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Charlie is America's hardest working grassroots activist who has your inside scoop on the biggest news of the day and what's really going on behind the headlines. The founder of Turning Point USA and one of social media's most engaged personalities, Charlie is on the front lines of America’s culture war, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of students on over 2,500 college and high school campuses across the country, bringing you your daily dose of clarity in a sea of chaos all from his signature no-holds-barred, unapologetically conservative, freedom-loving point of view.

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  • Don5458
    I am listening to you speak at Vermont. I am saddened that so many of the people speaking out with love for our great country are actually from other countries. They totally understand Communism, Socialism and Marxism and have a respect for our country. I don’t understand why so many true Americans have turned on our country. I love America and I feel so blessed to live here. I hope people wake up before we loose our freedoms.
  • Cellis687
    Keep the fight!
    Love getting my REAL NEWS from Charlie Kirk TPUSA!
  • Cathyinstl
    Charlie helps me to gain knowledge...
    I love Charlie’s love for America. I totally agree with him, but he is way smarter than I am, so he gives me ammo to use to talk back to liberal friends and family. Really enjoyed the history lesson of presidential elections. By far, this podcast is my go-to when I need to understand the times.
  • sharvote
    Podcast for the family
    Charlie is a wonderful inspirational person. Put this podcast on while driving the kids for an educational experience on history and God. Save America!
  • Micah Herbster
    Freedom and faith at its best.
    Charlie is incredible! Truth talk on every episode. He helps us take action against the lies all around us. The foundation of His faith is clear and his courage and commitment is inspiring.
  • KMinTexas
    Great show!
    Thanks for your podcast! I love the way you’re alway current and to the point!
  • Slowblindsage
    Impressive one can tell so many lies
    This walking uncanny valley seems to think those that listen to podcasts are ignorant enough to believe his onslaught of lies. He is as good a host as he is a debater, which is to say he has limited talent outside of his “gotcha journalism”. The saddest part is his lies have actually increased the covid death toll.
  • History Lover 26!
    Best podcast!
    You are spot on! Thank you! Sad times for America.
  • Irroc
    Kirk knows how to move people
    Almost every episode, especially when he is at a event, Charlie Kirk is one of if not the most passionate conservative you will hear.
  • catatbu
    Wow - Ben G
    Your “debate” with b-list comic Ben G has me so twisted. Great job doesn’t even begin to describe. I know that perhaps you would reword/revise some of your points but in a live quick fire chat like this, where your opponent is barely able to articulate his side coherently (dolphins?) YOUR ability to calmly and coherently speak for life is pretty incredible. Thank you on behalf of the mamas and the babies.
  • Pola in NYC
    Charlie and his team, are the virtuous ones in the arena.
    I listen on my own volition. Thank-you!
  • prunch
    I Saw…..
    I saw Charlie Kirk drink goat semen once. I’ll be DAMNED if that didn’t sure his COVID though.
  • ArizonaDudeFreedom
    You can see the hard work
  • jnehe
    Longform unfiltered
    Thanks Charlie. Your debate with this guy is mind numbing, yet informative. Honestly I’m torn between what I learned about the opposing point of view and the hour that I wasted listening to the tripe. Keep up the good work!
  • rwb712
    Pure Garbage
    Kirk attempts to be some sort of conservative thinker, yet he spews the most superficial and base quasi populist nonsense. I only gave this podcast one star because I couldn’t give it zero stars. Pure garbage.
  • Pappamurph
    The Texas Solution
    I think Charlie's idea of sending the Texas Rangers to turn the Hatians back to where they came from is brilliant! And the pipeline should be built no matter what Xiden says.
  • rlk0311
    God Bless TPUSA
    Shockingly accurate, inspiration multiplied, and effective unto action 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • A.McFar
    Love Charlie Kirk!
    We love Charlie and everything he and TPUSA stand for!!
