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New Rockstars ('Big Question, Ricksplained, Rogue Theory') bring you breakdowns, theories and commentary on what's happening right now and what's coming next in the MCU!

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  • Francois mcgillicuty
    Not Half bad
    As a fan of both Marvel and New Rockstars, it is nice to hear Erik and MT’s voices on a podcast and fan girl over the MCU with them. One critique I do have is that this is just audio from videos and not new original content, still great stuff with lots of heart. Keep it up Rockstars! ❤️
  • Lvs3242
    Hard Listen
    The audio is terrible so it’s hard to pay attention/get into the episodes. Fix the audio levels and it’d be 5 stars
  • dgdjdjdhdjd
    Insanely good
    Great gob. If you hate moon knight you are dumb
  • turtle10234
    Definitely recommended to any Marvel fan Can I get a shout out because I am telling my friends about this very podcast and telling them to give five stars it by the way this is so funny.You Guys are The Best
  • Luke Fowl
    Can’t wait for Moon Knight
    I absolutely love the eerie feeling that Moon Knight gives you and I can’t wait for it. Awesome podcast It’s the best marvel podcast I’ve clicked on keep up the good work
  • Helloguys-503
    Best podcast
    I love this marvel podcast, I listen to it every morning to keep up with all of Marvel's madness.
  • Carol Marvellette
    Funniest Podcast EVER!!!
    Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot tell you how many times this podcast has made me laugh out loud! The way the hosts dive so deep into everything and yet make it so funny, is what makes this Marvel podcast stay on my Top 5 Marvel Podcasts list. The hilarious of this podcast is outstanding, and I absolutely adore it! The joke the hosts made about someone from the Daily Bugle finding an “interesting scoop” during Clint and Nat’s battle on Vormir made my day, and I almost burst out laughing while I was cleaning my bathroom. If you pass up a chance to listen to this podcast, may I just tell you you’re missing out. Thank you so much for such a wonderful podcast! Excelsior!
  • Proudtexan87
    Very good analysis and extensive knowledge
    Both guys have high knowledge and good analysis. The co-host (not Erick) is very over the top and dramatic with his reactions. I get being a fan boy, but dang bro, tone it down a bit.
  • garbg app !!!
    About the 4th person on the table
    It could possibly be a cgi version of Stan lee or like the comics when the one above all speaks to him
  • QuietSpace
    Oh I am dying laughing I want at least an hour of Eric talking about low hanging fruit next time and also I am going to Adam and Eve today he should definitely make Eric there spokesperson he would increase their revenue by 900%
  • Lexie Alaimo
    Hello! This isn’t really a review, it’s just more of a question; could you react to the new Marcel one shot: All Hail the King?
  • hidegreene
    Always my first choice for deep dives
    Erik and MT are my absolute favorites!!! They are an incredible duo filled with all sorts of nerdy news. Keep in mind it is for the older crowd.
  • tommy tom 1955
    Stop laughing
    good, but not good enough
  • Alex Cast
    Was good until
    Found Rockstars during WandaVision and enjoyed podcast. Followed up through ep. 4 of Loki when a bad joke about a costumed youth and Florida wildlife was made. Thought it was very tasteless and disrespectful. Won’t be tuning in again.
  • Swamp Mud
    Adventures of imagination
  • Matthew monster 12
    OMG !!! YESSS
    It’s a good show... that’s it....
  • BabyJesus73
    A tough listen.
    The personalities seem pleasant enough, and the dude seems like a competent host, but there has to be better options out there. Personally, I think the Kevin Smith podcast is much better option to get your comic fix.
  • Jofiguer
    Just had this pod sent to me and I’m truly thankful, but I’m also upset they didn’t send it when Wandavision first aired.. Keeping it short I overall enjoy how the podcast feels with a nice flow of topics that are covered. It feels like two people having a good time as other are able to listen.
  • Gelu Unus
    Good information but
    Do not listen to with kids in the car. Should come with an age warning. Some adult humor
  • Cubone&NatutrainerLannisterfan
    WandaVison is blowing my mind!! So many twists and turns. So I just want to be sure that I have the facts correct. Wanda stole Visions body after Endgame and resurrected him? Wanda and Visions children are real not a concocted falsehood by Agatha? Wanda controls the Hex but not the people in it? Agatha had been playing along this whole time and is the one who brought back Pietro? Finally I have to know what happened with Speed and Wiccan. I want to see more of them in the future of the MCU. With what two episodes left in the series I wonder if we will see a huge battle with Wanda, Vision, Monica and Darcy against Agatha and Mephisto (if he’s the one who is acting as Pietro).
  • MegPuklicz
    Jessica and Erik kill it! They are so fun to listen to and theorize with.
  • Scarlett C. 104
    As a relatively new marvel fan, this is absolutely amazing! They explain enough to where not everything’s over my head, but to where there’s still crazy new info.
  • SmithDelZop
    Best at anytime again
    honesty I can believe it JONAH RAY also rip mystery science theater 3000
  • Dr.Strangefan1
    Great podcast!keep an eye out for A.I.M.
