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  • el ranchero x
    It’s became my favorite BP Show!
    It took some time for me to fully embrace this show because it wasn’t 100% REI, but it’s gradually become my favor BP show! It’s got me looking at everything I do, including my real estate, as a business. In doing so I can improve all aspects of my life and investments. The guests are amazing, the hosts are rock stars, the knowledge is life changing. After a kinda shaky start, this show has gained major traction and I’ve been inspired more and more along the way! -Steve Live Let Thrive
  • jmcm97
    Top 3
    This show always has great guests with a lot of great information for anyone interested in buying, starting & growing a business.
  • B T S C
    Hosts banter back and forth is difficult to listen to. Intro is difficult to listen to also (aka annoying). Some people have podcast/radio voices, others don’t. Please quit saying awesome. Sorry, I had to unsubscribe but I love bigger pockets.
  • intrinsicvaluefound
    Knowledge packed podcast,.
    The Scotts are both very experienced in many aspects of business they chose relevant guests and ask inspiring questions. Check out the other BiggerPockets podcasts as well, Subscribe today!
  • Take it easy, but take it
    Knowledge filled
    I’m learning a lot about business.
  • Jozy22
    I have gotten so many ideas and so much inspiration from Jay and Carol. I love their approach to business and life and enjoy their friendly personalities. Each episode is so well thought out and you can really see the effort that has been put into each one. Keep up the great work guys.
  • danvas11
    Top 5
    This is one of my top podcast. J and Carol have great guest and ask the right questions. Keep up the good work!
  • Gpatterson3206
    Nice addition
    Found this as a nice addition to the bigger pockets portfolio of podcasts. Refreshing and fun. I definitely need to start outsourcing and building systems.
  • TTMaloy
    Have a hard time with Carol’s voice
    I’m not trying to be mean but Carol’s voice is very loud and irritating. I’m sure It’s fine In real Life but it isn’t good for a podcast. Sorry, I love all the other podcasts but can’t listen to this one:(
  • LovettJacob
    My favorite podcast
    I’ve been listening to Jay and Carol since they began the podcast. Among my many interests (real estate, business, finance, etc.) this podcast is my favorite. I find the format engaging, the hosts are knowledgeable and professional, driving the conversation in a very succinct manner, and pull some good quality information from the guests. I like the variety of the guests versus other podcasts that seem to be very narrowly focused. This podcasts covers anything from start ups to businesses that have withstood the test of time and then some. I always look forward to Tuesday for a weekly release and have learned a lot from listening.
  • evenflo_2001
    Great, to the point, content by a dynamic duo
    I really enjoy J and Carols interviews with informative guests from many different fields of business. It’s a great listen each week.
  • aabrealtor
    Really fantastic stories and practical applications for beginners and experts in business!
  • CGPlatt7
    Good, but looking for a businesses beyond profit
    I’ve listened to the BP real estate podcast for a couple years so when the business podcast came out, I thought I’d give it a try. After listening to several episodes, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the guests, but find the couple banter and pet names between hosts to be excessive. Furthermore, I’d really like to hear about more businesses that have a triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. Some B-Corps would be great. Anyone in the green infrastructure/sustainability sector would interesting. The transition to a zero carbon economy will be the biggest challenge of this century and it would greatly benefit your listeners to hear from anyone who has worked in that space successfully.
  • Mathew Walter
    Earning my MBA one morning commute at a time ;)
    After hours and hours on the Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast, I’ve recently jumped on the BP Business cast. I’m now 10 episodes deep and loving the journey. J and Carol really dive in with their guests to bring out the meat and potatoes of actually running a business. Common themes from company culture, partnerships, how to get started, and most important, balancing family and business life. As a current ‘wantrepreneur’ hearing from real life folks who have been there and done that, helps to inspire as well as challenge me to keep rolling and going from one stage to the next. Also, I enjoy hearing the growth from our show hosts as their library grows. Thanks!
  • Vince Crane
    Among the best business podcasts out there!
    Inspirational to see J interview top leaders in business and have then share their stories and insights of how they made it. J does a great job engaging in conversation that gets deep with the guest and finds out what principles they follow and how they think which is really what makes them great. It’s all about mindset. Big props to J and the team for creating a great show for us.
