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Throughout my training and practice as a physician I have come to one very disappointing conclusion: Western medicine isn’t helping people lead better lives. Now that I’ve realized this, I’ve become obsessed with understanding what makes us healthy or ill. I want to live the best life I can and I want to be able to share this knowledge with others so that they can do the same. This podcast is the result of my relentless search to understand the roots of chronic disease. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

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  • Fabdadwife
    Too complicated for even a health fanatic
    I came to hear the debate about seed oils in response to Layne Norton. 20 minutes in and I still have no idea what your stance is- if you are for or against. And siting research from the 70s!?? I had to tune out. I don’t even know what you were trying to say, and I’m a college graduate with nutrition courses under my belt.
  • ALadywithFrizzyHair
    A much-belated review
    I have waited 5 years to write this review. This is, in part, because I was curious and a bit conflicted about Paul for a long time. I was a carnivore back in 2019 and Paul was already a rising authority figure in the animal-based space. In a sea of people trying to out-quote one another on the latest study, I wondered: could I trust his information? Does he stick to the science or just quote studies that back his beliefs while ignoring studies that showed counter evidence? Is he self-serving and driven by his ego? Or does he really care about his community and listeners? 5 years later, I can’t say I have definitive answers to these questions because I have never met Paul. What I have learned about Paul is that he is curious, a searcher who seeks wisdom through knowledge and experience, and is willing to admit when he’s wrong or changes his mind. He’s always trying to expand his knowledge and experiment with ideas that go against the grain. He tries to interpret studies with the information we have and bring people on to have counterpoints (even if sometimes he gets a little one-track-minded with his debating style). Does he sometimes get overenthusiastic with his ads for his expensive supplements? Sure, but I guess the man’s gotta make a living when he packs his things and hoofs it down to Costa Rica with only his surfboard and a disdain for kale. I also used to interpret Paul as aggressive, pushy, or as a bully, but I’ve learned that only happens when he gets really excited about something. It’s a different energy, sometimes a little bit TOO much energy, but Paul has shown himself to be more open than I initially thought. He’s changed my mind about him and I thank him for sharing all these years. For all that, he gets 4 stars from me.
  • idahowapiti
    Awesome, But……
    Great podcast but maybe a little less pimping of the supplements
  • kellyoyoy
    Paul Saladino MD Podcast
    I absolutely appreciate the raw knowledge Paul and his guests share with us. Real true information that truly gives us realistic changes we can make. The referrals he offers, the testimony stories, the connections he gives us, really does help us make these dreams to change a reality. I appreciate all the different topics he talks about and learning all the benefits there is out there. Thanks Paul
  • TX RN Stephanie
    Spot on!
    Keep spreading truth!
  • jstev171
    Calley Means
    Fantastic interview and discussion. Thank you so much!!
  • Cdissler
    What an ad and what’s the show?
    First 10 min I listened to was an ad… Or maybe the show… not sure.
  • talia jackson
    God Send
    Light in this world of falsity. Thank you for everything you do in sharing truth.
  • MrBHill
    Keep it up Paul
  • R. A. F.
    Best podcast
    BEST podcast if you want to learn the ins/outs of your body, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle
  • etchagretch
    Debate bully
    This guy is a debate bully. Seems like he went to the dark side of health and wellness.
  • laurencasey
    Please remove WHOOSH sound
    Love the podcast and information provided. Love dr Paul saladinos message. But PLEASEEEE work on the audio. A lot of the times the two speakers have different audio levels and quality. I avoid listening to his podcast because of the loud “whoosh” sound that suddenly comes on in between the podcast and advertisements. It is significantly louder than the speaking part of the podcast and startles the heck out of me when it comes on. I have sensitive ears and really can’t handle the anxiety of not knowing when it’s going to blast in my ears.
  • Adri044
    Dr. Paul, I love your work, love your company and this podcast. But not all of us can be doctors and scientists. You are a total knowledge bank. I find myself constantly wanting to recommend this podcast to friends and family but I hesitate because I know they won’t be able to follow along and no way they will finish the episode if they do try to listen. Can you do a break down series? Radical health for dummies?? I would seriously appreciate it. Thanks!
  • Julie with a K
    Radically Informative!
    I’ve been following the work of Dr. Saladino for the past few years. He has been openly modifying/adjusting his diet, which I think great, but one thing he has been consistent about is his passion to share the information on the danger of seed oils. I’ve learned so much from many other researchers and studies on this topic and it’s great that he continues to debate with cardiologists. As I have a loved one who has an open heart surgery and was instructed to consume more seed oils vs. saturated fat from animal sources, I absolutely support Dr. Saladino’s awesome work. Great podcast!
