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Veteran journalist Joe Nocera’s neighbor in the Hamptons was a therapist named Ike. Ike counted celebrities and Manhattan elites as his patients. He’d host star-studded parties at his eccentric vacation house. But one summer, Joe discovered that Ike was gone and everything he’d thought he’d known about his neighbor -- and the house next door -- was wrong. From Wondery, the company behind Dirty John and Dr. Death, and Bloomberg, “The Shrink Next Door” is a story about power, control and turning to the wrong person for help for three decades. Written and hosted by Joe Nocera, a columnist for Bloomberg.
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Recent Reviews
  • EragonEP
    Looks like an interesting show, but now there’s a paywall, which in my opinion defeats the whole concept of podcasts. Pass.
  • Bremesha D
    What happened to the episodes?
  • nonicknamerobs
    LOVE but episodes cutting off at end?
    I saw the TV series based on this story and was so excited to find the podcast! This is such a captivating human interest story. However, it seems each episode so far has cut off too soon at the end, often in the middle of a sentence. Anyone else experiencing this???
  • Psyfuc000
  • Willlemmm
    His patients are idiots, I can’t imagine feeling sorry for someone so naïve as to let their therapist take over their money and property. Good job with the finesse doctor Ike.
  • JoanP2325
    Appears free on Apple podcast app
    I listened to all of the episodes before the paywall luckily, so I’m not sure if I can see them all because they’ve been played prior. If you have an iPhone try the Apple podcast app. Great story if anyone could listen to it anymore
  • iamhmoggie
    Pay Wall
    Make advertisers pay for these podcasts, not your every day normal people just trying to get a little entertainment.
  • Drunkenduckfish
    More boring from this angle then Wondery usually produces. Joe try’s to be humble, but still brags and throws his stuffy wife in the mix. Great to see folks living the majority of life in the Hamptons trying to seem down to earth. The things that shock them are minimal to what real people experience. 1 episode and done for me. Tired of privileged vanilla people milking every last drop. Boomers are leaving the rest of us hanging out to dry.
  • letitbefree
    Have to pay now
    Was a good series. Now u have to pay the dr.
  • ljacknb1
    Too much money for series.
    They put up a pay wall before I could finish it $5 a month is too much for just 1 podcast.
  • Lucky Weather
    Wait. Now I have to pay?
    I had thoroughly enjoyed the first three episodes and now suddenly I am being asked to pay a monthly fee to continue. There were ads in the first three episodes (which I am fine with to keep content free), but there is no way I’m paying to hear the end of this story. Too bad. I was enjoying it.
  • JamesC_NYC
    Pay only! Don’t bother.
    You have to subscribe to listen. No thank you. Plenty of free content out there.
  • Notamused63
    Too bad about the paywall
    This is an excellent series, much better than the AppleTV series. I understand why the newly instituted paywall, but I think it’s unfortunate that patients being similarly abused by therapists won’t have access to it and perhaps be alerted to what’s happening. I’ll bet there are lots of Ikes out there. It was such a public service when it was free. Too bad.
  • todd4747474
    Wondery’s content was free last I knew. Got three episodes in loaded with ads and now have to pay to hear the rest? No thanks.
  • Springs03
    Probably a great podcast but I’ll never know, because it’s not free :(
    Why charge for this? There are already ads, this seems unnecessary. Probably a great podcast but I’ll never know, because it’s not free :( Why charge for this? There are already ads, this seems unnecessary. Probably a great podcast but I’ll never know, because it’s not free :( Why charge for this? There are already ads, this seems unnecessary. Probably a great podcast but I’ll never know, because it’s not free :(
  • sanjrr
  • TMo40
    I was thoroughly enjoying this podcast series until it literally just disappeared in the middle of episode 5 for me. The episodes just vanished from every platform. What happened?!
  • Mjeknavo
    Why did all the episodes disappear?
    Why did all the episodes disappear?
  • Christinaaa1
    Missing Episodes
    Why are the episodes suddenly missing? The only episode available is the Introduction episode, even after paying for Wondery Plus.
  • hurley0517
    This was an awesome story. It’s sad that happened I wish Ike wasn’t allowed to practice anymore.
  • Women Supporter
    Podcast so much better than the show!
    Just finished The Shrink Next Door on Apple TV. It was no where near as good as the podcast. Thank you for telling the story!
  • Haitian Argentina
    Amazing story!
    Amazing story! Told well!! I really enjoyed this !
  • Mcaster_hog_hunter7
    Absolutely Awesome
    Great storie! Listened to all of the episodes in one trip!! Like a good book couldn’t stop listening to it!!!
  • meegdc
    This is how you tell a story..
    No surprise though- former NYT. Brilliantly told story- timeline clear, each player’s role clearly defined .. great voice, editing.. all of it !
  • kelbel93
    Great Listen!
    Well done and concise podcast!
  • pftittl14
    Better than the great Apple+ series and that’s saying a lot
  • KithR
    This was such a great podcast! It kept my interest through every single episode. I found it amazing this was a true story, and had to keep reminding myself of this.
