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Charlie is America's hardest working grassroots activist who has your inside scoop on the biggest news of the day and what's really going on behind the headlines. The founder of Turning Point USA and one of social media's most engaged personalities, Charlie is on the front lines of America’s culture war, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of students on over 3,500 college and high school campuses across the country, bringing you your daily dose of clarity in a sea of chaos all from his signature no-holds-barred, unapologetically conservative, freedom-loving point of view.

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  • Small Time Dude
    Political Icebergs Threaten the Marxist Titanic! (Poem)
    The Marxist Titanic has left the shore! Brennan and Clapper, at the captain’s door! Obama and Elias, with the navigation chore! Wray and Monaco, checking the security score! Against advice, Jill and Joe, on deck, roasting a s’more! Hunter, Swalwell, Chinese girlfriends, passengers galore! A Trump iceberg, sighted ahead, sirens start to roar! Everybody’s shouting, It’s the Republican’s fault, they swore! The election, a solid hit, vessel sinks, Marxists are sore!
  • AlwaysEditing717
    Excellent and Genuine discussions
    Thank you for fighting against the system to bring us truth and common sense. The millennial generation is conservative because we are tired of idiocy and we DONT WANT SOCIALISM. We are all with you and support you.
  • Shredder203
    I’m so tired of fearmongering
    Charlie is GREAT show to listen to if you want Christian Nationalism & Fear mongering to take over the USA. It’s great if you’re up late on coke or meth to get all conspiracy-like, but conspiracies used to be fun — you know aliens and ghosts and Art Bell — until the Q Cult came along. After getting wrapped up into Q, I’ve seen the light and it’s not Trump again. Think for yourself. Plus what THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THE SHAPE OF CHARLIE’S HEAD?!!! ITS THE BIGGEST FOREHEAD IVE EVER SEEN TO HOLD SUCH A SMALL MIND!
  • Z01301
    LOL’d at the other reviews
    this country really does have a mental health and drug crisis huh
  • Staje53
    Your podcasts have not downloaded YET from June 25 & 26 on APPLE PODCASTS. I thought you might be unaware. Today is 6/30 And today not downloading either. I used the problem space to notify Apple. Only the Assange episode downloaded this week
  • noideawhattoput14
    Love it plus a funny little story.
    Even though I don’t listen to all the episodes, I can say that this podcast has pulled me away from the woke ideology, along with others, such as Candice Owens, Brett Cooper, Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, Ben Shapiro, Amala Ekpunobi, and more. This, although the audio quality is a little off, gives me opinions and facts the other podcasts I listen to don’t. Keep up what you are doing because it is very inspiring and amazing. A little story. My ELA teacher was talking about ‘Argument as War’ and asked for an example. I raised my hand and said “Harry Potter is amazing and better than Percy Jackson.” (No offense out there) He told me to think of one negative that can turn some people away from Harry Potter, and I said ‘The author, J.K. Rowling, has controversial opinions.’ He agreed then went into how political views, religion, or even something the author or creator likes that can turn someone away from a piece of work and how people don’t separate the art from the artist. He asked the class (about 30 people) how many people had heard about a guy named Charlie Kirk. I was the only one who raised my hand. He said that Charlie Kirk demonstrates the ‘Argument as War’ and how some of his ‘opponents’ think that as well. My teacher told us that he goes to college campuses and debates, and also said that Charlie Kirk demonstrates many different types of arguments, like persuasive, informative, etc. I felt like I was smarter and honestly, I hope some researched Charlie Kirk because his ‘debates’ as my teacher called them, changed how I think and how I act. This happened last year in a class of 12-14 year olds, so I am not surprised they don’t know people in the conservative spaces online (due to the fact that they all got phones at age 7-10 and are addicted to social media), but this made my whole week.
  • DoTheMath45
    Unfairly attacked IDF and Israel
    The IDF never targeted any non-combatants and certainly not Christians. Your angry and hateful reaction to one unfortunate incident prove your belief that Jews are inferior. Your partnership with open Jew hater Candice Owens shows you are devotes to winning elections at all costs. You are perpetuating Jew bashing for votes. Sad that Jew bashing gets the GOP more votes, and TPUSA more money.
