Overheard at National Geographic


Come dive into one of the curiously delightful conversations overheard at National Geographic’s headquarters, as we follow explorers, photographers, and scientists to the edges of our big, weird, beautiful world. Hosted by Peter Gwin and Amy Briggs.

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  • Bastardsack
    I love this show.
    But I give it a four star review because I thing it’s main purpose is not to teach you, but to try to sell you things and pummel you with ads, and even more ads disguised as sponsorships.
  • p34nu7
  • Kmt_or
    Such great story telling and fascinating subjects
  • A. I. B.
    The Zombie Mice Of Marion Island.
    Season 1 episode 5. This is a masterpiece.
  • MaeFlower18
    I love the episodes. They are not too long and are always interesting. Even if it’s something I don’t feel I’d be interested in. And you’ll always learn something.
  • Magicallyinvisible
    Episode 1 season 4
    This episode was hard to listen to. I don’t understand why there wasn’t more of a conversation. It was so many “mmmhmm mmmhmm”. This completely took away from the story. Even as he was telling his story, it was happening in the background. I think I may listen again just to count whether there were 1, 2, or even 3 “mmmhmm”.
  • D-B-007
    I am so very happy to have stumbled upon this podcast and I feel quite lucky to have been in a mood that I listened. Quality and just outstanding in every way
  • An0n Ym0us
    Fascinating and entertaining
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. The content is fascinating and the storytelling and editing is excellent. It’s educational and entertaining.
  • qwertyyyyyqweennnnnnnn
    5 stars!
    Love this podcast! Very informative and unique. Keep it up!!!
  • DrummerMom1
    Just enough information to make you want to find out more! Love the stories and how they are presented. Followed up on the internet to see what additional information I could find on some of these interesting facts!
  • wyomingwrites
  • Arh245
    Always engaging and enlightening
    My new favorite podcast. I love the range of topics. It’s fun to feel like you’re at the elbow of an explorer on the verge of some great discovery. Plus, as a subscriber, I love “meeting” some of the writers and NatGeo staff.
  • katmm78
    So informative
    I love this podcast so much! I learn something new with each episode and the format and hosts/guest deliver the information really well and knowledgeably without sounding boring.
  • Galaxy_Panda379
    This is a great podcast, very interesting and informative.
    This podcast is so interesting and informative. I love the stories and I am personally a big fan of National Geographic.
  • macaroni15
    Favorite podcast
    This is my favorite podcast, love the movies, love the stories, and the voices are nice.
  • jnlabelle
    The best podcast I’ve ever found
    This is by far my favorite podcast. The topics are so interesting and diverse that I never know where they’ll take me next. I learn something every time I listen. The podcast is exceptionally produced, speaking, music, effects are all clear and crisp. They keep me interested while I’m running which is typically very hard to find something that can do that. I look forward to every episode. Thank you, Nat Geo, for this amazing and fascinating podcast! Please continue to produce such great content!
  • ksing88
    Great but
    Stop saying nat geo please
    Great storytelling
    I can’t believe I just found this Podcast. It’s great! If you like high production value podcasts, you will really enjoy this podcast.
  • Vktatum86
    Ok but
    Global warming is fake but this podcast is still is interesting and fun cool stuff
  • Shae Starr
    Like a fly on the wall
    Have you ever wondered what The employees at Nat Geo talk about. Have you ever said “ I wish I was a fly on the wall at Nat Geo...” Well here’s you wall, without the threat of a fly swatter. I am a junkie of information, I LOVE stories about how they made the story. This podcast feeds all my needs. Neat tidbits of information on the how and oh so cool’s , right down to the “ You had to do WHAT...???” I have always dreamed of working for Nat Geo and this podcast brings you right into the office and sits you right by the water cooler. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
  • Love this😁
    Love this!!
    So interesting! Who knew that there are zombie mice. ZOMBIE MICE. Or that the ancient Egyptians were not alone, that they had neighbors who also built large pyramids. Please make the episodes a bit longer.
  • Jack Andesite
    Nat geo
    I like this podcast it’s very interesting except the Nat geo gets annoying they say it a lot in the podcast but I wish if they would say it every 2 or 3 podcasts
    Just listen! My favorite so far is the Harem Conspiracy!
  • nehakaore
    Sooo very informative and interesting! Love it
    They are really informative and it helps me learn a lot of nature and animals and how to help them better at my level, even though small.
  • TickledShark
    It’s perfect! I feel transported every time I listen!
