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FANGORIA has teamed up with some of the leading horror genre experts to bring you COLORS OF THE DARK. Join hosts Dr. Rebekah McKendry (professor, Fangoria, writer-director) and Elric Kane (professor, Pure Cinema Podcast, filmmaker) as they take a deep look at the horror genre. Each show explores a specific part of horror history, key players, franchises, deep cut titles, important films, and interviews with some of the genres’ biggest icons. COLORS OF THE DARK PODCAST is presented by the FANGORIA Podcast Network.

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  • Folgers McClain
    The hosts are just right
    It’s refreshing to listen to a podcast where the hosts sound natural and authentic. This podcast is intelligent but not overly academic and dry. Rebekah is awesome and hilarious.
  • Eliza M81
    Absolutely Love!
    I’m always excited to see a new episode of this show pop up! It’s helped me hear about movies I never knew I needed to watch and is a must-listen for horror fans. Thank you Elric and Rebekah!
  • mochie70
    Great information if you can live through RMK
    I love the content that this show has to offer, and always come away with a new movie or book for my list. Really cool stuff that I’d not ordinarily run across. It would be a 5 if Rebekah could dial back the name/achievement/trip/class/event dropping that she manages to insert into nearly every topic of discussion. My goodness, that woman loves herself.
  • Jcaseychapman
    The best horror podcast out there
    I love this podcast so much I subscribed to the Patreon deep cuts so I can get more. I’ve now gone back and listened to every episode of both the pod and deep cuts. Love our co-hosts and all of the horror finds that I have discovered through them.
  • 504 dude
    Excellent pod!
    Balanced viewpoints, keeps you in the loop about all the new stuff, and you will learn about so many movies you haven’t heard of. Fantastic expertise.
  • Bosben
    SUCH a great show BUT!
    I love ALMOST everything about this show. One pet peeve (and a big one) is that after both hosts lengthily explain what they’ve watched/read they often fail to re-iterate the title. Please PLEASE bookend your reviews of each show/movie/book by announcing the title again! There are so many times when I’ve had to rewind and search for the title that you’re mentioning. Give me the titles!!! Other than that, I love the show. LOVE. I have tremendous respect for both hosts and their insider knowledge and passion.
  • Filmfan80
    Best of the best!
    I’ve been listening since the old Killer POV days and I can honestly say there is no better, more informed podcast out there. Great chemistry makes for a great time every time. I just wish it was weekly like the old days, oh well.
  • Easybeef
    Great podcast for recommendations, less spoilers needed!
    I love listening to get ideas for movies to watch, they have great guests and interesting discussions, but I have a really hard time listening to Elric’s summaries of any movie because he gives away SO much. Reminds me of those overly long trailers that show you half the movie. He sometimes warns of spoilers, but much of what he says is definitely spoiling the movie with no warning. I have to fast forward through most of what he says typically. Rebekah tells just enough to give to a picture of the film though. And I loved her movie Glorious!
  • Joojieface
    One of the best
    Horror nerds (in the best complimentary way) who know their films. Great insights, good conversations, and great recommendations. Rebekah and Elric are fantastic.
  • MAG1313
    Best Horror Podcast
    This is by far my favorite podcast. Rebekah & Elric compliment each other well in their deep knowledge & varied tastes within the genre. I highly recommend their Deep Cuts Patreon to any fans of the show.
  • gyfygvgyvuyg
    Great horror movie podcast
    Great horror movie and horror book recommendations every week!!😈
  • ssloppyssue
    Best horror MOVIE post cast!
    Can we skip the books please?
  • Philsky888
    Those “Um’s” are killing me!
    I really love this podcast. The only aspect that is interfering with listening to this cast is Rebekah’s usage of “Um!” It’s like a screeching of a chalkboard. Please reduce your use of “Um!”
  • ThickChix
    Deep knowledge
    I love this podcast, I walk away with new titles to look out for every episode! They deep dive into the depths of horror not just what’s in theaters or main stream! Give them a listen, always fun!
  • frustrated with twitter
    Terrific podcast! I usually listen to each episode twice
    The two hosts for this podcast work perfectly together. They touch on so much horror news that I usually listen to each episode twice to ensure I made proper notes on movies I want to watch. I listen to many horror podcasts, and this is by far the best. Highly recommend!
  • HorrorRemix
    Smart and fun horror discussion
    The two hosts once did a few podcasts with other hosts and this is proof that sometimes a duo is better than a band. Less franchise horror talk, more about good, fringe, foreign and groundbreaking horror. And horror history, but not dry, very interesting. You get the mainstream stuff too.
