Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD


Throughout my training and practice as a physician I have come to one very disappointing conclusion: Western medicine isn’t helping people lead better lives. Now that I’ve realized this, I’ve become obsessed with understanding what makes us healthy or ill. I want to live the best life I can and I want to be able to share this knowledge with others so that they can do the same. This podcast is the result of my relentless search to understand the roots of chronic disease. If you want to know how to live the most radical life possible I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

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  • TayMC$
    SO RAD!
    This is by far my favorite and most listened to podcast in my library. I so appreciate Dr. Paul Saladino for questioning the norm and providing EVIDENCE based science and facts for the listener. Yes, his episodes are freaking long! But I really don’t care because I know I’m going to learn so much. This guy is RADICAL!
  • Nomdska
    My favorite podcast
    Truth seekers; unlearning of the agricultural, sedentary mistake. The only class I liked in high school was anthropology. I’ve always questioned this crazy civilization. Dr. Paul Saladino is doing this too, in order to allow us to live better lives and to help our ailing planet.
  • SSGDaax
    Agree with him or not, you can’t argue that Paul is extremely passionate about what he shares on his show here. Check it out! At the very least, you may learn something.
  • Steve4235
    Dr Paul is Fearless!
    Dr Paul is a fearless MD seeking truth. Such an incredible health hero! One of my go to podcasts!
  • chezelbot
    This podcast will change your life for the better!
    I absolutely love listening to carnivore MD, this information is vital and helps us all improve our lives. I’ve learned so much and love the science based facts. Paul always keeps it real, and in his words pretty Radical!
  • janebutlR
    Sick dog
    Stocked to find someone new to follow. Im really fascinated with what I’m hearing. The beaver teeth say it all. I resonate with the science, but fall back with liquor. Much love. I’m beginning to understand what cutting carbohydrates does for me.
  • senór juevos
    Best nutrition podcast
    Prepare to have everything you've ever known about nutrition turned on it's head, dissected, cleaned and put back together in this podcast! We need more docs like dr saladino in this world.
  • jampau
    Just found this.
    Great podcast and the information I’ve gotten in a couple of weeks on my health surpasses 60 of going to traditional doctors and healthcare providers. In this trying times if your not listening to Dr Paul you really aren’t concerned with you about your health.
  • jjrtea
    Fundamental Health podcast
    Fabulous and interesting information! Dr. Saladino does so much research for his podcasts and welcomes different points of view. He’s a life-long learner who isn’t afraid to change his beliefs as he continues to study the science. I look forward to learning more in each episode!
  • Mrs. Fjord
    Paul Saladino is leading our much-needed health revolution, and sets a high standard for the type of nuanced dialogue and exploration that nutritional topics deserve. So grateful for this resource.
  • Scarlatina79
    So Thankful for Dr. Saladino!
    Amazing podcast for those who follow the Carnivore lifestyle or for those interested in taking the plunge! Dr. Saladino's knowledge is endless and mind-blowing. And while he is at the more "extreme" end of the Carnivore diet spectrum, he is not militant and definitely takes into account that not everyone is going to follow the lifestyle in the same manner he does. His style allows for inclusion of a huge spectrum of styles of eating while following the Carnivore lifestyle. Cannot recommend this podcast or his website enough!
  • LennyP_NYC
    Good podcast, but....
    I have enjoyed listening to Carnivore MD's podcast, and I have benefited greatly from the information. Prior to listening, I was following a plant-based lifestyle but didn't feel that it was benefiting me. I then came across Paul's IG page and his podcast, and soon thereafter purchased his book - it's been great. The podcast has very insightful information, but at times the material gets extremely technical and scientific. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's certainly not for laymen at that point. The biggest drawback for me is that Paul shares a lot of info, but not enough on how the science translates into everyday life. For example, a recent podcast addressing saturated fats and PUFAs dived deep into the benefits of SFs and the problems with PUFAs - great material. He then gives a lengthy discussion on avoiding chicken and pork because the majority of these animals are fed food containing PUFAs - excellent stuff. However, it would've been more helpful for Paul or his guest to advise on what foods provide the best levels of SFs - yes, we know beef, but what else? Also, should we avoid all chicken and pork - or just chicken and pork fed a diet containing PUFAs? This podcast would be a lot better if Paul would simply put some flesh on the science. Help us non-experts translate the science into day to day life. Lastly, as an aside, at times Paul drowns out his guests by going on lengthy diatribes - yes, it may be because he's passionate about the subject - but it would be nice to listen to the guests a bit more. Nevertheless, this podcast is worth your time if you don't mind a little scientific jargon.
  • Faimohkih
    One of the smartest and progressive podcasts available
    Dr. Saladino is one of the most brilliant minds in health and nutrition today. As a physician myself I am often amazed at how much medical and nutritional knowledge Paul is able to share and explain in ways that most people can at least partially understand. Anybody interested in their own health or any medical professional interested in the health of their patients should listen to this podcast routinely.