  • ViktorGee
    Great Show
    Keep up the great work Charlie!! May God continue to Bless You, Your Wife and Your Beautiful Children!!! Victor G Crockett (retired US Army/ Retired US Postal Service). If You have room on Your prayer list, Please say a prayer for my Wife and two daughters, they need JESUS !!!!!!❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏p.s.s. Please say a prayer for me too, I have an unspoken request only God can solve!!😔
  • lynne_123
    Presidential Debate
    Hi Charlie My worry about the debate is Biden’s people will give him an invisible ear piece. But that could also work against them. Might confuse Biden. Thanks for all you do. LynneT
  • readingrenee
    I listen mostly at Charlie Kirk dot com I just realized that I never did post a review. Trying to speak to liberal college students with blue hair is probably up there as one of the toughest jobs. I am a supporter and huge fan! What I appreciate is ThoughtCrime I like Poso and follow him so the group is definitely a must listen to. The speaking voice is always pleasant and you don’t get too many of the “uh uh” or “you know” or “like” throughout the show. In my opinion those are my pet peeves and when I try to overlook them it makes me so frustrated, making a podcast not worth it. The downfall is Blake and the whiney voice with constant “You Knows” If he is guest hosting I pass on it
  • 💘Jazlynnnnnnn!💘
    Love Charlie 🩷
  • Tnutz M
    Best podcast of all.
    I listen to 1000’s of hours of podcasts. I’ve narrowed it down to Charlie, Posobiac, and Bannon as the best of the best
  • Asciguy
  • Mal G
    Love this show!
    Love the truth in this show! Love your fight!! I don’t go a day that your show plays that I do t watch! I watch you on Rumble & someone’s here. Awesome job!!
  • Thommy Dan
    0/5 stars. Tied with any Daily Wire show as the worst show on here (just my opinion)! 🤮 Love and light. ✌🏻😇✌🏻 Xoxo💖
  • Rubbercity Timmy
    So Jim Jordan threatens to cut off Alvin Bragg’s funding AFTER he convicts Trump in the show trial - USELESS CONTROLLED OPPOSITION - he is doing nothing
  • Rosieposeymom
    My favorite podcast ♥️♥️♥️
  • Milly35
    Smart young man
    Update 6/2/2024: Normally love your podcast, but disappointed with your decision to add the Danica Patrick podcast to your collection. She is a heathen and her beliefs should NOT be respected. I couldn’t listen to the whole conversation as it was insulting to a Christian. I am glad, however, that you added your beliefs and quoted the Bible, apparently to deaf ears. We should be praying for her soul. Such a wonderful patriot and knowledgeable young man. The country needs more like him. So disappointed you bring on Mr. Sanctimonious Shapiro. Update 10/26/2021: I listened to the “interview”with Don Huffines twice. I never heard the man speak. Also, I listened to the excellent town hall with Levin,Gorka and Prager that dropped today. Very, very disappointed that you gave no credit or name recognition to the hosts in your podcast summary or the show notes. Your staff should know better and should clean it up. Would give five stars otherwise.
  • Shwolfe
    Like the show bc you validate claims
    Struggling to vote my party (GOP) with Trump again. How do we vote for a twice impeached, adjudicated rapist, who’s now a felon? Really wish Nicky Haley had the nomination…
  • IdahoGal77
    Thank you Charlie
    Thank you Charlie for all you do. My teens follow you on IG! You shine a light so bright that inspires so many. My family for one. For this, we are grateful. Continue to stand strong for your values and faith. 🇺🇸🙏🏼
  • EllieVeganPhilly
    Exciting, interesting inside info
    It’s so fun listening to Charlie Kirk. He gives inside info about the internal workings and drama on Capitol Hill. Love that he is a ProIsrael, Christian man who is reviving the GOP with boots on the ground and putting his money where his mouth is. My only complaint is a big one. He needs to throw his support behind Speaker Johnson. Another ProIsrael, Christian man. He only has a one seat majority with a party that’s torn to pieces against a united Democrat Party? Especially when Johnson never planned on becoming speaker. He has no political allies in the GOP. Charlie, please study Pelosi’s rise to power in the Dem Party. She was a San Francisco Liberal mentored by a blue dog Democrat and caused with the blue dogs. She vouched for the blue dogs among her lefties and they vouched for her among their prolife, progun, pro military Democrats. They knew what every member in the Dem Congress needed and wanted and could use that to leverage Every. Single. Vote. The GOP doesnt have to agree on everything to be united. But most importantly we need a bold, groundbreaking, exciting GOP platform. (It should include ending the natl debt.) Love the show!!
