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Join Ryan “Cal” Callaghan each week for his unique brand of outdoor news designed for folks that need to know what’s going on and those who want to pretend they do. Part of The MeatEater Podcast Network.

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  • McBoss97
    Great conservation and outdoors podcast
    If this podcast were a sandwich it would be a really good sandwich best enjoyed on a river or a mountain
  • Marketsavvy
    A liberal hunter, if that’s your style
    Cal’s opinions all slant liberal, and that’s his prerogative. After listening to 20+ episodes, it’s clear in nearly every single one.
  • Nate0779
    Great job cal
  • zebrasz
    Awesome Show
    Congratulations on 100Episodes! Great show today! I love the quick, packed, scripted, format. Every episode is engaging and thought provoking, just listened to the latest episode, engaging stories, what an ending. I appreciate the discussion of the many topics—not all new content, but concise, clear, and thoughtful. The meat eater podcast is like a bunch of cool dudes talking around a campfire for 2 hours. This is a welcome companion, concise, entertaining, and thought provoking, just the facts and quick analysis. I enjoy both shows but for very different reasons. Great Job Cal—on to 3000 episodes
  • Trailhippo
    Pound for Pound Best Podcast
    This show is so full of fascinating conservation info and just fun to listen to, I share it with all my vegan friends and they listen too. Well done y’all!
  • dub26300
    Very informative
    Ocal keep doing your thing great podcast
  • MP 86
    I really want to like this podcast and have tried to listen to it multiple times with the same result. I’m almost 9 minutes into a 25 minute presentation and all I have heard is what Cal is going to do, unrelated sound clips trying desperately to be funny, and advertisements. I like Cal in the meat eater show and podcast, but just stick with Steve man. I really want to like this, but it’s just awful.
  • retro p🔺
    Thanks for the vine
    Done so extremely well.
  • Beeky58
    Enjoy Cal
    Nice quick podcast that is always informative and usually includes a nice chuckle or two.
  • RSF31
    My favorite time of the week
    Slowly working my way through this pot of gold. I listen to the new ones as they come out and then go back to the beginning and work my way through the history of this podcast. Cal is right in my wheelhouse. I love the MeatEater with all my Soul... sorry Steve, this might be better? To hunt or fish with Cal is the headliner on my Bucket List. Thanks for always expanding my knowledge of what my wife calls “useless information”...what does she know?
  • fowlshooter outdoors
    Another great MeatEater crew member podcast
    Cal does a nice job with this podcast. You really cant go wrong with anything those guys produce for outdoor related information you dont have to be a hunter to enjoy this one what so ever
  • Jda8v9
    Your Conservation Daily
    Cal is a natural news anchor and each episode is perfect for gaining some great wildlife and conservation knowledge at a rapid pace. Hilarious and entertaining stories from people in the wildlife community are told using the short, sweet simple method. I think he deserves every bit of the love he gets from fans of the MeatEater team because of his grounded outlook and healthy mindset. He is constantly reporting on the legislative updates that do or may later impact not just hunters, but all of us who enjoy the outdoors, and he encourages everyone to participate in our republic duty to keep fighting for conservation, public access and the welfare of the habitat. The two essential characteristics of a perfect podcast are that it makes for a great way to pass the time and that it inspires you to take an active role in learning more about the subject matter beyond the listening experience. This one does a lot of both.
  • luckiekevin
    A breath of fresh air.
    You do not have to be a hunter to love this podcast. I thoroughly enjoy this enlightening, lighthearted and informative weekly show full of puns any dad joke aficionado can appreciate. This show is a great example of how hunters and non hunters can find common ground in worshiping and protecting nature, public lands, and the environment all while learning the most fascinating recent discoveries in science as it relates to our natural world. - A non-hunter
  • bowhunting1
    Always a good listen
    Short, sweet, to the point. Interesting information from around the science and conservation world.
  • BluegrassOutdoorsman
    “Thanks, I hate it!” Lol
    It’s my favorite 30ish minutes every Sunday.
  • alaskan investigator
    Can Cal stop the political commentary?
    Loved this podcast, but it slowly turned into “here’s my update on my dog” and “here’s me complaining about Trump”. This was a great non-partisan podcast about hunting and conservation. I subscribed and the people I work with, and the people I’m friends with all subscribed. Loved hearing about conservation and how to help. Now I don’t listen because it is slowly turning into Cal talking about how bad Trump and his policies are.
