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Asking the questions others are afraid to. Bunnie XO host of the Dumb Blonde podcast – the ultimate destination for comedy, trending and lifestyle. Get ready to dive into hilarious discussions about relationships, trauma, embarrassing moments, and all the realness life throws at us. Join Bunnie every week to laugh, relate, and embrace your inner healing.

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  • amandafaureSD
    Love your pod!!💕 you do the best interviews. I love getting a different side to all these stories 🥰🥰
  • Bambam162773
    I like the show but..
    I like the show but please remove the ad where you say your arm pit smells like beef stroganoff it literally makes me sick.
  • american_greed
    Bam interview was great!
    Host is great with her guests and awesome she is sober!
  • Scampbellsoup
    The White Oprah
    Bunnie has THE BEST guests on & is so smart & thoughtful with her interviews. She asks everything we’re wondering & creates a safe space for them to open up. I LIVE for her pod.
  • melperez773
    Thank you!
    Thank you or just being real.
  • Wyatts grandma
    Amazing podcast!!
    Found this podcast by watching a YouTube short and OMG am I hooked!!! I can’t get enough and I just want to say how much I love listening to how amazing Bunnie speaks and how absolutely caring and beautiful she is!! What a beautiful soul!! Thank you for these phenomenal interviews!!
  • sunflower342
    I just love you
    You and jelly are amazing people I’ve followed you on tiktoc I love how you uplift people and you bring the haters down I love outspoken you are this world needs more people like you and jelly roll ❤️❤️❤️
  • 0ld Ladee
    Old Lady Loves Bunnie
    I found you by accident, didn’t know who you were but started listening! I really enjoy your variety of topics. I’m learning so much about younger people and their issues, and it’s been mind opening. Thank you for being just how God made you!
  • Batmanfreak33
    Love you Bunnie
    Please pull the mic away from y’all’s mouth! This last episode of Winter swallowing her spit after every sentence made me cringe. I love this podcast but I had to change it good lord.
  • NikkiProv
    Dumb Blonde
    Bunnie is just amazing. What I love about her is I don’t believe in something’s that she does, but she doesn’t care - she welcomes everyone to listen of all walks and she is just real and honest about life. I think this is what makes her stand out. I look forward to Wednesdays!
  • Lynda Lou 1023
    5 stars
    I love listening to your podcast you have all my favorite people on here and I love how you give them all a space to tell their stories and you truly listen such a wonderful podcast
  • Lzavoina
    Love this podcast!
    I look forward to hearing Bunnies podcast every week. She does a great job having guests that we all would have interest in. Not to mention she and Jelly are the kindest hearted people, and have a special love we all hope for. I know you said some people aren’t excited to hear from Farrah, but I am. I’d like to know more about her story, and how she is now that she has matured. Looking forward to more podcasts. Love u and your crew Bunnie! XO
  • notcrazyinidaho
    Bam Margera
    I love all your episodes but this one was hard to follow. I know he's got a lot going on, but it was very hard because the format was all over the place.
  • Jcros17
    Great Insight
    I just found this podcast a few weeks ago. Bunnie has such a diverse group of guests on and each week I learn something. Some weeks we get juicy gossip and behind the scenes peeks and other weeks we learning how to improve our bodies and minds. I look forward to see who the new guest is each week.
  • Nickii81
    Terrible Audio
    I really want to listen to this podcast but the audio is all over the place! Normal conversation is so low that you have to turn the volume way up to even hear it. And excited conversation is so loud that it blows your eardrums out. Is no one listening to this prior to putting out episodes??
  • bellarosa1717
    Why are so many words blanked out ? I can’t even understand the episode 😩
  • Yourmother101011
    Yes 👏🏼
    I heard about your Podcast from Renee Graziano and wanted to give it a listen. Wow, that was the most incredible interview! Bunnie, you were so amazing! You actually listened to her and let her speak/tell her story. You could feel how interested you were and how you cared. You have a great voice and are so easy to listen to! I subscribed and can’t wait to listen to more. Excited to be a new subscriber ❤️
  • ericsgirl42
    Love it and you!!
