Land of the Giants

by Vox

Big tech is transforming every aspect of our world. But how? And at what cost? This season of Land of the Giants – The Twitter Fantasy – will tell the story of Twitter (X) at a crucial moment for the platform, exactly one year after Elon Musk took over. Hosted by Vox senior correspondent Peter Kafka, the four-episode season will survey the company's outsize influence on politics and culture. How did Twitter become the Internet’s town square, for better and for worse? And where is it heading, now that Elon’s in charge? 

From Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network. New episodes drop every Wednesday.

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  • JMAC&9
    Could be great
    A ton of potential. Just so left leaning that it’s ruined.
  • SBDON12121
    i t w a s g o o d a n d s t r a i g h t f o r w a r d d o n t a s k a n y y t h i n g e l s e
  • Christmas in October
    re: Black Twitter
    This was advertised on Kara Swisher as a series about Twitter, and within twenty minutes, it’s about Black Lives Matter, re-litigating events from years ago that have already been covered ad nauseam, e.g. the bird-watching incident in Central Park. Most of Vox’s liberal audience probably agree that Amy Cooper was in the wrong, but must we hear about it everyday, in podcasts about completely unrelated topics, in perpetuity? Not everything is about race. Find something new to talk about.
  • Chuckable
    Biased, but somewhat accurate
    Very liberal/left leaning with disdain for conservative viewpoints on full display, but to their credit much of the facts appear correct.
  • jules.young
    Tesla Season Review
    I am new to this show with season 8 and plan to backtrack to listen to all the past seasons. As I read through the comments I see people saying it is too sympathetic to Elon and others saying it is liberal media brainwashed content. What I love about those responses is that it shows that the podcast is bringing in many perspectives and, for the most part, is speaking about events as they happened and have been reported by the people involved. I think that the show was wonderfully narrated, separated into cohesive bites of topics, and captivate many of the aspects of what Tesla and its owner are doing. I really loved the comparison episode between the other vehicles and when elements were subjective, such as quality, they used metrics like repeated to deduce answers rather than using opinions. Overall, I’d recommend this podcast to a Musk lover or a Musk hater. Interesting, thought provoking, and well done.
  • FixGeorge
    Lots of Anti-Musk bias
    This doesn’t feel objective or historical, more like a hit piece.
  • RealQuestions
    Tesla vs The Competition
    Tesla is light years ahead of the competition especially in the AI arena which is a large part of EV desirability. In the review of Tesla vs the competition, the authors failed to weight this feature appropriately indicating a bias against Elon Musk. Further, authors failed to mention how many years it takes other car manufacturers to produce a new car model and the $$ it takes, especially in the EV market.
  • SBDON1212
    Agenda nonsense is painful
    Liberal media take on one of the great entrepreneurs of our lives and amazing company with inspired goals. Stoops to rumor and liberal talking points far too often. At one point ranks Lucid (with 10K cars many) as superior to Tesla. Just whinny sad women with no insights and limited story telling ability. Sadly, not worth a listen.
  • larry_bird_johnson
    Impressive reporting!
    They really captured the full breadth of the Tesla story
  • Noah Nessim
    Whoever researched season 4 must be insane
    I’ve been bouncing around different seasons and most are reasonably interesting, until I tried season 4 about delivery apps. Yes I’m sure the restaurants at taking a hit from the apps, but so are the customers. Clearly this person has never ordered from a delivery app ever in their life if they think it’s “basically free” to get food delivered, it’s no where close to as cheap as picking up yourself. In addition to delivery fees, services fees, and tip which probably total at least 20-25% of you bill, you also have the actual items only the menu all costing $1-4+ more per item in the delivery app then they cost on the menu of the restaurants website or in person menu. The fact that these delivery app idiots are losing money must be due to huge inefficiencies on their part. They have zero customer service personnel, so if you have an issue they just give you a credit (or not) based on an algorithm - I had one time where I mentioned one $8 item was missing and the refunded me like $40 from the order, and another time where my food didn’t show up at all and they wouldn’t do anything for me. Regardless, it’s super unaffordable to regularly order through delivery apps because it costs an arm and a leg relative to picking up the order yourself, it’s really only worth it if the place is 15+ minutes away. And anyone with half a brain who has ordered before knows that, so either the writers don’t have half a brain or have never used the product they are writing about…
  • anandranchi
    Treat for techies
    This is a treat for techies. Very well created. Well done.
