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An improvised dark comedy sci-fi podcast by the award-winning creators of Alba Salix. Humanity’s final hope lies in terraforming a new world. A fleet of engineering ships are sent in advance of the colony ships sure to follow in their wake. But one lone ship becomes separated from the fleet and crashes onto an alien planet.Support this show at:

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  • Mr._Wonderful2018
    So much fun!
    This show has been one the best parts of my college career and now that it’s at an end, I’m happy to see this show keep going! I started listening when I first got into college and it was always such a joy to laugh along to the gang’s antics, especially after a long day of working or studying. I’ve really enjoyed fun lore and backstory, and I find it interesting that each version of the original 3 that we’ve seen were all essentially copies of copies that forgot their original selves more or less up until now. Very happy that they’re back for season 5 and I’m always looking forward to new episodes!
  • drf5876
    Really good outside of the live audiences
    Listen to the early seasons for masterful and entertaining adlib performances that still advanced an enjoyable storyline. Missing Beatrix in the latest season.
  • Francis J Fox
    An enormous waste of time.
    Looking back on my life, I have zero regrets about how I spend my free time; everyone involved with this show will look back someday & wish they could have the time they spent doing this & want that time back…
  • Tante143
    5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’s & 2 👍’s Up!!! 🎉
    I love this FUNNY and ENTERTAINING Story! The first episode had me laughing OUT LOUD in my bed at midnight. “BEATRIX” is one of the Funniest Characters that I’ve come across in my thousands of hours of listening to Audio Dramas/Podcasts. Each Character has their own idiosyncrasies that are Hilarious. When do you ever remember the names of characters? Beatrix, Bartholomew & Bob! I am trying my hardest NOT to binge it bc I do not want it to be over!!! Thankfully I have one season left.
  • Accesette
    Well done!!
    I’m not usually a fan of improve shows. Too many of them are just cracking themselves up, meander too far from anything resembling a story, need a ton of editing to pick out the shot moments of comedy in a ponderous show or are just there to push the other characters into outlandish situations. But this podcast is great. It is improve, but still has a tight storyline & great actors. Very well done!
  • stevenmckinneyjr
    Cult classic in the making!
    This show reminds me of Red Dwarf in a lot of ways. Each character is vastly different from the next and equally entertaining. I considered this type of comedy a diamond in the rough, but I assure you not everybody is going to laugh. That’s why I think this is going to be a cult classic; you either love it or you can’t stand it, but there’s not much in the middle.
  • subnauta pro
    It's so good it's like
    It's so good it's like watching a movie it's so well acted. I've listened to it many times and its great every time. By the way there is a pretty big cliffhanger at the end of season 4 where it's currently at. Im still waiting for season five. But overall its so entertaining i will sit on the couch turn on the the podcast and get some popcorn.
  • AngelDeath
    Worth a WHOLE BINGE
    I frickin’ love, love, LOVE this show. The flip between their different iterations - just brilliant. I hope they are able to continue! Also, I want to be a character- even if its a death rattle.
  • Me x 7
    Is this supposed to be funny
    Honestly this is just sort of moronic. I get this is improvised but there is not anything interesting or loose plot to hold it together. Add to it loads of commercials and weak acting, I just can’t get into it and all. A much better space theme improv is Mission to Zyxx.
  • JennyJJac
    Improv at its finest
    I LOVE the fact that this show is fully improvised each episode. It makes for such good comedy later on when they accidentally get themselves into weird stories and plot lines and then have to figure out how to correct it later. I also love the outtakes after the episodes!!!! Can’t wait for more!
  • Countryguy32
    Needs more planning
    It’s very entertaining and is very professionally performed but be prepared for the storyline to meander and fall apart as they seem to change their minds about the backstory with every new season. Individually the episodes are fun but each leaves more frustrating and unanswered questions than it answers
  • Glitchrider
    No script, just insanity
    I think my favorite part of the reviews are the ones that assume there’s a script, when they say right off the bat there is not. It’s remarkably coherent for a long running improv show, more of a patch the plot hole game that just keeps spiraling out of control.
  • GracoTrunner
    Fun show but
    This is a funny show. But the voice of Beatrix is annoying. Very annoying. Her laugh is annoying and that high pitch nasal pitch is extremely annoying along with the awkwardness but with that said she’s also endearing in a heart warming way.
    Goofy, silly, with unpredictable laughs and unique plots, it makes me smile. I’m in season 2 now. Hope it stays good
  • Autumn Flew
    Well worth a listen
    Come for the improvisational dark comedy. Stay for the talented voice actors and immersive sound design. Pro tip-start at S1Ep1.