  • 69 Commando
    Defending liberty
    Charlie Kirk is a patriot while Pelosi, Schiff and Schumer should get the firing squad for treason.
  • Paramedic4070
    Great information
    Thank you Charlie for getting out useful information daily!!!
  • jpvh3
    Informative and to the point. Love this show.
  • Anthony_vegas_jones
    Love Charlie Kirk! The best podcast out there
  • ragueed
    Charlie Kirk
    I have met Charlie Kirk many times read his book Campus Battlefield I highly recommend this book loaded with factsand each book thereafter met him at investor meeting and mar a lago where Rish Limbaugh was his first guest what a gem mr Montgomery discovered Charlie and told him don’t go to Baylor start a movement Turning Point USA the best
  • Baxter O
    Love TPUSA and the mission..but
    I’m an avid Charlie Kirk supporter and listener, and truly believe America’s younger generation needs to know the truth about how the country came to be, how our founding documents inspired even the slave holding founders to guarantee freedoms for everyone. And it took time, but with our moral roots derived from Judie-Christian values we’ve truly sustained a self-governing republic that became the envy of the world. All that being said, a couple of things. The ads are a little much, but understand you have to do what you have to do. I personally wish you would spend less time finding niche stories (that are true, and important) and constantly giving us conservatives anxiety attacks due to the declining state of the country. Less weird niche stories about school board craziness or cell phone videos from liberal teachers, and more action items for conservatives. What can we do to stop this? State by state, upcoming events to get involved with, that sort of thing. There’s only so much doom and gloom I can take in a week. Uncovering ‘bombshell’ stories a little too prematurely without taking a minute to digest things would help. It’s really hard to win over independents when instead of talking action items, you’re always talking breaking stories and allegations. More truth, less drama.
  • Milly35
    Smart young man
    Such a wonderful patriot and knowledgeable young man. The country needs more like him. So disappointed you bring on Mr. Sanctimonious Shapiro. Update 10:26/2021: I listened to the “interview”with Don Huffines twice. I never heard the man speak. Also, I listened to the excellent town hall with Levin,Gorka and Prager that dropped today. Very, very disappointed that you gave no credit or name recognition to the hosts in your podcast summary or the show notes. Your staff should know better and should clean it up. Would give five stars otherwise.
  • Bartos homeschool
    Listening to the Charlie Kirk podcast is my favorite way to stay informed!
  • Robert_6767
    A voice of everything that is wrong with America.
    People like this only serve to cause chaos for their own benefit. They peddle lies, stoke anger and fear for their own gain.
  • JephK
    Always Learning
    I enjoy learning a variety of new topics. Thank you for your effort and perseverance!
  • Mason0785
    Absolutely awesome
    Love the Christian influence, news updates and great takes. As a young man it’s awesome to actually see real news, the actually important news. Not some whack fox or cnn emotional piece
  • tjffuuv
    To many
  • Crafting_Dreamer
    I wish you would have debates with the opposing party and actually debate…
    The most recent episode with Dr. Rashad forced me to flip the channel, and this also happened not long ago when you had a debate with the YouTube “socialist liberal”. I enjoy listening to you, and do almost every day, but when you’re in an environment such as you were with Dr. Rashad and YouTube guy, I am so frustrated hearing them take the stage and the whole time I’m waiting for you to debunk their statements, but it never happens. I know you can because YOU ALREADY HAVE, but only when you’re alone. Please give the audience something or simply stop these debates because it’s just too confusing and leaves me wondering where you actually stand. Where’s your fight, Charlie, when someone who speaks about something in a boisterous manner but isn’t actually informed or intelligent AT ALL!!?? Anyway, I couldn’t listen anymore to the garbage he was speaking, and having no one actually using the information we know you have to at minimum, help the listeners come to the light who are looking for answers to the insanity from these child abusers. Thank you. I pray you and your wife are well and may God bless you!