  • gleeson is a loser
    The leftist history of Tesla
    Musk was right about Covid and did what most sane people want to do, get away from dem run areas
  • christinebedenis
    Elon Rehabilitation
    I've enjoyed previous seasons but the current season about Tesla is extremely sympathetic to Elon Musk, tipping over into fawning at times. Lots of, well he didn't actually invent anything related to the companies he's been a part of, BUT he's still so cool and hard core! It makes me question the journalistic integrity of the reporters and skeptical of previous seasons.
  • ueuehehdyeuheheu
    In episode 3 performance ratings…you compared a Tesla S Plaid @ $108,000 to a Lucid Air Sapphire @ $250.000…car value should have been a factor in your test. Your following the same path as YouTubers who ran the Plaid against a Bugatti Chiron @ 3 million and a Mclaren Senna. @ 1 million..For another 50K Tesla could certainly throw in extra 1000hp motors and smoke them all.
  • Mih_Hall
    Engaging but..
    I have really enjoyed this series overall, but the level of enjoyment really stems from who is hosting the episode/season. For example, the cohost for the Tesla season is a bit hard to listen to. It sounds like she’s telling a story about Tesla to kindergartners. May not be able to continue listening to the rest of the season unfortunately.
  • aprhavys
    Voice fry overload
    I don’t know why women thing talking like a frog is acceptable. This podcast is unbearable because the woman struggles with mouthful of frogs!
  • *sab
    Genuinely wondering if this latest season isn’t done by AI.
  • VtheSequel
    So close to great
    The content of this podcast is well organized, edited and researched. It could be an amazing listen but sadly, it isn’t. The two podcasters literally read the script. It’s impossible to imagine the story when it’s read so poorly. Take a lesson in how to present material so it does not sound so canned! Please! It’s the most painful listen because of this.
  • rvcohen
    It is a good Podcast ….
    However, Sangeeta goes over the tolerable limits with her “ vocal fry” or frying voice. In some episodes I had to skip the potion when clearly she exaggerates that voice tone.
  • ILikep0dc4sts
    Really great until the dating app season
    Overall I’ve been a big fan of this podcast since it launched but I just need to shout into the void that the hosts on the dating app season bring the entire show down a bit. Very monotone and not very engaging, they manage to make really interesting subject matter feel bland.
  • eatplaygo
    Fascinating but left me wanting more algorithmic insight
    A look behind the screen to understand the mechanics and financial drivers of the industry. Loved this series that explains the IPOs and players. The algorithms seems be be a combination of your data input with your behavior and the markets’ responses to you. It’s like a net pulling in a crowd to sort through. The computer has no magical knowing about the “right” person.
  • Red195095602
    This has been a great podcast - until the latest topic. Don’t get me wrong, the topic was fine - online dating - but the treatment made me want to rip my ears off. If you’re a fan of self-absorbed valley-girl wanna be’s you should love this version. If not, then listening to the series is akin to nails-on-blackboard torture of the highest order. Hopefully, future topics will be treated as a topic for adults and not tweens trying to impress one another with how cool they think they are.
  • Dawnzearly
    Boomer here from the world of dating before computers and 50+yo. Most folks of my age reluctant to date online or even try it. I loved the comprehensive scope of this podcast and the thoughtful presentation. Great job, everyone!!!
  • JonahHammond
    Degenerate season
    Originally this was a show about telling us about tech companies and the stories behind them, now it’s a degenerate podcast telling us polygamous relationships and dating fake people is ok. You had a great show and this season has sucked because you want to push your degenerate agenda. Whoever wrote this season please fire them.
  • Aarthi H.
    The Bumble Episode… NO
    The interviewee whose name I don’t know how to spell (starts with an M) desperately looks for reasons to criticize Bumble. Pretty pathetic. Stop looking for what’s wrong and start appreciating what’s working. Novel concept.
  • 04Heaven Slake
    One of their sponsors is Tinder!
    Come on. You’re compromised. Taking money from a company like Tinder means you’re not engaging in serious journalism. Especially when you’re doing such a great job otherwise. And important work. I want to trust you. Not sure I can.
  • Steve_in_Raleigh
    Banal, Trite, Lame, Scripted like a reality show
    Heard this as a “guest episode” from On with Kara Swisher. Wow. Incredibly dull and uniforming. As if it was written by chatgpt. I won’t be back.
  • mjd773
    Vocal fry
    Was a great series but the new dating app season has so much annoying vocal fry, like I’m listening to a kardashian.
  • Funky ^_^
    Grinder changed the game not tinder
    Completely misses the history of dating apps. And online dating. Grinder came way before tinder and before that queer’s and gays been using the online since the inception of the internet.
