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Barstool Sports Presents Bussin' With The Boys. Get on the bus with NFL players Will Compton & Taylor Lewan! The Boys let you in on their hilarious, high-energy, and often heartfelt conversations. Topics range from exclusive NFL stories to candid chats with personalities from all industries to out-of-left-field hot takes on things you and your friends only discuss behind closed doors. Sometimes they chat with a guest, sometimes it's just the two of them, but it's always a good time when you're Bussin' With The Boys.

And yes, this is the podcast where Mike Vrabel said he'd cut his piece off for a Super Bowl.
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  • Smitty12340
    Just wanted to leave another 5 ⭐️ review for the boys
    Taylor’s looking good these days😘. Will if you’re reading this follow me on twitter. @c_smitty015. Hugs and kisses to all the boys ❤️
  • joe dale redwood
    Podcast are for your voice
    If y’all mfers could quit taking ten second pauses in talking so I quit looking at my phone to see if it died or I’m getting a call that’d be pretty nice
  • MrChecker1
    Great listen !!
    The boys keep it real and are hilarious ! They have a wide range of topics and guests. It’s a great listen I’m a solid tier 2 listener and making strides for tier 1 BUSSIN with the FOOKING BOYS
  • Not Nick Olseb
    Trailer park PMT
    3rd rate podcast that just copies the greatness that is PMT. Plus T is a major beta spitting on dudes and doing PEDs.
  • RockySins423
    Straight up bussin boys!
    Love the show guys keep up the hard work and making strides to do better! More mics!!!
  • geauxniners
    Love the boyz thank you for becoming a part of my everyday life do #niners
  • VicVader84
    The good & the very bad
    There are some shows that are freaking great but there’s also an EQUAL amount of shows that are REALLY BAD. There’s almost no in between. Thank God they’re NFL players because without that, I can’t imagine listening to anything they say. They still haven’t gotten it down about how to intro a show. I don’t need a glossary at the beginning or 8 minutes of a Chevy ad. Will sometimes sounds lost, & Taylor is annoying rambling off on God knows what.👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 4 thumbs down.
  • BigPuma7944
    This ASU coach sounds like an absolute clown 2 minutes in to the interview. Had to skip ahead. Another “row the boat” flash in the pan energy.
  • Blaze6060
    Not a bad pod but not on Theo’s level. :)
  • 99364
    FOUR STARS >;)🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Its cool i like it all the people should make a song called shadow doom PLZ MAKE IT :))))))
  • Tymyshoes93
    Texas is the real UT. If Tennessee was so great, why did they VOLUNTEER TO LEAVE!? ANSWER ME THAT JACK!!!!!
  • Jake ButtHurt Locker
    da boysssss
    10/10 pod just immaculate
  • Deege14
    Subscribe/ Unsubscribe/ ReSubscribe
    Just stopping by to help out the algorithm! 5 stars every episode. Listen to the boys everyday, Tier 1 and it’s not even close!
  • bchoppy11
    2011 sugar bowl
    Shane Beamer is right. Danny Coale caught that ball.
  • Nik Bryant
    New girl vibes
    Jack with the new girl boys yess
  • Rdrsfan17
    For the Boys
    Best podcast out there. It’s not just a football/sports podcast, which makes it a podcast anyone can listen to. I got my wife to listen to it with me and she loves it! Keep it up boys. 🫡
  • Jstrick11
    For The Boys
    Tier 1
  • Kayleefudgepacker
    Love the show!
    You guys got me busting up to myself all day at work! So glad to have found you guys!
  • Tkraft701
    Doing goat things! Come to az state for spring tour! They’re on the rise !
  • MickJagger567893
    Yo Taylor aka Mr.unemployed
    Don’t say you’re done with UPS. I work for UPS. You ever have any trouble with UPS holla at your boy -@wmj5
  • Tier 2 listener
    This is one of my favorite podcasts but the audio issues that come up when y’all aren’t on the bus is terrible. Sounds like you’re listening to a conversation on speaker phone. Also when someone without a mic speaks and the podcast goes silent and then Will or Taylor responds to an unknown comment is a tough listen as well.
