Your Undivided Attention


In this podcast from the Center for Humane Technology, co-hosts Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin confront catastrophic risk with existential hope. How is technology both a symptom and a driver of broader social, political, and economic forces? How do we reimagine humane technology that supports our shared well-being, sense-making, and ability to tackle complex global challenges? And what can we do together to catalyze a more humane future?

Tristan and Aza will treat your attention with care as they explore these questions with academics, activists, cultural & faith-based leaders, and experts on everything from sense-making in a post-truth world to the psychology of the climate crisis. After you listen, join our virtual Podcast Club, which features live Q&As with guests followed by small-group discussions.

If you're new to the show, start with Kate Raworth on renegade economics, Audrey Tang on digital democracy, Daniel Schmachtenberger on global coordination, or Yuval Noah Harari on the co-evolution between technology and democracy.

Your Undivided Attention is produced by the Center for Humane Technology. Our Executive Producer is Stephanie Lepp, and our Associate Producer is Noor Al-Samarrai.

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Recent Reviews
  • Aaron Hyman
    Very important
    This podcast addresses some of the most important issues today. This is one of the few podcasts that I really push on people because folks need to have a better understanding of the potential risks of our modern digital ecosystem.
  • allthenicknamesaretaken111
    Right subjects, wrong focus
    To look at companies like Facebook and Google and not recognize how aggressively they are manipulating viewpoints for their own purposes is terrifying. And taking the so called “Facebook whistleblower” at face value shows a terrible lack of perspective.
  • Just Erica S. no nickname
    Most Important Content Portal I Know Of
    I became aware of Tristan and Aza’s work through “The Social Dilemma” and then again recently from Tristan’s appearance on late night comedy shows, 60 Minutes, etc after Francis Haugen leaked a trove of damming internal documents from Facebook and gave breathtaking congressional testimony 10/5/2021. Trevor Noah plugged their site and the “Your Undivided Attention” podcast and it is the best thing I’ve come across. Highly recommend and congratulate their team for bringing such thoughtful and incisive content to the people. I hope this inspires others to look into these issues and find ways to make positive change in their own spheres of influence.
  • Camille Virginia
    Refreshing insight on who's pulling the strings - and why
    I've been following Tristan and Aza for years, and love their unique insight and refreshing research on the effect of technology of social media on our lives. As of OFFline dating coach, I see the unfortunate results of tech overconsumption in my single clients, especially on dating apps - and they are spot on in their assessments and advice. Highly recommended for anyone who want to better understand how exactly your digital devices are influencing your life - and how to take back control of it.
  • SylBrowne_85
    A Must Listen
    Urgent. Imperative. Fascinating and important. This should be required listening for every English speaking citizen of the planet. (And maybe be translated to other languages?) If you care at all about the issues facing us as a society and as a human collective, this needs to be on your ‘must listen’ list. Do yourself a favor: log off and tune in.
  • Periwinkle Potato
    a great way to be thoughtfully informed
    Inspiring awareness and some discomfort—every episode has been critical to take in. Wonderfully presented, thought provoking, essential.
  • Zzz swizzle
    Fascinating but full of fear
    Tristan Harris is exceptional at taking important topics and making them pressingly relevant to his listeners. I learn a lot from his work but it usually leaves me feeling anxious. Like his movie the Social Dilemma, Tristan addresses critical issues of technology that are creating revolutionary problems for the people. But forthright in his predictions for a dark future, he does not often bother with the bright side (as in, where/how we may like to ameliorate problems for our benefit)!
  • Mermermermerwhit
    Eye Opening & Impactful
    In a world of never ending conspiracy theories where people are terrified the world order is going to change, Tristan & Aza show you behind the curtain what is really changing right now & how we can take back the power we wittingly? gave our devices. The thoughtful discussions, insightful topics, and diverse guests open your mind and have led to me to actively observe and make changes to my own relationship with the tech in my life.
  • teh3311
    One of my favorite podcasts
    Very informative and it gives me hope
  • Citalu
    Exactly Undivided
    The topics, the information are so on point. I’m always learning and so much aware of the information that comes to me today.
  • L. Kuiper
    Extremely important
    I can't think of a more relevant and urgent podcast. Completely on point. It should be required listening for anyone who cares about anything. That probably includes you. Listen to it.
  • Cheryll L
    Come together right now
    The search for common ground, very interesting to learn about. wonderful organization.. it’s also very much needed here in the U.S
  • kyle_tman
    Tristan is such a clear speaker on these topics. I so appreciate you not following the herd for the most popular issue of the week and, rather, sticking to the deeper issues behind so many others.
  • aliciata
    Desiring true balance
    Great insights but biased by political ideology. Especially in key topics such as disinformation.
  • Kenzie Creager
    I wish i could get everyone I know to listen to this podcast
  • P.L. LaMascus
    No other podcast does what this show does — tackle the most important, most prescient questions facing our society. Revolutionary.
