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Science #100Physics #3

The Origins Podcast features in-depth conversations with some of the most interesting people in the world about the issues that impact all of us in the 21st century. Host, theoretical physicist, lecturer, and author, Lawrence M. Krauss, will be joined by guests from a wide range of fields, including science, the arts, and journalism. The topics discussed on The Origins Podcast reflect the full range of the human experience - exploring science and culture in a way that seeks to entertain, educate, and inspire.

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  • Muthahumpa
    Meh…meandering conversations
    I had very high hopes and I truly respect the host and guests but the conversations are so meandering and tedious (Douglas Murray episode for example) before getting to the meat that I just can’t take it. Sorry.
  • The Ungerator
    Less Krauss
    When a guest is able to carry the conversation then, for me, having fewer and shorter interruptions and shorter questions would be better.
  • shhdhxhesg
    Krause has great guests, however his interviewing skills leave much to be desired. It’s as if he is is compensating for his insecurities by interjecting uhs, and yeah, yeahs, as well as referring himself. And PLEASE leave out the politics and stay with the science.
  • zormble
    Who’s interviewing who
    Hey Laurence, shush! Shhhhhhh! Shushhh it. Shhhh. Shush up. Shush. Shhhhh!
  • Marissa Jr
    Good topics, LK needs to stop talking
    Lawrence K - Encourage you to listen back to your podcasts. You’re talking way too much. You’re smart, you have some good thoughts. You should be judicious in sharing them and talk maybe 40% of the time. Not 90.
  • Peter the Poet
    The Primacy of Doubt
    Truly an important far reaching conversation. Thank you for it.
  • Burned By Adobe
    How many times in a minute can he mention Yale University
    More ideas, less ego please.
  • Rememberist
    So wonderful to hear from Cormac
    You’re really batting a thousand here at the end of 2022, Dr. Krauss. You’re a national treasure.
  • Mayis Meg
    Stop Interrupting your guests.
    Lawrence Krauss if you could only shut up! I had high hopes but what a joke.
  • Chaim K.
    Loved the episode
    More please
  • davidianni
    Too many interruptions…
    Great content and guest but hard to stay with it due to the constant over-talk and interruptions.
  • Casnh
    Flamengo episode was an eye-roller
    As a white heterosexual male, I guess I should feel terribly aggrieved by the oppression of those scary feminists, at least according to Professor Flamengo’s worldview. I don’t know, I seem to be doing just fine, as are most of the other men I know. The whole “anti-feminist” pose just seems a bit silly.
  • prahkatakuno
    Annoying, terrible interviewer
    This is all about the host rambling, interrupting, halting, jumping around. Torture.
  • JoboF IV
    LK is an excellent interviewer who spars energetically but politely.
  • ghhjvdee
    Lawrence Krauss is a brilliant insightful and gracious host in this excellent podcast. He clearly does his homework to make the most of the interviews with some of the most important and interesting guests you will find it in any podcast. Highest recommendation!!!!!
  • Carneades
    Highly intelligent conversations
    Krauss is a brilliant polymath who engages in very insightful conversations with fascinating guests.
  • hgwtf
    Jonathan Rauch
    It was great however it would be good to listen more to the invitee.
  • Crazy.nes
    Me me me and myself
    It’s all about himself! What a turn off
  • fcd1111
    SO grating
    If only he would stop talking about himself.
  • Drop Chuck
    Stop interrupting
    The Host needs to stop interrupting every sentence the guest speaks. Had to turn off.
  • Money $teve
    Current Format: Two Guests, Zero Host
    This is a podcast with a host who has zero interviewing skill. He should focus on being a guest on other podcasts; either that or buy a book on broadcasting. He talks over his guest all the time. He is awful.
  • Atlanta Yogini
    I’m so thrilled I found this...great mind blowing discussions with very interesting guests.
  • jk1212
    the balanced perspective we need to understand our world
  • Steve Vand
    Great show, suggest eliminating the “yeah yeah yeah yeah.” Love the show.
