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Welcome to the show that teaches you everything your mom never did about getting dressed! The Everyday Style School inspires you to love the way you look everyday, and gives you the tools to make it easy. From understanding your body shape, to getting rid of clothes that no longer serve you, we give real style advice to women with real lives, real bodies, and real budgets.

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  • Crafty yeya
    Life changing!
    I’m learning so much …. And realizing that having a wardrobe that isn’t frumpy is worth investing in. Jennifer’s episodes on how your wardrobe can help you reach your goals totally sold me and it is making my life better and happier. Thank you!
  • dark amber
    I’ve learned so much
    This podcast is fantastic! I’ve learned so much and my wardrobe has never been better. I cleaned out the clutter so I can focus on wearing items I love and as a result I look and feel so much better. Her tips and advice are always right on.
  • connect stinks
    The Everyday Style School
    I’ve recently begun listening and I appreciate the practical advice. I am guilty of some of the mistake’s mentioned (like saving my cutest clothes for “good wear” and then never getting around to them). I always thought I was intentional about my fashion but now I am aware of the changes I need to make in order to have the wardrobe I need for my lifestyle. Also, our host makes a point of how important it is to dress with style everyday. This is a good podcast.
  • Michelle8519
    Great podcast
    I am a mid 30’s mom in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe and finding my style again as my youngest is nearing the end of the baby stage. I find this podcast helpful, practical, and encouraging. Lots of good topics and tips covered. Has helped me a bunch!
  • Kiddie Nurse
    Re: Petite episode
    Very informative. Re: sizing/retailers. LL Bean has detailed sizing information and asks what size you wear in other brands for comparison. As a petite small, I find LL bean true to size. Lands End relaxed fit-tees-need Xs petite. JJill cardigans-run very large. I wear xs petite, and they’re still big. Hope this helps.
  • meganrey
    The Best Style Podcast
    I’m picky about podcast quality, and this is THE best style podcast out there. Every moment is jam packed with actionable takeaways and advice, as opposed to some others who wistfully ramble or chit chat with a guest about clothes. Not to mention the advice is life changing for helping you get dressed every day!
  • Bluelotus55
    6 stars!
    Thus show offers approachable, unpretentious, tremendously helpful advice for anyone.
  • Soggybao
    The fashion podcast you’ve been looking for!
    Jen gives versatile fashion advice and tips on how to feel empowered confident everyday when you get dressed. As a personal stylist, I love tuning into Jen’s podcast to hear her incredible expertise and the amazing guests she brings on!
  • Svalkar13
    One of the best podcasts on fashion I’ve found
    Well put together, clear and practical. I have been bingeing past episodes. Jen is a skilled educator and my favorite podcast episodes are the ones when she teaches on a specific style topic- fabrics, fits, shopping etc. (like her old episodes), my least favorite are the off-topic interviews. They feel very obligatory and like she is following the whole “how to build your following” by doing collaborations and playing to the social media algorithm. I don’t listen to those. The style chats can be helpful but there is a level of impatience and sometimes disdain (?) that comes out when Jen does the Q&A.
  • OneBl1ndMouse
    Huge impact on style and confidence
    Jennifer breaks down fashion concepts in to easily digestible parts and makes learning fun! I’m already finding myself feeling/looking better and others are noticing too. Thank you for making getting dressed fun again!
  • Sissy308
    Best teacher ever!
    Jen is the best teacher I have encountered in over 20 years in education. Her podcasts all have a learning objective, the material is presented in a clear, well-organized manner, and she adds just enough humor and personality. My wardrobe now truly expresses my style, and I have Jen to thank.
  • Lyntwhit
    Great Information!
    I love this podcast! Such great information with specifics, not only generalized answers. I like being able to listen to past podcasts to find answers to specific questions too. Although there are other products offered, I don’t feel like the podcast is just a teaser or ad for the other products. Tons of very helpful info here to be had for free! This has been so helpful as I’ve revamped my wardrobe after weight loss!
  • LivMat91
    Love the Podcast
    I really like this podcast so far. Jennifer presents smart, helpful advice on a range of different fashion topics in a non-judgmental way. Keep the episodes coming!
  • Helen Likes Her Clothes
    How did I get by before this show?
    I’m in my sixties, have loved clothes, can sew, and believed that I knew a great deal about style and dressing … so how does Jennifer Mackey Mary manage to teach me something new with nearly every one of her podcasts?? I’m truly shocked at how differently I look at my clothes and the process of getting dressed each day now. It’s all just so much more fun! And it carries through my day - there are more smiles and there’s more happiness in my corner of the world as a result of implementing what I’ve learned from these podcasts.
  • Jamieleemak
    So inspirational
    The first episode I listened to was 5 habits of Super stylish women and it almost loved me to tears. This podcast give such real life, accessible, kind and informed advice! So glad I found it- I feel like she is in my head and knew all my insecurities and style concerns!!
  • Trying to be my best
    Great and useful podcast!
    Advice and tips that can be applied to everyday life without a focus on weight or looking a certain way. Awesome podcast !
