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One thing that today's biggest artists have in common: They all speak with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about their lives and the stories behind their songs. Hear why he is the interviewer the biggest stars open up to in these candid, in-depth conversations, now available in full on Apple Podcasts.

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  • Omar Martin'
    Zane Lowe a true master
    Zane Lowe is a true master of his craft when it comes to interviewing. His ability to capture the essence of his subjects and provide insightful commentary is truly remarkable. His respect for the individuals he interviews shines through in every conversation, making each one a unique and engaging experience. Zane Lowe's interviews are not just informative, but also deeply respectful and thought-provoking. It's clear that he has a great love and respect for his work, and this passion translates into some of the best interviews out there. I highly recommend tuning in to experience the magic of Zane Lowe's interviews for yourself.
  • basset hound 🐢🐢🐶🐶
    Plz interview Jazmin bean
    She is very talented ✨
  • SavannahG93
    Brandon Flowers
    Fantastic interview going to binge some killer live music right now
  • Diannvdp
    Irene Cara
    What is the question?
  • MommaSci
    So personable
    Obsessed with P!nk and think you did so right by her and now can’t stop listening to your podcast from South Carolina USA
  • therealmusehick
    There are not many interviewers out there as insightful as Zane Lowe. He digs in deep because he knows his subjects and they respond well to someone who gets it.
  • jflobot
    Inspires many -ing’s
    Inspiring, moving, touching, and motivating just to name a few. Also quite intimate and honest. How is it I’ve listened to U2 my whole life and were my first ever rock concert in 1991 but never knew them like this? Ageless and timeless. Muchas gracias Zane Lowe and team. Love you all.
  • Ca goat
    Amazing interview ! Oh Canada 🇨🇦
  • mshryk
    Zane is a master interviewer
    The artists who guest are great but it’s Zane’s interviewing skills that bring them out of their shell to give a very personal conversation.
  • scwjesuswept
    I like the interviews bud
  • Ron Dennis
    What happened
    What happened to Irene Cara how come the record label did to miss Cara why didn’t Apple Music interview her ?
  • littlebird1983
    The. Best.
    What a fascinating and beautiful conversation you had with Stevie. You’re a one of kind too, Zane.
  • ✌️🍄🍀🪷🐸🪷🍀🍄✌️
    Love this podcast it’s amazing
    I love theZane Lowe show it is amazing it is help me fall asleep a lot maybe for the past one or two maybe just half a year but it is amazing and I love it it is not boring I just can’t fall asleep without Noise or something like that I love this it is amazing and Zane I hope you have a great day year or just anytime at all💖✌️🌸💐
  • WeaponX67
    Zane is the best!
    Zane Lowe is the best out there at the moment for artist interviews . Was literally crying tears of happiness when Apple Music got him on the team.
  • Erika the cleaning Chic
    The Chicks
    Thank you for the great pod with The Chicks!!! Very funny and personal!
  • CSSF2012
    So glad Zane is back…
    Love Zane’s conversations and his positive, in-depth and accessible style. Glad to listen to his first pod of 2022!
  • Daffy28
    Extraordinary Experiences
    Zane Lowe draws the absolute depths from the artists he interviews. No one comes close to Zane Lowe. He is extraordinary. True integrity.
  • Tachsiyo3
    Every interview becomes my new fave!! However there is always that one that good them all! No one does it like Zane!!! 🙌🏽
  • Mikehillslasveg
    Fan boy
    Zane has the best job in the world. He clearly loves the subjects he interviews and their music, he’s winning at life.
  • SageAZ
    The best
    Zane is the best interviewer of our generation. Hands down. No competition.
  • attacking forward
    Zane Lowe show!
    Zane is one of the best interviews there every was! I love how he make everything so fun to listen to! I highly recommend this podcast!
  • bellpz9
  • BellP79
    Talks too much
    I want to hear what the artists have to say. Zane talks too much and it drowns out the interview.
  • RachelGreeny
    Can Zane interview Shawn more
    Shawn and Zane have such a natural chemistry. I love the interviews that they do together!! Formal petition to interview with Shawn more often (regardless of if he has stuff to promote lol)
  • battlecryleader
    I was raised in a Christian home...
