Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

Music #11

The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper/actor @GillieDaKing and social media influencer and disruptor @Wallo267 - The perfect blend of discussing music, real life issues, personal experiences, honest advice and comedy

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Recent Reviews
  • Bmo_polo
    Best podcast hands down
  • Mike D. Peterson
    🖕 Barstool
    Portnoy is a bigot.
  • joker nuttynate
    IG Looking4joker2
    Best Podcast ever 🗣💯💰🖤✊🏽
  • The local pusha
    White girl is not the fit
    Leave Tony home #othersideofamerica
  • Anthonyy.215
    Most thorough podcast out.
  • juicemaneffy
    MDWOG is one of the best
    How could you not love this podcast
  • tonyjoejones
    Number one podcast in my book
    This is the best podcast ever gill and wallo give Advice on every day livingAnd how to get through it downfalls in life solutions
  • darkskin_savagee
    From Miami gillie n wallo y’all some nut ass ole heads 🤞🏾🤣 I love it!
  • Violadee
    My review
    Loveeeeeee this show
  • Astley Pessoa III
    I love my city.....
    This jawn proves that Philly drops classics every time. (Music, Movies, Women, now podcasts...)
  • Wizkidkev
    Best days are behind them
    Started off great...then got better when they added Dev into the mix after a few episodes. Once he left, the dynamics changed. He might’ve been the Draymond Green to the Splash Bro’s but that’s trio worked so well. He brought the awkward balance which this show needed. I went from anticipating every week to listening every now and then when there’s nothing else 🤷🏽‍♂️ FYI: Dev podcast is kinda trash too. They all need each other.
  • ShawnPatrickM
    Jeru was the 1st in the rap game w/a beard
  • Shannon Delle
    burning trash
    it was all good until they got them white sponsors, gave Dev the boot, and then put some white aspiring hoodrats on. if “sell out” was a podcast.... the pod is absolute garbage now. unsubscribed. smfh.
    I knew it
    I knew gillie had issues with women by how aggressive he is when speaking to and/or discussing them. The meek mill episode basically confirmed all my thoughts smh.
  • tpatt86
    Was my My favorite...
    Still one of my favs but it’s changed a lot. Love Wallo & Gillie. But how they only going to have “Gillie” listed as the HOST/GUEST though!? Yes, Dev Nasty is gone. But Wallo isn’t! & if he ends up leaving, I’m out toooooo!!!! Can’t be Just Gil. Nah. I’d Rate it 5 stars like I always did before, but I had to change it. However, It’s slowly getting good again. So, we’ll see. I’ll say, I DO LOVE the CHEMISTRY w/ Gil, Wallo & Dont call me white girl!!! That’s a GREAT vibe!! (Just my option. From a day one fan)
  • matthew4592
    Two abusers, lovely
    Listened to an episode where they both NONCHALANTLY described beating up A partner. THese men were unapologetically describing how they had both in the past been physically abusive, but neither saw what they had done as wrong. I set the bar extremely low for barstool yet I’m still disappointed
  • brother darren ✊🏿✊🏿
    Love it
    Like how real they keep it. Keep it up love from brother Darren
  • JD2558
    Funny as hell
    I saw Gillie had a podcast on Barstool and this did not disappoint. Gillie, Walo, White Girl, they are all hysterical. Some of the one liners that get dropped are just outrageous.
  • jl504
    Great combination of hosts
    I started listening because I’ve been a fan of Gillie and Wallo. However, I was pleasantly surprised when they added Mona (DontCallMeWhiteGirl) as a host; she enhanced the entire dynamic. Gillie and Wallo were entertaining on their own, and now with Mona, the show is a lot more enjoyable. Best wishes to you guys. I look forward to the upcoming episodes.
  • brentelligence
    Great content
    Fantastic content. .. but let wallo talk when he’s being transparent about his trials and tribulations.. it’s always someone who needs to hear what he’s saying .. more so than the jokes when he’s talking, he says stuff Youngn’s need to hear Keep up the good work
  • baoziboyz
    Casual About Domestic Abuse
    On one of the episodes they talk about their experience with domestic abuse; I thought it would be about ways in which men/themselves have been abused but NO it was about when they abused women!! I was shocked how casual they were and it doesn’t seem like they’ve tried to solve their obvious anger issues at all. I am disgusted and I hope they seek help.
