Purple Panties

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On the outside Maddox, Loren and Stephanie go against the grain when it comes to sex. But as relationships shift and physical needs change, can they keep up with the facade? Follow these women on their journey as they navigate their personal and professional lives in Atlanta, where the sun isn’t the only thing that’s hot!

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Recent Reviews
  • TFTF2467
    Surprisingly Awesome
    I enjoyed this. This is my first Podcast I’ve listen to. Ready to listen to more. Please continue making more💕💕
  • cklr1984
    Thumbs up!!
    This was my first podcast I downloaded and I absolutely loved it!!! I would really like another season! I’ve listed to the first season over and over just to fill the void until y’all hopefully bless us with a new one!! I recommend this podcast to ALL of my friends!
  • Britburr
    Another season?
    Are we going to get another season? Its been way too long. Most of the time it is hard to listen to story telling because of the actors voice, but this cast was awesome and it kept me wanting more . Please bring another season.
  • Kayana220
    This was my first introduction to story telling podcasts and I’m hooked. The story was amazing and the characters were really interesting. Please come out with a new season! I need to know what happened to my girls!
  • Niq C
    You can not leave me hanging listened to the WHOLE season while working and it made my WHOLE day!!!!! Chile I didn’t even realize I was flying through work until it was almost time to go! Please make another season!!! Much needed in my life yass!!!!!!
  • Brystal176
    Didn’t know I needed this podcast in my life till now‼️ OMG I listen to my girls everyday on my way to work & home, got me walking in the streets talking out loud to myself😂😂 I also need the whole intro song I love it & its always stuck in my head
  • Jojoann82
    Was a little apprehensive at first
    My friend told me about this podcast and I was a bit apprehensive at first, wondering how can a podcast (I’ve never cared for any really) keep my interest. But honeeeeeyyyy! This podcast is everything plus more and I loved it! Thank you for bringing one of your dope ass stories to the podcast world. I need more!
  • D5Luv
    This podcast is BOMB✨💛🎉
    Pleaseeeee make another season, especially during this crazy pandemic!!!
  • Tasheria01
    New season
    I’m waiting for a new season! You can’t leave us hanging 😁
  • Jupiter Genes
    Please tell me there will be a new season!! Love this show
  • Jocex390
    Where is the rest???
    Just found this story the other day and I love it! Keeps me entertained at work
  • Fab_Fem
    Come back.....please!!!!
    I just stumbled upon this podcast and I’m hooked! Only to realize that there aren’t anymore episodes 😪 Now I’m stuck in the house, because of this Coronavirus and no good content to listen to....HELLLLLLPPPP!!
  • MsJRayne
    Can Zane bring back Purple Panties please?
    The best erotic podcast ever. What’s taking so long for this one to come back? Quit playing with my emotions please. Thanks. 😘
  • sheBOMBdotcom
    Love the story
    Great storyline but when will it continue????
  • Letasha 🔷
    5 stars
    i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you
  • lenee94
    I need more
    Babyyyyyyyyy when I say this had me tuned in I couldn’t stop listening we definitely need more
  • bhtry
    I want more
  • nana tillman
    I was waiting
    What happened? I was long for rest of purple panties
  • Sharonda So Lovely
    Miss the old podcast
    I really miss the podcast that had the episodes about the lesbian couples. Very interesting. I’m not feeling this new podcast but good luck with it anyways.
  • Nugget653
    Is the podcast ever coming back?
    I fell in love with this podcast 2 years ago and there’s been nothing since. Is it ever coming back?
  • jujunquesha
    The best podcast I have listen to.
  • Antia_khilen
    It’s too good! I need another season! Please Zane come up with another one
  • Stranger2me
    Phenomenal 😍
    This podcast is so juicy and scandalous! I can’t hey enough. The music is great and actors are amazing. I hope it continues.
  • ToyaXVI
    Awesome Listen!!!
    This storyline was really a great listen. I can’t get enough!! Ready for the new season!
  • Mochamom24
    OMG! I need more!
  • Donya T.
    Love it!!!
    This was too good, I’m so happy I tuned in!!
  • best215love
    Please hurry up and come back !!!
    This is soooo good !!! Better than watching T.v. You can’t even find any podcast like this it’s so frustrating!!! I hope you all come back with a season 2 cause I’m definitely anxious to hear more ! If you want a good story plot with a awesome cast who knows how to act this is the podcast for you !
  • Mzbenz18
    Patiently waiting....
    Great stories!!! Definitely need more. Please come back soon!!
  • __Moni__Says
    I’m hooked
    This is a great listen. Can’t wait for the second installment.
  • Triciv
    This is great!
    After the first episode I am hooked!!! Great actresses and great story!
  • tiffhamm89
    So Good
    I loved this! I listened to them while at work, i felt like it could see what was happening. Definitely need more, i need to know what happened next with everyone’s life.
  • SNP9999
    Anxious for more
    I need more!!!!!!
  • DMV Faithful
    Where are the new episodes!
    Me and all my friends LOVEEEE this podcast! It’s almost like we have an audiobook club after every episode drops. We all were so sad win we were left with the cliffhanger!!! 😫😫😫 When can we expect more episodes?!?!
  • meeetiooo
    Dope podcast 🔥🔥
  • Kung Pow Kitty Ninja
    Waiting for season 2!!!
  • ms2013jack
    No more???
    Loved this series!!!! We need Season 2 immediately!!!!
  • CammieMB
    Season 2 me please!
    This was one of the best podcast ever. I can’t wait for season 2. Makes me want to look into auditions.
  • TyTy!!
    Season 2?!?!
    I’m not into lesbian stories but this was very interesting.
  • LolaB16
    Season 2??
    I found this podcast after season one was over. So I was able to binge it. But now I’m left with nothing and no release expectation.
  • C.Mccor
    Where’s season 2
    I absolutely love season 1!!! Don’t tell me it’s over!!
  • Thai'Doll
    Patiently waiting
    Love season 1 please hurryyyyyyy with season 2
  • awright180
    This podcast is hot, erotic and exciting. Love it. I need MORE!
  • KweenFL
    So sexy
    I loved this series I really connected with the characters and the sec scenes 🥵 can’t wait for season 2!
  • ChinaaaDoll
    I need season 2 omg 😭😭😂 I finished season 1 in one day please come back
  • BossladieJ
    Love it as I love your books
    Love it Can wait for season 2 hurry
  • Bama Girl Jaye
    I loved it!!! Where is Season 2???
  • Kill billion
    Ms. Can’t wait
    OMG 🔥🔥🔥 when is it coming back ?!?!?
  • Dr_Douglas0504
    Jae from Charleston, SC
    Yoooo I love this! All of you are incredible! I’m addicted and anxiously awaiting more episodes. Whatever I gotta do to get this resumed! Protest, write more reviews, donate, give blood, I mean I’m down! Peace love and light y’all! ❤️💪🏾🙏🏾 😩😂
  • T.Symone'
    I just want to know when are the new episodes coming back?
  • M.Shannon36
    Definitely 5stars
    After the first episode I listen to yesterday, I was hook now I’m almost done, in a day. I need more. Maddox is my dude. I like to hear her story and it opens my eyes more in the struggle of a person coming out.
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