Science Rules! with Bill Nye

Science #21

Bill Nye is on a mission to change the world — one voicemail at a time. Bill and science writer Corey S. Powell take your burning questions and put them to the world's leading experts on just about every topic in the universe. Should you stop eating cheeseburgers to combat climate change? Could alien life be swimming inside the moons of Jupiter and Saturn? Does your pet parakeet learn to sing the way that you learned to speak? Bill, Corey, and their special guests will answer those questions and convince you that... science rules!

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  • ethylenediamenetetraaciticacid
    Bill nye has been a part of science pop culture since i was in grade school, I’m 25 now and he still teaches me something new with every podcast.
  • bananaquiet
    They ask good questions
    It sounds like the guests are used to being science experts and getting softballs, but the two hosts ask tough questions and Bill defines each science term as it comes up. It's nice to hear more than one scientists talking. Really elevates the conversation, while at the same time making it approachable for kids - because of the definitions.
  • puppycheer16
    Heavily sponsored and Liberal views
    Overall good podcast but LOTS of commercials and too much obvious left wing President bashing for me to rank higher. Stick to factual discussion.
  • JSC_NCC 1701
    Science Rules
    Outstanding, Bill is classic Bill and that is good. Awesome guests. I like almost everything!!!! Please consider the following, too much Corona Virus and please, please quit running the same ad right after it has just finished! Otherwise y’all are doing just great!!!! Thank you.
  • thegeonerd
    Educational for dummies
    Love this podcast and how they cover a variety of topics to stay relatable. They also ensure they breakdown scientific terms people may not know. It’s a little cheesy which makes me happy and serious about topics that are not laughing matters. Keep up the good work!
  • Wndr4evr
    First choice for everyone
    From age 5 to 105, you will love this podcast site. Every podcast, at some point, will result in “that’s amazing” from you.
  • Johnny5343
    hello bill
    science rules
  • Marlieface
    It’s Bill Nye!
    There is something about Bill! He has always made science into something attainable. If you loved him and his science as a child, you’re sure to love the podcast. Awesome content that makes you think, and you always walk away having learned something new.
  • a.sidun
    Architecture vs Waste
    This was such a great, holistic, episode! Thank you for this systems-thinking focused episode. Thorough and thoughtful design is such a fun and and engaging challenge for how to journey into the future. Will was an inspiring and funny guest. I definitely recommend this show and this episode! :)
  • dorcasgood
    science ruled
    bill nye need i say more?
  • CurvyArtGoddess
    Bill Nye is the scientist we need
    Bill Nye is back with lots of sciences news and corona facts. This has been a necessary Public Health Service and a breadth of fresh air in a world full of ridiculous conspiracy nonsense. Wear a mask!!
  • guy starly
    Upbeat and engaging
    Bill is upbeat, witty and engaging, despite the need to responsibly address the ever-challenging subject of our new pandemic reality. Kudos Bill and team! Keep it going!
  • i love Ping wins and steak
    I love it!
    I love to listen to this with my younger brother! It is very interesting and I learn things I never knew!
  • LC Urts
    Stop interrupting!
    I like jokes as well as anyone but not when they’re blurted into the middle of an expert guest’s important point. Bill does that so often it’s becoming quite distracting. Stop it, Bill! We’re here for the science, not the jokes.
  • vSmoot
    Amazing conversations
    Bill Nye's great contributions to our society and education are significant. This show lives up to that, is very interesting, fun and entertaining, fresh, fast-paced, and the guests are perfect. Listen to this and you will expand your mind and enjoy it. Thank you Bill!
  • richard beater
    This is a really good podcast, I love bill nye, but there is way too many ads! At least a quarter of the episode is advertising.
  • Bill Nihillist
    Science Rules!
    Digestible content for regular people! I love that each episode teaches me something new without being pretentious. My favorite science podcast, plus who doesn’t love Bill Nye ❤️
  • By Rebecca Parsons
    Intellectually magnetic with a bit of nerdy humor.
