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Barstool Sports Presents Bussin' With The Boys. Get on the bus with NFL players Will Compton & Taylor Lewan! The Boys let you in on their hilarious, high-energy, and often heartfelt conversations. Topics range from exclusive NFL stories to candid chats with personalities from all industries to out-of-left-field hot takes on things you and your friends only discuss behind closed doors. Sometimes they chat with a guest, sometimes it's just the two of them, but it's always a good time when you're Bussin' With The Boys.

And yes, this is the podcast where Mike Vrabel said he'd cut his piece off for a Super Bowl.
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Recent Reviews
  • melvin j douglass
    Can barstool not send some better sound equipment? Great guests
  • Packernation09
    Positives vibes ☮️
    Have been listening for a about a year or so and I love how invested the Boys are in there Crafts! Always lifting up everyone ☮️ (inside and outside of the buss). Keep up the great work!
  • Carolinole
    Awesome pod!
    First time listener. Had to hear Coach Norvell’s interview as a life long Nole. His passion and work ethic conversation is a MUST listen! Just forwarded to my teenage kids on how to approach challenges and opportunities in life. Looking forward to the next one and have subscribed!!
  • IanA2011
    We need more Delaney
  • thelongdongray916
    They lost their way
    The boys lost what made them a popular podcast. If you look back 2 years ago vs now you would never guess it’s the same show. I get growing as a show but they’ve (Will) have gone so far 40 yr old fake frat barstool douche bag it’s hard to listen. It’s all fake bits and trying to go viral no real good locker room talk. Was a tier 1 but I’m out fellas
    More commentary. Less drama.
    I love the dynamic between Will and Taylor, but it seems very dragged. The pod loses a lot of momentum throughout their 2.5 hour time hack. They need to learn something from PMT and Joe Rogan where there is a SOLID AGENDA and structure. It seems disorganized and boring during long periods of time. Good start, but pod needs a lot of work.
  • J bill$
    Intro music
    4 star rating. Could be 5 star if ya would bring back Ernest’s intro!!
  • bspellz
    The volume of the pod is low from the boyz the guest boyz
  • David Chicagooo
    Best product Barstool has
    Will and Taylor have a natural talent for leading entertaining, fun, laid back conversations. They bring a positive energy consistently every show. Very funny. Perfect to get through the daily work day grind.
  • Its F1 not McGlovin
    It’s always For The Boys
    I’ve been a fan of Comp since his days on the Redskins and ever since he started this podcast only more of a fan!! His true content potential was shown during Surviving Barstool, how could you not love this dude!!! Comp and Taylor together is absolute gold!!! Bussin on my of Top 3 podcast, get stoked every week for Bussin wit the Boys!!!
  • Weedman Trucking
    For the boys!
    Ex NFL athletes Turned Hardcore fans! Always good info and HILARIOUS!!
  • kyle rig
    The boys are the best
    Love listening to the boys. Two glue guys
  • The Kamp Site
    Entertaining, Funny, Great Camaraderie
    The Boys Breakdown sports and chop it up with fun and laughter. Really appreciate their work and synergy
  • Tyler2takes
    This show is awesome
    A must listen if you’re a sports fan. Their banter is awesome, it makes me laugh, I love the betting hot takes, and it’s always interesting. Also, more Mule!!
  • thegamedad
    What happened
    Always looked forward to the pod with the boys now I just see a bunch of 20m uploads and find myself uninterested
  • Tiwkelw
    Out of hand
    How many ads do you need to run on a 50 minute pod?? Ridiculous
  • RV304
    Used to be great
    What was once a great podcast, has now become a sad clone of every other popular sports podcast. I can’t do it anymore
  • Rbiezy
    Keep It Flowin
    Love the content. You boys have a good balance of fun and diving into interesting topics. Always was a Lewan fan from the Michigan days and Will Compton cracks me up w half the stuff he goes on about. If you like sports and enjoy good banter this is your spot.
  • Major T bone
    Fantastic Pod!
    One of the dawgs that stuck around. You guys seem like genuine good dudes and I really enjoy your content.
  • thenorth_12
    This show is the epitome of a sports podcast only being successful because the hosts were former players. Lewan and Compton are corny and make fun of fans that made them popular in the first place. Although Compton is barely a former player to begin with. Keep making fun of your listeners until they all stop listening to your tired “the boy” lines.
  • Bocephus Moonshine
    One terrible take after another
    Between celebrating Anthony Bourdain’s suicide and making fun of adults who study martial arts, this show is all about creating controversy for controversy’s sake. [yawn]
  • StephanPaul10
    Dad Vibes
    Will and Taylor are vibes! If your Dad’s name is Will or Taylor then instead of Dad you should be calling him Will or Taylor all the time!
  • Dave252525
    Comedy or football?
