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Melissa and Lori Love Literacy is a podcast for educators interested in learning more about the science of reading, knowledge building, and high quality instructional materials! Join Melissa and Lori every Friday as we tackle new ways of thinking about how to teach reading and writing. Most of our experience has been in the classroom from primary through high school, but we also have experience at district and state leadership levels in literacy. Our guests include school-based educators and leaders, district leaders, literacy researchers and experts, and passionate parents and community members. Visit our website:

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  • Tncsmommy
    If you want to learn and grow…this is the podcast!
    This podcast simultaneously feels like a warm hug and a kick in the butt to know more, learn more, and to improve practices for all students. Melissa and Lori do an incredible job of bringing out the best in each of their guests and helping to ask the questions that educators would ask themselves if they could.
  • Agatha Fan!
    Fantastic Podcast!
    Love the guests and how much research is done to let us teachers know what should be done in our classrooms (science of reading practices) instead of what is being mandated to be done (workshop models). Wish we now could get more time for science and social studies content to be given just as much press! Unfortunately these subjects are being pushed off because of time for reading and math focus. Maybe more with thematic units and interdisciplinary units. Thanks for podcasting!!
  • viverz911141
    Educative, thoughtful, encouraging
    I love this podcast! As a former teacher still working in education, I’m constantly in awe with how much I’m still learning in each podcast. The experts in this field are guests, everything is backed by research so it’s indisputable, and the hosts’ questions are thought provoking and relevant. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone but especially to teachers, parents, and leaders in education. So much to learn, so much more to do.
  • Tc anthony
    My favorite podcast!!
    I am a former teacher with a child with learning disabilities. This has been the best podcast to learn what I did not learn I college about how children learn to read. Excellent guests, links and resources. Melissa and Lori keep up with the latest research, are relatable and open minded. I recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about reading instruction and the science of reading.
  • Banerika
    Thoughtful, insightful, accessible
    Melissa and Lori make really complex topics accessible and provide access to thought leaders AND everyday teachers who are bringing the latest evidence-based research to the field of literacy education. Every podcast is so informative and inspiring. They never talk down to educators and truly come to the work with authenticity and humility as well as humor. I love it!
  • tennesseeeducator
    Must listen for all educators!
    There has not been an episode that hasn’t challenged my thinking or inspired me to be a better educator. I love everything this show stands for! It has been the perfect resource for me as I have processed my districts adoption of Wit and Wisdom. The episodes on fluency are my favorite!
  • Velvetme
    Reading science is an art and a pleasure to learn
    This is a really high quality show with great research and conversation. As a parent teacher there are hundreds of great takeaways and concepts covered so that I can best lay the foundation for my learner. Super thankful to have a place where I can come and absorb all the great guests, topics and start to ask the really big questions myself with how I approach teaching reading, and what best serves all readers. Amazing. Thanks so much
  • Nicolechamp
    The educators all kids deserve!
    I just discovered the pod and binging through it all! I live in a neighboring jurisdiction to Baltimore city—where the science of reading, the knowledge gap, cognitive development, are stubbornly resisted from the district down. While we have a population of students/resources far greater than the city, we continue to ignore the best practices (stubborn equity gap persists and grows). I am so encouraged by the work amd effort from your super intendent—who absolutely grasps the challenge that has persisted in the city for 4+decades. She has made great strides in her tenure, most notably in her commitment to LITERACY! I am so glad that you two exude those changes for your students. You are a gift to those students you serve, working and exploring how to serve them best! I hope you will engage with teacher prep programs in our state. Professional development—cannot compare to a focus and practice in the undergraduate prep. The teachers deserve it—the tools and experience to perform their role. The students deserve nothing less! Thank you for all you do!
  • KinderStall
    This is the best podcast...
    If you love literacy or teach literacy then you should definitely be listening to this podcast!
  • So Much to Learn!
    Loving it!
    I’m learning so much about Wit and Wisdom - and ELA in general! I love the interviews and real world insights the teachers and literacy experts provide. Thanks, Melissa and Lori!
  • LiteracyFan
    Real and Inspiring
    Thank you for interviewing Baltimore City teachers - they're doing impressive work! So appreciate the real talk about what's challenging.
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