  • That one conservative teen
    Great show
    Hey Charlie, im 16 and I see that a lot more people my age are conservative. love the show, I listen to it while I’m at the gym 💪🏽
  • Duck Duck supports Trump
    I’m grateful to be a MAGA Man! Wouldn’t be passionate if I was a lefty lunatic- what’s there to be passionate about on the left? Killing babies(abortion)? Open borders? Economics? Nope nope and nope- as a MAGA Man I’m passionate about faith, economy, immigration, and the best president in my lifetime Donald J Trump! Life is good being a conservative- positive people that are passionate about our country! I love America, I love being a conservative, I gladly can say I’m proud to be a Trump supporter! Let’s go Brandon and Charlie Kirk will become President one day because he’s just a younger DJT
  • Befwa15
    Solid, clear, Christian.
    I’ve enjoyed every episode thus far. I’m drawn anymore to the solid, unwavering Christian perspectives that Charlie and some others are advocating. There is no other hope other than Jesus, I’m so grateful for Charlie’s fearless nature! Bring back fearless, God-fearing men like Charlie 👏
  • Big Sincho
    Law and order?
    Just following orders, some of the most dangerous words in the world. They don’t make law enforcement right. Common sense and decency do. In the end a job isn’t worth your soul. We’ve seen too much selective law enforcement in the last few years.
  • Lewis B. P.
    If the illegal immigrants coming to the US don’t become citizens, and are still kind of citizens of say, Mexico, and the government did something wrong, can the immigrant sue anybody(the government)? The 11th amendment says otherwise. Please respond. Thanks for your time! Good podcast 👍
  • Melann44
    Start my day
    I start my days hearing Charlie. I don’t always agree and he does give food for thought.
  • OL Whales
    Leading Voice of Conservatives
    God Bless!
  • C.Grace.
    Charlie Kirk speaks TRUTH & Wisdom!!! 🙌🏻🇺🇸♥️
    Found your podcast via Jack Hibbs podcast. Love your boldness, wisdom & TRUTH! Thank you for all your doing to fight the liberals and their socialism cancer! So refreshing!! I have my young adult children listening to you as well! & Thank you for speaking truth about the dangers of marijuana use!
  • Budrocket1
    Tiny Face Politics
    Let me guess, he was bullied in high school and now this is his chance to strike back by…punching down. Sad!
  • Mrsteevee
    Terrible show with Michael Knowles
    Good bye and unfollowed. You two discussing Kristi Noem’s shooting of her dog made me sick to my stomach. I’m a clay shooter and have successfully hunted in the past-this isn’t about that. It’s about the fact that you cannot understand that dogs were given to us for many reasons. Yes working dogs hold a different place in the family but never forget they are domesticated to be part of the human pack. You seem to not be able to grasp this simple fact. And Pragers test? question… if your dog was drowning or a stranger who would you save? Well dummies I would definitely save my dog. Why? Because she is part of our family. She protects our home, she loves on our child, is an awesome companion and a stranger is just that. A stranger. And no I don’t support late term abortions either so your lame connection to that is ridiculous. People who shoot dogs are unhinged and have no place governing. One more thing-God directs us to be kind to animals-not abuse them or shoot them in the back of the head and then brag about it.
  • Kiefer0224
    So bias
    I was a follower until your marijuana episode. The Right is so ridiculous when it comes to control. If your against be against but keep your mouth shut. There’s literally pot stores everywhere. It just sounds like these rich white men are just bitter that they are not making money on it. Just plain haters. It’s 2024 get with it
  • Sir Red, White, and Blue
    Trump super fan and liar
    Don’t be a fan of a politician because that will make you defend them no matter what e.i. Charlie never criticizing Trump. If you want level headed view of politicians look to Matt Walsh or Ben Shapiro. Edit: no Kirk they didn’t ban the Bible!
