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The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper/actor @GillieDaKing and social media influencer and disruptor @Wallo267 - The perfect blend of discussing music, real life issues, personal experiences, honest advice and comedy

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  • Rick 645446669
    Stop being racist
    Stop being racist
  • mikejrzoeytrina
    Is good to see that you still holding it down for Philadelphia keep it up gill
  • hfgmvyg
    Fell off
    I have watched and listened since day one. Boy has this pod become pure trash. To the point I haven’t listened in a month. The constant guest is just like every other podcast and gillie and wallo are so limited in an interview setting. They should have stuck to talking about topics and having fun that’s what made them different
  • Jaci's Pops
    That Maxey interview was 🔥🔥🔥, real genuine you can tell Maxey a real ☝🏾! S/o to yall and S/o his family raised him right 💯💚
  • reyfool
    The Best
  • kwazy11
    SMH know ya worth.
    Mannn a ad every 5-10 min
  • ............Kayy
    MWG is 🔥
  • 223534553
    Good pod but
    It’s a good podcast, really great hosts and what not. But sometimes they have like 10 minute commercials. And other then that they also just have a ton of commercials. Kinda whack
  • Crookdaboy
    Love how they always show the youth for that there is more to life than just being a gangsta also, they’re one of the only podcast they don’t ever bring up no drama or create drama for the people they interview they more on,a positive inspirational informational successful trip respect unlike other podcasts who try to divide the culture
  • Gafegjgdyuhhddfhihrnbvr
    you gotta love the classics
    shouts out to gillie and wallo for bringing the pod back to its roots. Stories from the cell will never get old 😂
  • drbsavvy
    Authentic, Fun, gamed up
    It obvious why there’s appeal for these two guys. Great for the culture. 👏🏿
  • loelwayneave
    Best thing for are youth
    I think this is the best thing happening for our youth keep up the good fight
  • Braves2211
    Gillie ruined it
    Gillie ruined what was on paper going to be a pod of the year candidate but Gillie went left at 30 seconds and never came back. Sad. Couldn’t even finish the episode, that’s how bad Gillie was. All the props go Joe and Wallo for keeping it cool and moving. Wild.
  • fox GIF
    Fun and addictive game for all of us to keep in mind for your own way of getting
    I have a few things to do to make it work for me and I’ll let you know if you want me too and I’ll be back to
  • I snatch jumpsuits
    The fredo bang 5/21 episode the credit guy
    Man the guy who comes on I forget his name but his building a profile for your LLC was the best game I’ve ever heard … there’s so much to opening a business that no one will tell you
  • MDW of interviews
    This podcast use to be good, just turn into a interview podcast smh 🚮🚮🚮🚮
  • chauncee
    I listen to around 5 podcast consistently but this is my favorite 1 💯💪🏾
  • Kiiii_lolo
    Great content
    I love them but they getting TOO much money for the audio to be sounding like that on some of these episodes NGL
  • Lyra The StarChild
    Number 1
    Number thing I listen too
  • cartiran
    The Dynamic Duo
    Batman and Robin. The Lone Ranger and Tonto. Clark Kent was Superman. Huey and Eldridge. Gillie and Wallo, our black dynamic super heroes. This podcast is everything!
  • NY Mosk
    Good podcast but needs less joking around
    The few episodes I heard were good. Have some interesting guests on but it seriously throws me off when gillie and Wallo start with their jokes. Talking about being a prison yard maid joking around being stuff they not (boxing trainers) and other little jokes they got going between them 2. Other than that I would give it a 5. That takes away from conversation I feel like
  • long ron!
