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Join Bre, aka The Self-Care Pusher from Southern California, as she shares life experiences, weighs in on current events, amps up her wellness/health habits and finds clean(ish) products to try all for the sake of taking her physical, spiritual and emotional well-being to the next level and (hopefully) inspiring other women of color to do so as well. It's time to become obsessed with our self-care!

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  • jgarcia1005
    Love love love
    This podcast is so relatable! I have been a silent listener for a while and todays episode really spoke to my heart because there are times where I feel “lazy “ but I have 5 kids one who has Cerebral Palsy and the older 2 in sports while having 2 under 3😩. Lets not forget being a single mom on top of working full time while trying to make time for me on top of all that. So this episode just helped me to realize that I’m not lazy just tiredddd, and busy! Great podcast looking forward to the next one
  • NiShadai26
    I love it here 🥰
    Whew. The episode today was heavy, but it spoke to me on a spiritual level because I’m currently working on accepting things for what it is with a parent. I’m soooo happy I found this podcast, it’s so comforting and often times gives me fuel to keep journeying through this uncomfortable stage of healing, acceptance, and unknowing struggle.
  • Customer 17484
    I enjoy your Podcast
    The word girl I think you often times used it a little to much in this episode, for example.
  • Misztamara
    Does Not Stay on Topic
    I’m so confused. Tuned into the Jan 1st episode and she talks about her money trauma and a fridge for the first 20 minutes. It had nothing to do with the topic of the episode. Disappointed and deleted
  • 437KB
    Excellent podcast
    Don’t give up, keep up the good work. Such an inspiring and refreshing podcast!
  • Ywugshbh
    The new law wyoywuuouoow is uthe
    The new law would also require that the
  • kee hnett
    Very Inspiring and relatable!
    So much insight and inspiration!
  • Beckybex!
    This podcast appeared in my Apple Podcasts list of podcasts I may like, and WOW! Bre is so relatable, humble, funny, beautifully quirky, wise and absolutely likable! I loved her episode about her pillars for 2024. I can’t wait for her journal to become available on Black Friday so I can start my own SWOT Analysis and list out my 3 Pillars! Bre you are a virtual insta-friend! I am honored to leave this review, and I excited to now binge several more of your podcast episodes!
  • !Abc_123!
    Love it!
    I love listening to this podcast! She gives wonderful advice. This podcast is very relaxing and not boring at all! You will not regret!
  • Daisyvu
    Needed this Message!
    I stumbled across this podcast and listened for the first time yesterday. I listened to the latest episode which aired same day and I was completely reeled in because it felt like I was talking to one of my homegirls. Such relatable content and a message that was much needed for me to hear. I listened to the whole thing which is rare for me lol and I’m looking forward to part 2! Thank you Bre!
  • KeyaC.
    For real For real
    I found this podcast less than a year ago, but only listened to an episode here and there at first. However, this podcast is quickly replacing my true crime podcasts that I use to listen to daily BECAUSE I really want to focus on healing myself. Bre feels so authentic, and I hear so much of myself in her personal battles. I have been stumbling through my healing process for so long, and I haven’t really figured out how to heal, but this podcast seems like a good place to restart the process!
  • Andieo1997
    Highly Recommend!
    Every episode of Brown Girl Self Care is such a soul-nourishing experience! Bre’s dedication to uplifting women of color and advocating for holistic wellness shines through in each episode. For anyone seeking to elevate their self-care game and immerse in authentic conversations, this podcast is a gem. A must-listen!
  • Turtlesheaven
    Great Listen
    Love this show! I’ve been binging Bee’s show all summer and I LOVE it. I appreciate Bre sharing her true self. I know that’s not easy and I appreciate her putting her personal experiences out there. I can relate to what she’s saying. Strongly recommend!
  • Shaneknek2009
    I found this podcast a while ago and it has been a saving grace for me. I love Bre bc we’re kind of the same person lol ! I started from the beginning and is working towards the more recent episodes. Keep up the great work!
  • Pbrown34
    I love this podcast!!!
    I was feeling like I was losing myself I was feeling mis understood I was feeling like I was losing my mind. I need healing. When I found this podcast I listened to the first one I saw and I immediately fell in love!! I feel like I’m talking to a girlfriend I also love that she talks about the Lord. Wednesdays are lit too!!!! It definitely is a great mid week check in and reminder to myself!!!!!! I love this podcast! Can’t wait for more sis!
