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  • Care to the bear
    Great show
    When I first started listening to podcasts this year, this was I think the first show I listened to. My jaw drops, like literally, when listening to most of these episodes. I enjoy true crime. And I enjoy Dateline podcast. Please keep the show going.
  • KSM427
    Go to bed
    Thank you for having this in the world. I have watch these episodes now I can go to sleep listening to voices Keith and Josh with out the TV on.
  • Zayasheart
    Perfect getting through work
    Love that this has not been turned into a podcast. Great being able to listen on the go and through my work day!
  • revjennylars
    Agree regarding Hoda ads. WAY too many. Balance baby, balance.
  • Berniebruh817
    Those ads tho my lord
    Love this podcast it gets me through work everyday… I dont know who jenna bush hager and hoda kotb are but ive heard those ads so many times i think about punching myself at times…. I hate it so much. Still 5 stars though
  • clur610
    30 years of Dateline
    Please consider adding al 30 seasons of dateline to the podcast! I constantly am checking for when the next episode is available and would love to hear the older episodes too!
  • NorthSeaNY
    Stop the repeats!
    5 stars turned into 2 now. The repeats are ruining what was a great podcast. Not sure what’s happening with Dateline. Maybe Covid has left them short staffed, or maybe they are in financial trouble. Can’t think of why else they would upload repeat podcasts and call them “new.” I was a regular listener, but now it’s a hassle and I am turning off.
  • jonmjohns
    Please Diversify Ads
    GREAT podcast. However, there are way too many Hoda Kotb ads. I love Hoda, but come on. The was she says “podcast” with such volcal fry is just too much. Please diversify your ads. PLEASE.
  • claudsssssssss
    Great show but……
    Please stop playing that godforsaken commercial for Hoda. We are true crime fans, meaning we have brains and will never listen to that woman. The others are right when they say it seems like desperation. Thank you
  • Wendy0206
    Great and perfect
    I’ve been listening this podcast for english listening exercise, now i’m good but i keep listening. This podcast is very rich in vocabulary, good pronounciation, good intonation. I fall in love with the term, every episode is magic, so detailed that you don’t even need a live action to get into it. For me it’s some sort of netflix. I enjoy every episode.
  • courttttt2010
    Just Stop
    1. Reloading old episodes - trust me when I say, your hard core fan base - we have heard them ALL and we didn’t forget 2. Playing the annoying Hoda Jenna commercial where Jenna over enunciates every other word. Omg it’s awful
  • Thisisagreatpodcast
    Audio only version of the classic true crime TV show
    I get the feeling some of the people reviewing this don’t know this is the audio of a very long running investigative journalism TV show on the US television network NBC. Absolutely classic, so happy they’re putting this out as podcasts.
  • blade run
    Love the show but….
    Please stop playing the same ads over and over Hoda and Savannah. It is too much. I will never listen to their shows and you shamelessly promote them over and over again. It’s really feels desperate on NBCs part. Greed.
    Secrets of spirit lake
    Such a one sided story. It’s a bunch of Native women complaining how they are murdered etc more than any other group and no one investigates the crimes like they would for white women. What they don’t tell ya is it’s their own fault that happens because of their own “Tribal Laws” on their Rez. They turn away local and state law enforcement help all the time because of their own Racist views. It’s much of the same you hear from the black community. It’s blacks killing blacks just like these Natives killing Natives and all of them blaming Whites for it. There comes a time when you leave the past in the past and start taking some personal responsibility for the outcome of your own lives. Leave it to this Network to give you one side of the coin reporting, race baiting WOKE media garbage!!
  • hazelbnr
    Lawyering up?
    Any person who has any legal expertise knows that no one should sit down with the police without a lawyer. Vilifying those that do makes me question the agenda of this show, and all other “true crime” podcasts and tv shows. Even Phil McGraw tells his audience that he has the utmost respect for most law enforcement, but one should never sit down with them without legal representation. End of story. Asking for a lawyer does not presume guilt, it indicates informed intelligence in many situations.
  • Erin 0913
    Will always be a classic!!!
    Cheesy titles and all!
  • Blvsmaty
    The best ever
    The best podcast/show ever. Super entertaining but also I can fall asleep to. Lol
  • rebajg1989
    Carrie and Liz
    Ok but why wouldn’t the police have had Dave tell Carrie to come see him. Then find her that way?
  • juticelady
    Nice voice and riveting reporting
    This podcast is just very well done. True crime fan’s dream
  • CorprateFighter
    Lester holt!!!
    This man tells the best stories about heat breaking news! I love listening to this podcast and I hope you guys cover the Gabby Petito story. Everyone in Utah has so many more questions about what happened! You rock Lester!
  • the editibg queen
    Best Ever!
    I cant stop listening. So much information about so everyday people with not so everyday stories. Simply amazing. Makes me question everything and stay vigilant! Bravo team Dateline!
