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Barstool Sports Presents Bussin' With The Boys. Get on the bus with NFL players Will Compton & Taylor Lewan! The Boys let you in on their hilarious, high-energy, and often heartfelt conversations. Topics range from exclusive NFL stories to candid chats with personalities from all industries to out-of-left-field hot takes on things you and your friends only discuss behind closed doors. Sometimes they chat with a guest, sometimes it's just the two of them, but it's always a good time when you're Bussin' With The Boys.

And yes, this is the podcast where Mike Vrabel said he'd cut his piece off for a Super Bowl.
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  • Big Bench Hench
    Derrick Henry!
    The Derrick Henry podcast was phenomenal. Love to hear the boys open up and show the fans the real person behind being an NFL superstar. Comp & Tayor make dudes feel comfortable and bring good vibes on the bus! Keep bringing the heat!
  • Megsmags
    For the boys!
  • Husker Jana
    Coach Rhule
    Great podcast with Coach Rhule. I listen to a couple Husker podcasts and they both mentioned your interview with Coach Rhule and information they got from it this week. Go Big Red!
  • Rockabilly Posh
    A Chiefs girl for the boys!!
    Binging all the old episodes. Just followed my first guest after hearing Ben Newman. Love the boys!!!
  • FutureKHam
    Get more mics
    This would be a 5 star review except for all the talking to people who are off mic. Pleassseeee get them all mics so no one keeps talking without a mic or responding to something someone said that we as listeners can’t hear.
  • Haybatta
    Tier 1
    The Boys rock!
  • @DavidWilch
    The Boys
    The boys just look out for the boys.
  • fort myers wolf
    Jelly and Ernest
    I usually keep my music list to what I grew up with but I can’t fight these two guys any longer. I went and downloaded every album they have both done and I can’t wait to experience their journeys!
  • jim jim jimbones
    This pod is exactly what we all need. Great conversations about life, ball, all the above. Favorite pod out there, can’t beat it. #Year10 #FreePlayoffWilly
  • Ico49
    Awesome Podcst
    Love the Pod boys!
  • JG - Arizona State
    Bring on JA69!!!
    Love the pod. Jared felt like a natural fit!
  • Esoph17
    Pro Vibes
    Look forward to every Tuesday. Favorite show/podcast/radio show
  • B_Suter1
    Proper Pay
    Give JP a raise!!!
  • A$AP Novelty
    The Boys
    Here for the vibes
  • FunkyJT9
    James Turner (The Boy)
    I’m a Tier 2 listener of the pod on ‘The Boys! For the boys always!
  • BigJKeel
    Payoff Willy
    Payoff Willy the GOAT. RIP Taylor. Year 10
  • BigPuma7944
    Titans RB Debate
    So we just forgot bishop sankey
  • CAClem70
    So glad two see two Titans legends!
  • Trust my review II
    Vibes are high - subscribe to the podcast
    Amazing vibes, fun segments, a nice behind the scene look when they have football guests on (current and former players) of life in the NFL. 10/10 podcast.
  • TrippyGirl
    The boys!
    The boys are on point
  • Philip Garza
    Live Dudes
    Love the Boys!!! #TitanUp #byanymeansletsgetvrabeltosniphispiece2020 Here for the vibes
  • michaelguid
    Lunchpail Boys
    Payoff Willy + The Ghost of Lewan = A Spooktober Spectacular. The Boys in the back? Dogs. The high-caliber guests? Dogs. The banter and chirps? Pro. The vibes? High. Seriously, this show makes me smile, and I love the balance of silly and real talk. The Boys are always working on the mentals, leaving it all on the field, and always bringing…the biggest of hugs and tiniest of kisses.
  • hhavsbshsbd
  • Aprince46
    Great vibes
    These guys are awesome together. Each week I can’t wait for the next episode. Every single one I’m laughing and learning a lot about these guys and the guests that they have on. Keep doing what you’re doing boys. Happy Spooktober!
  • calebtcone
    For the Boys
    Just helping the boys climb the charts. Big hugs…tiny kisses
  • Dustyn Gray
    Rip Taylor we loved you man, we loved you.
  • Hitman Hall
    RIP Taylor
    Gone but not forgotten. Chillin with Harambe. Big hugs and tinniest of kisses
  • Hunting1014577257
    Bad audio
    Great podcast but you would think barstool could afford to get them decent audio equipment
  • CJ.Augustin
    Great show
    There’s no other podcast that can match this energy! Best sports pod around!
  • mikemag1010
    Pro vibes!
  • thissmoke
    The positive vibes from Will are literally out of this world. LFG BOYS
  • Tymyshoes93
    Drinks are snacks
    I stand with Jack. Everyone else’s list are mid.
  • rickeybubby
    There is one in Ann Arbor area boys! 😉
  • xplodersuv
    Biggest of hugs, tiniest of kisses
    This show has been a solid part of my podcast rotation for years. Ever since the Jalen Ramsey episode. The early DHen one was pretty good too. But every episode is a good one.
  • SDJ4032
    Pro vibes
    LFG boys
  • 223534553
    Definitely for the boys
    But jack is straight trash
  • smolecith
    Just here for the vibes
  • wesmorck
    Willy LOVE the intro vibes. Keep it up big dog! Big Hugs Tiny Kisses.
  • Kruszewski27
    Hey, Willy, intro vibes are high, like arousingly high, I’m here for it, keep up the lords work.
  • FatTitanFan
    The boys.
    Edit I consider myself a tier 3 fully and officially. Edit Officially a tier 2. Best pod on the web Edit, TIER 1 achieved
  • Tier 1 FERDA
    Intro Vibes are FLOWING
    Live for the House Cleaning and Shoutout No Free Shoutouts
  • traw32
    Intro Vibes
    Willy love the intro vibes big dog, keep it up.
  • jairusdarnell
    Intros are top tier
    Willie love the long intro big dog
  • giff35
    Vibe Check
    Willy, love the vibes big dog
  • Robreg2
    Intro vibes
    Willie, love the intro vibes big dawg, keep it up #nofreeshoutouts
  • ajclemmy
    Female Tier 1
    Love listening to the boys chop it up every week. Can’t get enough, highly recommend!
  • dequavius d
    W pod
    nothing beats listening to the best player to ever wear a titans uniform every week the boy (insert title here) willy
  • Nsmallwood7
    I recently just starting listening to the pod it was the help to the process of when I was grieving over my mom to learn that the boy comp nasty also went through the same made the pod even more relatable for me. Love pod keep doing what y’all #dontgivea attitude and be a wolf for the boys!
  • therealharriboy
    Bussin in the boys
    Listen you betas if youre not listening to bussin with the boys get your (insert expletive) together!!! Letssss gooooo tier 1 till i die do i get a tattoo??
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