    Bill Nye takes the host seat for this informative and interactive podcast. Some of the top names in health, science, and technology are featured on each episode. Together they touch on today’s hot topics and discuss the most current discoveries and theories within their field. Of course in true Bill Nye fashion, this show teaches technical material in a way that is easily understood. It’s not a dry educational session though. Bill Nye’s co-host for many episodes is his colleague and friend Corey S. Powell who when put together with Mr. Nye offers quite the hilarious banter. One of the coolest things about this show is that they value and encourage the inquisitive minds of their listeners. In addition to Mr. Nye asking the featured guest questions, the production team has set up a voicemail phone number and website solely so that we the listener may voice our own inquiries. So what's my favorite thing about the show? I tend to get easily distracted, but each episode holds my attention and teaches me something new. Give it a listen, ask questions, and have fun with the knowledge. If you dig it, subscribe and spread the word that SCIENCE RULES!!!
  • opie081990
    This podcast is one of the best podcasts when it comes to filtering out all of the noise around subjects such as COVID-19 and presenting and discussing the facts. I highly recommended this podcast to everyone!
  • lynecakes
    Science Rules
    Wonderful podcast, need more like this!
  • Jordan91Barg
    Why isn’t this getting more exposure
    Fantastic podcast.
  • Hdgggggggg
    Love it!
    It’s great! I hate leaving reviews, I like this so much I did it anyway.
  • werallinthistogether
    Extremely informative
    This podcast has excellent guests to discuss the pandemic and relays incredibly important scientific and social information to the public. Wash hands wash hands wash hands! Contact tracing! BLM!
  • Nickname8375
    No more Coronavirus
    I want to hear you guys talk about some other topics.
  • Baba@:
    Any Millennial who remembers how much joy a Bill Nye the Science Guy video day brought to them needs this Podcast in their lives! I listen in every week and send them to friends and family who are concerned with issues surrounding the pandemic. Thank you for speaking on social equity issues and health disparities in black communities and speaking on class privilege. This Podcast gives me so much hope when the mainstream news feels too vague or bleak. Thank you Science Rules team! Stay well, and black lives matter!
  • sunnyview
    Truth matters and changes
    Thanks to Bill Nye for keeping us informed. I listen to this with my 13-year-old son. It definitely helps us make decisions about how to proceed thru this pandemic.
  • the crash dummy
    Excellent trusted information!
    In February the CDC admitted they were limited on what they could say publicly to not piss off dumbass. I started looking for people in the heat of the hunt for a vaccine. But not compromised politically. I have no time for garbage, my son has succeeded too much to lose him now. The truth matters. Thank you all at Science Rules for bringing facts. Hey Bill, when are you going to have David Byrne on? Kinda like a foggy mirror in the morning?!
  • risamari123
    All the feels!
    I loved bill bye since I was a kid! This show is informative and interesting. Ps love that bill bye always asks if he can call the expert by their first name. Always classy!
  • Clownfishe
    The absolute best in truthful, current & curious information from knowledgable guests with an entertaining, brilliant host. My favourite podcast that I look forward to & always check to see what’s new. 1 of the best Covid19 updates; to the point, informative, questions from a sincere & cheeky Bill Nye.
  • rodcast700
    My covid-19 news source
    This is my favorite, absolute stand-by for the latest information on covid-19. Nye has top scientists currently working on the frontlines of this epidemic and the information is always relevant (essential really) and easy to understand. I love Bill Nye’s brash, tell-it-like-it-is style. Really grateful for this podcast.
  • Sunshine1943
    I am not an egghead. But enjoy tidbits of science as I do my walk.
    I like bill’s sense of humor and complete engagement. Love Cory too. Both are awesome and deserve applause. Science rules till proven wrong. ⏱🎯👀💃🏻🇺🇸👏☺️
  • SunsetE3
    Just like the Temptations song "I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day." To me, this means that Bill Nye in this program is presenting in a popular manner the hard facts of science, that is both fun, but equally incisive. Add this program to your daily diet for some clarity, and food for thought.
  • Metatomic Todd
    Bill Nye the Anti-God Guy
    I love listening to Bill but unfortunately his shows regularly preach atheism and involve guests that hate the concept of religion and God. They have literally laughed at guests and callers that believe in God. These people are rude and disrespectful.
