Million Dollaz Worth Of Game


The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper/actor @GillieDaKing and social media influencer and disruptor @Wallo267 - The perfect blend of discussing music, real life issues, personal experiences, honest advice and comedy

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Recent Reviews
  • Hublot704
    Funny as hell and always interesting ‼️ I’ve been watching since episode 10
  • Guero303
    Always with a positive message to the youth and young men 💯
  • papp30
    Best duo to do this podcast game!!
    Never fails to entertain!!
  • hardway261
    The best of the best and funniest I’ve seen in a minute thanks guys
  • Sourpurp
    You you not tuned in on Sunday u better be on YouTube Monday
  • Brooklyn#BLM
    Show is 🔥🔥🔥💯
    Keep it up love the good work and energy I enjoyed this Episode
  • Squeezie21$1
    Love this podcast gillie and Wallo are hilarious
  • hill.theTechnician
    Best podcast from philly by far
    First time us in philly had a show that’s funny, real, and from the heart.. walo and gillie are real dudes givin real game..
    LOVE FROM THE ATL ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
  • Reid Dollars
    Reid Perilmán 215
    Both of y’all are a classic 😂😂😂🤞🏼 keep going up for the city of Philadelphia
  • JLeo1986
    It’s not enough to just listen to y’all on the radio. Shoutout YouTube
  • Tyler the don
    This show is legendary yeah a lot of significant changes but still legendary. Minus One star cause the quality has my ears bleeding. Also start properly shouting out the songs of the week and where to find it.
  • Laffytt
    Gillie should share the floor equally
    Would give 5 stars but Gillie over talks everyone in every segment but i love the show
  • DjJayWest
    Get the sound quality right. Please
  • Wally Nj
    This podcast is not the same without “the nasty one”
  • curt1000s
    To many sponsors
    Show use to have me in tears. But to many sponsors. Get back to roots gillie. All many ain’t good money. Especially when it starts messing with the quality of the show
  • HustlrC
    Good men..
    I appreciate this as 24 y/o woman. Wallo and Gillie, whatever you do.. dont stop!
  • Breezy______B
    Not the same no more.
    Bring back the nasty one, Dev. this lady and Tony not a good fit. All white girl do is agree with everything Gil says. It’s annoying. They jokes don’t even slap the same now that Dev is gone.
  • yea_you_see_me
    The gang🤘🏼💯
    The best podcast ever! Y’all def keep me in tears😂😭
  • RR12345!?!?
    Garbage without Dev Nasty!
    Chemistry (& audio) have taken a blow. Not a 5 star podcast anymore.
  • gillie weak
    Audio weak
    Sounds like y’all need that sound guy 😂 this is horrible!
  • Mawirbowir
    Love these fellas
    We need more content seems as if they never do run out of stuff to talk about. I absolutely love this show and podcast it’s all I look forward too at with other then getting the day done. More shows more views..
  • bbbbbbbbjjjjjjjjjjj
    Love it!
    They are hilarious I love listening to their perspective on different topics and how the two cousins joke with each other and their New York accent (or up north somewhere)
  • Large ce
    Fix the audio man it’s a great show but audio needs work. My ears hurt!
  • Plennz
    Ima need the track names and artist that y’all play in the beginning of the podcast. Place that in details so I can them run them tracks too. That death dreams track go HAM!!
  • Jamik M
    Best Podcast! Love from The Bahamas
  • oooommmmmpppppphhhhhhh
  • B-RICH495
    Pod isn’t funny and gillie the kid disrespected blm movement
  • a real fancy B
    Real G’s
    31 year old here appreciating the game. Much love from Las Vegas
  • Bmeir123
    2 Inspirational Figures
    Both Gillie and Wallo give folks great insight on how to navigate in and out of harsh inner city environments such as Philadelphia. If you follow them both on social media, the two compliment each other immensely!!
  • FnFWoe
    Gillie the clown
  • KaliKaliD
    Free Game
    The best podcast out! Gillie && Wallo are amazing!
  • hoe8719
    MyEye myEye myEye
  • Lil Ceasers blows
    Im here thanks joe busted
    Joe busted brought me here
  • bryant8989
    Gillie is lame lol!
  • Kisimy
    This show used to be good!!!
    I really wish Dev was still on there... the dynamic y’all 3 had can’t be duplicated, it’s unfortunate! I still want y’all to win... it just hasn’t been good since he got fired 😔😩 and y’all need an engineer the sound is trash... the mics go in and out and they get unreasonably loud at certain times! The girl is a good add, but y’all barely let her talk so that’s a wash too! 🤦🏾‍♀️
  • LennyLuv87
    I’m in tears literally 😂
  • jameharivers
    The game is real
    I LOVE MONA LOVE (Dontcallmewhitegirl) She is absolutely the cutest ever. She and I are very much a like ( hey sis) My husband put me on to this podcast and we watch it faithful after he does his own podcast @socrookednyc. We appreciate your honesty.
  • Kendall Martin
    Gillie can’t disrespect HBCU’s and BLM and expect his fan base to support him. His fan base is a bunch of black people aspiring to contribute to society the way he and Wallo have. So, I’m unsubscribing. Gillie don’t owe anybody an apology but he should consider changing his tone and stance on BLM.
  • Bmo_polo
    Best podcast hands down
  • Mike D. Peterson
    🖕 Barstool
    Portnoy is a bigot.
  • joker nuttynate
    IG Looking4joker2
    Best Podcast ever 🗣💯💰🖤✊🏽
  • The local pusha
    White girl is not the fit
    Leave Tony home #othersideofamerica
  • Anthonyy.215
    Most thorough podcast out.
  • juicemaneffy
    MDWOG is one of the best
    How could you not love this podcast
  • tonyjoejones
    Number one podcast in my book
    This is the best podcast ever gill and wallo give Advice on every day livingAnd how to get through it downfalls in life solutions
  • darkskin_savagee
    From Miami gillie n wallo y’all some nut ass ole heads 🤞🏾🤣 I love it!
  • Violadee
    My review
    Loveeeeeee this show
  • Astley Pessoa III
    I love my city.....
    This jawn proves that Philly drops classics every time. (Music, Movies, Women, now podcasts...)
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