  • B2-R2
    The Kindred
    I can’t believe you all mentioned The Kindred. That was really my first horror movie I got introduced to😎👍🏾
  • Larles Chongo
    A few thoughts.
    I feel like there is so much to rattle off from both respected hosts, that it starts to become scatter-shot and the movies they speak on come away often with a dismissive “hot take” feeling to it. I feel the hosts are stretched thin. I miss shockwaves, so if shockwaves ever comes back, let’s get a sharper pace down with that. I don’t think we need any more self important asides on people in the industry they work with. Just be who you are. We appreciate you already!
  • FredSMade
    Yes! As a new horror nerd, this show is splendid in every way
    Can’t say enough good things about these two hosts and their dynamic together. I love the topics and ideas for each show, the interviews, the initial banter and new film reviews. It’s a near-perfect mix of fandom and analysis that I am happy I’ve just discovered. You should too!!
  • banomassasrv
    Always look forward to new episodes
    Listening to Rebekah and Elric is always a highlight of my day when new episodes drop. Been listening since the killer pov days.
  • Steve-O-2-0
    Love the show, but for the love of God...
    Elric: STOP interrupting Rebekah. She'll be talking about something really interesting and you can hear her building to a point, and every time he crashes in and steamrolls her to inject his perspective or some factoid over what has now become a speck of what should have been her larger point. It makes the listening experience jarring and completely wrecks the flow. When Elric talks, it's uninterrupted. You hear the complete thought. It's a shame to his doesn't happen with Rebekah. A conversation needs to breath. With this you're getting one side only. The other side is trampled incessantly. Subtracted three stars because they both lie about loving all three installments of Fear Street and the Candyman reboot. They don't. They love the politics of them. Big difference. It's so helpful, though, because even as Joe Biden has decimated America with historic inflation and his incompetence and corruption have the world at the brink of WW3 some guests will still, even now, find a way to shoot their ignorant, hateful, privileged mouths off about Trump. This helps identify who not to support, now or ever. It's great!
  • DocDoolittle45
    Honestly the best
    I love this show so much. I get so many recommendations I would not have otherwise known about. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
  • Bran L K
    A must-listen for horror fans
    Both hosts are very passionate and highly knowledgeable on all things horror. Highly recommended!
  • SpiritualAquarium
    Would be five stars if….
    It would be a five if it weren’t for Rebekah’s gulp-swallow-wet breaths every 2 minutes. I just feel like maybe no one has mentioned it and it’s SO distracting
  • ilovejohncarpenter
    This is NOT "Shock Waves"
    I used to REALLY look forward to "Shock Waves", but there is a noticeble decline in quality with Rob and Ryan absent. However, a few problems have carried over: Rebekah spoiling every movie she talks about and saying that she "watched " a movie while making dinner, cleaning the house, or grading papers. If you're too busy to watch a movie you're going to discuss, perhaps you shouldn't do a podcast about watching movies. And, Elric's condescending tone and mispronouncing words is grating; It's "written", not "wridden" and it's "unknown", not "unknow-un". And, take the time to pronouce "something" instead rushing to say "suh-ing." I've had the last two episodes downloaded to listen to for quite a while now, but I kept skipping over them. I miss what this used to be.
  • Nickzol
    I’m so glad I discovered this show. It ticks all the boxes I look for in a movie podcast… Deeply knowledgeable and highly intelligent hosts. Check! Engaging and energetic personalities who are articulate and well spoken. Check! Hosts who truly love their content. Check! Deep cuts and obscure movie recommendations. Check! Mainstream stuff that we all love, also covered. Check! Great insight as opposed to just going through the plot. Check! Love it!
  • J-Lo85
    Highly Recommend!!!
    I’ve learned about so many horror movies that I would have otherwise missed, had I not listened to this show. The hosts are charismatic, funny and passionate.
  • Merry Frelling Christmas
    Two best in the horror movie recommendations game. Check it out!
  • bbbtour
    This is my favorite show about horror by far! So much fun and have experienced so many great movies because of their discussions! Miss nightmare university tho
  • lopanknows
    Turn Beck’s mic down!
    For the love of god this is like the 5th podcast where her voice just blows your drums out. Everyone is having a nice chill convo and then BLAM! Loud mouth comes and kills you
  • bolomk1
    Fangoria/Bleeding Skull
    Yuppie Twits. Deleted from listening list.
  • circlexcomplete
    A lot of the films discussed have spoilers. There are better podcasts out there for sure, not for me. But if you don’t mind knowing what roughly happens in a movie entirely this podcast is for you, otherwise hard pass.