    You do the best of explaining things are the best wife!! I love you and jelly. You’re so great!! And you are an inspiration!! 💚💜
  • KRhoadie
    Keep doing you!
  • julia119
    LOVE Jeffrey Starr Scorpio energy
    Loved listening to Jeffrey Star. I admire his hard work and honesty. It’s refreshing to hear him call people out and just be himself.
  • xoxoKelliexoxo
    Authentic Good Energy
    Even tho there’s a lot of trauma that gets unpacked, there’s still an overall good energy. All the shows are really authentic and unfiltered. It’s like talking to a girlfriend but ones with really interesting stories and perspectives.
  • Mizzzzzbossi
    Hey Sis
    New here and love it!! Hotteawithtiff 🥰🥰🥰
  • MorganTTU
    Was always skeptical
    I have always seen this podcast and have been curious. I’d hate to say that I judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately, I think I did with this one. I totally missed the mark. The interview with Renee Graziano was one of the best interviews I’ve ever heard. it was so nice to get to hear behind the scenes actions and what actually took place. I have now become a Dumb Blonde follower for life. 10 out of 10.
  • Kelly marie81
    Bunnie is the best!!
    I absolutely look forward to the podcast each week. You’re sensitive, funny, and caring. You give your guest a place to be raw and real. Unlike any other podcast! Keep doing what your doing!!
  • mzmarian
    Excellent podcast!
    Bunnie you are the best interviewer and the Karen Gravano interview was the bomb!
  • Kayla Heether
    I have listened to every single and I look forward to every single new one! So down to earth and open about literally everything.
  • AmandaG4022
    Loved the interview with Renee..she is such a firecracker😁
  • texaslatinaGG
    You’re Inspiring!
    Thank you for being raw and real and bringing people on who can do the same. As much as people love reality tv I feel real podcasts and opening up means so much more. You’re life story is very interesting and you turned it around into such a positive. ✨May god bless you with more happiness and the universe always have your back! ✨✨ Thank you for being such a good soul after you going through so much in life . You make sure not to ever stop and makes me know I can’t stop and I won’t. You’re amazing !
  • LOVETemp
    I absolutely Love listening to you every week!! My favorite episode to date is with Renee Graziano!!! Love you guys!!!
  • RayA0609
    Great podcast
    I just started listening a few days ago. This podcast is great. Bunnie is a great interviewer she doesn’t over talk her guests, allows them to speak their truth, and follows their life story. I truly enjoy this podcast much better than others. Bunnie is a great interviewer 5/5 !!!
  • Mine is a hot mess life
    Amazing Must Listen Podcast
    I have only listened to 2 episodes so far and they were both amazing! Her interviews are thorough, real and helpful. This is a must listen to podcast, there is something for everyone and you will find your jaw dropped at times while your glued to each episode!
  • ApriLove.xoxo
    I enjoyed this episode so much! Just like every other episode, Bunnie is such a great host! And does her research on her guests. I remember growing up watch Mob Wives, faithfully! Had to be around when my reality show addiction began 😜I can’t believe all the things Renee has overcome! Her life is truly a testament, I wish her well, always! Love ya Bunnie! 🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽
  • 🥰proud
    Bailee Ann
    Bailee Ann u are an amazing person you keep shining because even us as adults struggle keep speaking your voice keep trying to help as many people as u can be proud for being so young your an amazing person u even helped me and I’m 35 ❤️❤️
  • pattisonny
    I wanna see the movies too ❤️
  • cand ice5
    Genuine feelz
    Newbie here! I’ve listened to Shanna, Lena, & now JWow’s (Jenni) You have such a genuine way of talking to women. I love hearing your stories as well! I love you & J’s journey & how open you are to sharing all the highs & lows without giving 2fcks ab what others say or think! Jenni I love the movies idea & hope to see something you’ve produced in the future!
  • Brittjudd123
    I have always loved jersey shore from 1st episode yes I’m a OG 🤣 but the respect level I have for Jenni just raised 100% I’ve been through so much and related to this whole podcast I love u Jenni and bunnie! 🫶🏻🥹
  • hayleexdotxcom
    Jenni Farley!!