  • Kyle2684
    Incredible Podcast
    Great Chemistry with Phenomenal Deep Dives
  • gamer13284
    Uploading more episodes in 2020
    This is the time where you must upload episodes
  • luke.a.s
    1 thing
    Great, love this podcast super fun energetic and interesting to listen to. One thing I have to bring up is they haven't done an episode in three months. I don't know what is happening but hopefully they will drop a new episode soon
  • wickedphina07
    I love it but one thing..
    I LOVE this podcast. But, my thing is that I think your episodes are wayyyyy too short! And also, the last episode was December 29, 2019. I’m currently writing this on February 21, 2020. YOU NEVER POST EPISODES!!! That’s all! Otherwise I love this podcast!
  • Phoenix inskeep
    So baby tonight
    The creepers trying to steal our stuff again
    Ahh man... So we back in the mine got our pickaxe swinging from side to side, side side to side. This tasks a grueling one, hope to find some diamonds tonight, diamonds tonight.
  • SrJulio gang
    Great show, could have longer episodes
    This is a great show, and I really enjoy listening to it. I only have one small problem with it, and that is that the episodes don’t seem long enough, but that’s all. Great show otherwise 👍
  • LuigiFan998
    Spider-Man in MCU Drama
    I swear to Stuffed-Crust Pepperoni Pizza in the sky, if Sony and Kevin Fige don’t keep making Spider-Man movies together, I will storm Sony HQ and hold their CEO hostage until they agree to keep making Spider-Man films with Kevin. MAKE UP OR ELSE, SONY!
  • Hehe Yeet Man
    For One Reason only
    I’m only rating this and giving it 5 stars because a while back on an endgame podcast Eric did an ad for manscaped and his catch phrase was “if you break your boys return your toys.” That’s hilarious and the only reason I actually typed this all out
  • Ryan2Pop
    Getting too full of themselves.
    I really enjoyed Eric Voss, at first. Now he seems to hate the characters he talks about, absolutely skewering them, belittling their worth, and becoming a boring-to-insulting commentators. If he can’t remember that the audience comes to hear about characters they love (and some have loved for longer than he’s been alive) maybe this job is no longer a good fit for him.
  • blake3266
    Were I get my marvel news
    This is the best way to get my marvel news
  • jake jillenhall
    Robert Downey jr
    Really good podcast. Eric is amazing and great theory’s .
  • Levishken
    Tom Holland
    This is a great podcast!
  • the_captain_013
    It’s great to have something I can listen to while I drive that breaks down current Marvel films. Also the spoiler warnings gave me time to turn off the podcast until I was able to see Spider-Man: Far From Home, so they’re (the warnings) are greatly appreciated.
  • Cincinnatti fan
    The best marvel podcast
    Amazingly smart
  • Nathaniel Medrano
    Best MCU Explanations👍👍😃
    These Podcasts are comical,extremely in depth,and most importantly what a true Marvel fan(Me,you,and other viewers of your Marvel videos and podcasts)want.
  • @Dharma0ne
    Love The Knowledge
    Great podcast with very knowledgeable insights! Would love to see longer episodes with more in-depth exploration of concepts and character profiles. The 7 and 8 min episodes can be frustrating because you want so much more
  • Donald America
    Love the show
    The show is amazing!! Keep it up. Only thing is please do more theories. Please give us theories. On Far From Home, the Black Widow solo movie, or just anything Marvel. Also do a DC podcast channel. For the CW shows, and the DCTV shows.
  • da thor
    Longer episodes
    I love the podcast but please have longer episodes. The episodes are not long enough to fall a sleep.
  • Bob nerd3000
    🦖🦎🦋🕸🐘🇨🇷🇵🇫🇨🇽🇬🇺🇬🇩🇵🇫 🇧🇪🇦🇷🇦🇹🇧🇫🇧🇹🔛🔜💯🔫🔫🔫🛡⚔️⚔️🛡🏝🏘🎢🗻🚥🏝🎢🗽
  • Reagan Mordecai
    Love it
    This helps my Endgame depression jk it’s awesome
  • DanthmanPizza
    5 Stars
    I just rated it 1 star because then its more “balanced, like all things should be.”
  • Wolfeye1208
    Avengers Endgame Awesome Breakdown
    Thank you guys for the amazing breakdown in Endgame. The detail provide definitely placed all the pieces together and gave you that hmmmm moment. Love it and have subscribed You Rock!
  • Npilch
    Love this
    I needed this so bad. Streaming YouTube videos while driving down the road is so dangerous. Thank you new rockstars!!
  • 1bravechickn
    Really good podcast, just hate the annoying clicking and dinging noises in the background.
  • smock plop 22
    Inside Marvel is Way Rad. Yes, you heard me, way rad.
    Inside Marvel is the best. One might call it the bomb dot com. New Rockstars is just phenomenal, incredible even, and marvel is one of their strong suits on their YouTube channel (check that out btw, awesome.) and is a topic that I love. Absolutely epic. I love this channel 3000. Too soon? Yeah, too soon. Waaayyyyy rad.
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