2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

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Weekly, comedian best friends Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer get together in the bear cave at YMH Studios to do what bears do: make each other laugh.

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  • Rrz27
    Why are all ymh podcasts skipping?
  • Butler76
    Funny content always,
    But man, get a different editor. Tony Hawk episode was nearly unlistenable.
  • Jerry..,,,..-
  • D1sneyF@n003
    Everything Skips
    Please clean up the skipping. So hard have to FF around each skip.
  • TrippyKenn1992
    Love this Pod
    I’ve started listening to this recently I started on Episode 1 and now I’m on Episode 164. I have loved every episode Bert and Tom have the kind of friendship and comradery that a lot of us hope to find and achieve in life. Thank You Bert and Tom for giving us hundreds of hours of entertainment.
  • Brittyn926
    Love the podcast but the last few episodes have hopped around like a mother. It’s so hard to listen.
  • Shotgun Killer
    You Did It!!!
    L C.K. Best Episode Yet!!!! Thanx. I appreciate you guys!
  • Marcxm
    Fire fr fr fr
    If you don’t like this podcast then you’re probably far left and don’t support maga and are not white(same color skin as Frodo from LOTR) and you probably don’t boink your sister.
  • straight facts. frfr
    This is the funniest podcast.
    If you don’t like this you’re what’s wrong with this country, probably far left and easily offended bc something doesn’t fit your “agenda”
  • Shifty19
    We Want Bert
    Andrew Huberman is a glorified P.E. teacher.
  • fyutexbn458&?:22$
    Skips constantly
    What’s with the terrible editing? The Huberman episode replayed the same segment 3 times in a row. Never used to happen and now every episode skips or replays segments at least once or twice.
  • Bk2091
    Inspiring, hilarious, entertaining
    I love starting my week off with this podcast. The topics and stories are always entertaining no matter if they are on the funny side or more serious side. I highly recommend if you have a good sense of humor.
  • yelp actual
    Episode’s skip around to much
    Audio skips around to much. Can’t listen to it.
  • KingRod83
    Fire the Editor
    Another great episode we have to piece together Pulp fiction style. Fire whoever is editing!!!
  • redl1nk
    Episodes skip back and forth a lot
    Fun show but the episodes skip a lot. Makes it difficult to finish episodes.
  • Francis J Fox
    I really tried , but this is awful.
  • AsapAndy
    It’s bad now
    Only extra star is because it used to be good
  • kristyprc
    OMG these dudes are hilarious! That’s not the only reason why I listen to the podcast though. Bert can be so vulnerable and sweet. I just want to squeeze him tightly, (not in an inappropriate sexy way,) in a friendly cheek pinching it’s all going to be okay way. I adore how Tom appears to value Bert’s vulnerability and protects it. I love hearing Tom yes anding Bert just to see where it’s going to go 😂We should all be so lucky to have a friend like this in our life. I’m listening from the beginning and I’m on episode 102 right now. Love it!
  • Credden
    5 for Tom 1 for Barf Cry-shart
    The episodes blart misses for dialysis are great.
  • Cranky Geek
    My favorite podcast every week
    Is Bert still $%#^ing dogs?
  • ogeid21
    Lost me
    I started listening and with every episode the more and more I hated the Bert squeal and just not funny which leads me today to finally unfollow this after trying to listen to a guest who I wanted to hear about his story but then just turns to Bert’s story
  • LAML641
    Wrong about DeSantis
    Tom needs to get informed about DeSantis. He is worse than Trump by a mile.
  • sean’s iphone 6 plus
    high pitch voice
    great content but burt's high pitch massless voice is way too annoying! stop it burt ! vocal fry !!
  • Despondent Chucklehead
    We aren’t jealous of your money! We’re bored with it!
    Tom and Bert can be so funny, but the money talk has been endless, and incredibly boring! Nobody wants to hear it. Tom recently suggested that his “loser audience” should be motivated by his “incredible success,” but we aren’t listening for that purpose! We want to laugh! Money talk (with the exception of the purchase of Hitler’s expensive teacup) is not funny in the slightest! We aren’t at all jealous, and don’t care about any of the stuff they endlessly brag about buying!
  • Shilohpuppy
    Episode 129 is the best yet
    Have listened to every episode and 129 might be the best. Not funniest but to me the best One yet.
  • Dirty Heardy
    Please keep talking about crazy birthday presents, watches, and cars. I love it
  • CountryJay88
    The only good thing about Monday
    I look forward to Bert talking over Tom every Monday lol. New episodes coming out on Monday is the only good thing about Mondays. Y’all always have me cracking up!
  • m5918
    Awesome show but theirs always an editing issues on just about all podcast episodes
  • Aprilgoestocollege
    This pod has fallen off
    Transphobia isn’t comedy
  • Tylertnt123
    Disgustingly political
    The show sure has taken the left turn into insanity. We came to this show for laughs and now I’m getting biased politically motivated rhetoric. Not funny.
  • ThomasAlice
    Listening to two old guys slobber over porn stars isn’t funny, it’s creepy. The show is embarrassingly bad. I ended up feeling sorry for them.
  • Jehsjwjsjsjehejejekske
    Interview with Tarantino
    Love Tom and love QT but they seemed very mismatched. Tom’s low energy clashed with QT’s mania. And Tom’s story about accents went on and on and on.
  • zazen420
    True love I love this show
    I love this show this show is awesome
  • Gnjggfghhvf
    Most Recent Episode
    Most recent episode just wasn’t good at all
  • bjsahch
    Officially dropped
    No longer worth a listen
  • Kewaunee Gal
    Episode 159
    It is not funny to listen to Bert and his guest drone on and on about how much money they make, their expensive purchases, and their status. Maybe I will try again when Tom Segura is on, but this episode, if representative, is bad and not humorous. And the ads interrupt the conversation without a transition.
  • Bdahl9
    Horrible Edits
    The editing on this pod, and YMH makes them hard to listen to, always jumping back and forth, ruining the flow, been like this for months, figure it out!!
  • kinyah
    Audio is f’d up. Bad edit.
    Editing Nightmere
    Please fix the editing issues. It’s getting so bad.
  • waxahnwaxoff
    You need an audio editor
    Hey daddy warbucks, how about spending some of your insane wealth for an audio editor and less on private jets. The Neal Brennan episode was a mess.
  • JJS978
    Jump cuts
    Love the podcast but it cutting back over and over is driving me crazy, please get your editing together!
  • A_Gaw
    I’m failing to see how antisemitism is funny but okay.
  • podfanDan
    Guest Bears
    I love it when the guest Bear is a comedy star like Neal Brennan. That way we get to hear Bert talk about himself even more.
  • captjohn74
    Guys, This podcast is always the perfect length for my commute to work. I don’t know how you do it!? And you’re funny.
  • D Quier
    Bert is skinny
    These two keep me sane
  • Viridis Mars
    I love Bert and Tom together, they’re hilarious. Bert will always be my favorite though.
  • H-Tex
    Huge hearts
    Tom n Bert, you guys are so f’n awesome at what y’all do…keep it pushing pimps
  • One Hung Bro
    Best when Bert is gone
    I only listen to the show when Bert is out. Tom is great.
  • BigTC72
    Very funny
    Tom and Bert contrast each other well, Tom is my favorite though
  • chalkyyyyy111
    Bert strikes again…
    Jesus Christ all Bert does is derail Tom’s stories that we actually want to hear. I’m shocked that people really go to his comedy shows
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