    Entertaining and well run
    4 stars would’ve been 5 but the F word is used way, way to much. Fellas you don’t need it that much. I use the word but not every other sentence. Outside of that the show is extremely entertaining and well run. GBR
  • Big Bench Hench
    Derrick Henry!
    The Derrick Henry podcast was phenomenal. Love to hear the boys open up and show the fans the real person behind being an NFL superstar. Comp & Tayor make dudes feel comfortable and bring good vibes on the bus! Keep bringing the heat!
  • Megsmags
    For the boys!
  • Husker Jana
    Coach Rhule
    Great podcast with Coach Rhule. I listen to a couple Husker podcasts and they both mentioned your interview with Coach Rhule and information they got from it this week. Go Big Red!
  • Rockabilly Posh
    A Chiefs girl for the boys!!
    Binging all the old episodes. Just followed my first guest after hearing Ben Newman. Love the boys!!!
  • FutureKHam
    Get more mics
    This would be a 5 star review except for all the talking to people who are off mic. Pleassseeee get them all mics so no one keeps talking without a mic or responding to something someone said that we as listeners can’t hear.
  • Haybatta
    Tier 1
    The Boys rock!
  • @DavidWilch
    The Boys
    The boys just look out for the boys.
  • fort myers wolf
    Jelly and Ernest
    I usually keep my music list to what I grew up with but I can’t fight these two guys any longer. I went and downloaded every album they have both done and I can’t wait to experience their journeys!
  • jim jim jimbones
    This pod is exactly what we all need. Great conversations about life, ball, all the above. Favorite pod out there, can’t beat it. #Year10 #FreePlayoffWilly
  • Ico49
    Awesome Podcst
    Love the Pod boys!
  • JG - Arizona State
    Bring on JA69!!!
    Love the pod. Jared felt like a natural fit!
  • Esoph17
    Pro Vibes
    Look forward to every Tuesday. Favorite show/podcast/radio show
  • B_Suter1
    Proper Pay
    Give JP a raise!!!
  • A$AP Novelty
    The Boys
    Here for the vibes
  • FunkyJT9
    James Turner (The Boy)
    I’m a Tier 2 listener of the pod on ‘The Boys! For the boys always!
  • BigJKeel
    Payoff Willy
    Payoff Willy the GOAT. RIP Taylor. Year 10
  • CAClem70
    So glad two see two Titans legends!
  • Trust my review II
    Vibes are high - subscribe to the podcast
    Amazing vibes, fun segments, a nice behind the scene look when they have football guests on (current and former players) of life in the NFL. 10/10 podcast.
  • TrippyGirl
    The boys!
    The boys are on point
  • Philip Garza
    Live Dudes
    Love the Boys!!! #TitanUp #byanymeansletsgetvrabeltosniphispiece2020 Here for the vibes
  • michaelguid
    Lunchpail Boys
    Payoff Willy + The Ghost of Lewan = A Spooktober Spectacular. The Boys in the back? Dogs. The high-caliber guests? Dogs. The banter and chirps? Pro. The vibes? High. Seriously, this show makes me smile, and I love the balance of silly and real talk. The Boys are always working on the mentals, leaving it all on the field, and always bringing…the biggest of hugs and tiniest of kisses.
  • hhavsbshsbd
  • Aprince46
    Great vibes
    These guys are awesome together. Each week I can’t wait for the next episode. Every single one I’m laughing and learning a lot about these guys and the guests that they have on. Keep doing what you’re doing boys. Happy Spooktober!
  • calebtcone
    For the Boys
    Just helping the boys climb the charts. Big hugs…tiny kisses
  • Dustyn Gray
    Rip Taylor we loved you man, we loved you.
  • Hitman Hall
    RIP Taylor
    Gone but not forgotten. Chillin with Harambe. Big hugs and tinniest of kisses
  • Hunting1014577257
    Bad audio
    Great podcast but you would think barstool could afford to get them decent audio equipment
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