  • Zeline79
    Life Changing Connections
    Thank you so much for hosting this podcast. It’s refreshing to be able to connect with you and other women. I greatly appreciate your vulnerability and authenticity. I’m looking forward to connecting in a space where we can all travel together and sit in spaces to safely share our experiences (I can see your platform growing to offer membership for such things like this). Keep up the great work for creating a space for Black women. May God continue to expand your reach 🙏🏾
  • Unbothered_Queen
    Game Changer !!
    Just started getting into podcasts recently . I needed something else to listen to other than music on a day to day basis . A lot of these topics really resonate with me, my daily life , and everything around me . I’d definitely recommend as I’m now trying to add podcasts to my daily routine . It makes you feel understood and like your talking to someone who’s actually listening / hearing you . Love it and her 🙌🏾.
  • MelRi44
    Listen Sis!!!
    I absolutely looooooved todays episode! First of all who told y’all all of my business! Lol… but foreal this episode was so spot on! I have so many up’s and downs during the course of a day it’s scary! I’m thankful that I get to listen to your podcast! It lets me know that I’m not alone out here! Thank you!!! Melissa
  • Patricia Trot
    Great Podcast!
    I love listening to this podcast. I am new to listening to podcast but it starts my morning off with the positive mindset I need!
  • Air-re-jay
    Love it here!
    I just turned 22 but I have been listening to you since I was 21 and god your words have helped me when I didn’t know I needed it! I literally open and just choose from my up next and 9/10 it’s one your podcasts and the message is always what I have been thinking about. You have helped me through so much and you just do not know. Love it here and love you!!!
  • senayet
    This podcast is so blessed!
    My sister sent me an episode of this podcast out of the blue because it resonated with her so much. Let me tell you, god knew what he was doing because I've now been listening to this weekly and starting my day with this podcast. I am a young black doctor and I've never thought I would find a space or congregation of women that I resonate with so much! I've worked through my sickness, my pain, my grief, my sadness etc because I was always looked at as "the strong black girl". I never missed a day in school because i feared my preceptors would notice when I skipped a lecture. I've still seen patients who have blatantly profiled and disrespected me because I was told that unless I'm physically being harmed, I can not refuse to see someone. I've neglected my own humanity since I've been born but this podcast has helped me put me first! Bre thank you so much, this podcast is such a light in my life ❤️
  • Jonet Olivia
    Need this; LOVE this
    The messages are messaging ! Every episode that I’ve listened too has resonated with my spirit so much. Thank YOU !
  • dia--!
    One of my Favorite Podcasts
    This podcast is definitely one of my favorites. When I need to be uplifted, when I feel like I need big sister advice, I come here. I never miss an episode.
  • Doseofbg
    for healing souls
    This podcast literally is therapy for me. It has helped me through many difficult obstacles. I’ve felt as though Bre was talking directly to me and it’s perfect because my name is Brea lol check it out, you won’t regret!
  • catalyst for att
    Black girls RULE
    Good stuff chicka
  • SelfBeautii
    Empowering and insightful
    Love your podcast💕💕
  • Queendi Dee
    Thank you ♥️
    Thank you so much for being in alignment with your purpose! You’re always so kind, inspirational and helpful!
  • Isyaboy
    Amazing !!!!
    You are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for this platform of enlightenment, growth and development 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
  • aya4329
    thanks for being vulnerable & connecting with us
    I’ve been listening to you for about a year & a half now & you’re truly a vessel of the love, light, support, & validation that I needed through years of abuse, gaslighting, control, & manipulation. You’ve shown me & taught me so many tools that I’ve utilized to put up boundaries (& stand firm in them!), use my voice, find strength & beauty in my emotions, & find courage to accept & love me. I’m putting in the work because through you i found community i know i’m not alone. thank you. also, thank you for the free month on headspace! looking forward to book club & all you produce in the future. thank you for sharing your journey with us 💫
  • egi318
    Thank you
    I started listening to this podcast during a hard time in my life: Wedding Planning! I had no where to turn and no one to turn to and felt like the walls were closing in. My daily schedule was gym, work, wedding plan repeat and I started going to the gym before work because work was so draining and toxic for me to get up and go after. I have a long commute to work and just needed some positive vibes, thoughts and words. When I opened my Apple podcast app I was so grateful once I listened to your podcast. The fact that you post every Monday gets my week off to a great start that I need. Thank you so much for putting those self care tips in my brain. These are the same tips I let wedding planning take away from myself and my Husband (then fiancé at the time) or tips that I never had before planning a wedding . We are happily married since September, went on our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic and on our way to the Bahamas for our next vacation in May.
