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The Duck Commander and his family are unashamed of their Christian faith and want to share the Gospel with everyone, from new believers to longtime followers of Jesus. Phil, Al, Jase, Zach, and their special guests go beyond the four walls of the church to share God's Word and study the Bible with you. So pour a glass of tea, and experience fun and inspiring stories of faith and family, straight from West Monroe, Louisiana.

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  • Calamity J.61
    Unashamed podcast
    Dearest unashamed guys, Thank you soooooo much for this podcast!This is my Monday thru Friday bible study.My sweetheart graduated to Heaven in August of 2021.And being a young widow.I have been missing my daily spirit connection/bible study with my sweetheart.Anyway,this has helped me in so many ways.I love the family closeness,and stories.Keep bringing the first Lady’s of The Dynasty on also.I Love them all.More study,and time appreciated.Can’t wait for THE BLIND MOVIE.Thank you,all of you.Your Sister in CHRIST, Cheryl Eischens P.s.Praying for ya all.On the daily!
  • Emily.rose21
    My favorite
    I love listening to this podcast. I wish it was every day of the week. I just wish we could hear Phil a bit more
  • misti j g 3
    Favorite podcast!!! I Enjoy the excitement about the Bible and the everyday life stories from each man’s family life too. Thank you for putting a great podcast together for hours each week. It is such a blessing. I am a girlie girl and I still absolutely love it. Appreciate the Robertson family for living out their faith. Truly Unashamed… Thank you
  • Kook y
    Take the word interesting from Al and he would have nothing to say it’s a word tick for him Don’t criticize Zach’s vocabulary he is the only one who can speak intellectually
  • jjpddp02
    It is so nice to be able to listen to a podcast with no filthy words, or content! These men are truly Christs servants! God Bless all of them!
  • Malia2023&
    Renewed in faith
    As a believer, that was strongly in the church and in God, I lost my way. If I could describe it, I had a lifeline still to Jesus but was not following him like I should’ve. To be able to come to your podcast and study the Bible like I use to, it really brought me back on the right path. I hope you understand the impact you guys have made from simple being a follower of God and just showing up and doing your part in your faith! Just thank you!
  • Hardcore Waterfowler
    Best podcast
    I listen to your podcast everyday and my life changes each time I listen to you guys. I’m a big waterfowl hunter and a follow of god.
  • rpasch123
    Laugh and Learn!
    Great podcast that helps you get deeper in your faith while laughing at their antics. I love to listen. You will be blessed!
  • Bigcsrsu66
    Review a long time coming
    Knew you guys from the TV show. Discovered your beautiful message and love for the Lord right after the 2020 election when I was so angry about everything going on in this country. I made a decision to drop all news the NFL and NBA all podcast that tried to address Covid or Politics I found your podcast and a few others. 3 yrs later you are part of my daily routine. Love your message and I love what you are doing for the Lord
  • 🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦃🦃🦃🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️
    Best podcast
    I had always watch duck dynasty and it was amazing but the unashamed podcast is also amazing. Love you guys you’re my favorite and I love hearing about your hunting adventures and learn more about Jesus at the same time and I love hearing your voices best podcast ever
  • ThorLCLFMC
    Very relaxing, calming and humorous
    Needed a break from the regular podcasts I listen too. I can’t make it to church due to work. This podcasts gives me my faith lessons during the week along with life stories and humor! I did go to the Dollar stores here in SD, IA & NE and couldn’t find any macaroons!!! 😡
  • nickname11222
    Great show
    I enjoy the talk about Jesus and hunting and family. Lots of fans here in the Hawkeye state.👍🏻
  • wanpmc
    Coconut Macaroons
    LOVE THIS PODCAST!!! These guys are awesome lovers of Jesus! And thanks a lot Jase…. Bought coconut macaroons at Dollar General and ate 2 bags🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Jaymz#3
    Jesus loves the Ducks
    I’m James from Ohio and I’ve been following the family for about 10 years and once I found out about this show I had to listen to it and let me tell you it’s my fav podcast on my list of podcasts. I listen to this everyday at work when I’m on the road delivering packages. This family TRULY LOVES JESUS CHRIST!!! And I’m so thankful that God gave the world a family like is to share Jesus. Jesus and the south who knew that would be a great combination right lol. Thank you Robertson Family for this podcast and most importantly sharing the BLOOD of Jesus Christ and never stopping
  • JoyC8
    Best podcast of all, five stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Unashamed is the best of the best!! I still watch Duck 🦆 Dynasty and laugh 😂 😂 😂 even harder now!I can’t wait to see the movie, The Blind ,!Thank you for all you do!!✝️🙏❤️
  • ViktorGee
    Awesome Show
    Can’t wait for the movie. Would love to hear You all with Ted Nugent. He is a Great American, defender of our Freedoms and country. He lives hunting also. I believe it would be a good mixHope to come by some day. Thank You. God Bless You All!!! Please pray for my Family. Victor G Crockett 😎🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏
  • pgrisham
    Good News
    I’ve been following this Podcast for a couple of years. Life changing, down to Earth, truth filled messages. Thank you for all you do for others. May God bless the Robertson family.
