2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

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Weekly, comedian best friends Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer get together in the bear cave at YMH Studios to do what bears do: make each other laugh.

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  • Cooldmusic
    Editing is so bad lately
    Whoever is doing your cuts and edits for this podcast should be fired. It’s always such a jumbled mess that it’s mental gymnastics just trying to follow the conversation.
  • drunbfgv
    I love this podcast but every your moms house upload skips back and forth nadav needs to step his game up
  • Rusty randy1732
    2 bears 1 cave
    The bestest show, make me happy all the time . Listen to it while sea world
  • Skyscraper300
    I couldnt focus on the AMAZING guest that is andrew with that agreement humming was so obnoxious oml how did the studio not edit Cory’s humming out of it and breathing into the mic …
  • gggjjjksjdhhs
    Editor is horrible
    There is always repeated conversation that has already played, playing again later on the pod.
  • Corvus Anduril
    Going Downhill
    This podcast started off way funnier and had a fraction of the amount of ads. As i said above, this pod is going downhill.
  • Anna💙💚💛💙💚💛💙💚💛
    I piss my pants
    I listen to this because a commute a lot and this makes me get close to peeing myself
  • maacosta87
    Good podcast, too many commercials. I know you guys don’t need that much extra scratch.
  • T-slick80
    Bert’s annoying
    I’ve listened for years. I might stop listening bc Bert is too annoying. Dude does not shut up
  • SAT206
    #Friendship Goals
    I sincerely love Tom and Bert’s friendship. They’re funny together, yes, but sometimes you hear a gem when they’re legit really talking like true friends and that always touches my heart. They’re the best and the show is the best when they’re on it together!
  • annesquivel
  • CPW28-3
    History Berf
    History with Berf, is really hard to listen to. Terribly inaccurate. Also why is Berf always hacking and weezing?
  • Moo-moo mama
    Tour bus
    I love you both but the “if you ever have to rent a tour bus “ conversation was a bit pretentious. Come back to earth , and be more aware about the majority of your fan base.
  • tomshairpiece
    Pretty much
    Two Bears, 25+ ads….
  • pirogi
    Is Bart Chrysler mentally impaired?
    I stopped, listening to the episodes with Bort Krystal, because that man is completely un self-aware and rides the short bus. It’s fun to listen to Tom have conversations with normal people though.
  • JK❤️JVBigIsland
    Hawaii Love
    Have listened to all your shows and being married to native Hawaiian, touched how often you talk about your love of Hawaii. Please share the message to viewers and help Maui fire victims 100%😉 Mahalo❤️
  • Araesquared
    Bert knows zero about marathons
    Zero Seek advice elsewhere
  • yung$ancho
    Almost had 5 stars
    This show woulda been five stars if they didn’t do that “just bleep it out” nonsense. Like how are you going to tell secrets ON A PODCAST and be like “just edit it out”. If you can’t share it to the public don’t even bring it up it’s beyond annoying
  • StonerEinstein
    Sometimes both hosts are there
    That’s when it real good!
  • nofanofthepope
    Love this Podcast
    I absolutely love this show when it’s Tom and someone not named Bert…thanks
  • WettyBlanky
    Finally a segura Ep
    Love to listen to toms humor and relationship with people I could go with less Burt though I use to like him but now it’s just to much to listen to him tell his wild story’s that end up just being about his alcoholism
  • piggythatstayedhome
    Bad Bert
    Bert Kreischer comes off as a shallow, name-dropping, college-stunted, weenie wrinkle. An insufferable braggart—high on his own success in the most annoying ways, asking questions to guests so HE can answer them. Lame. In the words of Tommy Lee Jones to Jim Carey, “I cannot sanction this buffoonery.” Tom Segura is cool tho.
  • djkiley3
    I don’t know how I’ve been so late to this! Bert is one of my Favorites. My 1st episode was the Rob Lowe one and it was unbelievable. Now I’ve got like 200 episodes to catch up on.
  • I'm tellin' ya
    Bert ruins another interview
    Dumb questions, talked about himself half the time; another wasted opportunity by the least funny guy around.
  • Sepnasty
    Enough with the coughing
    Get Bert a gd cough button. Something! Holy crap! Its so annoying! Its been ruining episodes for months. Stop coughing into the frickin mic!
  • H-Tex
    Rob Lowe
    Bro, epic episode
  • AsczEater
    Hit or miss now-a-days
    Anything with Tom is good but Bert’s a hit or miss.
