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The Duck Commander and his family are unashamed of their Christian faith and want to share the Gospel with everyone, from new believers to longtime followers of Jesus. Phil, Al, Jase, Zach, and their special guests go beyond the four walls of the church to share God's Word and study the Bible with you. So pour a glass of tea, and experience fun and inspiring stories of faith and family, straight from West Monroe, Louisiana.

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  • Hillbilly mailman
    I love these dudes!
  • Brettmill02
    Biblical Truth
    I have started from the beginning of this podcast about a month ago, and have enjoyed hearing them break down the Bible and their viewpoints. They have real conversations and always have biblical verses to backup their perspective of what they believe. Thank you for this podcast and hope you continue to speak truth.
  • juwls82
    Love it
    Update after (7/2/24) I still love what they’re doing here, but I had to take 2 stars away because of all the ads! They used to do their sponsor ads like 3 times per show. Now they’re up to like 5 and that’s not including the 2 regular commercials in the beginning and like half ways. That’s discouraged me to listen more often. (This was my original post from 4+ years ago) I’m from Cali, I’m in my late 30s and I’m Hispanic. Just a little reference there. I found this podcast about a month ago and I love how they talk about what’s going on in their lives and apply that to the Bible study. I have found that their studies are biblical and are focused on Christ and His grace which is exactly what we need to focus on. I can also relate a lot to their lifestyle even tho I’ve never gone duck hunting lol or lived in there area. Keep up the good work fellas
  • KeyConnect
    Bringing Us Closer
    This podcast has become something my husband and I both listen to and discuss multiple times a week. This family, as I saw someone describe them, are Salt of the Earth. The integrity they all have is beyond words. The truthfulness and openness has truly taught me. Thank you!
  • robtdog
    Long time listener
    Seat belts laws are about revenue and repair costs are out of control so the repair industry tells them to show you the old parts and this individual just was taken back by question and never talked to righteous people like you on regular basis
  • Aero-throttle
    Going from milk to applesauce
    I’ve been a believer, follower, and lover of Jesus Christ for 3 years on September 16th 2024. I’m starting episode 416 today. I love your family, and what you represent. It’s helped me to understand my responsibility as the head of household under Jesus and what that means. My Lord and Savior has truly saved my eternal life. I’m 45 now, and I definitely feel the pull of the mission Jesus gave me. Listening to this podcast has helped me to understand from a more practical and spiritual view, as well as my Bible study. It’s a great pairing. Thank you so much for the C+ explanation!!!! The Kingdom IS here and this podcast has helped me learn how to explain to random people the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for standing firmly on the foundation that Jesus made for all of us!!!!
  • TKring
    Entertainment at its best
    I just discovered Unashamed (yea late to the party) and so thankful that I have. I love the banter and their unashamed love of God. Thank you so much for sharing your lives but more importantly for sharing the gospel with us.
  • Conservative in Missouri
    Excellent show!
    Love the humor, but more importantly they tie everything back to Gods word. Genuine guys who lead by example! Watching Duck Dynasty last winter got me through some of my darkest days, they gave me hope & showed me that there are strong men who love the Lord & their families.
  • jeff1509
    Love it
    I love the Bible study and how one goes about sharing the Gospel with others!
  • LoriGlory
    When I was a kid, I thought “Gesundheit” meant God bless you. Later, when I learned a little bit of German, I found out it means healthiness. I love you guys. 😇 Lori Glory
  • Dwalke16
    These guys love the Lord Jesus Christ. Thankful for their honesty and wisdom.
  • Akids11
    So thankful for the Unashamed podcast! Thrilled it now available 3 days a week! God bless you and your families for all you do. Unashamed is a blessing in my life! Faithful Listener, MJ from Lakewood, NJ🙏
  • Kymrdh
    I enjoy the intro story and then the Bible study
    I always enjoy hearing y’all’s quirky stories and then how you end up segueing into your Bible study .. I enjoy every one’s comment as they study the Bible .. on another note , my husband and I rented The Blind a month ago on Prime . It has left a lasting impression on us. The actors that were chosen for Phil and Mrs Kay were wonderful
  • KCO619
    Love the podcast
    Greeting from North Dakota. Recently I stumbled upon your podcast and really enjoy listening to it. I really enjoy the stories that you share, along with the bible verses that you talk about. Thank you for spreading the word and sharing Jesus! Keep up the good work and God bless!