  • dennis stevens
    Love this podcast
    Phil, Happy Birthday, have a Blessed Day
  • MsDawntreader
    Love these guys— deep and reverent
    What a refreshing experience spending time with these guys discussing the Word of God! I wish I could participate as well as listen. Like the old song says “Sure smoothes the wrinkles in my soul”. Especially enjoy Jase’s take on things, could listen to him all day long.
  • Duck Dynasty 🦆
    Love the show and the podcast 🦆
    My only problem is Zach always trying to sound to smart, it’s makes it kinda boring, and Al always interrupting everyone , like not everything is about you, stop interrupting 🛑
  • Hooviemoto87
    Most well balanced Bible teaching podcast
    In my opinion you guys talk about the scripture with such balance while also conveying such a respect and humbleness of the Bible that I’ve continued listening to it for years now. I love how you sound genuine and just talk as you are. We need more of that in our world. Thank you so much for the great podcast. It encourages me as I mow the lawn (which I know Phil doesn’t get that one, lol), serve at church when no one is around in the building, or even driving. It’s constructive to listen to since you start with the scriptures first, then expound on what God has done!
  • pay woth cash
    The first 15 minutes listening to them is down right hilarious! And you get to learn the Bible which is great.
  • professorPP
    Awesome podcast
    Love you guys and thanks for preaching the word! By the way Jase those cookies are called caramel delights. The girl scouts sale them too.
  • Jennyluvsjesus
    My favorite podcast
    This is my favorite podcast to listen to as I fall asleep at night. I love the guys stories and setting my mind in God’s Word as I fall asleep helps my mind stay on good things. I am so inspired to serve and love God more by the Roberson family. Thank you guys for making so many episodes.
  • Fan0308
    Great podcast
    Just a great podcast. Good teaching of scripture. They encourage you to read the scripture and follow along with them.
  • FLA listens
    Listen More
    I like this podcast but it may need to be renamed the Jase show. He doesn't give others a moment to speak. He must need to be heard because he wont let others speak. Slightly annoying
  • fjeieidjdjjdjdjdjd
    My favorite
    I can listen to these guys all day long. Life and bible lessons all in one.
  • Cloverxxo
    Best part of my day!!
    I love this show and can’t even describe the peace it gives me every single day.
  • Scottssc1970
    Episode 650
    I really got a lot out of Jase’s words Bouch once saved, always saved, and how we have to wash all I say need to have our every day life focused on walking with the Lord in order to keep us from sin keep S in check. Thank you very much for those words.
  • Matherese
    You all are very genuine and genuinely funnY. Thank you for the Bible study. Some times I don’t know how to study and y’all help me put it together and give me food for thought. God Bless and thank you!
