋🏼👋🏼
  • ascameron
    Great characters
    Love getting to know these actors as they travel through their quest. Great work!
  • Wha-Whaaaaa
    Super entertaining and well paced!
    Love it! I’m about halfway through and they’ve done a great job making it an entertaining and fast-paced podcast while maintaining an authenticity to D&D gameplay. Can’t recommend enough!!
  • Pvmnz
    Hooked in right from the start!
    While looking for some new podcasts since I’m caught up on all my other ones, this was recommended. Thanks for this. Just downloaded all the current episodes of the show and with the first one, POW! I’m hooked. Great dynamics with the DM and PCs. Party on!
  • Pittsburghnerd
    I’m hooked
    Great show and great cast. Wonderful production as well. This show is telling a fun story and I can’t wait to see where it goes
  • SongSaladFan
    Engaging and exciting!
    Love this show. The characters and story are so fun and I can’t wait to see where it goes!
  • Jeau (Joe) Khasm
    Top Notch!
    The production quality is top notch. The roleplay between cast members is phenomenal and very fluid. The show itself is highly energetic and it's just about everything you could ask for in a liveplay podcast. The character work and acting is really some of the best I've ever heard on any podcast to this day. Also, the show's take on Ravnica as a setting is awesome and can be used as a good source of reference if/when building your own campaign as a DM/GM. This is one of the best D&D 5E Liveplay Podcasts you will ever "encounter" on the net... see what I did there?
  • BrownEyes116
    A great adventure!
    As someone who doesn’t play D&D, I love that I can get lost in this story. Well crafted with professional actors makes all the difference. This is not just listening to people play a game, this is going along on the journey they created.
  • Morrartin
    Character and story driven role play!!!
    Encounter Party contains none of the story breaking arguing I am so very used to in listening to dungeons and dragons podcasts. I mean think about it - these words alone are HIGH praise because the entire time we are being given story and character development and PLOT!!!! Thank you Encounter Party!!
  • ListenerE7
    Excellent Podcast
    Encounter Party feels like being inside a superbly-written Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel. The actors imbue the story with causal hilarity and great elan through their characters, and each episode is closed on a tantalizing cliffhanger. Even when you think you know what’s going to happen next, dramatic twists and turns are around every bend. I’m completely hooked!
  • IBTFYlindsay
    Oftentimes D&D/fantasy podcasts can be inaccessible to people who don’t know the lore, but I didn’t feel that with Encounter Party! at all. It’s fun, engaging and the editing & hosts keep the pace light and lively. Can’t wait to see where the adventure leads.
  • DingleDoonch
    Super fun!
    I’m not into D&D. I’ve only tried it once and it was the miniatures and not the full on role playing. That being said, this show is incredible. They fully embrace their characters, doing the voices and all. It’s very interesting as an outsider to the game to hear it being played this way. Even if you’re not into the game, give this one a listen!
  • #1Amigo
    If that crazy house party was a podcast, this would be that house party.
  • Ski maestro
    Unique take on narration of a great story! -Otis Ayala Souliloqy Radio
  • panthercoach79
    High quality!
    Great high quality podcast!
  • phope84
    Very Entertaining
    I was quickly hooked into the story, this a unique podcast and I really enjoyed the voice acting!
  • MJV-LA
    Nice work
    Interesting first couple of episodes... Keep up the good work!
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