  • Before Class
    This is my go to podcast. The level of research and evidence based knowledge that I gain from each episode has added tremendous value to my knowledge base. Dr. Paul Saladino keeps an open mind and challenges the mainstream messaging surrounding health in a fun way!
  • CicelyStewart
    This podcast will transform your health.
    So thankful for Paul Saladino and his courage to constantly question the medical and scientific dogma to help the rest of us understand the real cause of disease. He is a desperately needed iconoclast for an ailing population that is literally being buried by medical misinformation. These podcasts are so full of valuable information, and after listening to almost every single one from the launch of this podcast series, I am confident that Dr. Saladino only cares about finding and spreading the truth. His tireless efforts have reformed my own health and positively impacted the people in my own sphere of influence. Thank you Paul Saladino - you are one of my heroes.
  • KimberlyDavies
    Very Educational
    As above, very educational, in- depth, and explains a lot of information that otherwise would be hard to understand and come across. I think Paul has a lot to share with the world and makes taking care of your health fun again and within scope! His podcasts are fun to listen to and he shares so much information, definitely not bad to set some time aside to listen to his podcasts. Information he shares you can trust because his resources are reliable. Covers some very heavy topics and is interesting to listen to. Definitely listen to!
  • CallmeHoov
    Carnivore Lifestyle
    Perhaps the most detailed and in-depth look at ancestral eating and how far the western diet has strayed from our metabolic needs.
  • Calicow
    Thought provoking podcast
    Recently came I came across Dr. Saladino's podcast after following him on Instagram for a while. He appears to be very informative and is passionate about what he's talking about, and as a result at times can seem pretty long at times (but I know that could only be my opinion). Give this podcast a listen.
  • Robert Schwartz
    Paul Saladino bad ass MD
    Best doctor out there. Trying to save lives and improve lifestyle but changing your diet and not prescribing you medications. Listen to this podcast and open up your hears.
  • Baldo1
    Put your thinking cap on
    Great podcast. Very informative and very technical so put your thinking cap on
  • K LeBeau
    Incredible !!!
    60 feels like my 30’s thanks to Dr. Paul Saladino he has RADICALLY changed my life.
  • lisamwood
    Thank you for all you do, Dr. Saladino. You are changing lives for the better!
  • vanefer23
    Thank you
    Love love all the work you do!
  • Ryan1406_MT
    Changing Lives
    You, Dr. Saladino, changed my life. Thank you.
  • MKL12G
    Thank you so much for your honest and brave assessment of the current “plandemic.” It is destroying our nation, and the poverty that will result from our government’s remedies will result in far more death than the virus. We need this type of dialogue - it’s reminiscent of a time when free thought and free speech existed in our country. You give me some hope. Thank you.
  • K Sigoloff
    Changed my life!
    Love this podcast ... easy to listen to and very informative. So nice to see doctors going against the grain and doing their own research.
  • levandowski III
    I am a health provider and love what Dr. Saladino is producing. He is taking the science, breaking it down, and sharing it against many people who are not wanting to hear the truth. Keep doing great work, can’t wait for the book, here to promote you and other physicians like you.
  • Habnok
    Amazing podcast!
    I love this podcast because it helped my learn that I can improve my health by just making simple changes. I’ve learned that many problems can be avoided through proper nutrition. It opened my eyes to a new perspective on health. I just recently got the Carnivore Code book and it is great. I’d definitely recommend this podcast as it discusses many important issues and parts of health and nutrition!
  • WakeSK8WEST
    Best detailed &honest discussion about optimal health
    Been in the game for a while. This podcast is a gem. Check out the “Carnivore vs Fruititarian friendly debate,” to see what I mean. The detail is super granular, and clears up the confusion that other explanations leave out. Anyone deep into health knows how little we know and how confusing issues of metabolic health, diabetes, autoimmune disease, plant based, animal based, etc is. I personally cured IBS (ruined my life for 7 years) from doing Carnivore after trying everything from vegan, paleo, keto, etc. Not sure what’s the best for others but this podcast at least helps me understand “why” more than any other podcast or the ridiculously biased health documentaries. Also, if you do decide to do the Carnivore diet, there are sort of two camps. “Eat meat and Salt” vs eat “nose to tail for optimal nutrition.” Personally, I found the nose to tail argument produced by Dr. Saladino convincing and the “meat and Salt” not so much. This podcast will help you dial in “nose to tail” should you try it.
  • nicolasleon28
    Too long adverts
    10 minute advertising? That’s a bit ridiculous. Content is good though
  • Poyraz96
    Life changing!
    This is real information and this is what people need! Always looking forward to new podcasts. Thank you Dr. Saladino!
  • paulina.graziose
    Love this podcast
    Love this guy! 😊great job!
  • EricTM1978
    Proper Human Diet
    Thanks so much for your amazing and simple approach to the proper human diet that is ancestrally and scientifically valid. I love that humans can get ALL the nutrients we need from a nose-to-tail Carnivore diet. No supplements needed (except vitamin D3 as I live in the northern latitudes). Great podcast and I learn something new every week. Eat meat and save the planet!!