  • Abishop5
    Pastor Wilson interviewed
    What a great interview with Pastor Wilson you did. I’m hopeful it will open up the eyes of many people, of what is truly going on not only in our nation but in our faith. And I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like maybe Charley is moving to post millennialism, Amen
  • CarrShe
    Blake Neff Ruins the Show
    Used to enjoy the Thoughtcrimes and Ask Charlie Anything segments, but no longer. Charlie sounds scared and apologetic when he agrees with listeners, but knows Blake Neff will disagree. Charlie now looks to Blake for all of his stances, and while pretending to be ironic but actually meaning it, refers to Blake as the smartest guy in the room. This allows Blake’s nasal, whiny, self-important bloviation to dominate the show. If it’s not Blake’s idea, then it’s not correct nor likely. Blake Neff is an arrogant, self-important, obnoxious academic who appears to have never actually worked for a living, but has made a career of listening to himself talk about all the books he’s read and research he’s done, without having actually ever DONE anything. The segments are nauseating and elitist. I can’t listen to these academic eggheads judge every historical decision using 21st century standards from the safety of a studio.
  • loudes13
    More shows with Blake!
    Maybe Blake should have his own show with another person. He’s sharp and an asset to movement!
  • Janeswt
    World War II
    Hey Charlie, what’s your questioning of using the atomic bomb to end World War III you sound like Howard Zinn. What’s your next unAmerican opinion?
  • @ll n@mes @re @lre@dy t@ken
    trump is not jesus
    okay so I agree with 90% of the things you say but buddy Trump is not Jesus.
  • Derricklee83
    Quit lying to your Audience
    If you’re gonna talk about faith know your faith, Jesus did not resurrect on Easter. Easter is a pagan holiday and Catholic. It’s not something to be praising you will be judge.
  • Havfunwlife
    Deagal 2025
    Hi Charlie! What do you think about the Deagal 2025 depopulation prediction?
  • CreativeLight
    Poor Interviewer!
    QUIT INTERRUPTING YOUR GUESTS !!! A good interviewer is a good listener, something you are NOT!!!
  • knorris47
    Not a democracy
    We are a constitutional republic! Period
  • Louisa Dou
    Download new pod
    To get updated episodes go to App Store and download load the newer version. It looks the same as the old and the old is still there but the new one updates. Weird but that’s how to get new episodes
  • South Texas LS
    For once , you sound foolish. I’ve never thought you would be sound so obnoxious, but you did. Your reasons are so childish. Listen to God and for you to bad mouth a Christian is wrong biblically you need to bring to God. His smart mad your smart man. Yes it very disappointing right now but I’m looking to God to speak to me about Johnson. And no it doesn’t make me look bad because of Johnson.
  • Throckmorton79
    Straight from his moms basement
    More garbage preying on the slow and vulnerable. The inside scoop on stupid.
  • CharisGrad19
    Wow! Trump is his idol
    Charlie breaks his two rules every day, by allowing others to lie to him that Trump is a conservative and he lies to all of you, by never telling you the truth that Trump can do no wrong and that he worships him more than Christ. Trump believes in transgender people (Bruce Gender), Trump believes in LGBT rights, Trump believes in abortion rights for 94% of all abortions, Trump deported less illegals than Obama, Trump is not conservative and Charlie is a sell out. I hope he enjoys his wealth and fame while it lasts.
  • linrog23
    This podcast is encouraging as it does wonders for the conservative movement love to share to my friends and family and is easy to understand for your average Joe
  • Alvarez@33
    Episodes disappearing
    For 3 weeks, my Charlie Kirk episodes are not appearing on my apple podcast. Suppression??
  • Wordly Wise One
    Apple Podcast Issue
    Since 4/3 new podcasts fail to show. I have unfollowed/refollowed, deleted app/ reinstalled app with no success. All others I follow are updating normally. Listening on his website.
  • House Detective
    Charlie Kirk Show
    I’ve been enjoying the Charlie Kirk Show for 11 years, but the podcast will no longer download.
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