  • Ajobean
    Zach = Firehose
    S L O W down
  • NewsomA4Jesus
    Best podcast
    I started listening to Unashamed 3 years ago and I have finally caught up completely! I love this podcast and I’m so thankful you all preach Jesus so plainly and clearly! I am thankful for the Robertson life and legacy!
  • Badkarma013
    Good. Could be better.
    Show is good and would be much better if Al wasn’t part of it. He always has to one up everyone’s stories and experiences. He comes across as dishonest. Otherwise it’s a good show.
  • Rob The Carpenter
    Computers and Rednecks
    Greetings from Mobile Alabama! 1. Al we so loved having you and Lisa at South Coast Church for the Marriage Conf. Know we are praying and expecting great things for Lisa and you. 2. I have y’all on in my shop all the time. I build cabinets and furniture. My visitors and clients often comment on the pod cast….in various ways. lol. Keep up the work. Yall are planting seeds all over the place! Rob South The Whatchamacall It Shop Mobile Alabama
  • CalvintheFalcon
    The Best
    In a time where biblically sound speech/entertainment is becoming harder to come by, Unashamed is here. It perfectly embodies the ups and downs of life, moreover a life of FAITH. This program has answered several questions id posed to myself regarding the gospel. Thank God for your family. Hands down the most informative, and down to earth study guide I’ve found to the New Testament. Redneck Revivalists!
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  • Graham12:)
    Really neat!
    Just started listening hope to catch up you podcasts. You guys are really good about speaking the gospel. ❤️
  • Cody730
    So glad to be back with the Robertson family
    Duck Dynasty helped me to become a better Christian because I’ve lived a life similar to Phil Robertson both prior to God and after finding God. Now I get to listen to Phil, Jase, and Alan discuss God and the Bible much deeper than what they did on the show and it continues to help me grow. Thanks guys!
  • WesternPa94
    Love it
    Listened to the first couple hundred episodes but then marked all as played and will start from the most recent ones on here and over time will catch up on past episodes on YouTube but so far I enjoy this podcast.
  • Brock Hotchkiss
    Great podcast. I love what you guys talk about and how you guys share your faith. You have helped me get a better understanding of Christ. Thank you so very much.
  • Hulk Hands_14
    Unashamed Podcast Review
    The conversations are pure and genuine. When you’re listening, you can tell that they love Whether it be talking about fruit trees or gator meat, they point it back to Jesus. I’ve only listened to two episodes and I’m hooked! It feels like I’m apart of the family when listening to these stories. Thank you!
  • jtj408
    Straigh forward not biased truth
  • zackinley
  • mmmmmhuey
    Love the family. Love the banter among the guys and Mrs Kay. It’s always fun to hear the stories and laughter from each one of them. It’s evident how much they care for each other and their families. They hold each other up to remarkable standards for the sake of their families and love for the Lord.
  • mp_wife06
    Should listen
    This is great and people should here about it
  • jyounger70
    Cleaning lady
    Great show! God gets all the glory! Listen just about every day. Awesome Bible study!!! Love this family, have since Duck Dynasty. You guys have are doing the Kingdom work. God bless this family many times over for their preaching and teaching of Your Word! I always enjoy your talks about what’s going on in your lives. You crack me up and I feel so at home listening to you all! Keep up the kingdom work! Love from Virginia!❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • ElCamino59
    Unashamed Bible College
    I’m learning more spending time studying God’s Word daily with you guys than I did at Bible college. I’m so excited to hear your podcast, my wife is growing in her walk with Jesus too listening to your podcast! Love in Christ!!!
  • MamaCee7
    God uses your podcast strongly in my life.
    This podcast is one of my favorite Bible based ones. Your clear teaching of both Old & New Testament texts is a blessing. You also bless me with your stories & senses of humor.