  • MichaelCrawford89
    Politics in - Listener Out
    2x weeks in a row now Cal has brought up the “Capitol Riots”. I’ll have to go back but I can’t recall a single word on the constant rioting across the country all of 2020. Going to bring up Native Americans upset at Biden’s new executive orders? Probably not.
  • itemsnotlistedinndateorder
    Too much antics and filler.
    Way to childish with the sound effects and feeble attempts to get a cheep laugh.
  • Really wanting to play
    Holy smokes this is good stuff
    This is exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to get more info about conservation. It’ll make you laugh and feed your brain. Strongly recommended to anyone who wants to keep the wild wild.
  • Bowtieb
    Love this pod
    Super informative, learn something new every pod. And really enjoy the Snort Report, because who doesn’t love yellow labs?!?
  • dogstar118
    Since the onset I’ve struggled through the monotone Dudley Do-Right impression and the lopsided ratio of non-hunting content with the hope of gleaning the odd nugget of useful or entertaining information. Cal’s attempts to couch the left wing media narrative in an outdoor oriented venue is blasphemy. Goodbye Cal.
  • Krfrank
    Was good at one time but now......
    It has become obvious that this has become nothing but another political podcast with a twist.
  • Jc14908
    Too political
    I listened to every podcast until now. The show has gotten too political with left wing agenda talking points more than hunting discussion. I’m a hunter and I’m not interested at all in left wing politics. You shouldn’t alienate half your listeners. Half the people in this country reject left wing politics, even more in the hunting community. I’ve unsubscribed I’ll stick to rinellas podcast. I can’t imagine this podcast will last too much longer.
  • Eric O LV
    Interesting topics, but...
    Listener from episode 1, lots of interesting and humorous topics. Insulting the President that 75,000,000 people voted for is probably not the ideal outdoor podcast move... Just saying
  • djeffery77
    Keeping us informed and entertained
    Love the podcast and keeping us informed of what our lawmakers are doing. As a resident of NC 12th district, Ep 88 was especially helpful and Rep Adams will definitely be hearing from me. Wouldn’t have known about her proposed trapping ban without this great show. Thanks for what you do.
  • Bouchard3030
    Week in review
    Cal’s week in review is one of the things I look forward to listening to every week! Plenty of good information, funny stories and of course the best part... the Snort report!
  • easton the hunter
    Love this podcast
    I love the snort report and listening in during school going duck hunting Saturday
  • bobby firepipes
    Came here for the week in review
    Stayed for the snort report
  • @thehaunesttruth
    First timer
    Going hunting this weekend for the first time at the age of 33 because of MeatEater and all of their podcasts!
  • Rico 2020
    Because of this podcast....
    ....I’ll never own a Stihl product. Geesh, a little less advertising.
  • Markus Dias
    Love the week in review!
  • martinyeti
    Thanks Cal
    I love the fun facts and information.
  • Philpotsophy
    Podcast Monogamy -Cal’s A Home Wrecker
    I have listened to The MeatEater podcast for a couple years now. I had never been a big podcast person, but my job has a lot of windshield time, so I started downloading the first few episodes of MeatEater. It was a match made in Heaven. I listened faithfully only to The MeatEater podcast. Then, across the truck speakers one day, I hear of the upcoming new series Cal’s Week In Review. And a seed was planted. I read a little bit about Cal’s show. But was determined not to let it take me away from my commitment of catching up on all the MeatEater podcasts first. But I was weak. One night when I couldn’t get a MeatEater podcast to play, I wondered over to the ‘browse’ section on my podcast app and typed in “CA” and Cal’s Week In Review popped up. I hesitated, I closed the app. Reopened it and tried to get the MeatEater episode to open again, begging it to load. Still nothing. So I went back to the browse section and pulled up Cal’s podcast. That was all it took. One episode and I was hooked. Now I own multiple STIHL power tools, I’m writing my elected officials about policy change, my bad puns and dad jokes have created quite the divide in my actual marriage and I’ve even grown a mustache. I stroke my mustache as I laugh at the goofy sound effects and sound-bites Cal seamlessly integrates into his show. I force my wife and young daughter to listen to Cal with me when we’re in the truck together. While driving I even rewind puns and one liners at the risk of my families safety JUST to make sure my wife heard how hilarious that joke was. If you support the outdoors and podcast monogamy, this podcast is trouble. Take it from me, a guy that tried to be a one podcast guy, Cal’s Week In Review is worth it.