    Enough with the comedians though this was a sports pod.
  • BigJKeel
    Tier 1
    Doing the boys a solid by unfollow and re-follow and rating 5 stars
  • KDanielsNash
    The Boys
    Excellent interviews. Super funny. These guys work well together. I’m a long time Titans fan and I am super proud of these two!
  • american_greed
    such a good pod!
    great interviews, guests and even time stamps! woohoo!!!
  • nichollass
    Boys, NEED to put the name of the guest in the title. By simply reading the title of the new episodes you have no idea who the guests are. The guests aren’t talked about until half way through or towards the end of the pre show. Put the name of the guest ahead of the description, didn’t even need to change the way y’all do the titles just say the name of the guest. Ex., “Tom Segura and Chris Destefano talk about Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes……etc.” Absolutely love the shows content and guests, just a suggestion for the boys in the back 🤙🏼
  • 11WK11
  • JAD Tito
    Best pod around! It’s real!
    Guys seem to open up and just talk. Love it!
  • Poop stain 54
    Tier 1 podcast
    Boys I absolutely love this podcast! I listen to it at work all the time. I’m always laughing Taylor and will are a force to be reckoned with Changing the podcast game! Taylor’s weight loss is inspiring me to be a better healthier version of myself keep it up boys!
  • Ryanwk628
    Solid, but always room for improvement. Also a great 40 time for white LB
  • monticello87
    Beer Olympics
    You should increase the points given for each game. So the first game get 1-10 or whatever and the double that for the second and triple the third so that way even a team in last has a shot at coming back and keeps everybody giving their all to win and then cap it off with a chug finale between the top two.
  • Bmickells
    Husker bro
    You bros are the best how could I not follow my boy will huskers for life brother!
  • Nik Bryant
    Brantley Gilbert
    Top 5 ep of all time! Brantley is legendary along with ya’ll
  • Bama8480
    Great podcast
    I listen to a few pods but this is by far the best one. All the topics are good and the boys are funny. Keep up the great work guys ROLL TIDE. When is a new podcast coming out.
  • Smitty12340
    Just wanted to leave another 5 ⭐️ review for the boys
    Taylor’s looking good these days😘. Will if you’re reading this follow me on twitter. @c_smitty015. Hugs and kisses to all the boys ❤️
  • joe dale redwood
    Podcast are for your voice
    If y’all mfers could quit taking ten second pauses in talking so I quit looking at my phone to see if it died or I’m getting a call that’d be pretty nice
  • MrChecker1
    Great listen !!
    The boys keep it real and are hilarious ! They have a wide range of topics and guests. It’s a great listen I’m a solid tier 2 listener and making strides for tier 1 BUSSIN with the FOOKING BOYS
  • Not Nick Olseb
    Trailer park PMT
    3rd rate podcast that just copies the greatness that is PMT. Plus T is a major beta spitting on dudes and doing PEDs.
  • RockySins423
    Straight up bussin boys!
    Love the show guys keep up the hard work and making strides to do better! More mics!!!
  • geauxniners
    Love the boyz thank you for becoming a part of my everyday life do #niners
  • VicVader84
    The good & the very bad
    There are some shows that are freaking great but there’s also an EQUAL amount of shows that are REALLY BAD. There’s almost no in between. Thank God they’re NFL players because without that, I can’t imagine listening to anything they say. They still haven’t gotten it down about how to intro a show. I don’t need a glossary at the beginning or 8 minutes of a Chevy ad. Will sometimes sounds lost, & Taylor is annoying rambling off on God knows what.👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 4 thumbs down.
  • BigPuma7944
    This ASU coach sounds like an absolute clown 2 minutes in to the interview. Had to skip ahead. Another “row the boat” flash in the pan energy.
  • Blaze6060
    Not a bad pod but not on Theo’s level. :)
  • 99364
    FOUR STARS >;)🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Its cool i like it all the people should make a song called shadow doom PLZ MAKE IT :))))))
  • Tymyshoes93
    Texas is the real UT. If Tennessee was so great, why did they VOLUNTEER TO LEAVE!? ANSWER ME THAT JACK!!!!!
  • Jake ButtHurt Locker
    da boysssss
    10/10 pod just immaculate
  • Deege14
    Subscribe/ Unsubscribe/ ReSubscribe
    Just stopping by to help out the algorithm! 5 stars every episode. Listen to the boys everyday, Tier 1 and it’s not even close!
  • bchoppy11
    2011 sugar bowl
    Shane Beamer is right. Danny Coale caught that ball.
  • Rdrsfan17
    For the Boys
    Best podcast out there. It’s not just a football/sports podcast, which makes it a podcast anyone can listen to. I got my wife to listen to it with me and she loves it! Keep it up boys. 🫡
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