The Shrink Next Door


Veteran journalist Joe Nocera’s neighbor in the Hamptons was a therapist named Ike. Ike counted celebrities and Manhattan elites as his patients. He’d host star-studded parties at his eccentric vacation house. But one summer, Joe discovered that Ike was gone and everything he’d thought he’d known about his neighbor -- and the house next door -- was wrong. From Wondery, the company behind Dirty John and Dr. Death, and Bloomberg, “The Shrink Next Door” is a story about power, control and turning to the wrong person for help for three decades. Written and hosted by Joe Nocera, a columnist for Bloomberg , “The Shrink Next Door” premieres on May 21st.

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  • hr621349
    Stories that need to be heard
    An important reflection on criminal negligence, abuse of power, profiteering, narcissism and moral justice
  • katgr5
    Absolutely fascinating. Couldn’t stop listening!
    The shrink next door
    Absolutely fascinating and shocking story. Thank you Joe for telling this tale.
  • mmsmelmarie
    Interesting Story
    I will agree with other reviewers that the podcast moves a little slowly, but I thought it was still an incredible story and definitely worth a listen.
  • Liz gallardo
    Really good story!
    It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who allowed their therapists to take advantage of them. But, it really helps you see and develop sympathy for him. A licensed Dr. of the mind, against a normal dude.. He never had a shot.
  • purplepapajohnpizzaeater
    Great listen
    Great storytelling!
  • jmf323
    Shocked by this whole story!
    I listened to this whole podcast in one sitting and it was incredibly well done. I felt so awful for many of these patients, or victims, because they are being preyed upon in such a vulnerable state to begin with. But their families were also part of this whole drama. Really worth the listen!
  • jil-pil
    No disappointment. Fascinating con.
    Extremely captivating story. This was presented in excellent sequence. Good voice quality. Sunday afternoon binge. I could not stop once I began listening.
  • Dj prat
    Really not a good podcast
  • rodandrick
    Stupid rich people
    If you like stories about idiotic, boring rich people, have fun. This entire podcast was probably funded by the rich guy that got screwed over. Pathetic.
  • ExhaustedAthena
    Excellent storytelling. Intriguing story.
  • James8097
    I couldn’t stop listening! Fascinating tale; well told; excellent from start to finish.
  • Very good and fun!
    A great binge!
  • Assojudgessr
    Awesome show
    Very well done reporting on intersecting people and their obstacles they’ve had to overcome. The show tries to tell both sides of the story ( when they get a response) but they always reach out to the perpetrator. It’s addicting !
  • Pamnythai
    Fantastic and disturbing
    This is a story that I listened to on a long Christmas road trip - really kept me engaged during lots of traffic delays!
  • CzarPeter727
    Great Work
    It’s a well done investigative story. Highly recommend!
  • Lovelypolly
    If you feel like listening to a good podcast without violent crime this is the one. It’s about a different kind of crime and it’s highly entertaining. Very addictive, good interviews, good narrative, seems like fiction but it isn’t! Will make great tv!
  • Steffanwolf
    So boring. Who is this for
    Who is this for? All I hear is a lot of old rich whiney Jews (trust me I am one I can hear it). I’m in so 3 and baffled on how this has so many good reviews. Nothing happens! Just how a guy obeyed his shrink. This happens all the time! There’s zero real story. Ironically in episode 1, the “journalist” that narrates says the newspaper told him this story sucked and they wouldn’t publish it... LOL they were right. This is trash.
  • NoThx!
    I don’t know what is less compelling – the narrative itself or the way in which the story was told
  • Nonie08
    Podcast Done Well
    This Podcast, as most Wondery productions, is very exciting & hard not a to finish in one day! Great job all! Can’t wait for future updates on this podcast! Hard to believe that Marty was so easily led by Ike. But he was sneaky and skilled. He would have made a very good cult leader.
  • j.j.e
    They lost me halfway through episode 3. Am I supposed to feel bad for Marty?
  • jdginstagramz
  • Moviemomla
    Fascinating story and well put together for a podcast. Great job!
  • podcastlistenerfromidaho
    The Shrink Next door
    This is a great podcast but a sad story! You all did a wonderful job presenting this story! I’m so happy Marty came out of the spell!! I can not believe people like Ike H have no conscience, I feel like he knew exactly what he was doing I’m just glad he didn’t get more than he already had gotten from Marty!
  • 62es175
    Pretty amazing story
    I wish Marty and his sister well. It’s hard to believe that this occurred.
  • Topround
    The Shrink Next Door
    I really enjoyed this podcast, the narrator was great & the story was truly unbelievable. Very interesting to listen to.