  • Crowbar Man
    Interrupts his guests
    I like Lawrence Krauss because he is a smart theoretical physicist. But I just can’t listen to his show anymore. I understand that interjections are a normal part of conversation when you talk to your friends, with an occasional “uh-huh” to show that you are listening, understand, and/or agree with your friend. Lawrence does it so frequently that it’s absolutely distracting; especially on a podcast when you’re trying to pay attention to what his guests are saying. This guy is constantly saying “um-um-yeah-yeah-uh-huh-uh-huh”. Sometimes he literally talks over his guest and makes complete sentences so that I have a hard time hearing what either are saying. He also outright interrupts his guests frequently and side-tracks the conversation with trivial tangents. I want to say “You have brilliant guests saying really enlightening stuff... let them speak!” I can’t believe that with around SIX producers on the show, not one of them have pointed out that this minor flaw is keeping this podcast from the professional caliber of NPR or Joe Rogan. Please remember: podcasts are not just about content. Presentation can make all the difference.
  • Zawfer
    Great Guests, Bad Host
    Dr. Krauss is a brilliant physicist with a big public profile for both good and bad reasons. Because of his reputation as a scientist he has managed to get some very smart, fascinating, and famous guests to appear on this podcast. However, his skill as an interviewer is poor. He’s impatient, his mind wanders, and he talks over his guests and interrupts them with exclamations. If you’ve heard Alec Baldwin’s interview show on NPR called Here’s The Thing, you have heard a worse interviewer than Lawrence Krauss, so that’s something. But, end of the day, it’s frustrating and infuriating to listen to an interview show where the guest is consistently sabotaged by the host’s need to talk. Krauss should study the interview styles of Preet Bharara and Terry Gross for examples of how it’s meant to be done...not that he will. And I guess I won’t know if he does, because after listening to a couple of episodes, I have no intention of tuning in again.
  • Panbozz
    Essential Content.
    Kraus’ towering intellect and curiosity more than make up for his arrogance and super abundant awkwardness. He’s brings great minds and contributors to the table and has the heft and power to engage them fully and energetically. Essential content.
  • davesmith941
    Irritating host often talking over interesting guests
    Just listening to Daniel Schrag interview. I find myself shouting at the host to Shut up and let the guest make his points without interruption. Very good guest in spite of the annoying interruptions
  • Hedgepeth
    Krauss was an ardent defender of Jeffrey Epstein; consider an alternative podcasts
    I don't deny Krauss is a great scientist and communicator. However, prior to Epstein's death, Krauss is on the record ardently defending Epstein's actions. Add on to that, ample evidence of Krauss's sexual harrasment of women and I think that should be ample reason to consider an alternative podcasts. There are a never ending supply out there.
  • Amigo Invisible
    Great Podcasts for Life-Long Learning
    Professor Krause is an intelligent, intellectual and powerful speaker. I love his podcasts!
  • Majdade
    Great guests but...
    It’s a great podcast with amazing guests and good topics, but the host takes over way too much! It feels like he has to constantly show he knows as much as his guests (regardless of the topic) and very often interrupts them. I do enjoy those moments where I can hear the guests express their thoughts though, and would give 5 star to those. Hoping that Prof Lawrence learns some humbleness and stops telling us all the time he went to Harvard or Yale or that he’s the head of this or that faculty, and maybe puts himself in the role of a journalist and truly gives the stage to his wonderful guests! Ah, and one more thing: more prominent FEMALE guests would be nice too.
  • Mr. Sloan
    Allow the guest to speak
    Please, less is more when interviewing. The host often talks over his guest and interjects needlessly. That, in combination with the constant unintelligible acknowledgement groans, make these almost unlistenable. I do think there is potential but again, less talking more listening.
  • Darwinpoodle
    Great podcast
    Well done
  • BitterBob
    Kraus has great guests and great subject matter. I’m very happy to be receiving this podcast, but... there’s a strong tendency by Dr. Krauss to interrupt and take over the conversation from the guests. I’m hoping that Larry will learn to step back and let the speaker run. I know that he needs to steer the conversation in order to cover a lot of territory however he’s not doing that when he is taking over the subject.
  • Bonzo531
    Thank goodness for long form
    Lawrence Krauss is a beautiful human. His contributions and way of explaining the “big” questions and concepts is what makes him such a special person. Recently misunderstood, he continues to pursue knowledge in an open and thoughtful way, in public long form discussion. Cheers Dr Krauss.
  • AfterTen
    Subbed until I found out about his sexual harassment past
    Google him. I unsubscribed immediately.
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