  • Connie7651
    Awesome show!
    This show is really great, and I love the actors and everything, but I’m a little confused by this “reiteration” thing. Does that mean that the characters come back to life? And I feel like there’s a little too much left out with my mystery part from episode to episode. Tiny bit confused, but I’m still listening and liking it!
  • Elandryia
    Unexpectedly addicting!
    At first, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this series at all. I stayed for the kicks and giggles, since it was good, light-hearted fun to listen. Then … (now around episode 5) I got hooked on the subplot. The little tantalizing tidbits that are dropped subtly throughout the episodes are very addicting!
    The adds are more intertaining then the show! Love them
  • Sumotsunami
    Juvenile and cheesy
    Not funny, it’s trying... waaaaay too hard.
  • SKIMMboarderOC
    I’m bummed out...
    There are a LOT of ads for how short the show segments are, which are enjoyable and do have a story they’re following. I’m going to follow up on this show in a couple months as I hope there is something they can change in their ad reads. I’m no pro, I don’t pay these wonderful VAs so I hope this comes across as constructive. Love your work, Civ Peeps!
  • JTK Awesome
    Not the next “Mission to Zyxx”
    Immature writing, mediocre voice acting. I don’t know how this Podcast made it past 1 episode.
  • is there any new nickname
    PLEASE Make More Episodes!
    OH my god. I LOVE this podcast. I just finished all 3 seasons, and I love this so much. I love the humor, the interaction between the characters, and the story is so thrilling! There are a lot of commercials, but the rest of the podcast more than makes up for it. I’ve been looking for another sci-fi comedy, along the lines of Voyage to the Stars, and I’m so happy I found this one. I LOVE Civilized and I’m hoping for more!
  • Dented subie
    Too many commercials and too short
    I listen while I’m working and although I started to enjoy this podcast all the commercials have me spending too much time skipping commercials. They are also pretty short, for the actual podcast maybe 15-10 minutes plus or minus because commercials before middle and end.
  • Jack3469643
    50% commercials
    Started off funny with slap stick one off stories, but the humor wore off and now in a 20 min episode the first 5 were commercials, interrupted the story half way through to have the main characters drop a forced plug that doesn’t fit in the story, and then we can wrap up the end with another ad. I get the show needs to make money but it has lost something somewhere... My recommendation is listen to the early episodes for some cheap humor but don’t rush through to the end...
  • BCA28
    Super Immature
    This is 2 stars because, well, I don't think I listened long enough to rate it one. I only made it halfway through the second episode. All of the comedy thus far it appears was designed for a 7 year old. If you want a serious space podcast, look at Wolf 359. I recommend passing this one by.
  • BigDaddySauce🍕😄😆
    this podcast is too funny and stupid and i love it so much netflix you need to make this a series
  • dabciel
    Super funny and easy to get sucked into
    Adorable squish
    I just want to hug this show & squeeze it forever & ever, I love it that much !!! It’s like a funny, silly, hug that reminds you of being a kid again & I want to bottle it & drink it every day forever. Subscribe now please !!
  • Onequestion0110
    Beatrix is the best scout!
    The idea of an improvisational podcast drama is new to me, but it really works. Just keep recording... just keep recording...
  • Jo Ann Ruth
    Love this podcast! Even before you ran the promotions about iTunes reviews and Beatrix wanting validation, she was my favorite. I started listening two days ago while mowing the lawn and I have just now made it to the last episode they have out currently.
  • mommymads
    Episode 207
    In this episode you mention “we fix space junk” and that bin is writing a book. If it hasn’t started. MAKE A GRAPHIC NOVEL or a COMIC SERIES. it would kill
  • Byron818
    It's adorable and fun
    the voice acting, particularly Beatrice, is really enjoyable.
  • isThisOneTaken23
    I didn’t want to like it
    But now i’m all caught up on current episodes, I’m thoroughly entertained, and very disappointed in myself. Really good show.
  • ARFreeman
    So good!
    My only problem is they're so short.
  • Fishin772
    This is some good stuff
    Really enjoyed it. Finished em in a day. To me, the first couple episodes were the best, but that just me. I really wish there were more episodes though. Can’t wait to see....I mean hear where this goes lol
  • Nu Somme du soleil
    Pointless, frivolous, inane.
    This is not funny, but it is foolish, immature and time consuming. It’s the opposite of the new Lost in Space, or the old one. It’s like having a pet surge protector, but without out all the action and glitter. Did the ship have a solvent leak while they were all in cryo-sleep? The actors have talent; it’s everything else they were given...or lack thereof. These guys wouldn’t make it on a crosstown bus let alone the galaxy.
