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  • Goldensnitch320
    Way to go Josh!
    Just listened to Complicated:After the Verdict and sobbed. Thank you for a great interview, Josh and Dayna. Thanks for all you do to support survivors. Best wishes to Dayna in her retirement.
  • Macnroe65
    It’s Complicated…
    Oh my Josh! Im crying. What a story. Thanks for the update on the one. So much love and growth. Kudos!
  • Savannah Sanford
    Dateline review
    I love how interesting the story’s are hand how they are told.
  • cckandiendh
    The OG of true crime podcasts
    This is the definition of a true crime podcast. Amazing, clear narrative and all the details. They really knocked it out of the park and I only wish there were more episodes. I love how they take the crimes seriously, these are not topics to be joked about. I love everyone of the presenters. If you love true crime this podcast is IT
  • leaventura
    Love it!
    Love this podcast
  • UserUserUserUser4
    Please edit for podcast form
    It wouldn’t be too difficult to simply edit this for podcast form. It’s so repetitive because they play the pre-ad promos and mid-episode recaps. It makes this a pretty dull listen. It’s also difficult to understand audio that’s clearly being captioned for television. This feels like a lazy cash grab by just publishing the audio straight from the tv show. If they started by just editing out all of the repetitive bits it would be much better.
  • koleleea
    Malfunctioning and reruns
    They are sometimes not consistent with uploads or will put up reruns and I have difficulty playing episodes. Seems like a money grab just throw up the video into podcast with not much editing
  • Mia.11
    Dumpster Fire of a Show
    I've been a fan for as long as I can remember. Until I listened to the Staircase episode. It's not about whether or not you think he's guilty. Your job as reporters is to relay a story without bias. I found it revolting to listen to a depraved killer gloat and chuckle while the reporter sympathized. And the fact that you spent so much time on the owl theory? You're professionals and I'd like to think experts at this - that joke of a theory was covered in a very short extra mini-episode at the very end of a long documentary that was made by HIS PEOPLE! Even they knew it was a joke! And you neglected to mention that his own lawyer - whom you mentioned agreed to represent him pro bono, actually refused to represent him at his last trial. This episode was so biased I don't think I could listen to another one without wondering whose side you're on - which should never be a question to begin with! Update: the episode on Bryan Kohlberger is ridiculous!!! It's literally a bunch of unsubstantiated gossip and rumors and speculation. What's the point of reporting on something that you have no solid information on? This show/podcast has regressed to a dumpster fire that I group with Nancy Grace 😂
  • 210BBB
    Explain what they’re saying in interrogation
    There’s subtitles when watching on tv but in the podcast you have no idea what they’re saying . Other than that love the podcast - 4/5
  • xumwhg
    Same Shows, Second Verse, Again and Again
    These shows claim to be new but are TWENTY and THIRTY yr old rehashes of reruns described as new productions. it’s one thing to repeat the repeat of the repeats, it’s another to lie about them being new. 👎🏼 Reruns reruns and more reruns. That’s all Dateline is anymore.
  • SiobhanIrishFire
    Why so few new episodes?
    Subscribed to premium for all of the extra episodes… now you just play maybe one per week other than what aired on tv (if we are lucky). Give us more Keith Morrison! Please!
  • NattieRae
    Finished all Episodes
    Love dateline and this is even better so I don’t have to sit and watch. I can listen while I run, drive, chores, etc. need more and more often!
  • tkaeee
    Love it, but…
    I understand they’re just uploading audio from the Dateline show but I wish they’d go through and reiterate what people are saying in the interrogation videos. There’s usually subtitles on tv so we don’t have that luxury with podcasts. I can’t hear a dang thing the people are saying lol
  • WLong67
    Repeat of Segments
    This podcast will play a segment for a brief period and the repeat itself.
  • allyandersen17
    I love this podcast so much! But I hate that it skips alllllll the time!!!
  • Inside Willow
    I really enjoy this podcast!
  • Ggvmu
    Sooooooo awesome
  • KGee214
    Killing Time
    I never thought I would give less than five stars to anything involving Keith Morrison. The problem is the sound person who thinks it is a good idea to have a piano plinking away when a voice like Keith is interviewing someone! I also think the person who is being interviewed--like the sheriff or detective or family member-- should be given respect, too, without their words having to be enhanced with distracting music. There are also other annoying noises, but this is the one that sets my teeth on edge. Sorry, Keith! I think you're fantastic. I am a Date with Dateline fan and I love you as much as they do!
  • Jconcep985
    Just ok.
    Didn’t love it.
  • dogeisbetterthangabe
    Really enjoy this
    I really enjoy lot this , thank u for the consistency
  • LavenderR0SE
    The Way I Watch TV
    I practically never look at television, it’s just on, and I listen to it. So these podcasts are perfect for me. I splurged 10 whole dollars to get the premium. that gives me listening without commercials. For a whole year. I don’t know why everybody complains when it’s so easy to fix. Any problems with glitches, skipping whatever is your device or Internet fault not the fault of the program. Like other reviewers, I have my favorite reporters, and dislike one. This is my “go to” podcast when I want to listen to TV.
  • dmg53
    Simply the best!
    I have listened to every episode. So we’ll done !
