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Short, thoughtful and regular takes on recent events in the markets from a variety of perspectives and voices within Morgan Stanley.

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  • Netowl
    Short but very good
    I especially like Mike Wilson’s market analyses. 👍
  • SprawlMaven
    Good ESG perspective
    Always glad to hear about the S and G in ESG
  • kdcarver
    Concise and Monotonic
    For investment and market professionals, this podcast gives a concise update and analysis of the market. Unfortunately for the novice investor, the script is filled with industry buzzwords / terminology, rendered in a flat, almost rushed manner, despite forced attempts by the host(s) at a jovial delivery.
  • realitystrikesback
    Propaganda machine
    Just put Joe Biden‘s face on the cover of your artwork and get it over with. Inflation is just in our minds. You people have turned into actual clowns. Shame on you.
  • Prometheus---
    Great Mike Wilson teport
    But please give MS’s most up to date consensus as to bottoms and end of year # I’d like to know MS’s bottom projections Yep every one has an opinion on bottoms, but I’d like to know MS’s You can tell me all you want about earnings Does me no good What is the brain trust at MS think the market is going down to MS must have ideas on this subject, please share them I’ve heard your older #s have they changed?
  • Xeens6s
    Great insight in bite sized pieces
    Really enjoy the quick and concise information passed on through this podcast. Excellent and essential listen!
  • MarioBours
    Top Notch
    Love this show. Great depth and thought in 3min. Listen to it everyday
  • RichardRaphael
    Top Analysts
    Mike Wilson has had the best equity price forecasts on Wall Street. Other MS analysts on the podcast are also first rate.
  • RoddyHere
    No actionable insights
    “We recommend companies with idiosyncratic advantages and significant operating leverage” - please tell me when that’s not the case????
  • Falcon4CO
    Quick hits for staying on top of mkts
    Enjoy these on the daily commute, shorter frequent podcasts, geared towards those in investment industry.
  • Groovy Konky
    A Must Listen for Serious Investors
    I follow Mike’s work very closely. Most importantly his assumptions on why his team believes in there market views. I have found his work to be extremely accurate. Anyone that takes a long term perspective in their investment strategy will see the brilliance of Mike and his team.
  • Linkinpark4all
    Market Insight
    Great insight by Mike Wilson and all! Thank you!!!
  • mattttyyice
    The best 3-minute briefing
    To me these guys are doing the best 3-minute briefing. I would be happier with a daily podcast though.
  • Steve O 64
    On topic
    I love the neat daily analysis provided by this podcast.
  • Boss507
    Grizzly bear
    Mike Wilson is so pessimistic lol
  • Alireza_S60
    Very Informative
    I am not a professional trader, but I found Thoughts on the marker very informative. What I like about the show is that each episode is a few minute and you can easily find a time during the day to listen.
    Great analysis
    I like the opinionated and thorough analysis. I also like the focus on macro economics. One of the best podcasts out there.
  • Love radio.
    Mr. Marcus
    I love the indebtedness, your present.
  • MAMCG53
    Well worth a listen
    Great podcasts, but some of these guys are really “whistling past the graveyard” lately…
  • SamPoliquin
    Please go much slower!
    This is interesting but dense content that I’d be better able to absorb if the hosts spoke slower and the production cut in a bit more pauses. Thanks!
  • Samekkh
    all the stuff you need, delivered lean. Love it.
  • sussex Mike
    Great listening
    Enjoy each and every podcast
  • squidtropolis
    All content, no fluff
    More bang for your buck (or time) than any other financial podcast out there. No ad copy, no hypothesizing or proselytizing , just macro calls from actual investment banking leaders at Morgan Stanley. TLDR: want to know what the pros are thinking? Listen to this podcast.
  • Nighthawk237
    Listen to every episode
    Rich content and very well thought out viewpoints.