  • Dr. Strangelove!
    Dr. Ethics
    Dr. Ike is truly a sick bastard. I’m glad some of his victims are getting out of this cult and he’s getting some form of punishment. Otherwise, this was a great story, podcast, and TV show. Loved every minute of it. The depravity of it is shocking.
  • Rocksit
    Apple sharing
  • phylliebee
    Just couldn’t stop listening. Really good story, so well done!!
  • BklynO
    Compelling reporting of a riveting story. I had heard all but the last episode, recorded in 2019, before I ever heard that it had been dramatized for the small screen. I’m still listening to all the bonus and update episodes.
  • mmoha
    Simply wow
    Interesting podcast. I’m on the final episode on Apple TV and it amazed me how this man Ike took advantage of a man needed his care. I’m surprised he hasn’t lost his license
  • hazelbnr
    Sounds familiar
    Find aspects of this kind of manipulation in many aspects of our society. Podcast is well done.
  • Deana Ballard
    Totally Unbelievable!
    I listened to the podcast some time ago then discovered the series I found on my Apple TV app. Had to go back and re listen to the podcast again. Going back and re-listening to the Podcast really brought it home for me. Totally amazing how a “professional” can take advantage of a client at this level. Loved both, the podcast and the TV series with Ferrel and Rudd. I have one question! Did the blue color of paint used for the office and the hallway have any significance? It’s the same color in both places. Deana Salem, Oregon
  • Annebelljane
    This is as brilliant as they say it is!!
    Joe is an amazing storyteller whe takes the time to get to know the real life people involved and see that there are many different perspective in an unbiased manner with the cards on the table. It pointed to the fact that narcissistic abuse affect more than the two people involved. It also paints the story of how slowly and calculating a narcissist is and that it can happen outside of the typically known romantic relationship. I am sorry that so many people where damaged for it to been seen. It is what Paul hit on in that most people are embarrassed to say they were a victim. We have to stop giving narcissistic abusers a pass and countinue to call them out and saying that this is not ok and that was brilliantly done here.
  • Mhz04
    Fascinating Story
    Telling of the story has you hooked after first 10 minutes of episode one.
  • Dierdre
    So interesting!
    Loved this podcast. Story was super interesting and I liked how it was well researched and flourishes not added. Joe’s voice is wonderful to listen to! I’d love to know how complacent Melissa, Dr Ike’s wife, was. It’s not really talked about.
  • Limabean11
    Good listen!
    This was an excellent follow up after watching the series.
  • loeynyc
    Mind blowing
    I’m still shaking my head after every episode. So fortunate to have had you as the neighbor to pick up and investigate this story and to help many of his victims get a semblance of their life and families back. I only hope it doesn’t mean he can apply for a license in other states. Seems to me he needs to be held criminally responsible and not be able to practice anywhere. Also hope that more of his patients come forward. Great work!
  • J3di7
    The shrink next door
    This podcast was fun to listen to and kept me on the edge of my phone 🤣! This was SO well done, and engaging to listen to. This was a story that people will never forget, and what twisted manipulation on the part of his Doctor ! The people he victimized were not only afraid of retaliation, but embarrassed by their own behavior around this Crazy Psychiatrist! What a mind blowing story! I will pass on this great podcast to everyone I know !
  • madpoli
    Important work
    Important work that reminds us how journalism and being informed are the cornerstone of everything. Really interesting story about mental abuse and dangerous egos.
  • Jomamadukes5
    Amazing 👏👏
    Thought this pod cast was super interesting. The story of what this gentleman went through was very unfortunate. The only god sent was that his sister stated true to love of family. I am so happy that they are able to continue their life together as a strong family with faith and love.
  • Art BD
    Riveting story of manipulation
    Truly twisted tale of deceit and manipulation that played out over three decades. Crazy. Be careful who you trust.
  • tabeeshack
    This is one of the most captivating and riveting podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I could not wait for the series to air. I was counting down the days until the premiere.
  • Cheney 63
    Very informative topic!
    I really enjoyed this podcast. It was very informative and interesting. how frail individual can be and get tricked by someone you supposedly trust.
  • Cs Graham
    Great Storytelling with a specific hiccup
    The Familia episode has poor audio production. The music plays over the voice acting and is extremely difficult to hear.
  • Lyenka30
    Crazy Shrink!
    Captivating story. Thanks for sharing your story Marty. People need to know how Ike manipulated you for your money. What a douche-bag! And shame on the group who should be investigating this crooked Shrink.
  • mimzymay66
    How easy it is to be manipulated when you’re in an emotionally fragile state. And how much power a psychiatrist with evil intent can have. He destroyed many lives and without remorse….
  • hurry and wait
    Great listen
    Very interesting story that is well told.
  • lindy luvs music
    Intriguing story!
    Joe does an excellent job of telling this incredible story, with in depth interviews & research. And Marty is so brave to share his experiences. This is an excellent listen.
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