  • Minus Migraine
    Chronic migraine breakthrough
    I’ve been struggling with chronic migraine for nearly 3 years and have been tinkering with diet for the last year in an attempt to mitigate symptoms. I tried keto, HYH and AIP. When my sister in law suggested I try carnivore, I thought she was insane. Then I found Paul’s podcast and gained the confidence to stop eating vegetables and adopt an animal based lifestyle. It has changed my life. I haven’t had a migraine in weeks, my brain fog has lifted, my energy and mood are soaring and my digestive issues are gone. My family and I have cried many tears of joy. I am so grateful to have found this podcast and gotten my life back.
  • Leo Le Fart
    Absolutely love this podcast
    Paul is very well spoken, educated and a super nice human. I learn so much from every episode. Please never stop this podcast brother. 🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • eltobas
    No changes to my health
    I dove head first as I wanted to find a natural way to increase my testosterone. Changed my diet, took the organ meat supplements for 6 months with no change to my T levels. I also learned that Paul is backing out of debates with other nutritionists. His tik toks and reels are also very one sided, where he shares half truths.
  • Tammy.Jazzy
    Bidet shopping
    Totally shopping for a bidet now…and bamboo underwear. Loving my Heart and Soil organs by the way! Keep up the good work sir.
  • AutumnRimer
    Great podcast he explains the paperwork for his ideas. Learning lots! Thank you Paul!
  • Safribamako
    The case for meat
    I listened to your show on the demise of plant based food and agree with your statement on the health value of eating meat especially so called offal. The problem is not eating meat but the industrialization of all kinds of meat,( especially chicken which I detest anyway,) production which is harmful to the planet. I am a beef and pork eater, occasionally lamb which is expensive- I only eat meat from small farms, that are grass fed without hormones etc. Again the inclusion of hormones in cattle came about with the industrialization of agricultural in the 1900s I believe.
  • BP Writer
    Fantastic host, great content!
    Came across the Fundamental Health podcast and am loving it! Really appreciated the episode about why peanut butter is one of the worst foods for you, explaining things like phytic acids, lectins, and much more. Learned so many amazing takeaways in this episode! Thank you!
  • agrg112233
    Love the information and content but am I the only one who doesn't like the audio quality?
  • Lovelyz22
    Contains adult language
    Please add an explicit label. I listen to podcasts in the car with my kids. A heads up before dropping f-bombs would be appreciated.
  • philo-slothical
    Poorly interpreted reseach
  • whatswithneedingafuknnickname
    Great podcast!
    Saladino is super smart and gracious and thoughtful. I appreciate all the work and care he puts into representating an accurate view of reality and for striving to learn and grow and tweak his diet and health through different phases of his life and knowledge. Thank you, Paul!
  • Mjwjr1992
    Best Health, Longevity and Ancestral Living Podcast
    This is the best overall health, ancestral living, nutrition and medical podcast out there. Dr. Saladino does a great job breaking down evidence backed information. I don’t have a medical degree but Dr. Saladino explains everything in a way I can understand. I like that he presents the evidence and lets you make up your own mind and challenges the listener to do their own research. Animal Based and Ancestral Living - This is the way!
  • Nicknacktallywaxk
    This has o much great info
    Dr. Paul has really improved over time as an interviewer. I felt like he used to just want to talk about his ideas when he had a guest on, but I feel like recently he really lets them talk and is open to their ideas. Learned a lot from this. I’m looking forward to hearing.
  • Shana @total_genius
    If you have arthritis you MUST listen
    Paul is probably the most knowledgeable doctor I’ve heard. While i am not a meat eater, his information and especially emphasis on oxalates is life changing. If you have arthritis you must eliminate oxalate foods. Even my dog was affected by oxalates (from organ treats) which caused her to develop a limp. When I removed oxalates my joints stopped aching! I have a connective tissue disorder and I’m sure it has to do with a lifetime of not knowing about oxalates. Thank you Paul for your relentless effort to get this information out!
  • Biltred
    Life changing info!
    Paul is down to earth and has a heart to help heal the world. He walks what he talks
  • i loveabbykat
    Good studies to back up info
    Good info, and I like that he uses actual studies to back up what he’s talking about, not just opinion. Also encourages you to critically think and not just accept all information. Agree that the ads are way too long, but I just look at the timeline and skip forward to the actual podcast. Any way these can go to the end? Also one comment, kind of difficult to listen to when he gives a little laugh under his breath every few sentences. Maybe can just say the statement straightforward without the added chuckle about things he knows to be false or silly. Thanks for the info.
  • danielleme85
    Life changing
    Dr. Paul Saladino (with his podcast) has done more for me than any primary care physician I’ve seen in person. He has solutions for a healthier lifestyle, when modern healthcare has clearly failed us miserably. I’ve known for a long time that mainstream medicine has been misleading us in preventative health and wellness, but this podcast has been a real eye-opener. I love that he investigates and finds interesting studies and research to back up his ideas. Would love to thank him for pushing through the naysayers and getting this message out! 100% recommend this podcast to anyone interested in improving their quality of life.