  • Frustrated Player 213
    Paul’s interview with Gary Fettke is a must listen
    Paul always does fabulous respectful interviews, but this has to be one of the most informative and revealing podcasts I have ever heard. Thank you so much for Paul and Gary!
  • SharonLee12
    Excellent podcast on Covid 19
    I always learn so much from Dr Saladino and his guests. I have been carnivore for 2 years and have never been healthier. Facing the Covid 19 virus, I am so glad I improved my health so much prior to this time. Originally, I turned to Carnivore to remove Oxalates from my diet. I was previously Keto. My Arthritis is almost gone, my labs are excellent. My Doctors says she wishes her other 74 yr old patients to take charge of their own health too, they just come to her for a pill to fix them. Thank you for being so thorough and easy to understand. I am a retired RN and totally enjoy the science behind Carnivore and what I learned today about Covid 19
  • Fbrichs
    My favorite new health and nutrition podcast
    Paul and his podcast is my new favorite podcast. Always looking forward to new episodes. Very informative, provides different points of view and makes it very understandable. I also recommend his book.
  • yram27
    Karen Hurd
    Love your podcast!! I wait for it to come out each week!! Can you please have Karen Hurd on as a guest!! Please and thank you!!
  • Mlk1952
    Best diet and health source on the internet...
    Paul’s video’s have been invaluable to me as a 2 year carnivore. My health has been continuously improving. Had about 12 months of oxalate dumping on inside of lower teeth. Discovered I has a boron deficiency because I wasn’t eating nose to tail. Overall physical and mental health better than 30 years ago. Can do one leg pistol squats for the first time in my life. I recommend every one of Paul’s podcasts. Especially with Dr Mercola on exercise restriction bands. I’m 68 years old, 150 lbs. Fasting blood sugar 80.
  • Nicholas LB
    Must Listen for Patients, Physicians and Health Enthusiasts
    As someone currently in Med School, I can easily say that I’ve learned more about Nutritional, biochemistry, and supporting Chronic Inflammatory/Autoimmune conditions in this podcast than over 2 years in school. He makes the material both easier to understand if you’re new or makes you want to go down a giant rabbit whole if you’re a Biochem geek such as myself.
  • Ginger6008
    So Much Good Info
    I just listened to Dr Saladino and Elle Russ. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and was undiagnosed for almost 25 years. The info in this episode is so important. It took me 3 hours because I kept rewinding to make sure I got it. Thank you so much for this info. I’m properly treated now, but am having some recent minor issues. I now know what to ask my doctor.
  • alabamer
    Amazing! So much depth to the research. It cannot be ignored.
    Amazing! So much depth to the research. It cannot be ignored. If you want to expand your health AND your knowledge in order to lead a radical life, you’re going to need to start listening to this. Amazing info! Love listening to Paul talk the talk and seeing him walk the walk. Awesome!
  • Mils416
    One if the best podcasts ever!!!
    I love listening to all the podcasts. Paul brings such life and enthusiasm to his topics. I can’t help but feel more excited for my own health and the health if my family. I look forward to all the knowledge and great insight he has on topics that are difficult to understand at times, but he makes them fun and interesting. Thank you for all you do!!!
  • PetVetalk
    Excellent Information
    Paul does a meticulous job of presenting the enormous data on nutrition research from a clinicians point of view. He is also very sincere, honest and kind to his audience, guests and even opponents. As a veterinarian with 30 years of practice I appreciate the reality of his premise, and realize us Homo sapiens can benefit from our best furry friends and the carnivores in our homes.
  • slabackm
    Smartest man alive. Life changing .
    Paul Saladino is brilliant and eloquent. Love listening to this podcast.
  • Kosmicki
    Fundamental Health
    Very thoughtful and balanced presentation of the data.
  • Nicole Lippold
    Dr. Paul Saladino is the BEST!!
    I cannot express my appreciation for Dr. Paul Saladino enough. He is straightforward, thoughtful, logical, open minded and well informed. His podcasts inform me so well that I have changed how I approach nutritional information. His passion for regenerative ranching has excited my own interest in this timely and important subject. I live differently because of this podcast. Do yourself a HUGE favor and have a listen!
  • 5/5/2015
    Love it!!
    So much information and really love the way you have a few episodes that focus on women.
  • Mrhyn495
    Salad in his name, meat is his game
    Dr. Saladino has really open the eyes of modern nutrition and has shown that meat is not the culprit. It’s very refreshing.
  • Addicted to pandora!
    Love this podcast!
    Thank you Dr. Paul Saladino for the invaluable information you put out in your podcast. It’s wonderful knowing that you genuinely want to help people and work to empower people through their health and well being!!!
  • Nater-MPL
    Carnivore study! 👍🏻👍🏻
    Can’t wait to contribute to the go fund me account for the collaboration with Terry Wahls!! Let’s get this ball rolling
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