  • Gleeben
    Enjoyed this one. Well researched and produced, I was thoroughly entertained and intrigued.
  • readbooksforsanity
    Judith sounds like Beyhar. I know Judith is Jewish and Joy is Italian but I can’t get over the similarity in voice.
  • Ninsco
    Wellll, ya lost me.
    This moved a little too slow for me. But it was definitely professionally made!👍🏼
  • FrozensealionVzla22
    Ethics in Health care system
    Incredible case of the real story about the system protecting health professional more than the patients.
  • JMcNifty
    Goes really slow
    Just couldn’t stay with it. Story could have been told in half the time.
  • Brenda Chamberlain
    I listened to this podcast several months ago and I still find myself thinking about it. The characters are unforgettable!
  • Take Twenty
    Not worth my time
    I can’t justify wasting any more time listening to a story about Marty who is really quite an idiot. 2 episodes is all I needed to hear.
  • Lct1900
    Great podcast - fascinating.
    Very well researched and fascinating story. However, its actually hard to feel completely sorry for Marty. A few years of this, maybe. Decades and millions and loss of his family and friends? He was a functioning adult but never seems to take full responsibility for his part in all of this. All of this said - the shrink is a sociopath.
  • nkmiller01
    This podcast could have been 3 episodes long...
    And that might still have been too long. They really dragged this story out to an excruciating level. In the words of my friend, “This podcast could be used to torture someone.”
  • Morbid listener
    A most excellent unfortunately non/fictional story
    It’s scary to think that this happens probably more often than we think.
  • PubGreenT
    Intriguingly Peculiar Story
    I was utterly captivated by this exceedingly well made podcast.
  • Heather2017
    Very interesting
    I have to admit I had to re-listen to a few episodes probably because I was distracted with driving or some other distractions... overall this was very interesting, it’s definitely worth listening to!
  • Meeks ah choo
    Terribly fantastic!
    This podcast is so well put together. It offers tremendous insight to a form of abuse, far different from sexual abuse, and how nearly impossible it can be to get the proper authorities to consider paying attention. What an agonizing story!!!
  • bjhex
    Had to eject in Ep.2
    I'm sure there would be more interesting information about mind control, or betrayal of trust in a therapist, in subsequent installments. But I gave the podcast the better part of two episodes, and the lasting impression was that of the host and his wife being gobsmacked at the idea of a koi pond in their neighbor's yard. Even given the circumstances of the confusion over the neighbor's identity, that's a low threshold for shock. Can't imagine it being worth the time.
  • Deborah75
    Irritated but couldn’t wait to complete series...
    One of the best podcasts. I wish there was a psychological profile on both the victim and perpetrator truly a match made in hell.
  • LittleBunny4u
    Couldn’t stop listening
    Fascinating — how this man knew how to manipulate a patient, or 2 (or how ever many he did), is mind blowing. Excellent podcast. You won’t want to stop listening to it.
  • nf.ll.y
    Excellent podcast, and a public service.
    Thank you for making this public and comtinuing to follow this story. NY State Board of Health needed this exposure and pressure to address the issues. Looking forward to further updates.
  • GeorgiaPeach2010
    Insightful, Well Presented, Engaging
    Insightful, Well Presented, Engaging I thoroughly enjoyed the production.
  • Dianagg
    Excellent podcast by a great journalist telling an unbelievable and tragic story. I’m so happy Marty finally found himself again and I hope he is able to receive some sort of justice for what he endured for so long.
  • spnevin
    This is phenomenally interesting and disturbing. Good for anyone providing therapy or receiving/received/may receive (so all of us) therapy.
  • Tuttifrutti13
    I really enjoyed it!
    I wasn’t sure if the subject was going to attract me but I have to say that I enjoyed myself very much so and I think the subject and characters have juice for another season if events continue developing.... Great job! Awesome podcasts!
  • cassiedeters
    I couldn’t stop listening!
    This podcast had me in so deep, I couldn’t stop listening. It’s amazing how persuasive people in positions of authority and power can be over the people that are in their most vulnerable state. 10/10
  • UES User
    Captivating and creepy
    Excellent podcast. Crazy story. Binged most of it during a long run.
  • Elle.24Chl
    Beautifully done
    This is a tragic and terrifying story beautifully told by a talented journalist. I hope Mark gets some measure of justice against this narcissistic and delusional psychiatrist, Issac Herschkopf, heretofore operating with no consequences. I hope that this story gives Dr. Herschkopf that fifteen minutes of fame or infamy he sought so desperately, and now so richly deserves.
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