  • Jonesy406
    A must for outdoor fanatics!
    Cal is the real deal. He cover the widest variey of outdoor related topics in the podcast world.
  • Owne4
    Great PodCast
    This is a short review of conservation issues and funny wilderness related news from all over! I look forward to this podcast each week!
  • Andrew Binz
    Off track from what it used to be.
    Used to like this when it first came out. Now the interesting wildlife tidbits are sprinkled into a constant barage of CLIMATE CHANGE and other politics. I'm fine with talking about protecting this and that natural area (i.e. Pebble Mine) and other tangible conservation topics, but I can't take the other generic climate change jargon that is meaningless and won't accomplish anything. Maybe talk about deforestation, desertifaction, the general destruction modern agriculture causes or other things the average person can see and discuss real solutions. If you think the whole world cab go on grand hunting and fishing adventures every other week to fill the freezer, that would cause way more climate change and nature destruction. Also, if you you truly beleived CO2 was the root of climate change you'd be trying to put nuclear powerplants in every town, since that's currently the most practical source of energy with limited CO2 emmisions. Lastly, quite moaning and groaning about domestic cats. If they're an invasive problem the local governments should make every domestic feline illegal and then eradicate them from the continent or island including in homes.
  • HuntersHoller
    Straight to the Point
    Short and sweet. Cal always delivers the goods. Keep it going Cal.
  • JoeShu2326
    Great hunting content for the whole fam!
    The kiddos and I lol forward to our Monday morning commute to school and work because of this cast!
  • @natedogg_86
    Keep it up!
    Love the information you share each week Cal. Keep it up!
  • nhunterk
    Great stuff Cal
    Cal is one of my fav meat eaters. Great quick podcast with lots of good bits of knowledge.
  • T.Scott54
    Good stuff
    Great podcast keep It up Cal
  • DannoRocks
    Engages children
    I’ve been listening to the podcast for some time, and had many episodes saved as I travel over seas and enjoy listening when traveling. Anyway, last month I was hunting mule deer in AZ with my 8 year old. When driving to another part of the unit to glass for deer he was a little tired of my taste in music and I put one of these on. My little man is ALWAYS full of questions. I think it was the one with the ‘swimming Beatles’ and within minutes he was laughing, so engaged with the facts and all. He just loves it, and since then when we drive to the range etc... he asks ‘is there a new Cal’s week in review yet?’
  • Cals boredom in review
    Worst Member of Meateater team
    Cal is the worst meateater personality. The condescending tone along with him shoving his progressive views down our throats make this show unbearable. In regards to the content of the podcast there's is maybe 5 minutes of good content the rest is just Cal trying to sell overpriced stuff, him trying to be funny, and dumb sound effects. Save yourself 30 mins and got watch paint dry.
  • Kburgert
    Quick and fun
    Quick and entertaining podcast that always brightens my Monday morning. Not a huge fan of the sound effects, but I look past that thanks to the awesome info and news he shares.
  • resumidero
    This podcast has slowly drifted from facts and entertainment about legit hunting and conservation topics to Cal trying to subtly insert his progressive ideas and philosophies. Used to listen intently to each episode, now it plays in background and if I hear a nugget I might rewind to listen but most goes in one ear and out the other. Rinella still kills it though.
  • Grabt B
    Favorite Podcast
    This has quickly become my favorite Podcast out there. Cal does his homework and I learn something new every episode. Keep up the great work Cal - and the rest of the MeatEater crew!
  • shamwoww
    Gone from good to Ricky Bobby
    Some good stuff on the show. Used to be universally good stuff but now it’s 50% Cal going all Ricky Bobby like a nascar team pimping every odd ball sponsor that will pay for ad time.
  • J Iowa
    Super Podcast
    Crossing all sorts of spectrums. Cal nails it!!!! My only complaint is it seems the advertisements have doubled in two seasons. Hope Cal is getting the kickback.
  • JA209biatchhhh
    5 stars
    One of the best and most interesting podcast out
  • Birdman8409
    Used to be good and informative
    Now out of the 22 minute shows it’s 5 min of ads and and more promoting expensive meat eater knifes and gear. Also at times he gets on a soap box instead of stating facts, and stop trying so hard to be funny.
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