  • SHOTY11st
    North Philly Breed
    Good Show from some Good Dudes!
  • Jersey Slayer
    I hear after episode 48 Dev no longer on there and the show falls off I’m on episode 11 now, Wallo is the star Dev is the person that puts reasonable outlook on things Gillie is hell of annoying talk over everyone and corny.
    Y’all really touch the streets and really be talking principle!!! LOVE OG’S!!!
  • KA-Blue
    Great show
    Amazing show !!! Great original content
  • FresKid2800
    Gill and wallo
    Still solid show without Dev I stopped listening for a quick sec but caught back up still fire💪🏾
  • Mikey OP
    Swallow your pride Gil
    Being Dev back
  • Broad street all day
    Trash without Dev
    Gillie reaching. Gill looking real Goofy out here.
  • Childish11
    Show is Lazy
    Way better when Dev was on the show. I had to unsubscribe, the show is way less entertaining.
  • ChocolateHigh
    Back to the Drawing Board
    I initially started listening via Lip Service Podcast and enjoyed the banter. The guy Dev was a nice Segway between Wallo and Gillie whom both can border on extreme ends...and not know when to cut a joke/skit when it’s going into the corny/unfunny spectrum. Something is drastically missing with this new set-up. The dynamic is completely off and it’s lackluster. The Game is this: You all need a serious revamp and some Podcast mentors. It’s not as poppin’ as you all think! I honestly don’t see this lasting much longer without the proper direction and crew. Just gave y’all some free game. You’re welcome!
  • Cappin Kush
    I wish y’all could start putting the name of the artist that is play at the beginning in the description.
  • Kisimy
    This show used to be good!!!
    I really wish Dev was still on there... the dynamic y’all 3 had can’t be duplicated, it’s unfortunate! I still want y’all to win... it just has t been good since he hit fired 😔😩
  • Dad of 4 Monsters
    I’m a fan, y’all definitely putting on for our city.
  • Tv she cbu 👍🏼
    Dev made the show
    Show been super trash without devnasty not even gonna try listening no more
  • LaymaronAir
    Favorite Podcast
    One of my favorite podcasts. Thank you for your war stories Wallo267 and Gillie keep giving these young bulls game.
  • TrizzyTg
    No Dev?
    Y’all gotta bring dev back, I understand trying to appeal to the female demographic but not with subpar talent
  • ytreuu
    Bring back Dev Nasty
    Let me start with love. I loved this show when it was the three amigos. This last episode is TRASH with love. Please get rid of all the women and bring back DEV. I have spoken.
  • Do better developers
    Whack without DevNasty
    This used to be my first listen Monday morning at work. Ever since white girl has been added this podcast is last on the list. Then new girl worse than white girl.
  • Belllanding
    Love this show!
    I liked what don’t call me white girl had to offer to the show, but I also liked Dev a lot as well. Love this podcast super funny and relatable!
  • Juice_Prints
    Im interested
    This new chick sounds ready wanna see what her journey takes it
  • MRW3s
    Bring back dev nasty 😢😢😢
    Dev dev dev dev we want dev we want dev
  • Mellatron85
    Love the show
    And I love Damona definitely time enough for the guys! Lol great podcast!
  • lomack227
    Bring back Dev Nasty
  • Meekymooks
    Team Monaaaaaa!!!!!
    Mona is a breath of fresh air and brings a much needed perspective!!! She’s hilarious and represents for the ladies!!!!
  • ShawtyyyLow
    The best !
    Favorite podcast
  • Jr_D
    Excellent Show
    Love the show (@confident_brandclothing)
  • MademanBmac
    I like Mona
    I like Mona she’s funny and she be keeping these guys on track sometimes not all the time but sometimes because lord knows they can’t never finish a debate they just move on
  • JetLife-Keem
    Phillys proud
    Love this show and how you guys put on for your city. I’m proud to subscribe.
  • Tara Feloc
  • MiMiRaRa
    Please just stick to Gillie & Wallo
    This podcast is one of my favorites, but it’s legit cringeworthy now that White Girl is on it. Miss Dev Nasty, the dynamics just aren’t the same.
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