  • ShiaBee72
    January 16 Episode - Awesome!
    Thanks for the reminder that we are all in different places and we have to give ourselves grace. I’m a single, sports mom of three — with kids who play pretty non-traditional sports for black teens — surrounded by fellow parents who are couples, living different realities to make these experiences happen for their kids. It’s more of a struggle for me with time, money, everything and I have to remind myself, I’m in a different place. And like you said, it’s okay. It’s not a competition…it’s about what works for my family and more importantly, me. I so needed that reminder. Now I just have to work on considering myself more!
  • Buttaworth
    New Listener
    Listening to your podcast is like a conversation with a friend. Also I’m goofy at times, an “The Office” lover, and over 40 too.
  • Balanced💕
    Resonating !
    I have been listening for a lil while and I have to say I so enjoy your show. I also have a grown daughter who it’s hard for me to say no to. I’m so use to giving her , spilting with her everything I have , even when I go shopping for myself I said that I’m not buying you things anymore but I still find myself picking up items for her. I do them even more because she is not currently working but going to school.. I want a moment where it’s about just me, and I have never had that moment yet. I feel seen on this episode ! And so many others but it’s time I post it! Lol thank you for this !
  • Chasity H..
    She’s gets me!
    I love this podcast I listen to it while I work out, or even driving to school. I feel like I’m having a whole conversation with her and feel understood. Especially when she talks about having hard conversations as I experienced that before. Thank you for all your realness and purity! Go listen y’all <3
  • Signedxlisa
    Love it
    This podcast is so raw and I love that
  • Maakaaylaaa
    This podcast has open my eyes to reality, I am going through a self-care journey myself and it is very rough and ugly. I have days where im not consistent on my routine and then i have days where i am. I don't listen in order based on me just starting to listen this year 2023 & to keep up with a routine and giving my morning time and night to listen to an episode or 2 (maybe 3). You are a beautiful soul and very joyful in your podcast. But gurll you hit home when you said we as a woman deserve new things and to throw away all them old holey draws ans stretched out bras. I did so ans brought new ones the day i listened to that podcast. Im in a relationship and sometimes its hard to do a self care because you are trying to learn and person while learning you. But if you want to see the beautiful outcome you stick to it and remember to put you first always. I love thia podcast and its also cheerful ❤️❤️‍🔥. You are the bomb i hope you have a wonderful and jouful life and continue to he humble & ground. 💪🏾✊🏾 #blackwomenrule #melaninispowerful #joyful #happy #loveyourself #itsokay #boundaries #blackisbeautiful
  • Chi2kcldy
    Let the healing begin
    This is an amazing podcast. It’s so refreshing to be in a positive Black space. I find myself taking notes throughout the podcast.
  • DSmit23
    Thank you for what you do
    I’m a new listener and have been recently getting into podcasts! This is a great one, I scrolled back to some of the earlier from last year and the conversation is so spot on. Thank you for what you do!
  • Candace N.
    Many Words For This Podcast
    So…. Your podcast are my therapy session each time I’m on the road and having some quiet time. I have been able to take time for me and just sit, listen and tune in to what my spirit has been needing. I’m on a healing and discovery journey made possible through this podcast. You have been a great friend that I never met but one that had been true and simply real and sincere. I am so appreciative of your gifts and sharing such impactful tools and resources. Thank you for making yourself available and continuing to share your gifts with others! Candace
  • AshaSeba
    Introspection, awareness, and humility
    I really appreciate your openness, vulnerability, and awareness as you embark on your healing journey. Controlling entities continuously try to put black women further into our pain bodies and not tapping into ourselves to restore our natural selfs. I appreciate your platform and community for us as black women to learn from each-other, heal together, and emerge with our highest selfs 💜
  • Bmkiki
    Thanks Queen ❤️
    I have joined your journey and have been able to help better myself while on my own healing and self are excursion! You have helped me and I love what you’re doing on this platform ❤️🙏🏾
  • ____Glamour
    Love it here !! ❤️❤️
    I’m 24 and I can RELATE to you so much like way too much 😂😂 this is so refreshing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • katinapoe
    Both Hands Raised
    Sis! I just listened to $5 Energy. And it’s all me… real bad. REAL BAD. I thank you because you are calling me out in a good way! This was my first episode but I feel like I have found someone who I can identify with and who speaks my language. This resonates with me and will truly help me in my healing journey. The accountability is REAL. I believe the solutions will be real. Subscribing now! Exactly what I’ve been looking for
  • Curiosity.kills
    Generally enjoy this podcast but disappointed with the content of this week’s episode. Having a platform comes with responsibility and speaking about using edibles or any drugs as self care was definitely triggering to hear as many people struggle with drug addiction and it can start with something small, and progress to something more if a stronger high is desired. Self care shouldn’t involve toxicity, and those don’t really go hand in hand, so definitely questioning whether this podcast is for me moving forward.