  • k.a.t.a.r.a.
    super interesting!
    really interesting and not too hard to follow! they talk about a variety of topics so it’s not hard to find something you like!
  • owlsrest
    Great shows!
    This is excellent work! So enjoy these stories. Though I agree - you are a stellar organization- the Nat Geo thing is a bit much..... perhaps NGS would be better?
  • Tym694680
    Great content but...
    I really tried to like Amy’s voice but it wasn’t working for me. Great content tho.
  • Miss Ginger 58
    Love it but
    Love this podcast but please stop saying “nat geo”. 🤮
  • GSavs
    Good job
    I’ve been a fan since season 1 and I like this season with Amy a lot. She makes me even more excited to listen when the episodes come out. She is infectious!! I hope she has her own National Geographic podcast someday
  • bauswife
    Super interesting!
    Wish they would come out with more, but very entertaining. The first episode is still my favorite.
  • Lodithecat
    Great stories!
    Love the format and stories. Briggs has a great voice and style for the podcast. Keep me coming!!!
  • Jennifer 74799(2)
    Super interesting!
  • cali GURL <3
    I love it!
  • Medievalmave
    Great podcast. New host is not.
    I like thus podcast a lot. But the new host is not the best. The voice is too monotone and flat. She doesn’t sound at all interested in the subject. I miss Peter’s inflections. A female host is great, but maybe someone else. I’m listening to the beluga whales guests are much better at this.
  • MarcySmith
    Peter Gwin is a great host
    Fun and interesting podcast. Peter Gwin is a great host (not so fond of Amy...sorry). Looking forward to additional seasons! Keep it coming. I love listening.
  • football aholic
    Love this
    I love this podcast. I have listened to all of them and am now relistening to them all because my 8 year old discovered them and she is a big fan too. Can’t wait for more.
  • Julioucf
    Investigative Journalism
    If you’re looking for short, investigative journalism on all kinds of curiosities I highly recommend this podcast! Really enjoyed the first season.
  • Melissa Lake
    Such a great look at different facets of NatGeo stories. Learn something new every time.
  • CreativeNicknameRequired
    Humpback Hit Factory
    Luckily I happened onto National Geographic OVERHEAD podcasts while searching for interesting free podcasts during Covid restrictions. Loved this one, subscribed and look forward to more.
  • Norm M
    Have severe ADHD ... am on meds
    The background music is so distracting that I have fast forwarded to "non music" sections. What does NG find is gained for having this distracting music. Am deleting... again ... obviously forgot about this "feature" because re downloaded from the wonderful magazine website (which I've subscribed to for years)... I know I cannot expect the world to adjust to my needs (also have LD issues) but... I think this review is a "waste of time from NG POV, but from mine, it gives me the opportunity to express my frustration.
  • thistle street
    Interesting account of the search for the southern most tree. But what species was it?
  • Gracie 🦄🐴
    I ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍 National Geographic
  • RPG Guy111
    Great program!
    Great contents and interesting subjects! Although Amy does not have a voice for radio.
  • ..................y
    New host is awful
    Who chooses that voice for a podcast? Grating on the ears. Got a voice for tv
  • Ipeapods
    Truly Some Of The Most Fun I’ve Had In All My Ears
    I really love the concept of this show in general, as someone who is a bit of a renaissance man with adhd- loving to learn about anything and everything- this podcast scratched the itch I have to read more Nat Geo content but not having a ton of reading time- this podcast makes me remember the magazines piled in my bathroom and next to my bed and inspires me to want to pick them up and read them! I’m an artist and when I collage I use magazines and I can never bare to cut up the National Geographic’s because they are such a wonderful archive of human knowledge and I really appreciate all that the publication is doing- this podcast was a genius idea and extremely enjoyable! Love from here to there, Al
  • lutzdoit
    Good content with some bias
    Love the main host! Season 3 has been a disappointment... (the girl host has a voice that’s hard to “relax” to) Overall an informative podcast
  • xkritz
    Great podcast.
    Well produced and entertaining content. Hoping for more episodes.
  • anonymous4747575748338
    More science and less politics
    Very interesting science but has political leanings on climate and animal rights that may dissuade certain listeners.
  • watch4rx
    Great podcast!
    I’m greatly enjoying this podcast. It offers a wide variety of scientific and human interest topics that can appeal to a wide audience. The episodes are varied enough and short enough to capture my college students’ attention in the gen ed geoscience course I teach. I use many of them as assignment “starters.” I look forward to each episode. Keep them coming!
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