  • Dbsammi
    Great topics presented in accessible manner!
    Loved the guests and topics. However found it very distracting and annoying that guests were interrupted or their sentences finished for them OFTEN. They had to repeat or correct over and over. It came across as disrespectful and very distracting.
  • Mighty.Quinn
    Great show, suggestion re:introductions
    I love the Coronavirus series! It is really great to hear from so many different professionals w vast perspectives and informed experiences to share. Grateful to listen to many women speak on your show. A suggestion: I am a young female professional, and I find that men are less likely to use my titles or honorific when describing me, and opt to using my first name. Seemingly contradictory, they will then use honorifics/titles of my male colleagues. I know Bill asks all guests if he may use their first name, but maybe think about asking “do you prefer I use [Dr./Title], or [First name]” rather than “can I call you [first name].” Many people, especially women, may prefer the more formal Dr. [last name] but don’t feel comfortable correcting others. Just something to think about. Thanks and love the show!
  • Suzi Johnson
    Science Rules With Bill Nye
    I Love This Podcast! Bill and his guests have given me both hope and a healthy fear of the Pandemic. Being educated instills in me at least some feeling of control in this crazy version of the world.
  • M Liu-S
    Fun topics, informed and energetic hosts, interesting guests
    But please let the guests and the callers talk Corey is a considerate host. He doesn’t forget that the caller is still at the other end of the line.
  • Mel723
    There are better science podcasts out there
    I loved Bill Nye growing up, but as an adult he’s just super pompous and not all that knowledgeable. Most of the guests are pretty interesting, but it’s infuriating that Bill can’t seem to stop himself from constantly interrupting. I’ve listened to more than half of their episodes as of 5-8-20 and I’m done. I can’t take it anymore. I have a finite amount of time and this podcast is no longer worth it. Bonus: the COVID-19 episodes are politically biased. There’s some decent information in them, but I have no desire to listen to Bill’s political opinions or mansplaining. I have my own opinions and don’t need him to tell me what I should be thinking. Corey is pretty awesome though.
  • Lo827
    This has been a breath of fresh air in a time of information overload. I appreciate how unbiased, straightforward and science driven this pod is. Truly no BS! Thank you for bringing good info to this crazy time. KEEP THEM COMING.
  • buns28
    I love the show!
    you guys should do one on the pic that the pentagon released!
  • ChristaD40
    Best podcast ever!
    Thank you for delivering the science in an accessible way for the general public. Your show is invaluable right now and I wish more people would tune in!
  • Mr. Glas
    Saving Youmanity
    Thank you for your fact-based, rational summaries of the progress, and lack thereof, during this biological event. Science Rulz!
  • davee2012
    Thanks so much. I really enjoy.
  • NoteNotorious
    It’s got a lot of info but they talk in circles and never actually answer anyone’s questions then just move on without actually giving us an ending to the conversation. Almost like they just expect us to understand. Also WAY TO MANY COMMERCIALS. JIMMINY CHRISTMAS MAN COME ON.
  • olmstedna
    Science rules!!!!!!
  • jayclaymann
    Dad jokes galore
    Chock full of dad jokes and information. If you liked Bill Nye growing up, you’ll love this podcast.
  • heathermarie9991
    Pretty good podcast.
    I like the set up of a call in show and give information the public access to experts. I do l have one complaint. One of the Doctor that talked about depression and anxiety said “16-25 the millennials”. Millennials is NOT a catch all term for young people. It’s is a term for people who were born approximately between 1981-1996(39-24). If experts on a podcast about science don’t correct this we will never get it right.
  • Tool4daman
    Arrogance at its highest
    To say Bill Nye is arrogant would be like saying granite is moderately hard. He is pompous. He berates and belittles those who disagree with his OPINION. He is a typical know it all do as I say because I am smarter than you egghead who doesn’t realize there are others who are just as smart, educated and accomplished as him who have different views.
  • Eraelus
    Dear Bill Nye,
    You’re my biological father
  • nocombo
    Thank you so much
    Always both interesting and helpful.
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