  • Drea Monet
    Random Relevant Goodness
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for the last two weeks or so. I’ve enjoyed the relatable experience and practicality. No judgement, just self elevation. I don’t have to speak a word feel heard. I’ve recommended to my sisters. A breathe of fresh air, truly.
  • mermaidian pusheenicorn
    New here, but love it
    I listen to her every morning on my commute to work. She has me looking deeply into my “stuff” with a new lens. Glad that I found this podcast. Thanks girl.
  • Esh Baiy
    Amazing episodes!
    I swear, i look forward to these episodes because they are always packed with gems. The topics are on point and somehow someway i always resonate with something..albeit past or present. Love the podcast!
  • csted08
    For US by US
    I whole heartedly enjoy having a space for black women. The way the world is set to sit upon our shoulders as if we already aren’t wearing many hats is insane. Even more insane that I’ve tried therapy that has been unsuccessful largely in part because my therapist treated the pressures of being a black woman as normal, almost as if accept what is because it’s what you are. As I move into a more positive space, I anticipate weekly self- care episodes and appreciate you Bre!!
  • time.alive
    My favorite
    I absolutely love this podcast. It’s is a blessing to me! Whether it’s the 2019 episodes or 2022 episodes, they all can still be applied to daily life! I’m a junior in college this year and with the pressures of the world weighing on me everyday this podcasts teaches me much more than anyone around me. To be understood is a wonderful feeling & I highly recommend this podcast to any woman of color.
  • AT&T. must do better
    This is what you have to do continue your healing
    Bre I want you to know I truly enjoy your podcast. I was feeling like a lost soul , non of my friends where opening up & expressing , emotions, & thoughts of this world where in & how it feels to be , a Black women in America right now. I can relate to a great deal of your episodes. I’ll tell you a little bit about me. I’m a African American women from Chicago,I’ve live in Southern California for half my life , 65 years young. Three grown three human beings, but there always my babies. Lost my oldest son last year. I’ve had triple bypass heart surgery. I worked 11 years after that. When I retired I , realize, I had completely had lost my identity . I was as a Black women. I was certified surgical scrub tech, I was a single mother, A chauffeur, A praying mother that my children will be OK every time they went out the door. I was just a single mother on a hamster wheel of life trying to live from paycheck to paycheck. Any quiet moments I had it was sleeping cleaning the house and getting ready for work the next day. I had to rediscover me , I knew I needed to find a therapist. That took a year and a half. One of the white therapists I had , every time I would talk about my experience as a black woman she was always crying and then I spent half the session trying to console her , what. So that let me know I need to get a black therapist , that was a woman. This episode of moving forward, tells me , your healing from your trauma, your growing healing . You don’t want to stay in that space you’ve been for all so long. I’m 65 & I growing out of my trauma. Some people have left my life. But I know you know someone people aren’t supposed to stay for a life time. I settled with myself , I will see a therapist until I die. That’s okay because I realize important. All my life I’ve done my best , trying my hardest to take care of my children. I was even one those people who thought of others & put my feelings aside. But God tells us to treat your neighbor as you treat yourself. Not to treat your neighbor first, your feeling way down by the way side. Bre your amazing, I appreciate you, I share your podcast with friends my daughter. I’m on fix income & my money is extremely tight . When things get better I will find Patreon. You said your having a Black women gathering, I would like to join it. Can you go through how one can join. Thank you ,I hope I didn’t make my comments to long. As Black women or Black men it’s never ,never to late to take care of you mind ,body , & soul. To heal one’s self from the past trauma, to present trauma. And know your self worth. I’m concerned about our world , government. That brings me stress ,as well of my ever day life. God Bless you & you daughter Bre keep up your podcast. Wishing you the best on your travels. Elle (pronounced like the magazine )
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