  • Moms Overcoming Overwhelm
    Style for Real Women’s Everyday Lives
    I have been a client of Jen’s and was thrilled to have her recently as a guest on my podcast. Her realistic approach to style and the intentionality with which she designs her products is a breath of fresh air. She helps women just as they are, in this season, and encourages them to appreciate and celebrate their everyday lives. Thank you, Jen! Sincerely, Emily @ Moms Overcoming Overwhelm Podcast
  • MollyLovesSleep
    Truly life-changing
    This podcast has changed my life! Truly, I feel a million times better about myself, my body, and my style. I’m a kinder mom, I’m more productive (even while spending a little extra time to get myself ready each day), I’m more confident and more motivated to take care of myself in other ways. It sounds crazy, but I started listening at the beginning of the podcasts, learned how to dress myself for my real life and got out of the black t shirt and leggings I was wearing everyday. Jennifer knows SO much and her advice is spot on. It’s the best investment you can make to change how you feel about yourself right now!!
  • All sugar and spice
    The Best Resource in Style
    As someone who loves learning about style, I have sought and found several resources. But I have never found one that gave better practical advice than Jen.
  • PodMom50
    Relatable and Entertaining!
    Love this podcast! So informative and helpful. Jen understands real women and what their concerns are. She is so easy to relate to. She has a great sense of humor too and the podcasts are entertaining as well as full of information. I highly recommend!
  • Cris_SD
    Interesting and useful
    Interesting and useful tips, well done!
  • Iklewis
    Super Inspiring and Real
    I so appreciate your real-ness, Jennifer. Thank you for being honest. The 5 Habits of Super Stylish Women is my favorite so far. Very inspiring.
  • Janellmcp
    Love it!
    I absolutely love this podcast. Before I found Jennifer, I was shopping in a haphazard way, collecting clothes that went with nothing I had and may not even look good on me. I was frustrated because it seemed that stores always catered to young people and never to us older crowd. What I discovered is that I really didn’t know what styles were flattering on me which goes way beyond what store I shop in. I have learned so much about my body type, style and what’s current. I can’t say enough about these podcasts or Jennifer’s entire program!
  • SLPvictoria
    So good
    I love podcasts but have a hard time finding new podcasts that I love. After the first episode of Everyday Style, I was hooked. I binge listened to episodes for weeks. Now I look forward to each new episodes. I feel so inspired after each episode! I’m strongly considering joining the style circle.
  • Shoolady2012
    Realistic style advice for real women
    Hands down the best style podcast. This show gives real life, accessible tips for women who are living real lives. Not based on faux celebrity lifestyles!! Love this and highly recommend.
  • Wm3503
    The Best
    Can’t say enough good things about this podcast. I’ve done a deep dive on what’s out there related to Women’s style/tips and I keep coming back. The information applies to women of all ages, styles and body types. It’s really helped me be intentional about honing my own style and have no shame for prioritizing how “I show up” everyday. Thank you, Jennifer!!
  • jhaagfnp
    Style advise
    When I heard the most recent episode today, I almost wondered if it wasn’t Jen due to the slight voice change but that’s because of the upgraded equipment. I appreciate Jen and her team for the clear, concise advise that encourages women to find the style that suits them best, not necessarily prescribing a look that “everyone looks good in”, because alas that doesn’t exist.
  • amy AOOP
    So witty, frank, cheerful, and educational
    Love Jen and her deep knowledge about authentic style. She gives practical tips I have easily implemented about incorporating trends, how to budget, investing in undergarments and outerwear, and the importance of applying style for each of activities and also for relaxing at home.
  • _Emily_H_S
    Helpful and encouraging
    Love the doable advice given!!
  • mktyoga
    Welcoming and inviting style advice
    I love this podcast and Jen’s welcoming and inviting manner of giving style advice. She is encouraging, enthusiastic and shares her guidance and wisdom in a practical, digestible way. I really want to up my style game but find myself intimidated by the idea of style. Jen encourages me to have fun with exploring my style options.
  • AudioVideoTaperecorder
    Sleeves are NOT Boring!
    I just found this podcast and I’m learning so much! I have always loved clothes but didn’t know how to have polished style. I finally know my body type & am totally into all of the clothing and fabric facts. Sleeves are not boring to me…I’m absolutely loving this!!
  • Random funny girl
    I love this pod! Great, practical advice for regular ladies like me. It’s very polished and professional yet down to earth and real.
  • Number1abs
    My favorite podcast! Love the magic on this podcast, the practical tips, real life advice, and honest perspective on how to invest and feel wonderful. Thank you Jen!
  • Jilly1981
    This podcast came at jus the right time
    I was introduced to this podcast by my coach. It has been so wonderful to listen to and I’ve gleaned so much in such a little amt of time. Thank you for all the content. I can’t wait to share with others.
  • s_duke16
    Wish I’d found this podcast sooner!!!