  • bellasneaks
    Interview Skills
    This is a really great podcast. Carol has a bad habit of cutting speakers off or finishing their sentences. Please allow them to finish their statements. It’s so rude.
  • PM in SoCal
    All things BP are simply fantastic, the people and the content. Learning to love to learn. Thank you BP folks. #BPCon2019!
  • wildbill369
    Excellent Content and Entertaining Interaction
    The content has always been helpful and informative. The variety of guests has greatly added to the benefit of the show. The interaction of the hosts simply makes it a pleasure to listen to.
  • Holly S. T.
    Love it.
    I love the show but can we pot the female down some? She comes across as really loud compared to everyone else on the show.
  • mb1256
    Well Done
    All speakers have been exceptional. There is some golden advice in here that extends way past entrepreneurship. Jay and Carol play off each other nicely and drive the interview forward well. Thank you
  • sjgatti
    Love this one!
    I didn’t think that initially this podcast was for me as I’m not a business owner. Boy, was I wrong. Listened to the Bigger Pockets Money podcast with Carol, and she was so incredibly relatable. As in, in my head, her and I are best friends. I’ve gotten so many great tidbits of info that aren’t business related on here that it’s now my favorite BP podcast. Can’t wait to hear more from these two.
  • bikesquad
    Awesome podcast
    J and Carol are amazing interviewers. They are very good listeners and excellent hosts. You can tell they really bring out the best in their guests. Way to go!
  • Katie the Jewell
    Making entrepreneurship accessible
    This podcast is a cool way to show all of us normal folks that entrepreneurs are just other normal folks who get moving and get things done to start and run a business. I love all of the unique stories featured on here.
  • CEWetz
    No problem w the content but my gosh I made it only 10 minutes into a few episode bc Jay’s wife’s voice and volume is so obnoxious. Recommend toning it down. Feels like fake excitement in your face and so grating!
  • Denesellers
    Crazy about more than Real Estate
    I LOVE ❤️ Real Estate and I love business! I am so thankful to hear each story they all help me grow! Thank you 🙏
  • Jbizzle01234
    Great podcast
    Great guests and awesome content. I learn something interesting from every episode.
  • Woodsb1231892
    Great Addition/Start For The BiggerPockets Arsenal Of Podcasts
    I’ve learned about J Scott when I first started listening to the BiggerPockets Team and think that he truly is an outstanding addition to the BiggerPockets Family along with his wife!!!!
  • mibrunette
    Off to a Great Start!
    I love the BP Platform! I’ve listened to the REI show for a couple years and this year picked and chose my way through the Money Podcast, but I’ll listen to EVERY one of these. Great job so far and loved the Surf Episode specifically!
  • Nick Dumas
    Home Run!!!
    J Scott is amazing. I have read his books, listen to many of his guess appearances on other PodCasts and seen him speak in person. The way he is able to untangle some of the most complex problems and present them with a clear and applicable meaning is brilliant. I run a small multifamily investment firm, and I am in the process of opening up a speech, ot and pt clinic. J’s ideas resonate through many of our processes. Carol has also contributed a new insight, provides additional vantage points and allows the listeners digest the information from another perspective. Thanks guys. Looking forward to many more episodes!
  • Laurie6745
    AMAZING show
    J and Carol get into a nitty gritty step by step process with each guest- informative and enjoyable. Best business podcast out there!
  • Jordan Moorhead
    Best podcast on iTunes!
    If you’re interested in business, like I am than then this is for you. Most people listen to BiggerPockets for real estate advice but if you want to build your net worth learning about business and running your real estate investments like a business is what you must do!
  • Jjgaughan
    Resell game
    Honestly, didn’t learn anything from the buying and reselling podcast. I’m pretty new to selling stuff online and I’m already doing everything they mentioned. Pretty basic stuff.
  • W Simmons
    Solid Real Estate Business Podcast
    So far I have gotten a lot of useful information from the podcasts and look forward to applying it towards real estate investing. Thanks for filling a niche in real estate podcasts.
  • dwarmstrong84
    Top notch real estate flipping business
    Top notch real estate flipping business
  • Ekuhi
    A Great Addition to the BP Lineup!
