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  • True crime pod super fan
    The most recent episode The Sisterhood is not streaming on Peacock nor is it available on apple podcast… but the Talking Dateline episode is available… What gives? I still gave 5 stars bc I love Dateline!
  • susannj
    Talking Dateline
    What’s up with the weird annoyance towards Keith Morrison from the other hosts? Too much unspoken something that I just don’t appreciate. Find someone to talk with Mr. Morrison who likes him because the snark makes me uncomfortable
  • pdj1030
    Robert Durst episode…thumbs down
    Robert Durst episode…did not enjoy it. Was never interested in his story. While I’m at it I would like to lodge another complaint against Talking Dateline which I did not subscribe to. no matter how fascinated I was with the episode that generated this “talk”. But I love Dateline and all the hosts especially Keith. For that reason I still give it a 5.
  • StanW74
    Best in the business. Subscription is 100% worth it
  • Jaggermk
    Talking Dateline
    Love the episodes but cringe at the talking dateline backslapping rehash.
  • realtorfinder
    Not a fan of Talking Dateline
    What’s with this Subscriber business? I have been a fan for decades and suddenly I’m confused at the variety of datelines and am not liking the new formats. I guess I’ll just wait for new episodes and listen to other crime mystery podcasts in the mean time. Good job to all the hosts though - they are awesome!
  • caitiemax
    Love the show hate the new anchor
    Who is she? I need my oldies!!
  • Breads.Baby88
    Love Blayne Alexander!!
    Love the show been a long time fan and I can’t get enough!!! Blayne is a great addition to the show and if you have a chance St.Mary’s County Maryland outside Baltimore has a mystery in my family!! Thank you and can’t wait for the next show!! I think Andre killed Nando
  • Spencer E Holtaway
    Great show
    Great hosts and often fascinating stories. I love the formula they use to pull you through the stories even when I’m pretty sure I’ve guessed the ending near the start. Talking Dateline is also really fun - the hosts have such great rapport and those episodes add Dateline to my list of podcasts that I’d like to go for a drink with!
  • Sillyror
    Boring Host, Boring Show
    I’ve been listening to podcasts for a few years now while I work and do monotonous tasks. And while the stories may be interesting, the host and story telling is so boring, bland, and monotone. I’ve even rolled my eyes listening, some of the comments from script can be so corny that it makes me cringe. I would recommend literally any other podcast if you're looking to listen to anything remotely engaging.
  • CoachThePuppy
    Heart pounding episode
    I have listened to A LOT of true crime and so much of it has been from Dateline and I can honestly say they VILLAINOUS PLAN is the MOST heart pounding, unbelievable, and outstandingly reported Dateline story I’ve heard. Top 5 for sure! And #1 single episode. Wow. Just wow!
  • EntirelyJo
    The Real OG’s
    As a millennial, Dateline is the Genesis of my love for true crime — freaking me out as a little kid. They really were creating the format of true crime reporting format that so many follow now. I LOVE the Talking Dateline episodes so much.
  • LightBrown Chica Diana
    What great picks for storytelling!
    I am a huge huge fan of this show. Of course the reason they’re doing this show is very sad, but the way each of the stories are told by the cast is AMAZING. I love the way, every one of them tell the stories when it’s their turn. Great job folks. I’m lock in for all of it. 💓
  • Kjparalegal
    Great Podcast but no updated episodes
    This is a great podcast but there is not enough new content. The Talking Dateline seems to be filler for content. A little disappointing because now I’m paying for premium with no new episodes.
  • CharlieHustle16
    The new format is a joke and you can just find dateline episodes on YouTube. NBC blew it with this
  • abigailburke
    Subscriber to this podcast...less content?
    This is definitely my #1 podcast. I'm just frustrated because I now pay over $40 /year and I feel like they post less and less! I don't need Christmas classics! Post more episodes! You have over 20+ years of episodes and only post the audio for the podcast! Post more often! What's the hold up!!??
  • Lisha239
    What happens when you listened to all?
    Love the podcast. I’ve unfortunately listened to the entire playlist. Will the older episodes be added. I don’t mind listening to as far back as it goes
  • foofooshnickens
    What’s not to love?
    I’m a huge Dateline fan, and I ESPECIALLY love Talking Dateline! I enjoy getting to hear all the extra tidbits and behind the scenes info. Thanks for being the best at what you do!
  • badkarll
    Talking Dateline 10/10
    Dateline podcasts have the highest production quality! I absolutely love Talking Dateline too! Always look forward to those. Keep them coming!
  • raisedincali74
    I’m literally obsessed with this show, whether watching it on tv or listening to the podcasts! I’ve always been into my music on my drives, but now I only have music on when others are in the car with me. LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and all the reporters. They all do such a good job and are so unique in their ways of story telling!
  • emilyschmemilym
    Blayne is so great!
    When the episode started I was shocked to hear a voice I wasn’t used to - and skeptical. Turns out she’s fantastic. Great addition to the already loved team of correspondents!
  • Delil😀😀😀😀😀
    Justice for joy
    I had to stop listening and unsubscribe. I couldn’t stand listening to the disgusting noises coming out of the guest. So gross. 🤮
  • Goofy the Goober
    Amazing podcast!
