2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

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Weekly, comedian best friends Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer get together in the bear cave at YMH Studios to do what bears do: make each other laugh.

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  • Max Jenny
    Now Tom is old and fat
    I bet he loses his breath while eating
  • Dobispr
    Bert bad
    I’ll tell you what, I had unsubscribed to this podcast. But now that that horrible racist super unhealthy guy is gone I’m back. I see he’s still in an episode now and again but I can just skip those. Hence the four stars.
  • Miggloo
    This is fun if you’re funny
    Tom’s show is great! He’s funny and sexy and his assistant Bert is gross but also not funny. Highly recommend to subscribe while his assistant Bert is away, then unsubscribe when he returns…
  • LessCouchOn
    Dear Tom and Brice,
    Where’s the best place to cop vape juice in bulk? 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • awsomeaj2008
    It is funny it says it’s clean it say the f word a lot
  • LetCarrThrowDeep
  • maryallison
    What an episode!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kfkejnskfubwirurbjdene
    1 bear 1 guest??
  • Ezwinn.11
    Thank you
    Love the podcast and real friendship between Tom and Bert Bert. The guys are very genuine in the way they present themselves
  • quoron
    I miss Bret Chrysler
  • jonnyboy48992
    Absolutely adore Tom. Guest have been great. Hope Bert becomes a big movie star and can’t do this show with Tom anymore. Keep the guest host coming
  • Memrow12
    more fitzdog
    can we replace bart with greg fitzsimmons? he kills me every time and him and tom are hilarious together
  • xBeantownBeautyx
    Tim’s cool but Bart’s hardly ever there. Guest hosts are random pervs & weirdos. Funny adjacent.
  • dzakonly
    Coulda done without seein Barfs sheets
    Thanks Tom, for all of us that thankfully missed Barf Korndogs sheets…. Great pod as always… love these guest host episodes… Fitzy was a nice surprise, I think ima check his pod more often
  • spoilthebeaner
    Glad Brett died
    The show is much better now that Burp has passed away
  • @md3_era
    not missing anything
    they don’t talk about much & the producer in the back aggressively laughing at every attempted joke takes any authenticity out of the few funny moments.
  • corbinbalke
    Tom Segura is a comedic genius. It is so funny seeing him work alongside the fattest, greasiest comedian of all time, Bart Crystals. Bart also has sex with dogs.
  • ACH6877
    Great with guests
    The Felipe guest spot was hilarious. I don’t think I’ve heard Tom have such a good time doing this pod.
  • 1995DCP25
    Bruce is a chubber
    Great pod, haven’t been able to turn it off ever since that fat dog banger left for Norwegian and I hope he stays
  • renewableaaron
    Felipe Esparza
    Felipe is the perfect guest, he held the conversation for over 80% of the show, just like Bert usually does.
  • Scott jburg
    I wish that fat dog banger would leave the show.
  • Boskydell
    Sexist foolishness
    Why ?
  • Jmp8705
    Mark Normand
    Loved Mark’s episode, didn’t disappoint as usual. He and Sickler maybe tied for best guest host.
  • cbixby7
    A hundred %
    Watch as Comedian Bert Kriecsher slowly destroys his career and relationship with his family, while causing racial turmoil. Also, there is occasional commentary by Movie Star, comedian, and podcast host Tom Segura...
  • TheVaidaLife
    Episode 84
    Godfrey- “All white female comics sound the same” literally while complaining about African Americans being seen as monolithic 🙄🙄🙄
  • mjtucker86
    Tom and Godfrey are fire.
    Crushed it. ‘Nuff said.
  • real comedy fan
    Get rid of bert
    Toms much funnier with anyone else
  • Ray_14
    Good listen
    Godfrey is almost too talented for his own good.everyone should have his name up in their mouth...... Miss Bart though
  • hobbit feet dgc
    Ethan Klein blahhh
  • GreenbackFloppyCock
    Ep. 83
    Boring episode. The guest host and convention made my ball itch. Hope Birtch Chrysler gets back soon
  • BPK1234
    Aging, in-denial alcoholic name-drops Rogan and tells the same fake stories while his more successful and infinitely more likable best friend enables his worst habits.