  • Cclearly9
    It’s people like him that don’t have kids that want to bash a CANCER UNIT, at a CHILDRENS HOSPITAL. It’s unfortunate that these children can’t scarf down a steak. Imbecile.
  • mademepickanickname
    Good podcast
    I enjoy Paul Saladino and his content. I think he does a good job of breaking things down and make it understandable and not boring. I don’t 100% follow his advice and principles but a majority of them. Good topics good range of guests. Worth a listen
  • wholefoodplantbased
    Answer to my autoimmune disease
    I’ve been studying nutrition for two decades just for fun. I’ve tried everything out there, but totally poopoo’d the carnivore diet. Was whole food vegan for 3 years and felt like dirt! Food allergies and gut issues worsened. My recent diagnosis with a serious and rare autoimmune disease sent me on a quest to get to the root cause and cure this thing. That’s when I stumbled upon Dr. Saladino. Everything he shares pertaining to vegetables, seeds, and grains and what they do in the body is spot on in my experience. In a short time I’m feeling better, rashes are gone, and I’m hopeful for my long term prognosis. My 72 year old mom is even doing this with her advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis. She noticed a difference in one day! There’s something to this! Be open-minded and learn!
  • @Warriormama711
    Love this content!
    I love following along with your instagram & listening here. So much valuable information. Thank you!
  • Siederman
    Great podcast
    I follow you on instagram and I’m glad I stumbled upon your podcasts. Thank you for all the helpful information you give us!
    Meat the Doctor!
    Doctor Paul Saladino is a trailblazer in the realm of nutritional science. His ancestral perspective on diet, back by his assessments and knowledge of nutritional studies has shined the light of day on the anti-nutrition diets presented to us as optimal. My mood and body have changed immensely for the better since I began eating an organ rich animal based high protein diet. I cannot thank him enough for presenting the information that he does in every show.
  • amyrgar
    First time listener
    First time listening and there was more of him advertising then actually beneficial information.
  • Maria the fabian
    Too technical for the common person
    The information is valuable. But he talks too technical too medical for the common person who is looking to improve their health.
  • chirochels1
    Always such helpful info w research to back it up
    Really appreciate the info you share. I’m thankful for having access to it. It helps us live better lives.
  • shotput70
    Finally someone that knows what they are talking about. Ancestral living is the answer.
  • Jennifer in Washington
    Good content
    Great content, but 8 minutes of ads?!? Eeek!
  • EricWitmer
    Paul rules. End of story. Great show and highly informative. Highly recommend!
  • shaneybops
    How to ignore scientific evidence
    Listen to this podcast if you enjoy listening to a man with no specialized training dismiss the vast majority of best available evidence on nutrition and physiology. It’s basically just cherry picking information and Paul riffing about his terrible understanding of nutritional epidemiology and anthropological evidence (spoiler alert: ancestral humans lived much shorter lives than modern ones)
  • ciforniacal
    Changed my life
    Thanks for all your info Paul!! You’ve helped change my life with your info! Healthier than ever, arthritis pain almost completely disappeared, skin is nicer than ever, I’ve been converting so many people by sharing all your teachings and information! Thank you for leading by example!! Much love!
  • e_willis281
    Hey Paul love the content! Your podcast is one of my favorites and I always listen to it while at work to help me get through the boring 10hr shifts lol. I tried Colima salt and it’s amazing, I’ve also seen you recommend Redmond (will probably try as well) but I’ve also been looking into other salts and found that Celtic Kosher salt is also from Colima Mexico and was wondering if you ever heard or tried them. They have a few different kinds of salts sourced from different places and was curious about your thoughts. Thanks!
  • Ned Log
    Dangers of a keto diet
    Dr. Paul, slam dunk with this episode! Packed with high quality info. Loved it. Thanks for what you do. Keep it up, brother. Our son was on keto for 3 years. It cured his epilepsy after years of horrible drugs that failed. So, we have studied keto extensively and lived it as a lifestyle and this podcast really resonated with me. Thank you.
  • maxisanoja
    Dr. Gundry episode
    Amazing podcast with Dr. Gundry, I highly respect him because he has helped me with gut issues. Also, I think it was amazing how you challenged him about the sesame oil and how important fruit is for humans. However, it would be nice to see if you could leave the hadza tribe for a year and check if they do really eat the honey the whole year around ! Keep doing what you are doing, Max S
  • Trent Tbone
    Best nutrition and health podcast out there
    I have listened to Paul for 7 months now and am in the best shape of my life! Paul is educated and has research and bloodwork to back what he says! Dude is a stud! Highly recommend his podcast!
  • monsterhorror
    Paul Saladino is THE guy
    Paul Saladino is the man. I’ve been following him since I caught him on Joe Rogan. Very well educated, happy to see him grow and evolve in his thinking and diet from strictly carnivore to animal-based, just goes to show he truly practices what he preaches and follows the data where it leads. Super informative and extremely entertaining just listening to Paul’s passion for radical health.
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