Bigfoot and Beyond with Cliff and Bobo


Bigfoot and Beyond with Cliff and Bobo is a weekly podcast hosted by Cliff Barackman and James "Bobo" Fay of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot".

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  • barjaga
    Facial features
    Never miss your show, but have a suggestion. Ask more questions about facial features. Your latest show had a witness who had a prolonged view of a Sasquatch at close range (“autumn leaves”). Neither of you enquired about the facial features - in my opinion more important than odor, hair length, etc. Witness did mention that creature’s eyes were human-like, but listeners are left wondering what else about the face was or was not. Frustrating.
  • XHimpx
    Sometimes hit - sometimes amiss
    Sometimes this podcast is spot on. Sometimes not so much.
  • CajunTech
    Great show
    Great show except for the Joe Hauser episode; that guy was a total crackpot.
  • concernndcitizn
    Episode 6
    This kids story was super fake. You can hear it in his voice he was lying. 15 yards away for 20 minutes with a juvenile? Yeah right! And it tried to get in his house and the cop got mad at them for them calling saying someone tried to break in..? No eye shine? It sounded like Bono wasn’t having it. I love the show tho. Just thought I would give my input on that episode.
  • jayagshdg
    They both are awesome
  • JohnnyTheBat
    Ehh...nothing new here. It really is the “Cliff Show”, which is fine, but there’s a little too much self-promotion for my taste. BoBo is sometimes around, and sometimes...not so much. Same Ol’ guests that we’ve all seen/heard a hundred times...same discussions, blah blah. I definitely listen to the show when there’s nothing else going on, and AT LEAST they produce a new show every week, which is cool. They’re not lazy, by any means, with regard to timely content. Audio is on point. Again...unfortunately, it’s the same old song and dance. Give us some history, some Class A sightings, some science (other than Meldrum)...with Cliff’s high profile there’s gotta be some new folks out there...grab the guys from The Olympic Project...or take a listen to what Sasquatch Tracks is doing...that dude, Micah Hanks, seems fresh and not into promoting himself (and I have ZERO problem with a little of that, but too much, and I’m tuning out). Better/newer content, fresh guests, more BOBo, let the guests speak without Cliff relating it to SOMETHING he’s seen or done, and I’m on board, fully!
  • 777&💋
    This is what I look forward to the most
    It interesting, informational and fun to listen to!
  • Dirtdiqqer
    Let’s watch Finding Bigfoot,
    What a terrible idea! Watching a video and listen and you guys comment on it. This is the only episode that I had to stop listening to, because I listening to episodes while I’m traveling or in the car. Normally enjoy every episode I’ve listen to them all, until now.
  • DGomez51
    Loved the episode rewatch
    Keep doing the finding Bigfoot rewatch podcast
  • Kathy from Jersey
    Bigfoot in NC-Ep#3
    I love your podcast! This epidode is one I can relate to personally. I filed a report on Cliff's website about my sighting very close to the area the little boy "hung out with a bear”
  • the n1ghthawk
    High Class
    This is a podcast with amazing guests bringing insights to a wry real possibility! Don’t let Bono fool you, he is an encyclopedia of Bigfoot information. His personal experiences are priceless. Cliff provides great balance. An overall masterpiece!
    I just luvs y’all
    You guys can do whatever you want and I will listen. I have to say Dr Kathy Strain was fascinating and I could listen to her for days. (Thanks for having her. I bought her book and you and BoBo are correct. It’s an amazing book) Mr Strain was a great listen. Sierra Sounds episode was another favorite. You gotta block the trolls. They don’t matter to anyone. Any of the old guys and gals who want to spend time with this old gal is aces in my book. I luvs you two. I can live without the other two. If you want to rehash Finding Bigfoot eps off and on occasion it won’t matter. Take care and keep it squatchy
  • Don Diego 57
    A1 Baby!
    I simply like this show more than other Bigfoot shows! It’s a good mix.
  • MajesticLobster
    A fun if often credulous Bigfoot podcast.
    I enjoy the hosts and the obvious love they have for the subject, but they seem to believe every piece evidence they see or hear is genuine. If they are to be believed, Bigfoot is pretty much everywhere and evidence is common and high quality. A little less credulity is in order.
  • Biscotti454
    This guys are the best in the business!!
  • TheBigFish54
    You guys rock
    Watching a episode of Alaska triangle with cliff enjoy all the work you and Bobo put towards your years of work on the study of Sasquatch keep it up!
  • iantam
    Doing Covid research with CliffBobo
    You guys are getting me through late nights in the lab hear at GUMC doing Covid research. Listening to You guys you have no idea how important you are for getting my work done. Thank you!!!
  • Guendy Nieto
    Bigfoot lives!
    If you need a distraction in these crazy times. This is the podcast for you. Also, if you’re believer you’ll enjoy it. Thank you to Cliff and Bobo for this podcast.
    Huge fan of the show and now that I know that my two favorite squatchers from the group are doing a podcast. I’ll be listening to them all the time. Bobo your my favorite from the group by the way!
  • Q@mL0ck
    Miami dudes listen!
    Cliff and Bono.... Loves watch you and the gang on F.B. Show and love listening to the podcast! Keep it Squatchy gents!!
  • celticmidget
    Common Sense
    I am not sold on Bigfoot being real but I like that Cliff and Bobo approach the topic from a common sense angle. Too many other podcast waste time with a lot of metaphysical and mystical garbage.
  • awful show
    Great show!
    Thank you guys for sticking to Bigfoot reports, sightings and research when so many are going off into woo-woo land.
  • Zx1109
    Great Show
    It’s good to hear Cliff and BoBo again. I loved watching Finding Bigfoot. They truly are the “Lennon and MaCartney of Bigfoot. Keep it Squatchy!