    I was raised in a Christian home, and we didn’t listen to “secular” music. Music wasn’t good based on the music or caliber of artistry, but was just based on whether the lyrics agreed with our beliefs or not. I’ve always loved music, and now in my early 30s I feel like I’ve grown past my upbringing and I’m discovering the joy of many different artists that I never listened to before. I’m playing “catch up.” Zane Lowe’s show is a part of that journey, and though I’ve discovered the podcast very recently, it’s helping to give me an insight into all great music, past and present, and I appreciate having this resource to help me learn what’s good, what treasures there are in music history, and also helping me to learn to evaluate music from a quality perspective and not just a surface/shallow perspective. Thanks Zane from a fellow Kiwi who now lives in Las Vegas!
  • R2-d2 better-8
    Can you interview Gabby Barrett? I think it would be really interesting to watch/hear that.
  • Henrik Lynn
    Sorry but...
    Just a pretentious man with New Zealand accent . Period . Feel like he’s shoving words down into artist’s throat without giving them a chance to talk .
  • Paul Richie
    The best interviews in the music industry
    Have now entered the podcast space! Welcome, Zane!
  • Ree_Boi :)
    Zane is good
  • astarks1
    Zane, you talk TOO much!
    I love zane’s relationship with so many really great people. I love that he has a level of experience in music that allows him to connect with great artists and even more impressively - he regularly gives advice to artists about life and careers and a lot of the time our fave they hear it and seem to appreciate it. He’s clearly got respect of a lotta great people in music. SO I MEAN THIS WITH LOVE - Zane, bro, you talk WAY TOO DAGGUM MUCH. Artists can’t even get a word in. It’s occasionally cringe my but mostly as a listener you just wish that the artist was able to just finish the thought. Only room for improvement on this podcast and Zane Lowe interviews in general: just take a breath every now and then.
  • JimTurner
    This is good!
    He is not overrated
  • Ari P7000
    I loveeee billlieeee and u guys too
    Thx for everythinggggggg u guys are the best
  • Stephinwv1
    What a find!
    Appreciate the simple style of Zane Lowe. He can relate to anyone like each guest is a long missed friend just catching up. Btw, you need Demi Lovato’s interview on here! Lots of ❤️!
  • MK1635
    Love the premise of the show. Pure brilliance! Feel free to check out Cactus Pod Podcast!
  • ThaliaTanya
    Nothing Fresh
    Boring just a big ad
  • Nature_Calls
    Zane Lowe, Sweet Chariot
    Zane Lowe has a gift. He brings out the artists’ humanity and delves deeply into their process and compassionately into their emotional...stuff. Whether it’s because of Zane or the artists in their current state, the artists are also Showing Up and fully present.
  • LJ🎼❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
  • SamTheManWhoCan
    Been waiting for the Kanye Podcast!!!!!
  • Fishtick boi
  • totger
    Billie is my idiol
    She is the best singer ever!!
  • mrrmrrfan
    I ❤️Billie
    Omg Billie Eilish is my favorite artist and I love her songs especially bellyache❤️
  • unicorn 1212
    I found out she has the same birthday as me omg
  • lead family
    Billie rocks!
    I been listening to billie for 5 years and I discovered her birthday is 2 days after mine!! Her songs:Xanny,bad guy,My boy,all the good girls go to hell,when the party’s over,you should see me in a crown and other favorites!!!
  • jasey d
    I love your songs
    I love Bad guy I like the others too!!!!!!! 😏
  • Potodoe
    I enjoyed the real in depth, serious, humorous, and entertaining conversations. We got to really take a look into bits of Fin and Billie. How they produce their music, what drives them to make music, and much more. I personally love Billie and Fin, and almost-if not all- of what they preform and create. I’m very rarely one for podcasts, but this was again, very entertaining.
  • Jennifer faith Caruso
    I am a 47 year old mom of two and I’m obsessed with your album? You should see me in a crown is one of my favorites. It should be in a movie! Your voice is incredible and the sound bites you guys use are AWESOME. Love the guys deep voice on Bad guy.....”come here” can’t wait to see what else you create in the future.
  • crazy for turtles😝
    I have not watched
    I just love Billie ellish and I really hope I get to watch this I listen to her music every day and I love the songs I wish I could see billie ellish concerts but they are always to far away Billie can you do a concert in Philadelphia maybe
  • insprational
    She is so inspirational I would love to be her and I hope she she changes her minds About daddy she should put it out I love it sooo much !! 😻😻 u Billie
  • billieeilishlover$
    I reallly 😍 Billie
  • Jeppy-cole
    I love her and FINNEAS!! Obsessed! Her voice takes me somewhere. The world disappears and I see the music.
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