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In the SwimSwam Podcast dive deeper into the sport you love with insider conversations about swimming. Hosted by Coleman Hodges and Gold Medal Mel Stewart, SwimSwam welcomes both the biggest names in swimming that you already know, and rising stars that you need to get to know, as we break down the past, present, and future of aquatic sports.

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  • Greg17815
    Mixed quality
    Some episodes like the recent Bella Sims one are just sneaky advertisements for brands such as Speedo, which really brings down the journalistic integrity of the podcast. The breakdowns and general news episodes are good overall though.
  • bigboijohnson
    Sound quality needs improvement
    I’m very interested in the topics, but so many of episodes have such poor sound quality that I turn it off (especially episode 1,051).
  • alexandrabcarter
    YanYan brought me back
    I am a YanYan STAN - more from her, please! Really enjoying the more recent content.
  • dontaskmyusernam3
    How could anyone believe that having a trans woman compete with biological women is fair? When wokeism is over, everyone will realize just how much you HATE women
  • Admin1414
    Great swimming podcast with professionals!
    Enjoy this podcast about swimming! I recommend this to hardcore swimmers. I also recommend the Kick Set podcast by USA swimming. Thanks for creating this great podcast! ;):);):):):):(:):)):):)::(:((:((:(;))(;))(:))):);(;
  • MNrunner88
    Perfect for swimming fans
    This podcast has great guests and new episodes come out frequently.
  • Kaffrinn
    Great conversations!
    This has been a wonderful podcast series. I love hearing from a variety of swimmers and coaches as we navigate this crazy time.
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