  • jmk355
    Sign up
    Deep thoughts in succinct fashion. High return on time invested
  • Athena11101985
    Good content but indicative of the inequality in Wall Street
    Thoughts on the market has great content in appropriate bite sized episodes to get the latest thinking of a big bank about the global markets. I am taking off 2 stars because all the voices you hear are men. The only female voice is the recorded disclaimer at the end. This is indicative of the gender inequality of the leadership on Wall Street and the biases in thinking and points of vote. High time for Wall Street to get with the times!
  • Hartx6
    Mike Wilson
    Anytime you can listen for free to Mike Wilson take advantage of that. A must listen for anyone who wants to near what the top Wall Street analyst has to say about equities and macro view of markets
  • macspin
    Please add to stitcher
  • yaymach
    Amazing podcast
    Could we get this added to stitcher please??
  • Don Shimoda
    Concise, thoughtful and actionable
    Thoughts on the Market is a must listen. The rotating team of strategists pack more market insight into just a few minutes than any other podcast i’ve come across.
  • dunes baby
    Good advice for retail investors
    My daily updaon the world in business and perspective on investing
  • TheDinMan
    The best show for financial insights
    Super clear, digestible and succinct. Amazing what these guys can articulate in just a few minutes. This is a daily must. -Ali
  • KLSAustin1
    Picking up a little more knowledge
    I like to listen to the short update of the people who spend their careers researching. I’m definitely a novice, but I can pick up good bits of new info.
  • t$ha
    One of the best
    I really enjoy these; short but thoughtful. I’ve subscribed to others from the usual suspects, and they range from good to not good, but this one is consistently varied, insightful and coupled with the FT, the Economist and a few others gives a great perspective to shape ones views.
  • JW5249
    LOVE the cross asset team at MS!!
    The cross asset team at MS is the absolute best!
  • stu1$
    Good professional information
    Keeps me up to speed on current issues across the markets. This podcast is at the top of my daily choices.
  • VivekBh
    Excellent short take on the global markets
    This is my go to podcast to get excellent insights, both short term, and long term, on the global markets by various experts. Love the short length of under 5 mins as well. Makes it super easy to listen everydayeven on short commutes or errand runs.
  • InsJavert
    Provides timely, insightful, and specifically informative information an investor needs to understand the market.
  • pleaserain
    Short & Impactful
    Appreciate and enjoy these crisp & timely podcasts from Morgan Stanley
  • ViperFive!
    Great show
    Very informative and straight to the point
  • trav&mer
    Compact straight to the point market info!
    Compact straight to the point market info!
  • sagefire777
    Surprised at the biased nature of this podcast
    Guys, I have been listening to this podcast regularly. I know your narrative has been reflation stocks, cyclicals, defensive, and now Europe. What about tech?!? You guys totally missed the massive tech rally in June heading into earnings and continue to ignore it as if it hasn’t happened…probably because you have to do a U-turn on your narrative and are unwilling to do so. Sadly you also don’t invite your tech analysts to the podcast to give their views. Why did tech rally in June? As we head into Q2 earnings, investors know big tech will produce stellar results driven by secular tailwinds, inflation or not. Please try to provide a balanced perspective.
  • cydthemomma
    Great start to my day
    Succinctly informs me about a variety of topics which will impact the market and my investment decisions. Thank you
    Needs more female thought leaders
    Fantastic content. Would like to see more females leading discussions.
  • lcnyc1234
    Great content
    Super informative and thoughtful commentary. One of the best podcasts out there for cross-asset thoughts.
  • jayvaswani
    The podcast is so amazing that it helps you to understand the big picture of different sectors rather than the regular focused news of the market.
  • UX Worker
    Great content. But some of the accents are very hard to understand…
  • dayton44
    Mike Wilson needs to slow down
    Recently Mike has been reading much too fast.Please slow down. You are the best in the business so I am reluctant to be critical
  • LegioMartia
    Great quick update on the Market
    Thoughts on the Market is a quick yet very informative update. Hosts are all good and my favorite is Mike Wilson.
  • RJ SC
    Thoughts on the Market - very thoughtful
    Enjoyed the show and appreciate the solid observations. I will use what I learn to make adjustments to my portfolio. Rosie J
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