  • liaryanvlq
    Noah Yuval, Kate many more...the concepts discussed on this podcast are so important and discussed in a way that’s applicable. Listen, learn, and take action after internalizing what you learn on this show.
  • Daniel Bashir
    Great Insight
    I’ve been following Tristan’s work since seeing The Social Dilemma, and it’s wonderful to see him and Aza continuing to spread the message about the downsides of technologies like recommendation algorithms. I’ve seen how these have affected me personally, and I’m glad that people like Tristan and Aza are working hard to increase awareness so that we can make technology more human-centered.
  • stvgtellsu
    He gets to the problem behind our problems
    I saw the Social Dilemma in December and I have now listened to this entire podcast from episode 1 to 28 (and it’s not February yet). I promise if you listen to this podcast, you will see the World differently.
  • cmpb12
    Your undivided attention
    Intelligent, humane, simply the best podcast shows I’ve found.
  • jamuliakella
    Required Listening
    Especially if you have kids growing up in our digital world. Thank you Tristan and Aza for this incredibly important work.
  • Renwagg
    Thank You
    It’s so important to hear the deeper issues that are behind the “world’s” division.
  • C.M. Talbert
    Possibly the most important podcast in 2021 - one suggestion
    If you could get your guests to cite the sources and include them in the show description it would go a long way to hep me convince listeners and for listeners to convince other listeners.
  • Wallyhoop
    My heads spinning WOW Too bad that understanding the problem doesn’t instantly lead to the solutions. I’m gonna keep listening...
  • meeranator
    Bringing to light what others won’t
    Excellent podcast. I have binge listened to all the episodes since watching the Social Dilemma. The one recurring thought that has crossed my mind is “finally someone is talking about this.” I hope your work on this goes big and makes a real difference, because it is very much needed.
  • Boi-1nder
    I think it’s Tristan’s calmness that just makes this better. Rogan brought me here but the content made me stay especially the piece that shone a light on how Facebook had a role in manipulating my country’s election. As a Kenyan in the diaspora I am even more intrigued by how foreign tech companies are taking over the African market. The free Facebook and WhatsApp are the new norm in Africa and it’s very worrying especially when we see the founders of WhatsApp and Instagram quitting Facebook.
  • caseybart
    So important
    This podcast does not take a “technology bad” approach. Rather it is a nuanced and holistic approach to technology from design to public policy to personal responsibility.
  • jfmd11
    Eye opening
    Well done Tristan. Needed information for everyone.
  • hannnnnnnnnmnnnnnnnnah
    Fits so well with my experiences
    I love this podcast, it doesn’t shame the individual for using social media but the system. The systematic straw man is at fault, not me, not my parents. All of the wonderful messages about love and change are so very important. I have broadened my horizons so much and I cannot wait to see and help make change. Thank you!
  • Beth Taska
    Critical Reputation Resources (CRR)
    This is the most important podcast to follow today. We help every day people who are targeted by on-line attacks (Cancelations, social shaming) and this Podcast exactly explains how we have the crisis we have right now. We, at CRR, see the very dark consequences of our social media and viral videos destroying human on-line “lives.” I believe this podcast should be required of every parent, of every teenager, well everyone. Eye opening and brilliant. Incredibly scary. Thank you.
  • hejebebej
    This does make a difference
    This podcast does make a difference in how people think about tech. I have been able to have serious discussions and recommend this as well as the documentary to friends and loved ones! The film especially is explained in terms which even people who aren’t so tech savvy can understand easily. Love the Podcast and I can’t wait for more! Keep doing great work!!
  • hbomb44
    The most provocative, urgent, and insightful podcast available
    Aza and Tristan, thank you for your important work on these issues involving society and technology. You two are heroes of mine, and you two inspired me to pursue a career in science and technology policy. Why doesn't government - local, state and federal - use the technological tools and attention economy strategies that polarize us to magnetically draw the attention of citizens towards their civic duties? Positioned in a massive attention economy, why doesn't the United States government establish a director of citizen engagement who's primary purpose is to enhance and streamline the government-citizen relationship?
  • Another fail by twc
    Found this after watching the social dilemma. The doc for sure prompted a lot of reflective thinking, but this podcast has given me an even deeper level of understanding and awareness. Really fascinating stuff and incredibly important work. I truly believe that people like Tristan are going to save the future of humanity. As a student researcher doing projects with social engineering and cybersecurity, this has given me a lot to think about.
    Far left podcast.
    Avoid they support terrorists organizations like antifa.
  • Shopperzzz
    What a fantastic podcast!
    I also found you after listening to Tristan on Joe Rogan. I appreciate the thoughtful way you present the information. The guests you have interviewed are compelling and interesting. I have long held the believe that social media is tearing everyone apart, and long ago stoped using it. My life became infinitely better. “Facebook is the Exxon of anxiety” is one of the most provoking and true statements I’ve every heard. Please keep up the good work. I love that you propose solutions as well as frame the problems.