    I’ve been a fan of Jay Scott since hearing him on the BP Real Estate podcast and now Jay and Carol Scott are using their knowledge with the help of their guests to provide outstanding information on how to create a successful business. This show rocks!!!
  • Steven OLeary
    Excellent Podcast!
    I’ve listened to every episode of the main BiggerPockets over the years. J Scott was a top guest contributor to me and I was so excited to see this podcast. This is an excellent addition to the BiggerPockets podcast collection. The Scotts are great business minds. Great deep dives into real businesses with actionable take always. Excellent listen, can’t wait for the next one!
  • JenJenEm
    Amazing Podcast
    This podcast was very helpful and gave information I can utilize immediately in my business.
  • jed7891
    Excellent information
    Thank you Bigger Pockets for expanding your podcast offerings even further! I have been an avid fan of the Real Estate and Money podcasts since the beginning and it’s great to hear even more perspectives on how people can achieve success. Great show so far, keep up the great conversations!
  • Jackie Stein 1234
    Love Carol and J and this new podcast!
    I've been following Carol and J for many years now, and am a huge fan of the stuff they've done on BiggerPockets and on their own. They're so good at the business stuff, I've been wondering why they haven't crossed from real estate to general business education sooner. So glad they finally made the leap and so glad BiggerPockets is moving in this direction as well. Great decision, BP!!!
  • qwe@12
    Actionable and Fun advice
    I listen to so many business podcasts and I must say, J and Carol take learning to a whole new level. The guests have been full of ideas and information while the hosts clarify key points and action items. Looking forward to continuing to listen, as I am newly inspired with each episode. Thanks for a great show guys!
  • Rookie Smackdown
    Love it!
  • jakesofla
    Too bad
    I deleted the app when the host bragged about how to be smart in business was to borrow as much as you can from retail stores and when you are done using it, ask for a full refund. Shame. That’s a form of stealing.
  • AF Investor 1988
    Ethical Advice?
    Let me begin by saying I love virtually everything I've come across with BiggerPockets. I've spent countless hours in their online forums, reading their books, and listening to virtually all of their podcasts. So far I've enjoyed the content from the new BiggerPockets Business podcast, but the intro to episode 3 really rubbed me the wrong way. The hosts were talking about buying what sounded like thousands of dollars of home decor items with the intent to use it, then return it after they had sold their home (after talking at length about how it probably wasn't necessary in the first place). That feels super slimy and against all the shady real estate practices BiggerPockets has tried to fight against. I understand that under the terms and conditions it's allowed, but that is definitely against the intent of those policies and recommending that strategy to a mass market seems irresponsible. Plus, not all returned items are resold, returns often end up in landfills creating unnecessary waste and increasing overall prices to genuine consumers. Gotta say, this was poor form, especially given that there are companies that rent staging furniture/décor. Disappointing.
  • Pdahler
    Strategy vs Tactics
    I have seen people really strong at developing killer strategies for their business but get stuck on how to distill that down to a tactical level. I have learned from people that are amazing at executing tactics and getting the day to day accomplished in their business. J and Carol are amazingly strong in both and have helped me focus on what’s really important in my business. Highly recommend to anyone who needs a little fire lit underneath them! Preston
  • Shemmygirl
    Extremely Valuable
    The Scotts offer invaluable advice and insight. As a 14 year veteran of flipping houses, I still have much to learn and to improve upon. Thank you!
  • Logo17
    I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Carol delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!!
  • Still Learning Steve
    First episode was a fascinating and heartfelt look into the personal side of a business lifecycle
    I've been a bigger pockets listener for several years, and it is great to see them branching out into other related areas. The stories here are the kind you can really only get if you personally know someone, so this podcast has great potential to help future (or current) entrepreneurs learn the "real" side of starting and running a business. I really appreciated Josh Dorkin's frankness and transparency, especially discussing a business that many of us care about!
  • berk92
    I hope they bring on guests from more diverse backgrounds (including women!)
  • Stuart__G
    Off to a Great Start
    Really enjoying the show. Insightful guests with great commentary and questions.
  • ryan.johnston
    BiggerPockets is a game changer
    BiggerPockets has really kicked off my investing career at a young age. They made everything easier to understand and fun to do. The business podcast is no different! Must listen
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