    This episode was so amazing. It made me really think about the way I parent my daughter. So helpful!
  • Hisbissa
    straight to my heart.
    Bailee your story really hit home for me. i just finally got the chance to listen to it. and I took it to heart i thank you forgiving me a look into the teenagers side. my daughter is battling her own demons and we’ve been trying to find ways through her trauma so thank you AND your momma bear. Bunnie your podcasts makes me wish i could sit down and talk to you. THANK YOU BOTH so much for sharing not only your personal stories but your shared story 🥰💯
  • A Ozzie
    B+B episode
    Man, this podcast was rough to get through. I had to stop and pause because my heart couldn’t handle it. As a mom I don’t understand how someone could do this. Y’all are doing all the right things and talking about publicly could help a family.
  • syd milner
    Bailee girl!!!
    I love listening to bunnies pod cast but BAILEE. The awareness, grace, and healing you have!!!! Like wow. What an episode. The relationship between Bailee and bunnie is amazing. So much healing. So much love. I loved this episode.
  • jessieLEVEEL5578
    I love this for you baby girl!
    Watching all these last four years through the pandemic and on has been the relief the inspiration the uplifting bunny, Bailey and jelly have healed me in ways they’ll never know
  • 💜 Blue eyes💜
    This was truly inspiring. From heartache and struggle to love and happiness. Bailee is going to do great things in life and I can’t wait to see all the good that she will bring to the world. The love,dedication,compassion and understanding that bunnie gives makes her Bailee’s real mama! That’s what mamas do for their babies! I loved this. It was heartbreaking but beautiful! I got 11 years clean from painkillers. I literally lost almost everything that ever meant anything to me but here I stand today with all that I lost plus some. We do recover!
  • Tasha 🫶🏼
    I love love LOVE this Podcast! Bunnie is amazing and so fun to listen too. I drive multiple hours a day for work, this is all I’ve been listening to!! 🩷🫶🏼
  • Chicana 801
    Omg! I cried so hard my daughter has been through the drug addiction and as a freshman in high school as parents, we don’t always know what to do or what’s right, but it was a mental health cry out the only thing that we could do or afford was to put her in the mental hospital here Utah and your absolutely correct teenagers right now. Need all the help that they can get and there’s no help but just like you she’s is doing amazing she’s a senior this year she’s getting her CNA she was excepted into a couple colleges and she is going for her RN and we are so extremely proud of her hearing your story and you talk about your story is going to help so many people. we absolutely love your family and can’t wait to see what your future holds!
  • ashlyntrask
    Episode with Bailee
    I love all the episodes, however, this one hit so close to home with me. I have a daughter, she just turned 17, struggles so much mentally, that it blindsided me to get a phone call from her friend’s mom saying my daughter just took a handful of pills (she was in the next room from me). I never knew her struggles ran that deep. Bailee’s words helped me understand from a teenage point of view. Everything your entire family does, is impacting more people than you’ll ever realize. Thank-you! From a struggling momma. 💕
  • auberti0721
    Beautiful Bailey
    What a wonderful episode. Bailey is such an inspiration to all girls, including this 32 year old!
  • sssssoooopppp
    I absolutely love the podcast with your daughter! What a wonderful story. She is an amazing young woman, and her story will help many others. I pray for peace and healing for you all. I just loved her so much.
  • Laufer01
    Who Knew???
    What a refreshing and honest show! The topics you cover are so relevant and needed. Normalizing Mental Health and the treatment of it is so necessary. The family dysfunction is more relatable than most would admit to.
  • MollyBee263
    Wow, great to hear Bailee Ann so well spoken and mature. Simply amazing that she can observe from the other side and know she is still healing. More proof that “Daddy” n Bunnie are keeping a solid, grounded home front. Keep raising that voice to support mental health in the youth community. You are an old soul sweet Bailie Ann Much love and respect! ☮️🥰❤️🙏so proud you are here!
  • Britttmorgz
    Bailee’s episode
    Bailee your episode gave me chills. You are a strong girl and have gone threw so much. Yea your still healing and riding this thing what we call life but your doing it ! Your an inspiration and I admire you ! Brittney
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