  • Definitely Displeased.
    great podcast, grating music
    this is such a smart and informative podcast. i can’t stand the music that plays when the host is speaking. just let her speak lol. maybe it’s because I’m gen z and this is made for/by millennials so the industry best practices sound inauthentic in my ear. Like it’s a choice being made bc a consultant said it increases average listening time and not because it fits the content. I don’t know why so many nymag podcasts do this, they’re fabulous and don’t need it
  • chjdie
    Tinder ep
    Loved the Tinder ep!
  • Olliefly
    Not my favorite season, but was interesting.
    This was an interesting season, featuring Facebook. However, it felt like it was heavy on slanting towards being pro Facebook and pro Mark Zuckerberg. But I appreciate the reporting and it giving us somewhat of a deep dive into Facebook’s history, it’s controversies, and the possible future the company is headed to. Thanks!
  • kev_paris_88
    Why I love Podcasts
    This show informs, investigates, narrates, and teaches. If ever you needed a reminder why Podcasts are a great medium, listen to this show. Amazing work!
  • dts45
    What's. App
    Still. Track your. Location. In. Back. Ground so. They. Know. Where. U. Are. So. What private about this
  • Jhus
    Not about Meta yet
    I wanted to learn about the future of Facebook but instead it’s just covering the past. I was there. I want to know what on earth they are thinking with this Meta product and I haven’t gotten any info on that.
  • cstrap
    Outstanding content
  • GBHW1
    A must listen. For everyone.
    Wow, you did a phenomenal job explaining all the complexities around this challenging and emotional topic. It was the equivalent of watching an episode of Frontline. Good job.
  • Eschersghost
    Absolutely stellar
    Hands down best podcast about the tech influencing our lives the most.
  • mariojr
    Zero Stars
    Since zero is not allowed, I had to go with 1 star. Why would I listen to anything that is all revisionist history, and not presenting facts? They did a WHOLE episode about the iPhone launch and the App Store, and NEVER ONCE MENTIONED WEB APPS?! Instead they try and sell this version of history that users somehow didn’t know or even conceive of a world with applications. This is ONE MILLION PERCENT FALSE!!!! We knew from LITERALLY DAY ONE, while tinkering with our brand new iPhones we had just purchased an hour earlier, that they completely missed the boat by not offering third party apps. None of us were happy about it. And there was IMMENSE pressure on Steve Jobs and Apple to allow apps from the iPhones launch. We HATED web apps. We were all angry about it. This world where we didn’t know anything apps or their potential is just a complete lie. That world did not exist. This whole first episode of the Apple season is pure fiction. I’m done with this garbage.
  • bayb🌻
    Super fun!
    Funny enough I’m listening to this podcast for an economics class in college. Hands down the best part of my class is hearing this podcast and then making connections to economic ideas. This podcast is a highlight of my academic career- thank you!!!!
  • Spicy Boiiiii
    Very engaging!
    Land of The Giants is very well produced, researched, and interesting to listen to. If you’re interested in tech, I highly recommend a listen. One of the best podcasts I’ve found in a long time. Can’t wait for next season!
  • turnepf
    Great storytelling
    Great storytelling of the big tech giants. Just the right amount of details to keep it engaging.
  • Thegreekbaker
    Seriously interesting breakdown of Apple told in a super digestible manor.
  • GrandMasterJS
    Not boring!
    Well done and interesting. Not your average company profile. Peter Kafka had such a great voice.
  • Injeel H
    Land if Giants Delivers Again
    This is an excellent podcast. Team has really delivered on each season. Smart, well that the factual information. And that production is not overdone with sound effects etc. Yep yep Peter K is excellent.
  • djf at mndsindsk.
    Peter Kafka is great !
  • Thrifty98765
    Enjoyed this series
    The hosts are very clear and present each season wonderfully. They asked us to guess the next season. I’m thinking they will cover Facebook, but News Corp would be a fascinating topic.
  • Stephaniee307
    My New Favorite
    I just found this podcast and I cannot stop listening! Stories about how big companies got where they are now and their impact on our society and culture along the way has always been fascinating to me. Hearing these stories in podcast form with excellent editing and compelling narrators is even better. I’m not even all the way through the catalogue and I already wish there were more episodes. Truly a fascinating look into the major companies that shape our modern lives.
  • NCChzhd
    Biased, Inconsistent Reporting
    Different from earlier seasons of the Podcast, the reporting on Apple is inconsistent and biased. Tell both sides of the the story not simply those that paint a company in a negative light.
  • Smiggity Smack
    More please
    Some of the best content out there…more please
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