Dumb Blonde

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Your favorite female Shock Jock. Also, the degenerate love child of Dolly Parton & Dr. Ruth.

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  • Angie-9er#
    Give us full episodes
    Love your podcast, missing it! Wish I could get full episodes vs snippets.
  • gaddis1120
    Best female shock jock
    This girl is is amazing she’s real raw and not afraid to be herself
  • Cece3/21
    LOVE the content!
    Love love love all of your podcasts!!! I have been listening to them non stop for days! Great content that makes you laugh, as well as educated guests that have given very educated information. Will keep listening, don’t stop creating podcasts!! You’re amazing Bunnie!
  • Goldie3033
    Love This !
    Very nice to listen to Real Life Issues ! I can relate having a addict father . So happy for her Sobriety and that you all embrace her and love each other ❤️🙏🏽💜
  • dnt be madd
    Could be better but I was nice enough to give you at least 1 star...good luck
  • cfcrobby
    This is real
    Just real and amazing podcast.. Best podcast I've ever listened to!! Bunny you rock!!!! Viking Princess hooked me!!
  • Alisha Nichole
    Never a dull moment with Bunnie❤️ Her podcasts are awesome. Everything she does, I feel like she puts her whole heart into. ❤️She always keeps it 💯💯💯
  • Danii_thaproduct
    Great content
    Alwayssss a great pod cast with this woman!!
    I enjoy knowing I’m not the only crazy out here. Your my kinda crazy 😍
  • heydude.jpg
    this is honestly just an amazing podcast to listen to for so many reasons, especially when it comes to keeping me from being bored during quarantine.
  • stitch💜💜
    My girl 👸🏼
    I LOOVEEEE Bunnie!! 🐰 she’s for sure my inspiration!! Jelly’s music helped me find who I am, and be PROUD of it! This podcast is the ONLY one I’ll listen to! She’s FEARLESS and brings great people on with great conversation!
  • Briana🤦‍♀️
    Bunnie Is Amazing!
    Bunnie is real, raw & unfiltered. Which is something that we all can admire. She also helped me to see that someone who’s has made many mistakes can overcome it and become something amazing. Coming from a depressed teenager I really appreciate her & this podcast.
  • godlovesugly86
    Positive messages
    Bunnie is someone I want my future daughter to admire. She’s real, raw, & says what everyone else is thinking. I’ve been following her for years. She’s the light that a lot of need in a dark time. 💖
  • KCeeLow
    Bunnie talks about some issues women still have a problem telling their best friend. I think I’ve been listening for 2 months and already caught up to the most recent podcast.
  • SavannahM!
    Only Podcast
    Dumb Blonde is the only podcast I listen to faithfully every episode!! 🥰🥰
  • kasey_ratliff
    My favorite dumb blonde!!!
    I’m obsessed with your podcasts you are hilarious my fiancé loves you too and between you and jelly! You are played on our household daily so I just want to thank you! You honestly brighten my days so much and I am so grateful for you especially with everything going on lately so you get a 120/100 for me because you have helped my family through these dark times!! Love you!
  • kainsmyboy
    Bunnie Rocks
    I love the information, humor, and different point of views that her podcasts portray! Keep up the good work!
  • wickedqueen13v
    Bunnie is my sassy spirit animal!
    I wait for Wednesday to come each week just to hear your voice. I find myself learning things about interesting people around the country. Your laugh is contagious and just listening to your podcast helps to ease the stress i have in my laugh. Thanks for being one of the bright spots in my life each week!
  • nikkiknack88
    Bunny love
    Amazing podcast funny down to earth content can’t wait to see what is next.
  • TLE1211
    This so seriously the best podcast I have EVER listened to. Bunnie is absolutely amazing and I love all that she does and all that she represents. 💕💕💕
  • anitaschupman
    No words can explain the amazing person here, what you think you’ve been thru she has, ummm advice she’s gonna give you some🎙🎙 ❤️MamaNita
  • *A$h*
    Dumb blonde pod cast
    Bunnie is an amazing women. I love listening to her podcasts. They are so informative and funny!! I highly recommend!
