2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

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Weekly, comedian best friends Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer get together in the bear cave at YMH Studios to do what bears do: make each other laugh.

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  • LessCouchOn
    Dear Tom,
    Do you think Bart would mind if I started referring to him as the Puka Shell Prince? 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • misterdak
    Burt kreichser
    Why does Burt sound like the principle from Billy Madison? “ it flookedsh lwike they’we Willy shwot misshels !”
  • RKG_1103
    Am I the only one that gets tired of the background laughing? It doesn’t sound genuine, sounds annoying (like people singing louder than the performer). Otherwise enjoy listening while working.
  • adudethatplayedthegame
    Loved seeing you in SLC man thanks for the laughs and great dark humor
  • MarkyMarkSonn
    2 Bears in Love
    Absolutely love the sexual tension between these to cohosts
  • Thiccc boy Dallas
    Tom and Brent
    Tom is perfect. The other guy Brent talks soooooo much.
  • Ethan.013
    I listen to this around my college campus and get a lot of weird looks when I randomly laugh out loud.
  • Despondent Chucklehead
    Stop talking about your money!
    Two Bears is generally great when they talk comedy, but I am growing increasingly tired of constant flexing by both Tom and Bert about how they spend their money! Who cares?!?!
  • Clay3476
    Fantastic Interview Poscast
    This podcast has been such a pleasure to listen to, it’s by far one of my favorite Interview podcast. The guys always give me a ton lol of laughs, and are amazing to listen to during long drives.
  • Sdhhgejs
    Hey Bears!!!
    Hey guys! I’m a SAHM and my hubs works all week, every week to take care of our family. We are in the suburbs of Houston. We are dedicated fans of y’all! (Yes, I said ‘y’all!’ We are used to the typical, mundane life. Your podcast helps us a MILLION percent to have topics to talk about and giggle. (He would NOT approve of me saying we giggled.)
  • jaheke1989
    5 starts
    How are y'all already at 100 episodes? It feels like I just started listening like 6 months ago, and I've been here since day 1.
  • Ghinf32
    Does Bert have money? Never talks about it
  • jacksrept
    Anyone else notice Bert likes to say College on every episode
  • InkedAneurysm
    More Steve O! No more Ari. I just deleted the episode when he appeared.
    He is never boring and always a good time!
  • CheeseManJuan
    I’m a huge fan of Tom, but this podcast has almost nothing to do with him. It’s an hour/hour and a half of Bert’s incoherent rambling. Just a bunch of ideas of things they should do or stories we’ve heard several times before. Episodes without Bert are awesome. This podcast was probably a good idea on paper but it just doesn’t work. If you’re a fan of Bert’s style of comedy, then it’s just for you. Had to unsubscribe.
  • big dougy
    No more dr drew
    Love the podcast but please no more dr drew
  • bertsucks
    Not Tom and Bert Anymore
    I understand podcasting isn’t their main job and they have a lot going on but this isn’t a show with Tom and Bert anymore. Out of the past 20 episodes it’s been Tom and Bert for only 4 of them total. Just don’t do the show anymore it’s fine. It’s annoying they’re still keeping the show going when it’s clearly their last priority.
  • ins1ght47
    Love these guys
    These two are the best in the buisness, thanks for all the content!
  • JC1969
    @#$% Dr. Drew
    Like both Bert and Tom but Berts infatuation for Joe R and now Dr. Drew is more than I’m willing to take.
  • Shawners1514
    Hilarious 😂🤪
    Anyone who’s having a bad day should listen to these two😆
  • Handsome Mikes
    Great podcast there very sneaky with the adds I legit didn’t know they had started the ads until like thirty seconds in 😂
  • Shane Magnus
    Tom is solid
    Best episodes have been ones with Tom and a guest. Check out Tom’s podcasts. Bert is a bit disappointing.
  • kayciblows
    Get rid of josh potter
    Potters fake laughing ruins this
  • brittanybenn14
    Bert’s Back In Town
    So happy Bert is back!! I look forward to episodes every week.
