People's Party with Talib Kweli


People’s Party is a weekly interview show hosted by hip-hop legend Talib Kweli. The show features big-name guests exploring hip-hop, culture, and politics.

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  • Sloephuck
    The Best Podcast
    Real world issues from an intelligent, thoughtful point of view. Power to the People!
    If you’re a true hip hop head this is what you wanna hear. A LEGENDARY lyricist interviewing some of the BEST in the game. KEEP REAL HIP HOP ALIVE! 💯
  • Cavett Haynes
    Crucial Content
    Talib is an amazing interviewer, brilliant, versatile, unapologetically hip-hop and he knows EVERYONE. Jasmin brings great balance, and she is a excellent representative for the fan perspective 10/ 3/ 2020 In response to the Reggie Hudlin interview, 3 things 95% of Black people agree on; 1. Eddie Murphy 2. Disneyland 3. Fried Chicken
  • damnisthisonetakentoo
    Fraud and phony
    When this poor excuse of a black man stops harassing women online for 83 days straight then maybe I’ll give him a chance
  • MissNomes
    Great, insightful chats with straight-up legends!
    This has quickly become my favorite podcast. As someone who’s musical choices are still more 90’s and 00’s hip-hop than anything else it is super inspiring to hear genuinely insightful, thoughtful, REAL conversations between Talib Kwali (who I’ve always loved) and a collection of musical legends and all round awesome people who all have a lot to say that makes a lot of sense. In a time when it’s easy to be overwhelmed by how many challenges there are it’s so great to be able to tune into conversations that are funny and light-hearted on one moment and heart-felt, politically engaged and active on the other. Talib Kwali is an excellent interviewer who doesn’t shy away from probing, important questions that really need to be asked and discussed. Thank you Talib and Jasmine!
  • Brownberet
    Great podcast
    Give it a chance and Talib will give you an insight on music and culture! Love it
  • Donovan N.
    Always Intriguing and Worth the Time
    Great insight and perspective on hip-hop and black culture. As a white middle aged male who started listening to hip-hop in the late 80s I have learned even more about the culture by listening to Talib, Jasmin, and your diverse list of guests. This podcast will expand your perspective. Well done.
  • mary ann appigney
    Rapper lyrical genius podcast
    Amazing dope cool music great
  • mfcahoon
    Talib, Great podcast. I always have to take break some where in each episode to either revisit or explore artists that are talked about. This podcast has given me a new outlet to explore/re explore important outlets of creativity that I otherwise would not have know about or have forgotten of, for that thank you. P.S. Often you refer to “Get By” as a benchmark of success for you. It’s not at all, Manifesto (though not a hit) should be held much higher. That song shaped a whole generation of hip hop cultural to be self aware and civically minded. “Get by” is the prom queen, Manifesto is the quite kid in the back of the class that grows up to lead a revolution.
  • bigcatPaperstack 822
    I love what you two bring to the podcast! Definitely the most informative and consistent show around! SALUTE!! 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽
  • aleckz25
    Thank you!!!
    I love this podcast!! Please keep up the good work. I do have a request because Black and Brown unity in LA has been a topic brought up multiple times. Can you please have someone from the Latin community speak on it? Someone like Sick Jacken or Mr Cartoon. I also would love to see Chace infinite or Krondon on
  • Jayveee1
    Party time
    I love this podcast. It’s the highlight of my day when a new episode drops. Thanks y’all.
  • Eschuemann
    Hell yeah!
    See above.
  • nsarwar
    Excellent Podcast
    Well done, well researched, awesome guests, who are encouraged to speak honestly and openly. I love this podcast.
  • osbeyp
    Great podcast
    Thought provoking. Funny. Introspective. Excellent interviews!
  • Dj Troyski68
    Such a good podcast. I listen every time there’s a new podcast. I’ve been a fan for many years of Talib K.
  • Soulrebel13
    Your podcast is amazing I’ve always thought you were one of the dopest MC’s out. Your podcast gets me through my work day. I would love to hear you and Jasmine interview David Banner
  • sushicigar
    Talib harrasses black women online
    don’t support this bum. garbage podcast
  • Taumpy Tears10304
    MF DOOOM when?