  • DMBandit
    First episode I've skipped
    Ethan Klein is about as funny as a mass shooting.
  • abe1717
    Bruce and Tim
    Bruce just retells the same stories for 1.5 hours.
  • pepe7456
    We’re here
    This podcast is a beautiful story of two strong, flamboyant proud bi men and their unforgettable journey through life and LIVING with HIV
  • vgnechie
    La vic’s
    Orange hot sauce
  • Zukeep
    Hilarity and heart!
    Tom and Bert are among the funniest comedians out there. It’s also clear that they enjoy and love each other, making listening like hanging out with a couple of friends having good time. They really remind me of two of my best friends since college, and so in addition to providing tear rendering belly laughs, the pod has a surprising amount of heart to it. Hearing Bert talk about having trouble with food/weight while also having the goal to run/hike 2000mi this year, I would heartily recommend doing a big chunk of that hiking the Pacific Crest Trail if he can! I thru hiked it with my brother in 2012, and met my wife and many other friends for life while getting in the best shape of my life despite eating like a 16yr old. It really helps if you have to carry all the food you eat. I did it despite having 2 reconstructed ACLs, and met people from 7-85 doing 1000mi + hikes. I also think Bert would become the best trail angel (people who leave food, water, beer for hikers and provide rides to town, places to crash) ever!
  • Shanna's NEW TOY
    Co host
    Steve-o was a killer sub for Tom this week!! Hilarious
  • AndoCalrizian_
    Thank you!
    I look forward to these podcasts every Monday!
  • ryebread is dead
    Steve-o is great
    Bruhhhhhh Steve -O killed it this was a really good mix up had me non stop laughing the whole time
  • InkedAneurysm
    More Steve O!
    He is never boring and always a good time!
  • Big Mo Dizzel
    I have a friend that......
    Has never said the N word!!! Have I told this story befor...... this guy truly has early dementia.
  • SaraAshB
    4 Stars for the Pod - 1 for Nadav.
    Subject says it all
  • JobinMalone
    I love the pod
  • F the SJW's
    Love the show
  • 78_gold_78
    That got weird...
  • j_san77
    My review
    I don’t know where to begin. These 2 guys and everyone at YMH Studios have brought me so much joy/laughs. There is no telling how many hours I have spent listening to absolutely anything YMH, on top of the others in the former LA gang. It helps me get through school and work. Just put in my AirPods and listen to the several different podcasts for hours every Monday and the rest of the week. I have only been invested in this group for about a year and a half. I started watching stand up comedy specials on Netflix in the beginning. Started off with Dave Chappelle, then found bert. I watched everything on Netflix by burnt, then moving over to Tim and others. When I found out about the Bertcast back when it was on Spotify I binged the first episodes all the way back in I believe 2013, featuring Tom, Joey, Joe, Bert, and Berts dad. I binged probably 50 episodes. I converted from the first episodes to the latest after that. After about a month of just listening to the Bertcast, I discovered YMH. I specifically remember the first episode I ever listened to was one of the dirtiest, most disgusting, degenerate episodes in wich they reviewed the most repulsive adult videos on the internet, whilst discovering pig. After this I was disgusted but at the same time completely intrigued with what I had discovered. After a long time of listening to YMH and Bertcast I started to branch off into roughly 15 podcasts by my favorite comedians. This helped me through quarentine and brought endless enjoyment listening to this group of podcasts. To everyone at YMH studios, I want to tell you that you have no idea what you have done for me. Thank you.
  • acsky20
    My favorite
    Love when it’s Tom and Bert. It’s just not the same when one is missing!
  • robineveryone187
    These two are maxim/mantra
    Kirshwasser and saki’s excellent dialogue adventures
  • DiggySmallsYo
    So good
    They bring out the best from each other. In my top 5 podcasts
  • I pad Jonkie
    Loving the show!
    Great show!
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