Million Dollaz Worth Of Game


The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper/actor @GillieDaKing and social media influencer and disruptor @Wallo267 - The perfect blend of discussing music, real life issues, personal experiences, honest advice and comedy

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  • Biidiie
    Bring back Moana
    This is the JBP without Joe Budden. Moana was a much needed addition.
  • M D V
    Good to hear from Suge..
    Glad Suge good!
  • james foucault
    Suge is the truth
    My Suge is the truth, great to hear that he’s doing better! NaybaH47d to the Naybahood
  • Bhunt4221
    AK a clown & yall bogus for entertaining that square 🤦🏾‍♂️
  • fattmatt92
    Yea don’t let akademiks comeback it’s mad annoying
  • Jae0929
    My favorite podcast out. Had to show love to these 2 when they had a show in NY a few days ago, great show. Gillie u said u was gonna get me a hoodie from the back and never came back what happen?? All good all love can’t wait to hear more
  • Bnon203
    Real Day 1
    Been watching this podcast since the very first day it came out and to see the growth it has made over the years through various different guests hosts the message remains the same. Just two goofy, nuts that are cousins giving literally a million dollars worth of game away for free. I can’t even imagine the amount of people this podcast has touched with its wisdom. Thank them because real is very rare nowadays and their the living definitions of it.
  • youtuberme
    I was tuned in every week before the weekly celebrity interviews started up… wish they would go to the old days where it was more focused on wallo and Gil
  • TheeORIGINALRiee
    The host are like listening to my Uncles talk at the BBQ. Love the way they interact with these guests!
  • lbmfj
    Love yall 💕 From Charlotte CLT - Ja’Kiya
    Y’all are so funny man 😂 especially when he be talking about how he be making scarfs in prison he always on joke time 🤍🤍
  • Kingston82
    The way the wack 100 interview ended was wack
  • Sosasplash
    They Funny asl the number 1 podcast in the world MMMMMMMMillions dollars worth of game💪🏽
  • Pumpone sucker..
    Two bit crooks
    Support real OG’s with integrity, not these house slaves. Not these dudes selling their pride and dignity.
  • Thtdjhfgbh
    Y’all get me threw at work! 100! Salute
    I Started listening 3 months ago I listened 2 every episode. Realist podcast on the planet!
  • Danni🦋🌸
    Best Podcast Thus Far‼️
    This podcast gives me motivation 💪🏾🤞🏾
  • Emart561
    **Game for free 🧏‍♂️
    Yo Wallo and Gillie are what this world needs right now. Real street guys that made it out the hard way through nothing but HUSTLE💯Thanks for the glimmer of hope 🙏
  • Holistic Homa Care LLC
    Real talk sessions
    It’s the Meek & Gates joints for me…
  • rockinRwlnd
    That Metro episode was the amazing.
  • Wilson's Lawn Care
    Give Back
    Love this podcast , real talk and game for free . Listen up youngsters.
  • Rkn Jvsto
    Best podcast out
  • Jjones redskins
    Funny and entertaining
    I caught on to you guys pod from a Facebook post and I’m glad I listen now every week. Super entertaining and good for a couple laughs during my commute to work. Fantastic
  • Sidneyl11
    Love y’all but need work
    Stop interviewing people that’s not y’all lane get back to y’all original format bring back Tony da closer and “don’t call me white girl” and get back to authentic conversation and game
  • waymr.blubenjamin
    🔥 🔥 🔥
    Y’all both great interviewers great show… I watch it on YouTube also
  • Dallasthamav
    Listen every Sunday. I really appreciate Wallo for being so positive and telling the young ones game. Gillie is Legend.
  • jamjustin
    You Did Dev Nasty dirty
    I liked you guys until I heard what you did to Dev Nasty. That why I’m giving you a one star. I’m gonna stop listing
  • Redhair16
    \/ \/
    Is that really Soulja boy 🤔
  • kwazy11
    Big fan and love the show
    Gillie you and note both need to let up off the gas sometimes. I love the instigation but you derail the topic and the guest from finishing the thought. And you take jokes tooo far. Not everyone is wallo and gonna jus let you play all day brah. Ya to much of a boss to not know you got a gift that we want in hip hop to push the culture forward.
  • not a lebron fan
    Wow. Peace to you brudas✌🏾
  • Lennyglory
    Soulja Boy
    Episode was comedic gold but why didn’t Wallo bring up Raheem The Jeweler? That would have closed the show down lol
  • meltop-clone
    Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Million $ Worth a game
    Great chemistry. Great show. I love the knowledge and advice. Certified street dudes.
  • m1crophon3
    One of the best out!
    Gillie and Wallo really do give the game in a true way, real spill for all the youngens and the old heads who wanna kick they feet up and digest game from two seasoned vets, gillie got the streets and the music industry background and wallo got the knowledge of 20 years in prison...together it makes for a great show and A MILLION DOLLAZ WORTH OF GAME
  • LLT1103
    Hosts are annoying
    The hosts are annoying. They focus more on themselves then the guests
  • iseeu_
    The lasted episode was one of the best. I been rockin since the beginning. So much love for going back to the beginning.
  • 3015ed
    Great podcast
  • Bigneil92
    Best podcast ever
    Bro hands down the best podcast ever y’all boys taking over the podcast game🔥💪🏾🔥💪🏾🔥💪🏾
  • fogeyaboutit
    115 great episode
    You guys are killing it keep doing your thing! 💯
  • jbh1014
    Billion Dollaz
    Great pod, the guests they book are solid and these two guys have a great way of navigating conversation. All great questions, and they seem to have a good relationship with all of their interviews. Whether that’s true or not, they seem to make every guest comfortable regardless of it is their first time meeting. I think it would be cool for them to do a segment but regardless they have great free flowing shows. Ad reads are even entertaining. Big things ahead great addition to the barstool lineup
  • 5starrrg
    Love it
  • bschultz1120
    Love it
  • Kyng_kyro_
    The Best
  • Miir Maxx
    Gutta Baby Tapping In 💎💎💎
  • lil the leo
    Gillie & wallo
    Great guys they’re not fake they make my day ❤️u guys keep up the Gud work✌🏽
  • Chazgator215
    Always Dope
    Not sure who I like more. Grew up on Gillie. Always liked his style (not just music) but Wallo be saying some truth. Keeps me staying connected to them.
  • enzothekl
    Write out time stamps where key discussions are placed
    A descriptive section for a podcast is key
  • Lindzzzay
    I literally look forward to you guys each and every week!!! I swear y’all need your own TV SHOW!!!!!!
  • PhastLife LEEder
    Every week!!!
  • Nawfside_Neez
    Y’all make me feel like I’m on the set with y’all ‼️Funny and well needed game ‼️
  • CountupA
    My Guys 💪🏾🔥🐐
    My Favorite podcast! Keep Winning 🏆
  • cello🤘🏽
    Life changing
  • Cblcbl
    Terrible podcast now.
    Y’all aren’t interesting anymore. This podcast is trash now. Devin Wade definitely made the show better.
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