  • RabidMikki
    So Great
    Seriously: this is the most fun I’ve had in outer space since Wolf359. Thanks! I really needed this show. I’m so excited to see where you take it
  • icsweett911
    Great podcast
    Really liked this one. Binged it all on one day and I am very excited for the next season. It took a few episodes for me to really get hooked but it was well worth it.
  • seraphimstrike
    Run, don’t walk!
    I couldn’t turn it off once I started listening. It’s humorous and has a ton of heart. And their interactive “choose your own adventure” episodes on the site is something that is rarely seen in this space. I’ll be a fan for life <3
  • hozhed
    Love this podcast!
    This is hilarious! So glad I stumbled on it.
  • gator416609
    Glad I found this gem
    Love the story and the humor. I’m caught up, subscribing for more awesome podcasts
  • AlexWallace18
    There's not much for me to nitpick here. Any criticism I have would be just that, minor problems that don't affect my enjoyment of the show. This show is an improvised sci-fi podcast from the creators of Alba Salix (which I admittedly haven't listened to), but these actors are incredibly talented. It's pretty dark and actually funny, which is more than I can say for some "comedy" podcasts I've heard (both fiction and non-fiction). When it DOES get dramatic, it never feels abrupt or unearned. The sound design really sets the scene--I do wish there'd be a little more happening, but to be fair, they add in the sound effects that heighten what the actors are doing. Again, that's a nitpick. This show is quality, and they take the time to give content warnings in the episode descriptions, which is lovely. My only criticism of this is that I wish they'd give specific timestamps so people can skip parts that are distressing. And the companion series, the interactive email thing where you "play the alien," is a wonderful prequel to the show (so far, anyway). This show is high quality, funny, dark without being 'edgy,' well-acted, and it's all the more impressive because the improvisers are well trained. I want to hear more of the captain!!
  • NateDawg221
    Refreshing and Delightful
    I’m so happy I found this! The acting is great, the improv is hilarious, the premise is intriguing, and the style is original. A great addition to the podcast fiction community. And kudos to the sound designer!
  • omjulie
    Sci-Fi Improv Done Right
    Funny, charming, and overall delightful! There are plenty of bad sci-fi and improvised podcasts out there, and they can be incredibly cringey when done wrong. But done right, like this one, it’s infectious and SO MUCH FUN!
  • bassbonebyfbo
    Hilarious sci-fi adventure!
    Audio fiction is overflowing with sci-fi stories, but Civilized stands out as remarkably different than your standard space opera. The slightly off-putting version of a Star Trek-like fanfare is your first clue that this mission is unlike most sci-fi shows you’ve heard, because Civilized is an improvised comedy. Our characters still have to terraform a planet, survive harrowing alien encounters, political intrigue and memory loss, but they do it all with a lot more frivolity than your typical hard-edged crew. The talented 4-person cast finds their rhythm quickly and they all keep the jokes flying with natural dialogue, delightful awkward pauses, and quick-witted doublespeak. I honestly don’t have a favorite character because they are all so fascinating and each person contributes a unique sense of humor to this wildly improvised universe! The natural approach to conversation is refreshing in a medium that often uses remote recording, and the depth of storytelling with use of callbacks and over-arcing character plots puts Civilized on equal footing with even the most intricately crafted scripted drama. There is fantastic world building through sound effects that make me laugh just as much as the dialogue, which should come as no surprise since Eli Mclveen is a superstar at his craft. I’m deeply invested in the survival of this funny little crew, and the cliffhanger at the end of episode 8 just has me begging to hear more! If you love sci-fi, need a good laugh, and want to support a new indie audio fiction with realistic characters in an absurd universe, listen to Civilized now
  • Tedimus Prime
    Really is building into something fantastic!
    I wasn’t sure what to make of this podcast when it first started, but the more it goes on the more I just can’t wait for another episode. I’m looking forward to what they do next.
  • iLoveInuYasha
    Sounds great!
    So excited for more content from this crew. This first episode starts things off supremely well!
  • Ders the unstoppable
    My new hope!
    This first episode was awesome! It gives me hope I’ve found my new podcast to wait for and listen too intently! Bring on new episodes!
  • Michayla18
    Cute and funny
    Loves the first episode. It’s very much in the vein of Alba Salix, but it feels a little edgier so far. It’s a great start!
  • Eddief419
    I’m looking forward to how the improv will advance the plot! They set up some rules in the first episode that really make me look forward to where they’re going!
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