  • Dan in Idaho
    Great pod!
    I was at Men’s group at church about a month ago. I asked for suggestions for a good Christian podcast. One of the guys suggested this one. I told him I really didn’t care for Duck dynasty. I was raised in the city and country shows about hunting ducks really didn’t appeal to me. He pleaded his case pretty strong. He said it was different from the show and all about Christianity. After a month of him asking me if I listened to the podcast, I reluctantly subscribed . I looked forward to telling him I listened to it but it wasn’t for me. Unfortunately, I listened to the latest pod and I am hooked. I now look forward to listening to the entire library. This reminds me that cultural background doesn’t matter. Whether we are city folk or back woods country people or anything in between, we worship the same God. Regardless of our backgrounds, we are called to make deciples. This is a great pod to listen to. I love it!!
  • Plumber34
    God bless the Robertson’s
    Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life. They speak of law, gospel and speak the truth of our Savior abd His Word. I listen to every one
  • BKH596
    A must listen!
    I love the open and honest discussion of the Bible and it’s applications. These men have a true gift and I am thankful for them!
  • Squeaky Swett
    Daily Devotion
    Love the Show..It is my Daily Devotional..Plus I Live 40 miles from West Monroe…They need to Let Phil Talk Too
    Love it
    Hey guys! I wanted to say I love the show! Keep it up
  • Rookshark
    Great stuff
    Entertaining and going deeper in God’s Word, all while being very transparent and open…about practically everything. Never missed an episode so far, thanks be to God for what He is doing through you all collectively.
  • timwgraham
    I know more than you
    This podcast should be called, “I know more than you” By Jase Robertson. Even when Phil tries to speak jase keeps on rollin. Set up jase with a mic then y’all go to another room to record the Phil Robertsons podcast. Y’all could finish and Jase will still be talkin in the next room. I enjoy what you all do and I still enjoy listening. Let Phil chime in a bit more.
  • hgjdjwidjz
    I have had to change my review. I have dropped from 4 stars to 3 because of the advertisements. It seems like the more episodes that I have listened to, the more commercials are added…and they are so long.
  • Twincoconuts
    The Robinsons
    I absolutely adore this entire sweet Christian family and enjoy reading their devotional every morning right after I pray with the Hallow app. The Bible is The Greatest Book ever. Thank you for sharing your Seminary knowledge with us all. God be with you.
  • karasunshine
    Shoes on fire
    #Mauricegreene # flameshoes #trackstar. Jase doesn’t believe uncle Si lol
  • Lucien513
    Good Job!
    Helps my Faith!
  • ethen brown
    Al don’t use automatic car washes!! Use a detailer!!
    Automatic car washes scratch your paint, using a detailer like me guarantees your not to be scratched lol. Love the podcast just had to mention this lol 😂😂
  • r@lltyde#18
    Let Phil Talk.
    Only 4 Stars because Jase cuts Phil off short almost every time. Another thing who cares if Phil has told a story before, let him finish. Just a note, every opinion or story about the Bible by Jase has been told before. Like the show and Jase but his One Upmanship is too much most of the time. Not Rock Throwing just the truth.
  • bbbmom33
    I love y’all’s podcast so much!!
  • janetjoz
    Anti catholic
    I genuinely like the show and learn a lot. Anti Catholic and makes me want to shout, Catholics love Jesus too!”
  • Apollo202010
    Dear Robertson Family
    I love your guys show Duck Family Treasure so much and I wanted to listen to your podcast and it is such a great podcast. My dad as seen you guys since he was a kid and I love you guys so much! Praise the Lord! 💜✝️
  • ~GodsOwn
    Listen, Learn, Love, Share, Repeat!
    Phil baptized me 1/28/2023 and introduced me to Jesus which, changed my life! I had attended church on and off for 59 years. It took Phil’s no-nonsense approach to the Bible to really help me understand the overarching message of Christianity! Life changing show for me, and many others.
  • fidjdjddkdkkddkddjc)r
    Love you brothers in Christ
    Those Dasher kids are amazing! God bless you all!
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