  • reaijdhdh
    Outstanding podcast
    Big fan of the show and an even bigger fan of this podcast!!! I’m looking forward to taking my wife to cliff’s museum soon!!
  • FarmerCain
    Great Show!
    Informative and entertaining! The titles are the best! Making work less boring a hour at a time.
  • SitarPyar
    Not as good as I thought
    Loved these guys in Finding Bigfoot, but the flow of this podcast is inconsistant and broken up by too many commercials.
  • Fat-Chuddy
    Great show
    I really enjoy the show. The last two guests are both annoying AF. The guy George is so full of crap. He has more information and details than any researchers combined. I call BS. Keep up the great job guys
  • iFenne
    5 Stars
    Great pod cast! Great BF story’s and interviews!
  • Jakarta fan
    AMAZING Podcast!
    This podcast is great! Only deepens my belief in Bigfoot like never before. I loved the recent episode with Thomas! Please keep this going as long as you can Cliff &James! ⭐️
  • Way Eva
    Cliff & Bobo make this pod #1
    Kings of the Bigfoot podcasters! I’ve listened to every episode and have tried out every other BF pod and these guys are great. They keep it interesting and they make ya feel like ur just one of the gang sitting in on a conversation. My favorite by a land slide. Thank you to both Cliff and Bobo. I live in Portland and can’t wait to get to the museum!
  • mountainmanlucky
    Great Show!!
    👍👍👍👍👍You guys have great show!! It is my favorite by far! I specially like the last show probably the most with Doug Hajicek very informative and interesting!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Donga boy
    Doug hajicek episode
    Love Doug he’s the real deal I watched every thing this man put out , great job Cliff and Bobo 😁
  • Snorpthus D
    Doug Hajicek Episode Sold Me
    The Doug Hajicek episode was so good that I finally feel ready to give this show 5 stars. Have more guests like him and episodes like that! Amazing! Best episode yet!
  • Wallace Hunt Camp
    Saving the Bigfoot
    I’ve never looked for or seen a bigfoot. But to me its obvious they’re real because of the overwhelming amount of credible eyewitnesses and evidence. I think man should just leave them alone because whatever man touches he destroys. Thanks for all the great witnesses and information.
  • RadioactiveII
    Great show
    I like the format and the topic. No doubt these two are some of the better topic experts and know what they are talking about. BTW the North American Bigfoot Center was well worth the trip.
  • Joisey Gene
    “ RatSquatch“ !!
    I’ve watched their documentary and agree, “ fantastic & out of the ordinary! “. Loved it . Another fantastic podcast! 😎👍🏻‬ The guest choices are outstanding! Your guest choices are unique , original , & always interesting & entertaining . 😎👍🏻👍🏻 two more enthusiastic thumbs .
  • Willie0414
    Great listen
    I love listening to you guys. Some of your guests are awesome to hear about their experiences and their knowledge of Bigfoot is something that makes you really think about the subject
  • Action Sebastian
    In my regular rotation!
    I love this podcast! It’s not what I hoped but now that I’m hooked I think it’s BETTER than what I hoped. Lots of fun stories. Interesting insights. Great interviews. Bobo and Cliff work off each other really well. Cliff is much funnier than one might expect. I love his dry goofy humor. Great little show and getting better.
  • Eric-in-Viginia
    Love the podcast
    Been binging podcast episodes and love it. Keep it up. Bigfoot and even the beyond is great. Can’t wait to make it to the museum. It’s on my list!
  • Josaal3070
    Lacks substance
    I enjoy listening to Bobo and Cliff but the lack of substance is disappointing. The latest vocalization episode with David Ellis was just a bunch of noise. I had hoped to hear something about why the vocalizations were “interesting”. Yes they were interesting to hear, but I had hoped to hear evidence of why the sounds couldn’t be attributed to known animals or human vocal patterns, but that wasn’t the case. Without this sort of evidence I’m afraid the sounds are just noise.
  • Sclions17
    They’re back
    I just love listening to Cliff and Bobo. It’s like Finding Bigfoot for my ears. Engaging and entertaining. Keep it up guys!!
  • noideawhattoputeverthingtaken
    Bobo and Cliff
    Always entertaining and fun. Bobo and Cliff are the best.
  • RebKeckUh
    This podcast is eccentric people rambling about the weird thing they are most fascinated by: Bigfoot. They may or may not go off on tangents about that one time that one thing happened. Bobo may or may not wander in half way through the taping like he forgot what day it was. Sometimes it’s coherent. Sometimes it’s a mess. And I love it.
  • FunkyBananaFruit
    Love these guys
    I could listen to these guys talk about literally anything. Cliff and Bobo make a great team.
  • Aileydude
    Awesome show.
    Really like the encounters and great guest! Educated hosts that makes the show a great listen.
  • Hieroklas
    This podcast has a great organic feel to it. They are among the most knowledgeable out there on the subject. They have years of experience to back up what they say, and they know just about everyone in the field of Bigfoot research. Finding Bigfoot was good, but listening to the podcast you get to know the real Cliff and Bobo. Intelligent, funny, and insightful. In a word, excellent!
  • chopper hardtail
    Great podcast
    One of the best Bigfoot podcasts in the inter web
  • paulsteph
    Moneymaker monopoly
    Love the show but when Moneymaker is on Bobo and Cliff may as well not show up. He doesn’t shut up!
  • massulikc
    Truly entertaining
    A mix of science and anecdotes leads to great conversations.
  • Dmony says
    Dmony says...
    I listen to a lot of podcast and these guys hold your attention I give them two thumbs up!
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