  • Janelle001122
    Dateline 30??
    Can you stop reposting the same episodes??
  • MsBehavin81
    Different Sound?
    Has anyone else noticed the sound speed is different with the Dateline 30 episodes? I don’t know if it’s just me, but it sounds like the narrations are being sped up just slightly. Keith Morrison’s voice is usually low & slow, but in these “new” Dateline 39 episodes it sounds like he as been hitting rails in the bathroom. 🤔🥴
  • Wynter Raeven
    Poorly edited
    I don’t know if this audio is edited during the conversion from TV to audio podcast, but I’ve noticed some 15 second segments are repeated. Sometimes segments are repeated twice in multiple episodes. Specifically during the Dateline@30 Ransom episode. Time Stamp: 57:31.
  • M. Caringer
    These Narcissistic Clowns are applauding themselves. Losers
  • Chuveee
    Same white story.
    These cases are always centered around white families. Even when the victim is a minority, they lodge into the background of the Caucasian murderer and their family takes the whole story, barely giving the grieving family any time to share the victim’s story. And it’s not written like this when the victim is white.
  • Horselover2479
    Stop spamming old stories
    Spamming my feed with stories I’ve already heard?? Really?? I hate this dateline 30. Please stop or spam my feed with new stories. I got so excited to have so many new stories but the utter disappointment and irritation I had when I realized 😡
  • Dsm44mo
    Been a Fan for YEARS
    I have watched Dateline for years and absolutely love the podcast; I recommend it to all my friends. The show does a great job honoring the victims while capturing the depths of solving the crime.
  • ltucker9193
    Stop with the repeats!
    Stop sending repeat episodes to my new episode list!
  • suggc
    my FAVORITE podcast
    to one of the most recent reviews i’ve seen saying “crime shouldn’t be handled like this (like a joke, light-hearted, etc) i disagree. if families didn’t want it handled like this—they can decline an interview. secondly, as someone who handles and copes w/ death through dark humor, i can personally say it helps. not only that but people really get pressed that these hosts put people on the spot and aren’t afraid to make them uncomfortable. they talk about the good, bad and ugly. they don’t make it more dramatic/theatrical—and while it does feel that way—it’s because murder is straight up dramatic!! and the twists, turns and secrets involved in a murder ARE SHOCKING which is why it comes off so dramatic. it’s like we should beat around the bush and cower at the word “murder,” just because it makes people uncomfortable. as an empath/someone who has cried with the families and guests, if you don’t like it keep it to yourself and don’t ruin it for other listeners who take this just as seriously but happen to love the show and how it is put together. and i love the hosts and in a previous review i even cracked up at how little the hosts care anymore. they will straight up call out murderers with ease because they are so seasoned and experienced with these people. listening to how much knowledge they have about the law/investigations while speaking to lawyers and detectives truly astonishes me. these hosts are so educated and dedicated i learn so much from this podcast. i eventually hope to be a forensic scientist too! …… anyway, as a long time listener, have you guys done a story on julius jones? the cowboys player on death row in oklahoma? he has had an execution date set and gov. stitt is set to review the case to see if it should be dismissed and commuted to a life sentence. i just haven’t heard a lot on this story and would love to hear an episode on this.
  • nikkers92373
    true crime
    luv it when the bad guy gets caught and the good guys work their butt off to put em behind bars!
  • WriteReelKeene
    Y’all been on a roll lately! Keep it up!
  • WYluver
    Dateline @30
    I don’t understand why dateline is downloading all these stories under dateline@30. I waste time starting a story only to find I’ve heard it 🙄
  • Apryla
    Hate to love…love to hate
    I wish I wasn’t so into this because it’s ridiculous when you break it down. Crime isn’t something that should be handled like this. It’s so dramatic and at times comes across as though they think it’s a joke. The hosts are a little over the top-Keith Morrison lays it on thick. He knows what he’s famous for so he plays that up and that would be ok if he was hosting a dating show but these are real people. Murder isn’t the place for tongue in cheek or wink wink nod nod moments to the audience. You can tell he doesn’t really care about these folks. It’s time we started treating these crimes as the serious issues they are rather than fodder for ratings where people quickly forget them. Our society doesn’t value life. It’s in one ear and out the other when it comes to murder. It happens so much that it’s just another day and we tune it out. Crime has become normalized to the point that it’s used for punch lines or as a means to get ratings. The attitude most people have about this is flippant…like “Murderers are gonna murder amirite?” or “Not sure if I want to meet up with that guy I matched with…don’t want to end up on Dateline.Hardy Har Har! Pass the chips please.” The tone and format are too light hearted for the subject matter. The hosts do present like they are “holier than thou” and the wording is so overly dramatic that the script practically writes itself. You know what the host is gonna say before they say it and you know how they’ll deliver the line. These poor victims are just a means to make money. Their pain is ratings gain. I listen because I am interested in TC and people fascinate me. I wish I didn’t listen to this because I think it’s numbed me to the horrors in the world. I find that listening to this anymore just isn’t satisfying because they don’t treat it with respect. I hate that I do but I subscribe to this but I find that I’m not as eager to catch the episodes as I used to be. We need to start treating this subject matter with less drama and more respect.