    I’ve ironically been working on my wardrobe all year and never even thought a podcast like this existed. Just listened to my first episode and im HOOKED! So easy to digest, practical tips, and definitely left me wanting to listen to more!
  • KB123SA
    Sound advice, no pun intended!
    This podcast puts into perspective how much our wardrobes need to work for us, not against us. Each episode has actionable nuggets of hard truth that have helped me tackle my closet and shopping habits, paring both down to garments I actually need and will wear. I can envision what it is like to be Jennifer’s client, and think by listening to all her episodes that I’m benefiting from her years of experience! Signed, a thankful listener.
  • grateful_student23
    Really needed this information!
    Love that it’s geared toward real women and Jennifer delivers it in a way that’s relatable, empathetic, and non-judgmental. It’s already gotten me to feel less guilt about letting things go that aren’t working for me anymore, which is a minor miracle! And I’ve actually made progress with her closet editing process in the 30-day challenge - it really helps me having it broken down into steps. After a major work change followed by the pandemic years, I really needed wardrobe help. So grateful for this podcast!
  • Focused on weather
    So helpful
    Such a helpful podcast. So appreciate the wisdom.
  • dbrrv
    Common sense and clear communication
    Well done. Great advice in every show.
  • SunshineJewels
    Love This!
    I’m so glad I found you! Love your wardrobe advice! Thanks for helping me!
  • Healthy Oiler
    Best wardrobe advice
    Stumbled upon this podcast looking for smart fashion advice. Jennifer has a wealth of practical professional experience that she shares in a modern, upbeat, detailed way. I know this podcast is a lot of work to produce, but sorely needed in a sea of fluff! Can’t wait for the next episode and Style Guide!
  • thehomemademama
    Help for my “I’m done having babies” stage of life
    I just happened upon this podcast when looking for some help in developing my “post baby phase” sense of style. I’ve honestly never had a sense of style before, didn’t even know where to start and I have loved learning about all the things from this podcast. From underwear to makeup to defining your personal style, this podcast has given me a place to learn and develop my confidence in my own style. Thank you for all you do!
  • Topper Doodle
    Great practical advice on creating your style
    Listen up! This podcast is full of great tips, interviews and practical advice you can use immediately. Jen’s friendly tone is like chatting with your BFF that has a fun sense of humor thrown in about how to look and feel your best. Outstanding podcast.
  • cloui87
    Fun, educational and applicable
    I’m a style podcast junkie and love a good stylist discussion. Jen does a fantastic job explaining style concepts (types of fabric, sleeves, bras much more!) and how they might work with your body. She’s empowering, knowledgeable and approachable. I’m excited to take my style knowledge and skills to the next level, thanks to Jen :) Edit: I just had to say again that Jen does a phenomenal job communicating wisdom about style in unexpected ways. Her advice can apply to so many women yet it’s also not generic (like “black is great for everyone!”). I continue to learn more “why” behind how some style elements tend to work more than others. Most of all, it’s clear Jen cares about her Lindas lives :)
  • SewMuchFashion
    Excellent Advice
    I just discovered this podcast and have been having a wonderful time binge listening the episodes. The podcast gives excellent advice and useful and practical advice and information. I love it!
  • shoegirl2021
    A lot of words but no meaningful content. She’s just trying to sell her capsule wardrobe info. Don’t waste your time, you won’t learn anything about fashion here!
  • kmgage
    Love it
    I don’t remember how I found this podcast but I am glad I did. For the past couple of weeks I have been binge listening to past episodes , some more than once I love it. Thanks Jen
  • maitcakes
    My life has improved so much!
    I wanted to say thank you! I feel so much more in control of my wardrobe than I ever have. The tips she gives are very simple, easy to follow and just make sense. I’ve edited my closet and made a list of things I need to buy. I’m getting them one by one according to my budget. I don’t feel like I’m wasting my money or my time on clothes that just don’t work for me. Wish I had found this years ago!
  • Jo-14
    Jennifer is amazing! I just have to say that right off. Her tips are very easy to follow, but they make so much of an impact on how I feel about my style and my body! She always comes up with cool new ideas for episodes, and she keeps things fresh and lively. Sometimes other style podcasts run out of topics and energy, but I’m very glad that this one did not because it is amazing! Sometimes people will comment on my look or ask me questions on how I achieved the look, and it is really cool to be able to answer their questions! 5 very-deserved stars!
  • Redrider55563
    Farm Girl Classic
    This podcast has become my new obsession. I wait anxiously every week for the newest episode to drop just so I can glean new tidbits of wisdom for adjusting my style. I always felt my style was a half beat off. Living in a very rural area in Iowa, jeans and cowboy boots have always been my go. In the past, attempts at leveling up my wardrobe have alway failed because in the end it just wasn’t me. Jen has helped me realize that not only is my person style ok, but by using little tips I can be classy, chic and myself all at the same time. These days a well fitted leather blazer, silk cami and gold neckstack with my jeans and boots is my go to for a girls night out! As Jen always says, “Girl, you do you”. And with her help I’m doing me and rocking it! Thanks Jen!! 🙂
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