  • love with mor characters plz
    10 out of 10
    Tom and Bert, love these friends and together they are so funny. I love Bert I’ve watched all his specials and I love Tom, he always finds a laugh. This is the perfect comic podcast
  • -theboomer-
    Could be good
    It’s just bert kreischer yelling at you for an hour. Tom is good though.
  • BobPine
    It Would Be Great If Brett Would Shut Up
    Between his massive need for attention, lack of talent, and obesity, the perfect storm of annoyance is captured in the fatness of Bret Kreischer. Tom talks about 15% of the time despite being about 1000 times funnier. What a fat loser Bert is. The guy’s entire career is based on being an alcoholic, name-dropping, talentless buffoon.
  • SamanSN!
    Yeahhhh boooieee
    Bert and Tom complement each other well. Just with they would start 3 waying other guests. No lube
  • blusknk
    Stop judging Bert!!
    If you’ve never made love to a dog who are you to say anything to this stunning and brave man to open up to us about his love of animals!!! Side note I haven’t showered in a month now Bert!!!!
  • Jesus G. Christ
    I enjoy Bert’s other podcasts and like Tom and Bert’s rapport but had to unfollow this one for now because of the sponsorship by a certain coffee company. Disappointing decision to endorse this company.
  • Awesome 324456
    Tom is great. Bert is awful.
    One Good Star to represent the amount of time that Tom gets to talk. All of these great comics have to stop carrying this shirtless clown. They’re giving him unrealistic expectations. I wish someone would go back and reinterview all of the bertcast guests so we can finally hear the end of all of the stories that bert interrupted, for no reason.
  • ShaunE/
    Great Podcast
    Great podcast. Always makes me laugh. Thanks
  • Jay Nibhanupudy
    Great show
    Super funny
  • Cattfish
    Bert Kreischer is insufferable
    Tom is brilliant and hilarious. Bert is just simply unbearable.
  • justin92454
    Berts back
    Didn’t miss him I can tell you that. Good luck listening
  • matt a 2
    Bert isn’t funny
    Tom carries the show, and at this point it is obvious that the show is only done as a job at this point.
  • Iworkwitholdpeople
    Bert’s back :/
  • Al3262
    Your friend Alan3262
    11/10 What do I have to do to sit down and buy Bert a beer?
  • BigJBar
    The brilliance of what Tommy Buns does to essentially secretly control the narrative and host the show, is epic. Almost better with what he doesn’t say, just rolls out the carpet for Bret to say is himself. Burt Chrysler/dodge/gmc has the Kool-aid-game locked. Just offering up him crashing thru walls as the cool aid man might sell a shirt or 2. I have to check my phone sometimes when I’m listening at work. Check to see if I accidentally pocket paused it, then after a long pause of laughter from the hosts so hysterical, they can’t breath or make noise for several seconds at a time, I realize I’m doing life wrong
  • The red bkack bird on gang
    Love it keep making ep
    I really love the podcast and I think you guys are famous by now but I am happy for y’all
  • StaleJerky
    This show makes me feel fat
    Oh I’m sorry - did you see the subject line?
  • Emmaisdope
    Love it
    I’ve been a Tom Segura fan for awhile but this podcast made me a Bert fan too! Love you guys, keep on keeping on.
  • The 3rd bear
    Bart is back
    It’s great to have Bart back from rehab
  • Nymph40
    No good
    No good
  • Maude_bravin
    Can’t believe I just discovered this! Perfect podcast, great conversation. Love that the title started out as a pitch for a love story between two bears.
  • Rachiii_k
    I love you two! I can’t stop listening. SO FUNNY! Loveeee 😍
  • Rex Buffchest
    Tony and Burnt
    Tiny and Burnt Grizler are the best. They wear their jeans high and always come in 4 strokes. I miss Durnt Chrysler but Roy is doing fine by smoking lots of meth and having access to weed to stay hornier than he’s ever been in his whole life. Eye yi yih!
  • errrmaGURDDDDD!!
    If you know Tom…
    You caught it…. “It has!”
  • JerryNWWS
    Great show
    It’s awesome to here two fat people him/her getting there funny on,(Bert is the her FYI) and do a great show. It’s been nice with out the shirtless fat one but it’ll be ok when he comes back..Great show!
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