    The detail is amazingly precise. Sound is cool too. Don't mind adds at all!
  • Over slept
    Love talking dateline
    I love listening to the benind-the-scenes stuff. Keep up the good work!!
  • iona trailer
    Love the real episodes, hate the commentary
    The actual episodes are fantastic. Love the narration. Love the storytelling. I don’t want to hear reporters digest/regurgitate episodes. Sorry, but I just don’t care for it.
  • Taryn_Ka
    Love this!
    I listen to this on EVERY roadtrip and think the editing and stories and reporters make everything even better. I prefer this podcast over any other when I need a good story to hear with great effects.
  • Nickname yujnbgfvvfffvggffvb
    I love
    It is the best
  • Cassy123938484934
    V interesting
    Gotta love this show
  • Scraletlovesdogs
    Love it
    Love this podcast can’t stop listening to it I recommend its
  • Kristina_NYUAlum
    I prefer listening to this podcast over watching the show! So good and edited well
  • Cleo224
    Love dateline
    I enjoy all the episodes, old and new and I really like talking dateline. It’s great to hear about things that might have happened since the episode was produced and the insights that are shared. Keith Morrison is my favorite ( that mesmerizing voice!)
  • )66?
    Stellar Storytelling
    It’s hard to match Dateline’s brilliant storytelling, fastidious attention to detail and the ability to make the most macabre stories as mesmerizing as a fairytale to a child. It’s exceptional journalism by masters of their craft.
  • Olga Alas
    Night time!
    I have to listen a few episodes every night. I don’t have time to watch them.😑
  • Deserae M
    Sadly very hard to understand
    The storyline was really put together well. It’s sadly very hard to understand the story teller. I could only make out bits and pieces and was left with no details due to that issue. If you can understand i believe this podcast is a very good one
  • YoEnglish
    Talking Dateline
    I LOVE ALL things Dateline. I do like the thoughts from my favorite crew, their insight on how they felt covering the story. Keep up the good work.
  • smurfy105
    Dateline premium
    The episodes are not playing to the end. It gets to where there is 15-20 minutes left and it just stops. Advancing it 30 seconds or stopping and restarting does not work
  • Marine1.0
    Stop Talking Dateline
    I don’t need the Talking Dateline. I love the commentators. All of them. But I don’t care for them interviewing each other concerning their shows. I’m a driver and I can’t just stop the truck to pick up my phone to change the episode.
  • Fish face!
    Love listening to Dateline!
  • esk334
    I love talking dateline!
    I like watching the show and then talking dateline. Keep it up, please!
  • Sarahthacutiepi
    Dateline is Okay
    I like Dateline episodes. It’s interesting to follow the investigation and details of the cases. That being said, Talking Dateline episodes are very annoying and sound overly rehearsed. I can’t listen to those.
  • Flower45power65
    Stop posting talking dateline
    Do not enjoy the new episodes of talking dateline, I have su other than that it’s a great podcast
  • BBF87
    Not as good as before
    Feels like Dateline producers are running out of content since they have been revisiting old cases and released the Talking Dateline.
  • don't get this so app
    Dateline is the king of true crime, but…
    I love dateline and have been a fan since the show’s inception many many years ago. I’m also learning to like the talk shows after the show, just because I want to hear more dateline. However, the stories are becoming few and far between and repeating episodes are released as if it’s a new podcast. It feels like Dateline is putting on the brakes or getting burned out or something. I find myself starting to listen to 20/20 more because they are releasing podcasts more frequently and the content is fresh. They are also doing something I wish Dateline would do, release a new podcast on an old story and include an update. I love the updates and have often wondered if there are updates on the stories Dateline tells. We want more Dateline, not less. Please don’t lose your crown.
  • MrsBradH
    No more talking Dateline
    I love listening to all the Dateline stories but the Talking Dateline is annoying. Just give me the regular story like before.
  • danibent
    Best show and podcast
    I used to watch dateline sooo much and then life got busy and I forgot about it. Then, as a n adult in career life, I started working in a field where I’m in the car ALOT. So when I found the dateline podcast I was ecstatic! Such great story telling and talking dateline adds so much, I love it! Keep up the great work!
  • caw caw im a hovering duck
    Love the style of each narrator! Great storytelling!
  • GagaFan82
    Andrea and Talking Dateline are Awesome
    I have no idea why people hate Talking Dateline and dislike Andrea Canning so much. I always enjoy Andrea’s episodes and Talking Dateline fits right in as a follow-up to the actual story. I’m baffled by all the negative comments. Here’s to many more great episodes with Josh, Dennis, Keith, AND Andrea 🙂
  • Katiemrivera
    Love love love!!!
    Love Dateline AND Talking Dateline. Love how the correspondents get so involved in the story and truly care about the families they are interviewing.
  • Dateline Fann
    Talking Dateline
    Get rid of Talking Dateline. It’s boring and screws up my feed. Because I don’t listen to, it stays as the most recent.
  • KrisCarlisle
    Love dateline
    Love it but please do away with the talking episodes or at least give them their own podcast.
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