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Raging rivers, hungry bears, huge avalanches—no matter how prepared you are, a walk in the woods can go from innocent to disastrous in the blink of an eye. Out Alive is a podcast series about real people who survived the unsurvivable. Each survivor takes you through what happened, from the packing mistakes to the missed signals to the plain bad luck, while experts and witnesses weigh in on how things went wrong.

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  • megglepie
    Unexpectedly comforting
    Obviously this podcast is incredibly gripping, these true stories of survival will have you on edge, hanging onto every word as these survivors share their heart-wrenching, adrenaline-inducing experiences. These stories are especially compelling if you’re like myself and haven’t adventured the outdoors much, it’s exciting in a bit of a morbid way to experience these dangers without actually assuming any of the risk. But what really, really made me fall in love with this podcast was the unexpected relatability and the comfort that provided me. Of course, I’ve never personally experienced a life-threatening scenario and I can’t directly relate to that. I have, however, experienced a sudden a traumatic situation that left me grappling with similar emotional pitfalls as some of these survivors. Amie Engerbretson’s words on trauma resonated with me so deeply and are what truly hooked me on this podcast.
  • MollDollGort
    Fascinating & Compelling!
    This is one of the very best podcasts I’ve listened to in a very long time. It’s fantastic!!! The (true) accounts of survival keep me on the edge of my seat every time I listen! No other podcast has ever gripped me like this one. And, I’ve learned so much! This is my absolute favorite podcast. I also really appreciate the courage of those who have re-told their harrowing stories of survival so bravely & humbly. So well done. Kudos to those who created it!
  • paige-tree
    Changed for the worse
    The former host (Louisa Albanese) did a spectacular job narrating and had a great voice for the podcast. Now there’s annoying background music and the new host’s voice sounds bored and has odd intonations. Distracts from the story. Can’t listen anymore.
  • tr carr
    Voice trail off
    Too painful. Hosts are exaggerating their drama to such a level I can’t get though it. Too bad. The guest sounds great. Great story - as far as could get through it anyway.
  • Boobear555a
    Harrowing stories of survival
    The most interesting stories of survival. It gives you the feeling of “this could happen to me”. Cautionary tales abound. Tell people where you are going to be!
  • Mtn2344
    The Outside magazine Narrative style ruins these pod casts.
  • AmyL.21
    Annoying host
    I love this podcast but can’t hardly finish it because of the hosts annoying voice! Certainly you can find someone with a more pleasant voice. “She was very scarrreda, afraid no one would find herrra”. Did y’all drag her out of bed to the office by her hairrra?? I am more enthusiastic over my yearly Pap smears than she appears to be over hosting. I hate it because these kind of podcasts are my absolute favorite but man… it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard.
  • learninginlov
    Love it!
    So interesting and exciting, one of my number one favorites!!! Awesome!!
  • iajeoc
    Vocal fry
    Who is the host with the vocal fry. Very distracting.
  • ajajajajaja77787
    The BEST Podcast!
    This is my favorite Podcast!!! I want more, please!!!!
  • annew/ane
    Love Louisa Albanese episodes
    Freaking love this podcast. Some even moved me to tears. However, the most recent episodes host talking voice is extremely distracting. I don’t think I could finish it because of that. Where did the episodes with the Louisa go?!
  • Kjknits
    Could be great, but….
    I love these kinds of stories. But I can’t stand the way the one narrator growls at the end of every phrase! Why, oh why?!?! Please send help.
  • annieowens
    Excellent show - despite…
    Excellent show, I love the podcast DESPITE having to push beyond the excruciating vocal fry of Stephanie Joyce when she hosts an episode. The show is well produce, the stories are compelling. I appreciate that the stories can serve as cautionary tales without being overly critical of the hapless or glorifying danger. With the quality production of the show, I can't understand why Steph's drawn out croack at the end of each of her sentences can't be edited out or softened. It is terribly annoying and takes a LOT not to be distracted from the great stories. If this wasn't a preventable affectation I wouldn't say anything. This is an AUIDO platform for the love of all things please address this... my rating would easily have been 5 stars but the last episode was incredibly cringey to get through.
  • anisbin12@&:$;$
    What’s going on with the hosts voice?
    Can we not just speak like a normal person? This latest episode was so cringe I could barely listen to the story because the host was drawwwing ouuuut allll of her worrrrrrrds. I only t
  • KGjerdset
    Like a Good Book You Cannot Put Down
    I absolutely love this podcast! Each and every episode draws me in to an engaging and often edge of my seat kind of story about survival. Louisa Albanese is a fantastic host with a down to earth kind of voice. Interviews from survivors and rescuers are masterfully edited and woven together to tell these amazing narratives. I eagerly await each episode and have listened to some more than once, as they inspirational, too. Thanks for creating this podcast!
  • FairStudio
    Not to be missed
    If you love outdoor adventure this podcast will motivate you to get outside while learning from the experiences of other adventurers. Very well produced, well rounded interviewees and perspectives. I can’t wait for the next season!
  • Werley (Whirley)
    Definitely Recommend!
    Such a well done podcast. Exciting stories the perfect length great details pleasant host I absolutely recommend!
  • yomami
    I look forward to every episode!
    I love this podcast the most! Every single episode has my heart racing and I also shed a tear whether it be from sadness or joy. I’ve gained so much insight and perspective that I can take with me on my future hikes plus I’m entertained. Great work!
  • NancyG
    Each story is super compelling. Hearing about people’s experiences first-hand is both amazing and heart wrenching. You want to miss a single episode.
