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Do you need some mojo in your life? We energize and empower you to be the champion of your life and to perform your best! We connect you with great interviews from inspiring champions, coaches and experts to get you the mojo. Co-hosts Kelly Palace and Maria Parker are both elite masters athletes, authors, and certified health and life coaches. Join us weekly and we promise to help you to overcome challenges, get better with age and to bring out the champion in you! You'll hear the secrets to success from Olympic Champions, Olympic Coaches, Masters Champions and Champions for a cause. Let us champion you with inspiration, motivation and education! We explore what makes a champion in sports, but most importantly in life, through thought-provoking interview questions, fun quizzes and unique perspectives. Our definition of a champion: 1) a person who triumphs in sports and/or life, 2) a leader who stands up for a cause, advocates for others or the greater good. Champion’s Mojo has earned 3 podcast awards over 3 years. Join us to get the Mojo! Professionally produced by Kabra Media and part of the CG Sports Company. For more visit

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