  • Bernardo Bernal
    ¡Excellent podcast!
    I heard about you on Joe Rohan’s podcast. Thank you very much for such insightful, intellectually packed interviews. All ORIGINAL and totally not fake. ¡Chapeau!
  • rishi.jpg
    So glad this exists
    I find myself constantly pondering about the effects of social media on society, so I’m glad I found this.
  • almalki16
    A must listen podcast
    I’ve been listening to this podcast and it guests who are expertise in different fields; this makes sense how social media platforms are studying people’s attention for more time spent. Your efforts are much appreciated and this podcast is widely becoming more popular. Please, invite experts and authors to contribute more and adults to share their experiences with social media.
  • Bradmeiklejohn
    The Problem Behind the Problems
    Since seeing the movie I’ve binge-listened to all these podcasts from Tristan and Aza. Obviously I’m late to this parade they’ve been busting their lungs on and I’m eager to be helpful to share the load. Exactly what is called for now, however, remains a bit hazy. The podcasts seem geared as a call-out to techies for bandaid fixes when the whole social media system is broken. The techno-fixes seem like shoveling sand into the ocean. Regulation is a distant fire truck while the house is already engulfed in flames. We need to take a page from the fight against Big Tobacco. What brought them to their knees? Massive lawsuits from numerous state attorneys general. But even this type of legal relief may be a decade away. We don’t have a decade to fix this problem. I’m convinced there is no benign use of social media the way these platforms and algorithms currently operate. If all of us pulled the plug NOW the problem would stop. That is the cultural wildfire we need to fan. #Pull the plug now.
  • Rhett Hoskinson
    Thank You
    “For those people who say there’s nothing but yellow lines and dead armadillos in the middle of the highway, I say to you this: the armadillos are just fine. Because the left and the right are so far out, they’re not even on the asphalt anymore. They’re in the frickin’ desert.” - Matthew McConaughey This podcast has kept me out of the desert. I’ve just graduated from Northwestern University with a Creative Writing major. It was my love of Aldous Huxley, John Dewey, and other fathers and mothers of the Human Potential Movement that led me to you. The successors! As I embark on my post-college journey, I wonder how to begin/prepare for a career centering on this crucial problem? I, too, see this issue as existentially threatening, but I lack the technological bonafides necessary to get into the thick of the action. Do all roads lead through graduate school?
  • Lindsey_H_
    Technology and Man
    This is not so much a review as more a question. However, I suppose the review is wrapped within the question(s) as my interests have been entertained. Is there more of an existential threat to technology becoming more like man or man more like technology? Are man and technology known today as independent events, or are they mutually exclusive events, congruently occurring? Have we lost the middle way of life leeching to become it all instead of being within it all? Are there any dumb questions or undiscovered curiosities of knowledge?
  • Larrison43
    This is a great podcast and I think you guys do a wonderful job or getting into the nitty gritty of technology and app-based social media. I would love to see a discussion about monopolies and the effects of breaking these massive companies up and trying to incentivize them to focus more on making us happy rather than stealing our attention
  • Cindys2cents
    The larger problem
    Tristan Harris and those who assist him in disseminating the risks of giving all of our personal power to profit-driven technical platform behomoths like FANG are modern day heros. Roger McNamee's work, and the movie "Social Dilemma" are my current hope for a sea change back to trust and to a functioning society. For the first time I'm planning my actual departure from FB membership, and how to detangle myself from these juggernauts of Global Attention (Theft) Disorder. For money and profit, they've dismantled every bit of quality in journalism and turned our country into a warring set of paleolithic tribes.
  • Rockaway1
    Child rearing
    LOL, if you believe Facebook will contribute to your child’s developing, “dark urges”, you needed to have had a chat with the little bugger a long time ago.
  • Operancoffee
    Poignant and Important
    This is the single most important podcast out there right now. Tristan Harris is doing the important, difficult work of informing the public about the perils of social media. Take a listen and pass it on to a friend!
  • mpgwood
    Absolutely the best
    This is one of the best and most important podcasts out there. Some of the gravest challenges and best opportunities of our day are being loosened like a knot being gently pulled apart so that anyone can see the mess and what needs to be done about it. Thanks Tristan and Aza, so well done.
  • Bob1961sc
    Facebook needs to be regulated
    After listening to this podcast , I’m realizing that a good way to save our children and democracy would be to treat companies like Facebook as a regulated entity without unbridled access to our children and darkest urges.
  • Cat 4 all-star
    Unplug from the matrix
    A podcast and organization dedicated to shaping tech to serve us rather than enslave us. What a novel idea! Recommended for all
  • Yes I Fly
    Human Condition
    Thank you for this podcast. So many valuable voices that I didn’t get to hear being lost in social media & all that comes with. I feel like I just woke up from a terrible dream & reality feels like a nightmare where everyone is stuck on their phones.
  • Ashley Jillian
    Bc I know what five star reviews do
    And because this podcast is great!
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