  • murderinobabe
    This podcast popped up and instantly I knew I’d binge the whole thing. I absolutely love survival stories. And hearing them straight from the people that experienced it! Just *chefs kiss
  • Recre88
    Best podcast yet
    I was linked to this through outside. All I can say is WOW! My wife and I spend our vacations hiking and have been in a lot of the areas mentioned or similar places. It makes you think twice about what being prepared for the worst can mean. Beyond the stories, the podcast is just put together very well. The narrator’s are low key, there are multiple participants, expert opinion and even the soundtracks are great. Make more please, I don’t want to run out:)
  • Theoct
    Great series!
    I am an occasional and very amateur hiker. These stories of folks who faced life-and-death situations and survived are inspiring. The people have a never-give-up attitude. There’s a good bit of luck involved, I think, but also each story is a reminder that attitude can enable the mind to think of alternatives, instead of accepting “the inevitable,” and in some of these cases, that’s what made the difference. Inspiring stories!
  • Jamie N Roberts
    Best Podcast I’ve Listened To
    The story telling, the interviews, the production, it’s all fantastic. I have been riveted in every episode!
  • bjreimann
    Great podcast!
    I love hearing these stories and the courage of the “victims” and rescuers. I also appreciate the reviews from a safety standpoint and allowing us to learn how we can be safe thru these stories!
  • Jess_524670
    Great Until the Latest Episode
    I absolutely loved this podcast, every story was interesting and riveting up until the most recent one about South Boulder peak in Colorado. Yikes, it was difficult to get through it without cringing. Every other story involved experienced backpackers and climbers in remote locations, I felt like I actually learned something from each scenario. The last one: some kids who have never hiked before, had no understanding of basic survival techniques or preparedness, and the “drama” was incredibly manufactured and so sad to listen to. I really hope they don’t start telling stories like this one from now on, definitely not something I will continue to listen to if that’s the case.
  • crocodilesarepolite
    10/10 every episode!!
    I found this podcast by way of Outside’s podcast and I was immediately hooked! I binged every episode and am so excited every week for the newest story. The story telling is fabulous, I can’t get enough!
  • Susan little
    Love the Out Alive podcast
    This podcast has such interesting stories and wonderful sound effects. Definitely my favorite; I love the drama and the demeanor of the subject matter as well as the people presenting the story.
  • snrein1016
    This is a decent podcast. I don’t think the soaring, melodramatic music is necessary though. It found it especially distracting in the Appalachian Trail episode when they were talking to the father of a veteran. Adding artificial emotion to the already touching words of a father for a son is overkill. My dad was a vet, and I would not want his story embellished in that way.
  • ddawgdavywavy
    Best wilderness podcast
    Love the stories! Each season has new amazing stories, keep the episodes coming!!
  • will:37479
    Fantastic podcast
    This is a fantastic, and great podcast
  • Gepnib
    Love these stories!
    Can’t wait for the next season!
  • TGRdad
    Excellent Stories!
    Riveting stories that are very well told and engaging. I get excited every time I see a new one. Also, things can be learned from the experiences that happen.
  • awh2
    Like everyone else...
    ...anxiously awaiting new episodes!! Great job on past reporting. Very well done.
  • Nikki685358479
    My favorite podcast
    More episodes PLEASE!
  • kimkaylo
    Love this podcast
    This is ALMOST my favorite podcast! Why haven’t there been any new episodes?!?!? PLEASE
  • LCP72853
    More please!!
    Listened to these so fast! Great and educational! New season please?!?
  • 👍🏻w
    I love this podcast so much. I have listened to all of the episodes and it is done so well. I learn from every one of them. They are so interesting and the stories are told really well. I would love it if there were more.
  • Berrybach
    Keep coming back
    Please keep these series going, the information is so valuable
  • Rocky AZ
    What more
    Please post more.
  • Pitchblackdam38
    Great stories!!
    You could improve the start of each episode, it’s lacking something that I can’t put my finger on. Otherwise I wasn’t sure I enjoyed the layout at first because I would have questions, but each time I have questions they no later are answered. I love the follow ups at the end, where survivors are now in their recovery, mental state, etc... Continues to prove we’re all human!! Great podcast, keep ‘um coming.
  • gobravesboy
    Awesome podcast
    These are great but why'd you stop?
  • Gabriel Hancock
    My favorite podcast!!
    MAKE MORE EPISODES pleeeeeeeease!!!
  • Elg88
    Eagerly Awaiting New Episodes!!
    Love this podcast! This podcast has changed the way I explore nature, for the better. I have always been of the mindset that “it will never happen to me” and this podcast has made me really think about the safety precautions I had in place (or lack there of). The stories you tell are important and I can’t wait to see hear some new episodes!
  • Joe Joe chris thang
    Edge of your seat podcast
    Love it! Can’t wait for more episodes!
  • Tbhmiller
    Love this podcast
    Great real life stories! Please add more!
  • ash.judd
    Best podcast
    This is the best podcasts!! So intense and interesting and I need more! Already binged every episode!!
  • JoeyA1791
    Need more episodes
    This podcast kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I listened. Can’t wait for more!
  • Future Summits
    Agree. When will more episodes drop?
  • A stinky diaper
    Awesome Podcast!
    I wish there were more episodes!! PLEASE keep them coming!
  • Texjannie
    My favorite podcast! Please keep the stories coming! The drive for survival and human endurance is so fascinating!
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