  • Pittsburgh310
    Testing 1 2 3
  • Skeemer118
    Keith Morrison is the King of dateline
    We all know it’s true. Holt & Canning can take a hike. 😬
  • jenhed9696
    Along Came Sarah episode full of misogyny
    I couldn’t listen to this episode after Keith Morrison asks a guy if the woman on question was “good in bed” among other ridiculous descriptions. They’d never talk about a man like they talk about this woman.
  • deimos & sanford
    Good podcast but why!?
    Why are the people in these stories S O W E A K how can you not call the cops after being r@ped or attack I mean so weak.
  • NMP from MPLS
    Tired of the skips
    I love Dateline, but the podcast skips parts. Very annoying. Editing?
  • JulieAnnSoeataertKing
    Along came Sara
    OMG put that b&@“$ in jail and throw away the key!!! And I never cuss but she’s ridiculous!!!
  • Jace Lee 3
    My favorite crime podcast
    Love that I can listen to dateline on the go. The story is always very well put together and easy to follow!
  • SuzieCP23
    Who Killed Courtney Coco
    This story is very interesting, however Andrea Canning’s voice and intonation create an atmosphere of sensationalism and isn’t as professional as I’d like it to be. The upticks and drama in her voice/intonation become tedious and redundant with time and it makes the episode difficult to listen to. It dumbs down the story itself, or cheapens it somewhat. It made the episode much less enjoyable to listen to. I’m not sure I’ll listen to another story narrated by her again.
  • LarryLou72
    Female doctor?
    Did Andrea Canning seriously just say “female doctor” in the Dead Man Talking episode? I love Dateline but it’s 2023, Andrea, do better.
  • Colin Depew
    LOUD commercial breaks!
    I thought this type of old school psychological-game-playing-marketing was a relic of a bygone era… nope. The commercial breaks are nearly twice as loud as the program audio. So you can’t even just let the podcast play without your eardrums bleeding.
  • añtyzmqp
    A little lazy but still the gold standard
    Im quite content to pretend I’m listening to a podcast when in truth little (nothing ?) has been altered from the tv episode - it’s still riveting . Please please can someone tell Andrea to change her cadence or her delivery ? She has the exact same intonation for every sentence :( I picture a well meaning producer coached her beyond reason ? I’m I wrong or did she used to have a fairly normal style ?
  • Alubl
    Yasss queen 👸 💃
    Go baby girl Lester holt #Girl power #lester holt is my baby girl #slay queen
  • AndyClem
    The Woman Narrator Upends Her Sentences Making Her sound Creepily Exited
    The female narrator sounds eerily and creepishly exited in the midst of tragic events. I honestly need a shower - can’t even finish the episode
  • USA Mknitter
    Dead Man Talking — the extra separate interview with Andrea
    Thanks again for this separate interview with Andrea about the back story and her experience with producing it. I also appreciated the referral to Jane MacSorley’s separate interview, “I am not Nicklaus,” which provided additional information—Thanks!! Also, thank you for the “inside information” that you are not involved with the naming/titling of each episode! Please continue with these excellent podcasts!
  • EIM04
    Need more host interaction
    Love talking dateline !
  • schamily
    Won’t work
    For three days straight I have not been able to listen to Dateline. It always shows “unable to play” . I have numerous episodes and it says the same thing. I have a paid subscription for no commercials and nothing will play. Please fix this. I live Dateline and miss it!
  • kimmi429
    Talking Dateline
    Love Dateline and really enjoyed Talking Dateline! Great job Dateline❤️
  • KTWHY98
    Almost Perfext
    The writing and producing is excellent, the stories are fascinating. My only criticism is Andrea Canning’s weird, affected delivery—a cartoonish, a Scooby-Doo mystery voice that she only uses for narration. It’s completely normal in conversations with others—which is even more maddening. I actively avoid all episodes with her.
  • Moo long
    They did not do good
  • redmeat16
    Who killed Countny Coco
    That probably my fav
  • BTshappywife
    Too much
    Sorry….. we can’t all pay for every single podcast prescription and every single steaming tv show . Biggest fan checking out. Dial it back folks there’s millions of true crime that we don’t have to pay for 3 times
  • Aiedan's
    I love dateline
  • chefkat2356789949102
    Keith Morrison
    We need more of him!!!!!! Please! We need more episodes and way more Keith Morrison!!!!!!
  • kbbkbt
    April 11, 2023, Behind Door 813
    Why would her lawyers use the defense that the victim thought the gun was empty? Brenda said he supposedly told her to cover her ears. Someone who didn’t expect the gun to go off wouldn’t expect it to make a sound. It wasn’t a plausible defense at all.
  • NH Kelley
    Podcast stops playing
    Stories are interesting, and I enjoy them. However, there is some glitch or system issue with the actual podcast itself. Stops playing midway through and won’t restart. Extremely annoying!!
  • Great, but a few annoyances
    More Keith Morrison
    There DOES need a Keith Morrison section because let’s be real, he’s the BEST!
  • elliee383
    The best
    So captivating! I love dateline!!!!
  • Devon5272
    Keith Morrison
    Just please make a category that puts all of Keith Morrison’s episodes together. Thank you.
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