  • Mylifeisfull7
    My Favorite Podcast
    I am a military chaplain’s wife and mother of eight! I listen to this podcast everyday when I go on my walks. I am all caught up now so I have to re-listen to old episodes on off days! I love how down to earth the guys are and how rich the scripture teaching! I always end listening feeling so loved by Jesus and validated in my faith and life. Thank you Alan, Phil and Jase for encouraging me every day! Miss your TV show but this is even better! ❤️
  • Frenchyyy1992
    Christian based movies
    I listened to the podcast were y’all discussed Christian movies. The app Pureflix has many good ones. My favorite I watched was a movie called Tulsa. It moved me in ways I never thought a movie could.
  • Sgtpopeye
    Loved this when it started. Not so much anymore now that Zach has joined and monopolized. Post something in social media if he leaves and I’ll return
  • robtdog
    11 Corinthians
    One the verses I learned over seas in Navy in 1979 had a minister talk about it before we where close to battle so we work with the strength of everlasting life in death
  • Mountainmanofthesierras
    Spiritual roots in real dudes
    I love these guys. Thanks for the encouragement, talking about real life, struggles and the Spirit of God who made us more than conquerors! Blessings boys, ps. Get Si and Willy on here too!
  • Tyler McAdams
    Every day listener
    This is the best most wholesome podcast out there. Thanks for always being the God fearing, Christ loving, people serving, authentic rednecks you are! We rednecks always know how simple life should be. Thanks for bringing back to my roots every day I listen.
  • toolmaker73
    Long time listener and watched
    Watched from Duck Dynasty- Unashamed and all in between, God fearing, Jesus loving,Holy Spirit living family, thats the best
  • river valley redneck
    Evict Zach
    I used to love this podcast. Now I can’t even get through 5 minutes when Zach starts to speak it makes me cringe, guys. I know he’s family and stuff, but he’s not good at podcasts. PLEASE GET RID OF EM! I listen to this for Phil mostly I know he’s getting up in years and has said just about all he can say but good lord, who the heck is Zach dasher? And who the heck cares.
  • joshuacef
    Praise the Lord
    Your awesome podcast is encouraging. I love it how deep you go into the words but I also miss your show. Your show was a show that me and my dad watched all the get together. He's gone now for since you're now on Roku channel. I watch every episode now again, I also bought all your episodes, but again I appreciate your faith in Jesus thank you Phil Robertson, Jay, Jace Robertson, and Zach can I think you for all of you do for the Lord and I look forward to listening to more. Thanks very much.
  • ZetaEtaTheta
    They speak from the word of God but they speak to you personally. Such relatable people with so much experience that to the young generation this podcast is good to listen to.
  • Cutiepatutiees
    Love the family
    The most outspoken, true to their roots, family I have honestly followed since Duck dynasty .. god followed and outspoken miss uncle si not on the Podcast. Uncle si should be a host
  • S Funderburk
    Episode 637
    Listen to it. Then listen to it again. It spoke directly to me. We have a job to do as believers and Jase nails it on this episode. Such a good podcast. It is very helpful and gives good direction as we strive to share the word. Great message from great people!
  • SRM1210
    Wonderful Show
    The podcast and youtube videos are the only thing I can get my husband and son to consistently listen too. Jase, Allen and Phil have such a relaxed down to earth way.
  • shadowbox2012
    This is one of the greatest podcasts ever made
  • Kage Mitchell
    Love it
    Great show I listen to this at work and on the way home I love it
  • Afwife09
    Down to Earth Preaching
    Preaching the love of Jesus in layman’s terms with a side of hunting and fishing, westerns, and family!
  • kristenhowell
    Top 10
    True grit , the Searchets ?
  • madelinejohnson
  • Blake6892
    Amazing Podcast
    Phil, Al, Jase, family, friends and all who make this podcast possible- Thank you so much for your time that you devote to making this show. Your stories and Bible studies have drawn me deeper into God’s word more than ever before in my life. God bless you all- a local South Carolina Redneck.
  • jgusto1107
    Helping me with the Word
    I really enjoy the show, I feel like they are in my kitchen, and it has helped me get into the word of God😊 Thank you
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