    Incredible podcast, get the Villain...
  • Bakka Bot
    If interviews were as smooth as rap
    Talib brings a unique flavor to podcasts. There’s a flow to it that other podcasts simply don’t have. He’s gotten better as the podcasts have gone one, refining interviewing—but the cadence is what you’re really here for.
  • Reremy Jenner
    Best Interview Show
    Talib is a very smart man. You can tell he genuinely loves having conversations with people. Whether he agrees with his guests or not, he always respects their point of view. He always asks great, deep questions, and doesn’t skirt difficult or controversial topics. Sometimes, it gets pretty cringeworthy, but that’s when the true knowledge comes out and people can really change and grow as human beings. Plus, his knowledge of hip hop is probably second to none. LOVE this podcast. Gonna keep telling all my friends about it.
  • ryerson
    Jorge Santos
    Such an informative well produced podcast. The interview of Methodman was entertaining and smart. Great job! Recommending show to all.
  • xcitemike
    Real Deal
    This is the best interview show out. Hands down. Talib is the truth. That’s it.
  • Sueno Weaver
    Thank you 🙏🏻
    Thank y’all for doing this. It super dope that I get to hear from the people I currently idolize and did as a kid tell their stories. Much appreciated and big ups!
  • RonGetsFit
    Great quality content!
  • ianraah
    Excellent Podcast
    Great podcast, been listening to podcasts for years, never wrote a review. After a few episodes of this one I felt I needed to recommend this one. Good stuff!
  • karo_karo84
    So glad to have found this pod. Talib’s a great interviewer and the guests seem very relaxed and open to good deep conversations. I also really appreciate that at the very end you clap for the guest! No one else does this but it’s fitting and a sweet gesture.
  • Dr Steve bru
    Talib is a great man
    Love the show, love hearing from the greats, my Idols, and some folk that I need to know more about!! Too many haters on here voting 4 stars wish they could be Talib!
  • J Thrill
    Talib’s Podcast is where it’s at!!!
    I have loved Talib’s music for years and this podcast is what I needed (who knew I needed another one?) great guests and great energy
  • arshbarsh
    The Goat podcast
    Talib is a very smart individual and drops crazy jewels in his shows. He also seems to bring the best out of his guests. It’s not only for old people I’m literally 20 years old and am in love with this show. Talib is a great host and an excellent ages like wine. #blackstarkeepshining -Arshia Manouchehri
  • thedrewniverse
    Power to the people
    Amazing insightful pod!
  • J Tittle
    Best Inteview Podcast since Rogan
    Bro has a great perspective and diverse guest and guide great conversations. Not sure why this isn’t more popular. To should holla at Immortal Technique and connect with Rogan. It would be a great convo and great for the podcast.
  • JMSESQ420
    Grammy Worthy
    Like his art and music, the importance of @talibkweli ‘s interviews on #peoplesparty lead the conversation our nation desperately need about the ubiquitous invisible culture of oppression reflected in Hip-Hop, rap literature, movies, tv, social media and contemporary expression. Kweli is a Grammy-worthy interviewer as much for the authenticity, choice and thoughtful purpose of his incredibly insightful question to the powerhouse of talent invited to the mic, as for his patients to listen, giving the audience a seat at that table. Each episode is a doctoral class in the emergence of art, music, literature/poetry that draws from the history, sociology and psychology of the oppressed and the oppressors through the experience of black and brown America. Kweli’s frequently very intimate friendship with the immensely talented producers, actors, comedians, musicians, and modern philosophers creates a space for a conversation filled with rare glimpses into experiences and relationships that are the cornerstone of Hip-Hop history impossible to know any other way. Jasmine Leigh is essential to a conversation that includes perspectives of black women and our youth. Jasmine is beautiful in her soul, spirit and humor without hesitating to challenge incredibly prominent guests on positions, choices and what she knows reflects important conversations which continue through our community. Kweli’s guests know they are in a space where they are incapable of being anything but real, sharing extremely person stories and perspectives, knowing that they will be challenges and disagrees with while being respected and celebrated for what has earned them the currency to be at his table. I have nothing gratitude for the quality of this production. 🙏🏾🔥💫🌍🎶🇩🇴🤣🤓🤯✊🏾✌🏽😎
  • sr_byr
    An Education
    I’m happy I found People’s Party. I learn something in every conversation. It would be interesting to hear you talk with the writers of Last Black Man in San Francisco or the author of How to Kill a City, PJ Moskowitz. Keep doing your thing!