    Bless yall
    Been a fan of gilly since day 1 then when wallo got out i remember thinking dammmmmm this mans cooked!!!!! But he funny as hellllll and both if em together ayyyyy forget about it!!!!! Wallo a straight hustler look into that man and how he became who he is ya gilly helped but wallo got that unbreakable hustle in him he was gonna be somebody no matter what!! I respect both yall to the fullest
  • MobMcFly
    I love to watch these boys come up organically in the biggest way. Salute
  • Dr. Hype
  • TTE transportation
    User 23
    Great show
  • simmer c
    Can’t get into this pod. The banter is terrible and the jokes never hit
  • Bryan Valentin
    One of my Favorite podcasts
    Wallo and Gillie are a great duo. Great content plus when they clown each other it’s always hilarious
  • REW 1911
    Good show
    Walo takes me out every time 😂😂😂
  • Amoney0529
    Funny yet..
    Consistently hilarious but a lot of the guests can be weak & take the fun out of it. I honestly miss when they did solo episodes
  • brixx242
    Y’all fire
    Y’all killing it the king von interview was the best and the young dolph interview
  • 813312
    Great team
    Great job fellas!
  • BlackRepublican50
    I love Wallo and Gillie and wish them must success, and they are solid with great content. I love the interviews
  • ReemStone
    Dope, as usual. But….
    Some episodes it feel like y’all be trying too hard. This is one of them episodes. Lol
  • Diva TT
    Not for me
    My favorite pod is Rory N Mal, all other pods are subpar.
  • tnia campbell
    I’m my Story about Hip Hop about Historical & Music Art in Culture
  • Mir3906
    My Favorite weekly podcast!
    Listened to every ep so far
    Hater in me can’t give 5stars
    Yo! Love the entertainment value and the way you’ll slide the legal hustle in there. This is as close to perfection that I’ve heard in a long while. Salute to you guys and production team and congratulations on the new contract. GET MONEY!
  • Hollywood363567
    Great show
    Very good show and top tier personalities.
  • Billy Aye
    Thank you!!!
    Best podcast out, Gillie you’re a goat off rip as a rapper/ghostwriter for one of the best rappers alive. Wallo you’re a goat for being in a cell for 20+ yrs and afterwards making a difference and motivating everyone who wants to be motivated. I especially love when you guys do the business portion of the podcast. Men, keep doing what y’all are doing. And it’s just like that (RIGHT)!!!!
  • BigTeeZee1
    Philadelphia’s Finest!!!👌🏾✊🏾🤎🦅💚🔥
    Y’all are the realest podcast show today!!! But y’all really have to do an episode about the “After Midnight Club” for real, and “Club Lazzorra”
  • @DJEternity
    Keep the great content coming!
    Easily becoming one of my favorite podcasts… great interviews and you guys are hilarious.
  • LeelySmith29
    Brent Faiyaz
    Episode was cut off by another :( so sad
  • fxrush3
    Philly all day
    It just feel good to see the people from my time and erra to be doing big things like this!! I’m very proud of Gillie and Wallo because we come from some of the same struggles!! Wallo is very positive after doing 20 years in prison and that go to show you that no matter what you can still beat the odds when they say you can’t. I learn so much just watching this show and things been already working out for me to get to the next level. Million Dollars Worth of Game is really a more then million dollars 💯💯 Solute to my brothers Gillie and Wallo keep doing ya thing🔥🔥
  • DarkWr1
    But why tho?
    Fivio episode sound is hard for me to understand what he’s talking about. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Can we please fix it?
  • DON_KC
    Introduced to them roughly a year go and been hooked ever since. I watch primarily through YouTube but they offer comedic relief, life lessons, and ton of entertainment. Keep doing Stories from the Cell too! Pure Gold!
  • BizzyBakes91
    Chauncy Gillups and Lo!!
    Never miss an eposide 🔥😂
  • Oldtop67
    The best
  • Quez40
    Love these foos
  • hsgsidn
    Fix the audio!!
    Fivio episode was terrible due to the audio sounding terrible
  • JustJJacobi
    Educating an educator
    I have been an educator in the public school setting for 15 years. Times have certainly changed. To hear the way Gillie and Wallo relate to the younger generation, show them a path that’s positive while remaining relevant has made me reflect the way I relate to my students. I value this podcast, the bridging of the generational gap and laugh out loud each time I listen. Your impact is far greater than you know. Get my man Tobe on the podcast!
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