  • Miiik Bram
    Worst guests
    This podcast has fallen off. The guests think they’re interesting but they are always soulless and lifeless with no experience outside of casting or stand up. Find interesting guests that have left their apartment at least once.
  • Oscar Santana Lies
    It Doesn’t Matter
    Tom did a great episode on the It Doesn’t Matter Patreon Podcast. Really funny guy.
  • Booby Tuesdayyy
    Dumb and not funny
    So an angry bald guy and a fat drunk who thinks it’s funny to take his shirt off is comedy these days? Cool. Anybody who loves Joe Rogan as much as these tools is not a comedian.
  • Robskibig
    Great Show
    Episode with Tim Dillon was the best! Hopefully Tom and him do more together or maybe Tim just stole Bert’s spot!!
  • Does my fart smell
    Squirting is real
    Trust me squirting is definitely real I’ve been with at least 5 woman that can squirt I’ve been soaked several times like projectile in the face
  • cRaZyCuBaNs4u
    Top Tier Comedy
    If they take Brent Crystals off this podcast and sub Tim Dillon it might be the best pod in the world.
  • we-are-sleptking
    Bad editing
    The show is edited horribly. Cuts at random spots repeats sections constantly. Please fire your editor and get someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • theunderdog64
    Bert is useless
    I don’t know why everyone puts a burden on such a high pedestal. He talks over all the gas he steps on Tom all the time and he won’t shut up. Tom may be a psychopath but Bert is a complete narcissistic Florida man that I can’t stand. I’ve been listening to this podcast for two years but Bert is so terrible I had to stop.
  • qwufbsakf
    Could do without Bret
    Still good though.
  • wervw
    I just started listening to this podcast.
    As the title says, I’ve just started listening to this podcast, and now I’m getting ads on YouTube for Noom and probiotics. Should I be worried?
  • PickleRick539
    2 bears racing
    Fantastic episode with Ryan Blaney. More like these would be great!!
  • _howisConradtaken
    Kevin smith episode
    Hey, if you both can’t be there (Tom and you), Ryan Sickler is your stand in, and Kevin is Tom’s. The energy and support you both have was great, working off each other. Kevin! You’re crushing it, and thank you, for speaking on a trial in your life, keep up the good work. Great episode, and congrats on the movie Mr. Kreischer, can’t wait to see it! P.S.- Kevin Smith- I revel in your cameo in, live free or die hard!! Great Work!
  • She/Him
    No more guest
    Thought this was 2 bears 1 cave not 1 bear and 1 random person we could care less about.
  • SkylerAY
    Tom is getting less funny since losing weight
    This podcast use to be one of my favorites but it’s like Tom is obsessed with trans people now. I think it might be impossible to go through one episode without them saying something about them… same with Joe Rogan now. The same jokes get old guys… maybe it’s just them getting old and forgetting they’ve already talked about it 😳 seriously though, don’t be like politicians, get over it. They’re just people.
  • davisry2
    Kev & Bert, such a great pairing!
    Just listened to Bert and Kevin smith talk for like three hours and I somehow want more. Great podcast!
  • Gone2bed
    Once in a Lifetime!
    Episode 185- tom segura actually said something nice about a white male athlete! I know, it’s a unicorn moment, Never to occur again. You should be honored Larry Bird-
  • krebs_cycle29
    Not like it used to be
    Bert’s entire persona is an annoying act. Loved this podcast when it first began. I still listen but it’s definitely different now
  • Apex West
    Bad edits
    Last few months all YMH podcast at some point have point we’re the podcast repeats itself. Like they edited the last ten minutes and than those last ten minutes repeat itself. I understand one or two podcast but it’s ongoing. Please fix.
  • castdeeznuts
    Pretty bad now
    Can’t even listen to this out of touch crap anymore. Bummer because I was a big fan for a long time
  • Cole G. Montana
    Peter peter pumpkin eater!
    In a decade. The best podcast i ever heard. Crazy good! Fn’ Bert! Love ya!
  • Jeff the truth
    Very funny like this show !
    Very funny like this show !
  • Ribbit6619
    What Happened?
    I think they’re reading all their best press then ignoring anything bad- why on earth would Bart go on the LP cast? What is up with the T on air? Chrissakes guys, you used to be so funny.
  • dzakonly
    love yall but, really… doing your t on the episode? lame… and Bert sounds way too into injecting… i used needles for years and hope bert never “needs” to…
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