  • Issio
    Inspirational, Deep, and Just A Tad Raunchy
    No amount of words could describe Bunnie and how inspirational she is. Dumb Blonde is the chance encounter podcast that my life needed, even if I didn't know it at the time. She represents all that is good in the world by just being who she is, an inspirational, compassionate, empathetic, strong, independent woman. But what truly sets this podcast apart from others is Bunnie. Plain and simple. One week she’s out doing random “wife/mom” things (she is hilarious), then the next week she’s interviewing gynecologists, rape victims, and people who genuinely are relatable. But it doesn’t stop there, she also is incredibly authentic with her audience, Talking about sex, call girls, threesomes, you name it! Bunnie is an incredibly intelligent women who genuinely wants to help people. Wether it’s giving sex/love/relationship advice or decorating Jelly’s new studio, she is one hell of a woman. And someone I would personally call a role model. #RoleModel
  • bbbritbaybee
    Yaaaasssss queen
    Love this podcast! Love bunnie!!!! Love bailey! Love meme!!! Love bug! Love all the ladies they bring on the show! Oop can’t for the chach 🐶 don’t miss out give it a listen or get a tiddie twistin 🤷‍♀️👌🏽😍😍😍
  • ~~Harmony~~
    Only pod cast i listen to!! Love Bunnie🥰
  • Dump now
    The best
    Love her and the episodes! It’s all the juicy info about subjects you’ve always just wondered about! Her IDGAF attitude is what I admire the most! ❤️ she’s real, funny, honest and an open book 🙌🏼
  • AshPalmer8720
    Bunnie is my inspiration
    You’re so inspirational!!! Thank you for being you and doing what you do!!! I love you mama bear!!!
  • AlisonJane614
    Bunnie is my idol!!!
    I aspire to be everything she is. A good wife and mother. Who also loves to be sexy and raise hell. She is a true definition of a real woman and she should make the rest of you do better. I love listening to her podcasts at work, while I’m driving, having spa days at home. She literally the definition of perfection. Modern day Dolly Parton 😍❤️😘
  • SMMX3
    The BEST you’ll ever listen to!
    Now I’m sure you’ve read lots of reviews about how great or not so great a podcast is.... let me tell you a little bit about this one. This Girl is incredible! Bunnie has a beautiful soul. She’s extremely open about the life she’s lived wether it’s sharing stories from her past or to her everyday events. The podcast itself ... genuine.. and I promise at least some point you will laugh at something that’s said. This is real life! The team...( once you listen you’ll understand who I’m talking about) the entire team is incredible. Also... if you have a hard time listening.. I recommend you check the video of the podcast on YouTube. You can put names to faces and see her cute puppy too! I promise you won’t be disappointed.
  • zigzag blaze
    The best of the best
    Bunnie is by far the best of the best! She knows exactly what she’s talking about. Her personality, looks, dance, videos and poses are superb! No one tops her, she IS the top!
  • skywalking87
    Can’t get enough of it especially when jelly is the guest
  • Airica614
    Men want her and women want to be her.
    Nothing is off limits and I swear to GOD, when you hear how sexy she makes the word butthole sound....ladies will need a shammy for their clammy and fellas gonna have to rub the chub.
  • Paige Maddisin
    Bunnie is my Bff
    She and I are going to be the best of friends. I adore her. She’s my queen and my angel 😘💛🕉💕
  • nickname23549292
    Listen right NOW!!!
    Best podcast on this whole app!
  • Justin_G419
    Pure 🔥🔥
    Always a great show, really enjoy the family bits of the show!! #2020IsYourYear
  • antryeaj
    I admire you and everything you do! One day I hope to have a love like you and jelly
  • dawn marie 01
    Momma bunnie
    She is amazing in so many factor from being Wildside child and growing up with spunk. To finding a man that needed some help with a amazing girl. From helping people in Tennessee to world wide. Amazing woman amazing remodel and friend be true to yourself I’ve learned so much! Be happy in your own skin!
  • Millscwg
    Bunnie 😍
    You always make my days a little brighter. Thanks Bunnie for holding it down for all of us misfits ❤️
  • BGs Mama
    Love it
    Amazing, you won’t be disappointed! 💜
  • MountainMAMA92
    You are amazing!!
    This women right here is so amazing and beautiful 😍😍 keep rocking like you do and make them haters jealous 😜
  • ScottyC-615
    Dumb Blonde!!!!
    Bunnie’s podcast is entertaining to say the lest! Funny, insightful, awesome story’s and great guest! I tune in regularly. Keep up the great work!
  • f.mary
    I love listening to you. Your amazing
  • bvarner1990
    Love listening to you! You’re my kinda people 😍
  • Kryalways
    You rock!
    I love your attitude! You and Jelly are the best!
  • RebaKayGarrette
    I love your podcasts. They help me get through my day sometimes and definitely give me a laugh when I need it ! Keep em comin girl ! 🤍🤍
  • mseggert
    Five Stars!!!!
    She is absolutely stunning and boosts my confidence. I love to watch her videos!
  • MandyG14
    Bunnie is an amazing kind hearted wife and mom!!! I look forward to listening to your podcast every week! My husband and I have been listening to your husbands music for about 17 years and he actually got me interested in your podcast!!! ❤️❤️
  • Blonditn1
    The realest female out there!
    If your looking for the realest, funniest, hottest, smoke show out there, YOU have found it. Nothing, I mean, nothing is off topic for her or her guest. Sit back and listen to some real talk!
  • forever love awesome haha
    Amazing as always
    Funny as hell this makes my day every time I watch.
  • PunkyJD77
    Bunnie ❤️
    Always a good time! Real stories with real people! Love listening in KY. A
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