  • Criminal 89
    James O'Keefe
    Love it 2A 1A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • joeslummer
    Yo, this dude is a racist!
  • jayyxanderr
    Met Charlie at my church yesterday and he’s so nice and truly is passionate about everything he talks about. Keep it going
  • atl82
    Voice of truth and reason
    America is so blessed to have a committed, God fearing patriot in Charlie Kirk. He reports REAL & accurate news relevant to the current state of our union!
  • MickeyGirl08
    Charlie is the voice we need in the USA right now. He is a dynamic speaker and truly lights a spark of courage and passion for this nation in his listeners. He is straight forward and easy to follow. This is my favorite podcast!
  • Joge-gee
    Love Charlie!
    Charlie Kirk is a true American who tells it like it is! What an amazing patriot 🇺🇸
  • KLC Collective
    Charlie does a fantastic job of presenting and discussing political topics in a relevant and meaningful way. It is fantastic to have someone leading the way on “talking point” for young adults (or adults of any age) who engage in civil political discourse with liberal friends and co-workers. During and immediately the election, my husband and I SOLELY relied on Charlie Kirk for election updates as we couldn’t handle the leftist mainstream media and even felt discouraged but traditional conservative sources. Charlie’s ability to weave his faith into the points he makes is so encouraging and life giving as a Christian. He makes me proud to be conservative and proud of my faith and more easily connect them together, making me a better orator, write and a more conscientious and informed citizen. Charlie is truly a patriot we should be so thankful for. His show is a blessing.
  • Rubenjgarciajr
    Fun fact: Charlie Kirk is someone I have met in multiple different occasions. He’s exactly what he seems. Genuine and passionate! #wevegotacountrytosave
  • Sheila 🙂
    Love this podcast
    Charlie is always encouraging and inspiring!! If I am feeling down with regards to the direction our country is going in, I look to see if one of his podcasts have posted and I listen. I always feel better after listening to him.
  • kbarts23
    Charlie is the real deal
    No cap in his rap
  • YohJudy
    This young man restores my faith in our young people and the fate of America!
  • Alicia2180979
    Real people
    Charlie Kirk is the reason I am who I am today. He has shown me another side to Christianity and politics. I started listening to Charlie in my sophomore year of high school and now I am a sophomore in college, joined my campus Turning Point group, and have gone to all the events I can. The podcast itself is beautifully made and he tries but fails miserably at holding back some of his thoughts which I love!
  • KGwizzles
    Love Charlie
    Charlie is one of the real people in the media. He isn’t afraid to speak up and tell the truth. We have to fight for what is right.
  • Sam24r
    Speaking the truth
    I love the work Charlie Kirk does, love how he always speaks the truth both with politics and with Gods word. In the current society where speaking the truth is frowned upon or kept quiet, he stand up for the truth and educates us on standing up for the right things at all times. Thank You for everything that you do. God bless!
  • jerks wont take name
    Larry elder.
    He is great guy and they are right about Newscum being hypocrite but it’s worse than that he is corrupt.
  • Making America greater
    You asked for a title illegal alien
    Charlie you’ve got to be one of the smartest people I’ve ever run across. I appreciate what you do. IFollow you Candace Owens savvy truth I find younger people actually care about what’s going on people my age they’re there like I will oh well .Thatss not the way to be. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Lift Your Vision Higher
    For those possessing discernment
    Great show. Great host. Keep being part of the solution. I’d love to hear you interview more pastors that are passionately and Biblically current with these times.
  • Lily.alva
    Amazing !!!
    So knowledgeable and just enjoyable !!!
  • AshTexan
    Love Charlie, but why the new voice?
    I love Charlie and everything he stands for! I think he is changing the world! But, I’ve had a hard time listening lately because Charlie’s voice and tone now sound like a mega church preacher! It’s too much - I don’t know if it is the annunciation or what but something has changed! I can’t get thru an episode any longer! I will say his impersonation of Fauci is spot on!
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