  • ZuriSupreme
    This pod is holding me up!
    One thing I really miss about The Combat Jack show is being exposed to important people in/adjacent to hip-hop that I might have never known about otherwise. I’ve listened to about 4 episodes over the last 2 weeks and I’m starting to get that feeling again. I trust the voice of The People’s Party, and that’s why I press play even if I have no idea who they’re sitting down with. I also get really depressed when I’m bored or uninspired. In a short time, this pod has really helped feed my active mind. Much gratitude.
  • BlackBush007
    Quality Continued
    Sincerely need substance, becuz B.S in entertainment at an all time abundance! Preciate the energy 🙏🏿✌🏿✊🏿.........BlackBush007
  • Elle_Tee
    I literally tell everybody about this podcast. It’s all things hip hop. Like legit. I might not agree with Talib Kweli on all things but he is one of the greatest lyricist ever and these interviews are on point. His perspective includes his own experience and knowledge as a emcee as well as a interviewer. It’s adds so much to the energy of the interviews. The Chuck D interview was pure history. The Ice Cube interview was all the nostalgia and Cali Vibes. The interview with T.I. had me going back through his WHOLE catalog. I’m just waiting on Pioneer week. A daily upload of interviews with all the greats. Wink wink. In the meantime I’m listening to a podcast a day trying to catch up.
  • subsurfus
    Best hiphop podcast out right now
    Besides being a legendary MC in his own right and offering all the perspective that this brings, Talib is an excellent interviewer. He asks thought-provoking questions and does a great job of steering the conversation. His guest selection is on point too (Planet Asia? Everlast? El-P? B-Real? Crooked I? C’mon son...) Drink Champs is undeniable fun. Cocavision, Crook’s Corner, Rap Radar podcast all offer interesting content. All around though, Talib brings the best of all worlds.
  • D_johnz
    Glad I found this
    Brooklyn rapper doing his thing. Awesome podcast. Good questions. Very entertaining.
  • V Gizal
    Pretty dope show
    Good content. Kweli is smart, asks good questions. It’s a serious podcast. Would love to see Tef Poe as a guest
  • 4evr_fearless
    illest podcast on my list
    i dont listen 2 any one but the realest holding it down. shout to out talib jasmine and the crew. WORD.
  • Iisala
    The Dopest!
    This is the hip hop show I’ve been waiting for for about 20 years. You hit the ball out the park with this one🙏🏽
  • Meg's Friend
    So Dope
    This podcast is one of THEE BEST that I’ve heard in a long time. Every time an episode comes out, I’m on it! Please keep educating the masses (whether they like it or not), keep entertaining, and just keep doing what you do. One Love!
  • F.L.Ellis
    Love and Respect
    I just recently discovered your post cast and I've been listening to it everyday to get caught up.
  • Meekseese
    Keep doing your 💩
    This is like hip hop history for a young guy for myself.My people always said the knowledge is in Egypt but this one hell of a start. Keep teaching and preaching my man✊🏾💯
  • Peench639
    I would give it a 5 if jasmin got dropped.
  • Personality Mom
    Thoughtful podcast
    I love the conversational style of interview that Talib has. Jasmine has a refreshing sparkle that comes through in the audio. They play really well off of each other. I see that the trolls from Twitter followed him here. But no matter. He shines through, with this diamond of a podcast. I look forward to listening and then watching the podcast. Keep up the great work, Talib and Jasmine. You have a lifelong fan here.
  • UMPCG24
    Race baiting and disturbing content, this is what creates the divide in our country. Sad and pathetic
  • mike suttom
    Informative & entertaining conversation
  • KWoxland
    If you like his rapping you’ll like the podcast
    Listen to it
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