  • lmf827
    It’s all about my man Keith
    Keith Morrison IS dateline.
  • xetn su
    May I Give Zero Stars?
    Listening to today’s podcast really just disgusting me. The host is badgering their guest who gave them an exclusive. The host has considered himself to be judge and jury. I can’t even finish listening because I no longer care if the guy killed his ex. The host is now the horror story and it’s too horrid to filter through my mind. He should be fired. How typically Hollywood and totally unprofessional. This happens when actors can’t find jobs so they attempt to report. Unfortunately, their huge egos overtake the job position.
  • i_love_dateline_1234
    I absolutely love Keith Morrison! He is so good at his job! So many fun and mysterious crimes! Not a big fan of the ads though.
  • bongobee1
    Love show and Lester!
    Love this podcast! Stay true to your tried and true format, easy to follow! Lester is a great host! Thank you!
  • ughhhallnicknamesaretakenn
    The best
    I love watching dateline on TV and was really excited to realize that it was turned into a podcast as well
  • zxcbfhu
    Well Made
    Love it
  • anita rieck
    I am so happy of Dateline as always been great I watched all the Dateline on tv and I am 68 years old. Lester is great all staff is great I have learned so much and I got real sick during Covid it took 12 month to make baby steps so podcasts have helped me so much . Thank you Dateline Kathrinethebrave nana Anita Rieck
  • JoulesMoose
    Not a podcast
    Simply ripping the audio from a tv show does not make something a podcast. There are to many times the host says something like “the police found this” with out explaining what it is they found when we can’t see it. It’s very clear that we’re just hearing the tv show and it’s really frustrating. At the very least edit those sections with a description or a reference to where we can view a photo of whatever it is they’re talking about. I’ve gotten very irritated with being told to look at things I can’t see. Maybe consider where your placing ads, don’t toss them in in the middle of words and have an editor give the episode a listen all the way through so we don’t abruptly cut out 5 minutes of the show mid sentence.
  • cathyeide
    It’s a good show. It’s about real people and real events. I can’t figure what the other people are talking about racist? Don’t get it. Maybe they don’t listen. I like the narration, like others have said, it’s nice to hear people with great voices doing the talking. Good show.
  • kymber79
    Are we on a repeat cycle?
    I enjoy the show but it seems like every couple of months I hear the same things over and over. I complete think all cases need awareness but there must be more than enough to repeat episodes so much that people stop listening to them. If you update the tag line and put out the exact audio please don’t mark it as new.
  • vlo723
    Love the show
    Love love this podcasts. I’m not feeling the new commentator though. Bring back Keith Morrison!!!
  • FarmersWife74
    Farts McFartface
    Only rating for the fart jokes! Farts and sharts gets 5 stars
  • Keeping it !
    Love Dateline!
    All of the undercover (and blatant) racists are showing themselves on this one. Dateline thank you for making a difference and making people uncomfortable with the realities that POC face daily. I will continue to listen & support!
  • norbo56
    Troubled over Recent Episode
    I love Keith Morrison and Dateline, but I was really not okay with a recent episode. This type of story-telling contributes to the normalization of sexual abuse. In The Fugitive Millionaire, Keith Morrison is talking about John Macaffee moving to Belize, when the “buff and charismatic 64 year old” was “living a schoolboy’s dream” because, due to the different laws there, he was ….ALLOWED TO SHACK UP with 16 and 17 year olds!?! I was like, what the actual fu….? After Jeffrey Epstein and Me Too and everything, we are allowing the narrative that this is a teenage dream rather than, uh, statutory rape? (albeit in a different country, and not considered rape there). From the podcast, starting at 7:27: “After that raid…he surrounded himself with guard dogs and…several teenage girls. In a country where the age of consent is 16…he liked to keep those girl busy—in bed. He [told a reporter] that for him, 5 hours is ‘a quicky’ and then he brought one of his girls out to confirm, she said ‘Yep that’s true.’ …Macafee was 67, living a schoolboy’s dream…albeit a heavily armed schoolboy.” <—WHAT?!? It’s so disheartening to have this type of thing casually referenced in a light-hearted, winky sort of way. I understand that the laws are different there, but in the States we have an understanding that this type of relationship is inappropriate, abusive, and here it’s even illegal. Do better, Dateline.
    The ads
    I used to love listening to Dateline at night. But, your ads have ruined a great show! Please just stop it I’ll just delete 😎
  • PhantomGrey
    Racial politics everywhere. Ruining everything.
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