  • Xenagabby99
    McKendry & Kane do it again!
    Love all the amazing horror knowledge that Elric & Bekah share every week. I’m a huge horror fan but I feel like I learn something new which each brand new episode. I’ve definitely opened up to a lot more films I may have never known about & even given some films a second try. Love the chemistry between the hosts & the guests they’ve had so far. Keep up the amazing work!
  • Perkcasso
    Not a bad show
    This is not a bad show. There is a lot of horror movie info to be had. The hosts have watched a lot of movies and are generally well respected personalities in the genre. And I find them annoying. Admittedly, my complaints about the two are of a pedantic nature, but there are times when they are discussing a movie, that it seems they were not paying full attention to the movie. They seem to miss things that the rest of the audience picks up on, thereby misunderstanding or misinterpreting the action or direction of the movie. That seems to be a common thing with movie podcasts. Perhaps it’s because the hosts have to watch so many movies, it is easy to become bored and distracted. Regardless, this podcast is popular; it presents much in the way of information and movie history. The run time is about right for a show like this. They will turn you on to film gems you’ve never heard of. I just became too annoyed by the hosts’ errors and their style after a few months of listening. Definitely worth a try if you are a fan of horror movies.
  • poejunior
    Great education
    You all are doing a public service by educating the masses on horror history! Love it!
  • EvilAshIsHere
    The definitive horror podcast
    Colors of the Dark is the top horror podcast in the world. From new big budget releases to deep, deep, deep cuts the hosts Elric and Rebecca both knowledgeable and entertaining. The podcast is always a highlight of my week.
  • onmij76
    Good not great
    Shockwaves was awesome. There’s an energy that is missing from the previous versions of the pod. However, the knowledge about current and past films is bar none.
  • Whofan
    Horror Nerd’s Dream
    Rebekah knows her stuff—but something’s missing here, like a third voice. Elric absolutely waxes rhapsodic about films that are unwatchable.
  • Evilaxe75
    Need Rob Back
    If you want to hear a podcast with political preaching from host that assume you think like they do this is great.Good podcast when talking about horror movies but without Rob it just isn’t the same as POV and shock waves.
  • Great not so Nate
    A bloody double rainbow!!!
    So glad they’re back, though it it does feel like something is missing at times *cough*Ryan Turek*cough* but nothing gets me more excited than when they talk about a forgotten loved favorite, or peel back on a undiscovered deep cut.
  • RBoris9
    Great for horror film recommendations
    This podcast is very entertaining and great for discovering horror films, both new and old.
  • bkhawkins1083
    They are BACK!
    Loved Shock Waves, and now my 2 favorite hosts from that podcast have this new amazing podcast. Every episode has been great and I love them song as well! Elric and Rebekah are the best!
  • ShraderT
    Lightning in a podcast!
    Rebekah and Elric have always had such great podcast chemistry, and it’s so fantastic having them back! They’re smart, sharp, witty and informative. This show is so entertaining and so much fun. And just when you think it’s an embarrassment of riches, their deep-dive Patreon is even more glorious content! A++
  • Justin woods
    The deep cuts of horror!
    I love these two so much! I don’t know them but I’ve been listening to them now for years. Tail end of POV and all of Shockwaves, and now 4 episodes in to the new pod! Thanks for being there for us you two!
  • KillerInk_13
    Worth it!
    Elric and Doctor Rebecca are a fantastic duo. Their patron podcast is even better.
  • spencer9188
    The dynamic duo
    There is nobody who’s opinion I trust more when it comes to horror than these two.
  • DFF Lurch
    Glad to hear your voices together again!!
    Old Shockwaves listener all the episodes so far and hearing you both interact again with such passion for the material you speak of! Looking forward to many more episodes!
  • TomMarkel
    Welcome back. I did listen to Shock Waves podcast.
    Welcome back as I listened to Shock Waves which was one of the best horror podcasts. I listened to the 3 you have posted and the latest "f-ed up Films" is great and has sucked me back in! Thanks.
  • derwoodspinks
    Glad to have them back
    Glad to have Elric and Rebekah back. Was always a fan of their chemistry on Shockwaves and really missed them when that podcast disintegrated. Hoping Ryan comes on as a guest one day!
  • BenHorrible
    Splatstick- Street Trash Brain Damage!
    Turned this on to support the relaunch and was pleased to hear Ryan Spindell included here. The Mortuary Collection has definitely been one of my fave new watches this Halloween season and stoked to hear everyone bond over splat stick. And the Battle between Street Trash and Brain Damage rules, though I love both too much to let one go. But what a great start to a new show. Cheers ya’ll.
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